2020 Bowman Draft baseball card checklist

2020 Bowman Draft Baseball Checklist

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2020 Bowman Draft Baseball showcases the top prospects and draft selections of the 2020 draft on their first officially licensed baseball cards.

The entire base set comes in standard card stock or a Chrome parallel and each of those card stocks include a number of color or refractor parallels making this a massive set to sift through.

There are also a number of insert sets and nearly everything has an autographed counterpart, again, with various colored parallels.

The standard hobby box includes three autographed cards while the Super Jumbo hobby box includes five prospect autographs. The Super Jumbo hobby box also doubles the number of Chrome base cards and Chrome refractor parallels collectors can expect per box.

Our checklist includes all of the cards released in this set and can be searched or sorted as needed. In cases where there are image variations or other oddities, you can find that information in the Notes column. Clicking a link will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 12/9/2020
Cards per hobby pack – 32
Packs per hobby box – 12
Hobby boxes per case – 8

Cards per Super Jumbo pack – 120
Packs per Super Jumbo box – 5
Super Jumbo boxes per case – 6

2020 Bowman Draft Baseball Checklist

Base Set (BD) – 200 Cards
Sky Blue Border – #/499
Purple Border – #/250
Blue Border – #/150
Green Border – #/99
Gold Border – #/50
Orange Border – #/25
Red Border – #/5
Black Border – 1/1
Chrome Base Cards – 7:1
Refractor – 2:1
Sky Blue Border – 1:12
Purple Refractor – #/250
Sparkle Refractor
Blue Refractor – #/150
Green Refractor – #/99
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Franchise Futures (FF) – 20 Cards
Refractor – #/250
Green Refractor – #/99
Gold Refractor – #/50
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Glimpses of Greatness (GOG) – 15 Cards
Refractor – #/250
Green Refractor – #/99
Gold Refractor – #/50
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
20 in ’20 (20IN20) – 20 Cards
Refractor – #/250
Green Refractor – #/99
Gold Refractor – #/50
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Applied Pressure (AP) – 10 Cards
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Orange Refractor – #/25
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Top of the Class Box Topper (TOC) – 12 Cards
Base – #/99
Gold Refractor – #/50
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Draft Picks Autographs (CDA) – 118 Cards
Refractor – #/499
Purple Refractor – #/250
Blue Refractor – #/150
Blue Wave Refractor – #/150
Green Refractor – #/99
Black Refractor – #/71
Gold Refractor – #/50
Gold Wave Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25
Red Refractor – #/5
Red Wave Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Black Wave Refractor – 1/1
Image Variation Autograph (BD) – 10 Cards
Base – #/99
Draft Night Autograph (DNA) – 7 Cards
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Franchise Futures Autograph (FFA) – 8 Cards
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
20 in ’20 Autograph (20IN20A) – 9 Cards
Base – #/99
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Class of 2020 Autographs (C20A) – 31 Cards
Base – #/250
Gold Refractor – #/50
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Under Armour Game Autograph (NO#) – 5 Cards
Base – #/199


20IN20-RDReid Detmers
20IN20A-RDReid DetmersAuto
BD-41Reid DetmersBase Set I
BD-41Reid DetmersImage Variant
BD-103David CalabreseBase Set I
BD-128Werner BlakelyBase Set II
BD-163Adam SeminarisBase Set II
BD-169Jeremiah JacksonBase Set II
BD-193Jordyn AdamsBase Set II
C20A-RDReid DetmersAuto
CDA-ASEAdam SeminarisAuto
CDA-DCDavid CalabreseAuto
CDA-RDReid DetmersAuto
CDA-WBWerner BlakelyAuto
DNA-RDReid DetmersAuto
FF-DRReid Detmers
FF-DRDavid Calabrese
FFA-RDDavid CalabreseAuto
FFA-RDReid DetmersAuto
TOC-GMReid Detmers
TOC-RDReid Detmers


BD-3Korey LeeBase Set I
BD-21Tyler BrownBase Set I
BD-133Zach DanielsBase Set I
BD-139Alex SantosBase Set I
CDA-ASANAlex SantosAuto
CDA-TBRTyler BrownAuto
CDA-ZDAZach DanielsAuto


BD-8Dane AckerBase Set II
BD-119Tyler SoderstromBase Set I
BD-134Jeff CriswellBase Set I
BD-155Robert PuasonBase Set II
BD-155Robert PuasonImage Variant
BD-155Robert PuasonImage Variant Auto
C20A-TSTyler SoderstromAuto
CDA-DADane AckerAuto
CDA-JCJeff CriswellAuto
CDA-TSTyler SoderstromAuto

Blue Jays

BD-32Jordan GroshansBase Set II
BD-93CJ Van EykBase Set I
BD-138Trent PalmerBase Set I
BD-158Zach BrittonBase Set II
C20A-CVCJ Van EykAuto
CDA-CVCJ Van EykAuto
CDA-DCRTrent PalmerAuto
CDA-ZBZach BrittonAuto


APDCA-BBBryce BallAuto
BD-16Jared ShusterBase Set I
BD-17Jesse Franklin VBase Set I
BD-20Spencer StriderBase Set II
BD-183Shea LangeliersBase Set II
CDA-BEBryce ElderAuto
CDA-JFRJesse Franklin VAuto
CDA-JSJared ShusterAuto
CDA-SSSpencer StriderAuto


AP-AAAaron Ashby
APDCA-AAAaron AshbyAuto
BD-46Freddy ZamoraBase Set I
BD-68Tristen LutzBase Set I
BD-97Zavier WarrenBase Set I
BD-118Garrett MitchellBase Set I
BD-173Hayden CantrelleBase Set II
BD-186Aaron AshbyBase Set II
C20A-GMGarrett MitchellAuto
CDA-FZFreddy ZamoraAuto
CDA-GMGarrett MitchellAuto
CDA-HCAHayden CantrelleAuto
CDA-ZWZavier WarrenAuto


BD-45Alec BurlesonBase Set I
BD-57Jordan WalkerBase Set I
BD-59Masyn WinnBase Set I
BD-86Tink HenceBase Set I
BD-100Ian BedellBase Set II
BD-125Levi PraterBase Set I
BD-194Nolan GormanBase Set II
BD-198Matthew LiberatoreBase Set II
C20A-JWAJordan WalkerAuto
CDA-ABAlec BurlesonAuto
CDA-IBIan BedellAuto
CDA-JWJordan WalkerAuto
CDA-LPLevi PraterAuto
CDA-MHTink HenceAuto


20IN20-EHEd Howard
AP-BCBurl Carraway
AP-BDBrennen Davis
APDCA-BCBurl CarrawayAuto
APDCA-BDBrennen DavisAuto
BD-9Ryan JensenBase Set II
BD-25Burl CarrawayBase Set I
BD-80Miguel AmayaBase Set II
BD-98Ed HowardBase Set I
BD-105Luke LittleBase Set II
BD-110Jordan NwoguBase Set I
BD-187Brennen DavisBase Set II
C20A-EHEd HowardAuto
CDA-BBEBradlee BeesleyAuto
CDA-BCBurl CarrawayAuto
CDA-EHEd HowardAuto
CDA-JNJordan NwoguAuto
CDA-LLLuke LittleAuto
FF-EBEd Howard
FF-EBBurl Carraway


20IN20-BJBryce Jarvis
BD-85Slade CecconiBase Set I
BD-89Geraldo PerdomoBase Set II
BD-114Corbin CarrollBase Set II
BD-127Bryce JarvisBase Set I
BD-147Liam NorrisBase Set I
BD-150AJ VukovichBase Set II
BD-171Brandon PfaadtBase Set II
BD-192Kristian RobinsonBase Set II
BD-195Alek ThomasBase Set II
C20A-BJBryce JarvisAuto
CDA-AVAJ VukovichAuto
CDA-BJABryce JarvisAuto
CDA-BPBrandon PfaadtAuto
CDA-SCSlade CecconiAuto


BD-30Clayton BeeterBase Set I
BD-38Bobby MillerBase Set I
BD-42Michael BuschBase Set II
BD-52Landon KnackBase Set I
BD-142Kody HoeseBase Set I
CDA-BMBobby MillerAuto
CDA-CBEClayton BeeterAuto
CDA-LKLandon KnackAuto


20IN20-PBPatrick Bailey
BD-35Jimmy GlowenkeBase Set I
BD-79Heliot RamosBase Set II
BD-91Nick SwineyBase Set I
BD-123Alexander CanarioBase Set II
BD-129Casey SchmittBase Set I
BD-146Patrick BaileyBase Set I
BD-146Patrick BaileyImage Variant
BD-148RJ DabovichBase Set II
BD-166Ryan MurphyBase Set II
BD-190Marco LucianoBase Set II
BD-200Hunter BishopBase Set II
C20A-PBPatrick BaileyAuto
CDA-CSCasey SchmittAuto
CDA-JGLJimmy GlowenkeAuto
CDA-NSNick SwineyAuto
CDA-PBPatrick BaileyAuto
CDA-RDARJ DabovichAuto
CDA-RMRyan MurphyAuto
GOG-MLMarco Luciano
TOC-PBPatrick Bailey


20IN20-CTCarson Tucker
20IN20A-CTCarson TuckerAuto
AP-JCJoey Cantillo
BD-4Milan TolentinoBase Set II
BD-13Joey CantilloBase Set II
BD-26Daniel EspinoBase Set II
BD-51Logan AllenBase Set I
BD-60Carson TuckerBase Set I
BD-69Petey HalpinBase Set I
BD-78Tyler FreemanBase Set I
BD-115Tanner BurnsBase Set I
BD-141Ethan HankinsBase Set II
BD-159Owen MillerBase Set II
C20A-CTCarson TuckerAuto
C20A-TBTanner BurnsAuto
CDA-CTCarson TuckerAuto
CDA-MTMilan TolentinoAuto
CDA-PHPetey HalpinAuto
CDA-TBTanner BurnsAuto


20IN20-EHAEmerson Hancock
20IN20A-EHAEmerson HancockAuto
BD-12Emerson HancockBase Set I
BD-12Emerson HancockImage Variant
BD-18Kaden PolcovichBase Set I
BD-28Zach DeLoachBase Set I
BD-37Logan GilbertBase Set II
BD-71Connor PhillipsBase Set I
BD-168George KirbyBase Set II
BD-188Julio RodriguezBase Set II
BDC-12Emerson HancockImage Variant Auto
C20A-EHAEmerson HancockAuto
CDA-CPConnor PhillipsAuto
CDA-EHAEmerson HancockAuto
CDA-RHKaden PolcovichAuto
CDA-ZDZach DeLoachAuto
FF-CEZach DeLoach
FF-CEEmerson Hancock
FFA-EZZach DeLoachAuto
FFA-EZEmerson HancockAuto
GOG-EHEmerson Hancock
TOC-EHAEmerson Hancock
TOC-EHAEmerson Hancock


20IN20-MMMax Meyer
BD-50Max MeyerBase Set I
BD-64Kyle NicolasBase Set I
BD-112Zach McCambleyBase Set I
BD-131Daxton FultonBase Set I
BD-181JJ BledayBase Set II
BD-185Jerar EncarnacionBase Set II
BDC-50Max MeyerImage Variant Auto
C20A-DDUDaxton FultonAuto
C20A-MMMax MeyerAuto
CDA-DFDaxton FultonAuto
CDA-KNIKyle NicolasAuto
CDA-MMMax MeyerAuto
CDA-ZMZach McCambleyAuto
DNA-MMMax MeyerAuto
FF-MDMax Meyer
FF-MDDax Fulton
GOG-MMMax Meyer
TOC-MMMax Meyer
TOC-MMMax Meyer


20IN20-PCPete Crow-Armstrong
BD-72Pete Crow-ArmstrongBase Set I
BD-77Isaiah GreeneBase Set I
BD-92Matthew DyerBase Set II
BD-143Francisco AlvarezBase Set II
BD-174Mark VientosBase Set II
BD-184Brett BatyBase Set II
BD-199Ronny MauricioBase Set II
C20A-PCPete Crow-ArmstrongAuto
CDA-EOEric OrzeAuto
CDA-IGIsaiah GreeneAuto
CDA-MDMatthew DyerAuto
CDA-PCPete Crow-ArmstrongAuto


20IN20-CCCade Cavalli
BD-24Cade CavalliBase Set I
BD-48Sammy InfanteBase Set I
BD-67Cole HenryBase Set I
BD-120Holden PowellBase Set I
BD-176Mitchell ParkerBase Set II
BD-177Jackson RutledgeBase Set II
C20A-CCCade CavalliAuto
CDA-CCACade CavalliAuto
CDA-CHECole HenryAuto
CDA-HPHolden PowellAuto
CDA-SISammy InfanteAuto


20IN20-HKHeston Kjerstad
BD-82DL HallBase Set II
BD-111Jordan WestburgBase Set I
BD-117Carter BaumlerBase Set II
BD-122Heston KjerstadBase Set I
BD-122Heston KjerstadImage Variant
BD-130Hudson HaskinBase Set I
BD-154Adley RutschmanBase Set II
BD-154Adley RutschmanImage Variant
BD-154Adley RutschmanImage Variant Auto
BD-191Grayson RodriguezBase Set II
BDC-122Heston KjerstadImage Variant Auto
C20A-HHHudson HaskinAuto
CDA-CBCarter BaumlerAuto
CDA-HHHudson HaskinAuto
CDA-HKHeston KjerstadAuto
CDA-JWEJordan WestburgAuto
FF-HJHeston Kjerstad
FF-HJJordan Westburg
FFA-HWJordan WestburgAuto
FFA-HWHeston KjerstadAuto
GOG-ARAdley Rutschman
GOG-HKHeston Kjerstad
TOC-HKHeston Kjerstad


20IN20-RHRobert Hassell
20IN20A-RHARobert HassellAuto
BD-39Robert HassellBase Set I
BD-39Robert HassellImage Variant
BD-49Owen CaissieBase Set I
BD-99Justin LangeBase Set I
BD-189CJ AbramsBase Set II
BDC-39Robert HassellImage Variant Auto
C20A-RHRobert HassellAuto
CDA-JLJustin LangeAuto
CDA-OCOwen CaissieAuto
CDA-RHARobert HassellAuto
DNA-RHRobert HassellAuto
FF-RJJustin Lange
FF-RJRobert Hassell
TOC-JKRobert Hassell
TOC-RHRobert Hassell


BD-73Casey MartinBase Set I
BD-140Bryson StottBase Set II
BD-145Carson RagsdaleBase Set II
CDA-CMCasey MartinAuto
CDA-CRACarson RagsdaleAuto


20IN20-NGNick Gonzales
20IN20A-NGNick GonzalesAuto
AP-ASAaron Shortridge
APDCA-ASAaron ShortridgeAuto
BD-47Travis SwaggertyBase Set II
BD-53Quinn PriesterBase Set II
BD-65Oneil CruzBase Set II
BD-70Jared JonesBase Set I
BD-81Nick GonzalesBase Set I
BD-81Nick GonzalesImage Variant
BD-90Nick GarciaBase Set I
BD-101Aaron ShortridgeBase Set II
BD-149Carmen MlodzinskiBase Set I
BD-160Logan HofmannBase Set II
BDC-81Nick GonzalesImage Variant Auto
C20A-CMCarmen MlodzinskiAuto
C20A-NGNick GonzalesAuto
CDA-CMLCarmen MlodzinskiAuto
CDA-JJJared JonesAuto
CDA-LHLogan HofmannAuto
CDA-NGNick GarciaAuto
CDA-NGONick GonzalesAuto
DNA-NGNick GonzalesAuto
FF-NCCarmen Mlodzinski
FF-NCNick Gonzales
GOG-NGNick Gonzales
TOC-NGNick Gonzales
TOC-NGNick Gonzales


20IN20-JFJustin Foscue
BD-6Hans CrouseBase Set II
BD-76Tekoah RobyBase Set I
BD-124Justin FoscueBase Set I
BD-126Evan CarterBase Set I
BD-167Thomas SaggeseBase Set II
BD-197Josh JungBase Set II
C20A-JFOJustin FoscueAuto
CDA-ECEvan CarterAuto
CDA-JFJustin FoscueAuto
CDA-TRTekoah RobyAuto
CDA-TSAThomas SaggeseAuto
FFA-JEEvan CarterAuto
FFA-JEJustin FoscueAuto


20IN20-NBNick Bitsko
AP-JRJoe Ryan
APDCA-JRJoe RyanAuto
APDCA-NHNiko HulsizerAuto
BD-1Niko HulsizerBase Set I
BD-10Shane BazBase Set II
BD-31Joe RyanBase Set I
BD-40JJ GossBase Set II
BD-44Xavier EdwardsBase Set II
BD-61Nick BitskoBase Set I
BD-66Hunter BarnhartBase Set I
BD-96Ian SeymourBase Set I
BD-135Shane McClanahanBase Set II
BD-136Alika WilliamsBase Set I
BD-161Ronaldo HernandezBase Set II
C20A-AWAlika WilliamsAuto
C20A-NBNick BitskoAuto
CDA-AWAlika WilliamsAuto
CDA-HBHunter BarnhartAuto
CDA-ISIan SeymourAuto
CDA-JHJeff HakansonAuto
CDA-NBNick BitskoAuto

Red Sox

20IN20-NYNick Yorke
AP-JDJarren Duran
APDCA-JDJarren DuranAuto
BD-5Jeter DownsBase Set II
BD-29Nick YorkeBase Set I
BD-55Jarren DuranBase Set II
BD-83Triston CasasBase Set II
BD-137Gilberto JimenezBase Set I
BD-156Jay GroomeBase Set II
BD-170Shane DrohanBase Set II
C20A-NYNick YorkeAuto
CDA-NYNick YorkeAuto
CDA-SDShane DrohanAuto


20IN20-AHAustin Hendrick
20IN20A-AHAustin HendrickAuto
AP-MSMike Siani
APDCA-MSMike SianiAuto
APDCA-QCQuin CottonAuto
BD-7Mike SianiBase Set I
BD-15Rece HindsBase Set I
BD-34Austin HendrickBase Set I
BD-34Austin HendrickImage Variant
BD-74Bryce BonninBase Set I
BD-104Quin CottonBase Set I
BD-116Jackson MillerBase Set I
BD-165Joe BoyleBase Set II
BD-179Nick LodoloBase Set II
BD-196Hunter GreeneBase Set II
C20A-AHAustin HendrickAuto
CDA-AHAustin HendrickAuto
CDA-BBBryce BonninAuto
CDA-JBOJoe BoyleAuto
CDA-JMJackson MillerAuto
TOC-MAAustin Hendrick


20IN20-ZVZac Veen
20IN20A-ZVZac VeenAuto
BD-23Case WilliamsBase Set II
BD-36Ryan RolisonBase Set II
BD-43Chris McMahonBase Set I
BD-106Drew RomoBase Set I
BD-107Zac VeenBase Set I
BD-107Zac VeenImage Variant
BD-109Sam WeatherlyBase Set I
BD-162Jack BlomgrenBase Set II
BD-175Michael TogliaBase Set II
C20A-DRDrew RomoAuto
C20A-ZVZac VeenAuto
CDA-CMMChris McMahonAuto
CDA-CWICase WilliamsAuto
CDA-DRDrew RomoAuto
CDA-JBJack BlomgrenAuto
CDA-ZVZac VeenAuto
DNA-ZVZac VeenAuto
FF-JZDrew Romo
FF-JZZac Veen
GOG-ZVZac Veen
TOC-ZVZac Veen
TOC-ZVZac Veen


20IN20-ALAsa Lacy
20IN20A-ALAsa LacyAuto
AP-KIKyle Isbel
BD-2Jackson KowarBase Set II
BD-14Nick LoftinBase Set I
BD-19Ben HernandezBase Set I
BD-75Daniel LynchBase Set II
BD-84Christian ChamberlainBase Set II
BD-88Asa LacyBase Set I
BD-88Asa LacyImage Variant
BD-108Brady McConnellBase Set II
BD-152Bobby Witt Jr.Base Set II
BD-152Bobby Witt Jr.Image Variant
BD-157Will KleinBase Set II
BD-182Kyle IsbelBase Set II
BDC-88Asa LacyImage Variant Auto
C20A-ALAsa LacyAuto
C20A-BHBen HernandezAuto
C20A-NLNick LoftinAuto
CDA-ALAsa LacyAuto
CDA-BHBen HernandezAuto
CDA-CCChristian ChamberlainAuto
CDA-NLNick LoftinAuto
CDA-SGSaul GarzaAuto
CDA-WKWill KleinAuto
DNA-ALAsa LacyAuto
FF-ANAsa Lacy
FF-ANNick Loftin
GOG-ALAsa Lacy
GOG-BWBobby Witt Jr.
TOC-ALAsa Lacy
TOC-ALAsa Lacy


20IN20-STSpencer Torkelson
20IN20A-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto
BD-11Trei CruzBase Set I
BD-33Gage WorkmanBase Set I
BD-54Colt KeithBase Set II
BD-62Daniel CabreraBase Set I
BD-121Spencer TorkelsonBase Set I
BD-121Spencer TorkelsonImage Variant
BD-144Dillon DinglerBase Set I
BD-180Riley GreeneBase Set II
BDC-121Spencer TorkelsonImage Variant Auto
C20A-DDDillon DinglerAuto
C20A-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto
CDA-DCADaniel CabreraAuto
CDA-DDDillon DinglerAuto
CDA-GWGage WorkmanAuto
CDA-KCKeith ColtAuto
CDA-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto
CDA-TCTrei CruzAuto
DNA-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto
FF-SDDillon Dingler
FF-SDSpencer Torkelson
GOG-RGRiley Greene
GOG-STSpencer Torkelson
TOC-STSpencer Torkelson
TOC-STSpencer Torkelson


AP-JBJordan Balazovic
BD-22Keoni CavacoBase Set I
BD-58Jordan BalazovicBase Set II
BD-63Marco RayaBase Set II
BD-94Alerick SoularieBase Set I
BD-102Trevor LarnachBase Set II
CDA-ASOAlerick SoularieAuto
CDA-KRKala’i RosarioAuto
CDA-MRMarco RayaAuto

White Sox

20IN20-GCGarrett Crochet
BD-87Adisyn CoffeyBase Set I
BD-95Garrett CrochetBase Set I
BD-153Andrew VaughnBase Set II
BD-153Andrew VaughnImage Variant
BD-164Bailey HornBase Set II
BD-172Blake RutherfordBase Set II
CDA-ACAdisyn CoffeyAuto
CDA-BHOBailey HornAuto
CDA-GCGarrett CrochetAuto
GOG-AVAndrew Vaughn
TOC-RDGarrett Crochet


BD-27Oswald PerazaBase Set II
BD-56Austin WellsBase Set I
BD-113Trevor HauverBase Set I
BD-132Luis GilBase Set II
BD-151Jasson DominguezBase Set II
BD-151Jasson DominguezImage Variant
BD-151Jasson DominguezImage Variant Auto
BD-178Anthony VolpeBase Set II
CDA-AWEAustin WellsAuto
CDA-THTrevor HauverAuto
GOG-JDJasson Dominguez