2020 Bowman baseball card checklist

2020 Bowman Baseball Checklist

Release Date: 5/22/20

Cards per Pack: 10

Packs per Hobby Box: 24

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2020

Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

Tag Archive: Flagship

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists


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2020 Bowman Baseball, as always, is a massive set for collectors to find their favorite stars of today as well as their favorite stars of tomorrow.

The base and insert sets all include several numbered parallels, including some that are exclusive to hobby or retail packs.

Hobby boxes include on Chrome autograph and jumbo boxes guarantee three Chrome autographs. There are also Paper Prospects autograph cards that are exclusive to retail boxes.

This checklist is organized by team. Jump to a preferred team by selecting it from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2020 Bowman Baseball Checklist

Base – 100 Cards
Sky Blue Border – #/499
Purple Border – #/250
Blue Border – #/150
Green Border – #/99 (Retail)
Yellow Border – #/75
Gold Border – #/50
Orange Border – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Border – #/5
Platinum Border – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Chrome Prospects Base (BCP) – 150 Cards
Chrome Refractor Parallels
Atomic – 1 per Hobby box (Hobby)
Refractor – #/499
Speckle – #/299
Purple – #/250
Blue – #/150
Blue Shimmer – #/150
Aqua – #/125
Aqua Shimmer – #/125
Green – #/99 (Retail)
Green Shimmer – #/99 (Retail)
Yellow – #/75
Gold – #/50
Gold Shimmer – #/50
Orange – #/25 (Hobby)
Orange Shimmer – #/25 (Hobby)
Red – #/5
Red Shimmer – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Paper Prospects Base (BP) – 150 Cards
Camo Border (Value Pack)
Sky Blue Border – #/499
Purple Border – #/250
Blue Border – #/150
Green Border – #/99 (Retail)
Yellow Border – #/75
Gold Border – #/50
Orange Border – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Border – #/5
Platinum Border – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Paper Prospects Autographs (PA) – 41 Cards (Retail)
Purple Border – #/250
Blue Border – #/150
Green Border – #/99
Gold Border – #/50
Orange Border – #/25
Red Border – #/5
Platinum Border – 1/1

1990 Bowman (90B) – 50 Cards (1:8 packs)
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Green Refractor – #/99 (Retail)
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Autograph Refractor – #’d (Jumbo)
Autograph SuperFractor – 1/1 (Jumbo)

Chrome Prospect Autographs (CPA) – 62 Cards
Chrome Prospect Auto Refractor Parallels
Refractor – #/499
Speckle – #/299
Purple – #/250
Blue – #/150
Blue Shimmer – #/150
Atomic – #/100
Green – #/99 (Retail)
Green Shimmer – #/99 (Retail)
Yellow – #/75
Gold – #/50
Gold Shimmer – #/50
Orange – #/25 (Hobby)
Orange Shimmer – #/25 (Hobby)
Red – #/5
Red Shimmer – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

2020 Bowman Ultimate Autograph Book (UAC) – 1 Card
Base – #/10 (Jumbo)

All-American Game Autographs (CC) – # Cards
Base – #/199 (Jumbo)

Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 (BTP) – 100 Cards (1:4 packs)
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Green Refractor – #/99 (Retail)
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Autograph Refractor – #/50
Autograph SuperFractor – 1/1

Chrome Rookie Autographs (CRA) – 14 Cards
Chrome Rookie Auto Refractor Parallels
Refractor – #/499
Blue – #/150
Atomic – #/100
Green – #/99 (Retail)
Yellow – #/75
Gold – #/50
Orange – #/25 (Hobby)
Red – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Dual Bowman Prospects Autographs (DPA) – 6 Cards (Jumbo)
Base – #/25
SuperFractor – 1/1

Hidden Finds (HF) – 20 Cards (1:24 packs)
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Hidden Finds Autographs (HF) – 12 Cards
Base – #/99
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Rookie of the Year Favorites (ROYF) – 15 Cards (1:8 packs)
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Green Refractor – #/99 (Retail)
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Rookie of the Year Favorites Autographs (ROYFA) – 11 Cards (Jumbo)
Base – #/150
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Spanning the Globe (STG) – 20 Cards (1:6 packs)
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Green Refractor – #/99 (Retail)
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Talent Pipeline (TP) – 90 Cards (1:12 packs)
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Green Refractor – #/99 (Retail)
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1


1Mike Trout
26Shohei Ohtani
90B-JAJo Adell
90B-JAJo AdellAuto
90B-MTMike Trout
90B-MTMike TroutAuto
BCP-100Jo Adell
BCP-147Will Wilson
BCP-15Jordyn Adams
BP-100Jo Adell
BP-147Will Wilson
BP-15Jordyn Adams
BTP-3Jo Adell
BTP-3Jo AdellGary Vee Var.
BTP-3Jo AdellAuto
CPA-ERIErik RiveraAuto
STG-JAJo Adell
TP-LAAJo Adell
TP-LAAJahmai Jones
TP-LAAJordyn Adams
UAC-1Jo AdellAuto


23Abraham ToroRC
25Yordan AlvarezRC
41George Springer
88Jose Altuve
90B-FWForrest Whitley
90B-YAYordan AlvarezRC
90B-YAYordan AlvarezRCAuto
BCP-56Cristian Javier
BCP-61Jeremy Pena
BCP-70Forrest Whitley
BCP-82Freudis Nova
BP-56Cristian Javier
BP-61Jeremy Pena
BP-70Forrest Whitley
BP-82Freudis Nova
BTP-8Forrest Whitley
BTP-8Forrest WhitleyGary Vee Var.
CPA-JPJeremy PenaAuto
CRA-YAYordan AlvarezRCAuto
PA-CBColin BarberAuto
ROYF-YAYordan AlvarezRC
ROYFA-YAYordan AlvarezRCAuto
TP-HOUForrest Whitley
TP-HOUJ.J. Matijevic
TP-HOUFreudis Nova
UAC-1Yordan AlvarezRCAuto


11Sean MurphyRC
21Ramon Laureano
44Seth BrownRC
61Jesus LuzardoRC
64A.J. PukRC
67Sheldon NeuseRC
73Matt Chapman
90B-APA.J. PukRC
90B-APA.J. PukRCAuto
90B-JLJesus LuzardoRC
90B-JLJesus LuzardoRCAuto
90B-SMSean MurphyRC
90B-SMSean MurphyRCAuto
BCP-105Nick Allen
BCP-138Jorge Mateo
BCP-145Robert Puason
BCP-16Austin Beck
BCP-38Gus Varland
BCP-88Logan Davidson
BP-105Nick Allen
BP-138Jorge Mateo
BP-145Robert Puason
BP-16Austin Beck
BP-38Gus Varland
BP-88Logan Davidson
BTP-27A.J. PukRC
BTP-27A.J. PukRCAuto
BTP-6Jesus LuzardoRC
BTP-6Jesus LuzardoRCAuto
BTP-79Sean MurphyRC
BTP-79Sean MurphyRCAuto
CPA-GVGus VarlandAuto
CPA-HHHogan HarrisAuto
CPA-RPRobert PuasonAuto
CRA-JLJesus LuzardoRCAuto
HF-GVGus Varland
HF-GVGus VarlandAuto
PA-TBTyler BaumAuto
ROYF-JLJesus LuzardoRC
ROYF-SMSean MurphyRC
ROYFA-JLJesus LuzardoRCAuto
STG-JLJesus LuzardoRC
TP-OAKAlfonso Rivas
TP-OAKGreg Deichmann
TP-OAKLazaro Armenteros
UAC-1A.J. PukRCAuto
UAC-1Jesus LuzardoRCAuto

Blue Jays

8Cavan Biggio
17Anthony KayRC
50Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
52Bo BichetteRC
90B-BBBo BichetteRC
90B-BBBo BichetteRCAuto
90B-NPNate Pearson
BCP-104Jordan Groshans
BCP-124Nate Pearson
BCP-135Eric Pardinho
BCP-149Alek Manoah
BP-104Jordan Groshans
BP-124Nate Pearson
BP-135Eric Pardinho
BP-149Alek Manoah
BTP-10Nate Pearson
BTP-47Jordan Groshans
BTP-47Jordan GroshansAuto
CPA-PCPhilip ClarkeAuto
CRA-BBIBo BichetteRCAuto
HF-DJDanny Jansen
HF-RBRyan Borucki
HF-RTRowdy Tellez
PA-OMOrelvis MartinezAuto
ROYF-BBBo BichetteRC
STG-DBDasan Brown
STG-EPEric Pardinho
TP-TORKevin Smith
TP-TORNate Pearson
TP-TOREric Pardinho
UAC-1Bo BichetteRCAuto


7Mike Soroka
27Ronald Acuña Jr.
90B-CPCristian Pache
90B-DWDrew Waters
90B-IAIan Anderson
90B-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
90B-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
BCP-115Jasseel De La Cruz
BCP-2Drew Waters
BCP-21Shea Langeliers
BCP-5Cristian Pache
BCP-97Ian Anderson
BP-115Jasseel De La Cruz
BP-2Drew Waters
BP-21Shea Langeliers
BP-5Cristian Pache
BP-97Ian Anderson
BTP-13Cristian Pache
BTP-24Ian Anderson
BTP-30Drew Waters
BTP-55Kyle Wright
BTP-55Kyle WrightAuto
BTP-68Kyle Muller
BTP-68Kyle MullerAuto
BTP-71Bryse Wilson
BTP-71Bryse WilsonAuto
CPA-BBABryce BallAuto
CPA-JDCJasseel De La CruzAuto
CPA-SPStephen PaoliniAuto
PA-MSMitch StallingsAuto
TP-ATLIan Anderson
TP-ATLBraden Shewmake
TP-ATLShea Langeliers


28Lorenzo Cain
100Christian Yelich
90B-CYChristian Yelich
BCP-140Nick Bennett
BCP-34Zack Brown
BCP-35Brice Turang
BCP-57Aaron Ashby
BCP-81Tristen Lutz
BP-140Nick Bennett
BP-34Zack Brown
BP-35Brice Turang
BP-57Aaron Ashby
BP-81Tristen Lutz
CPA-AAAaron AshbyAuto
CPA-AHIAdam HillAuto
CPA-MBMicah BelloAuto
CPA-MFMario FelicianoAuto
CPA-TDIThomas DillardAuto
PA-ZBZack BrownAuto
TP-MILCorey Ray
TP-MILJake Gatewood
TP-MILBrice Turang


24Randy ArozarenaRC
39Junior FernandezRC
55Paul DeJong
94Jack Flaherty
90B-DCDylan Carlson
90B-DCDylan CarlsonAuto
90B-MLMatthew Liberatore
90B-NGNolan Gorman
90B-NGNolan GormanAuto
BCP-106Dylan Carlson
BCP-32Elehuris Montero
BCP-6Zack Thompson
BCP-60Alvaro Seijas
BCP-66Nolan Gorman
BP-106Dylan Carlson
BP-32Elehuris Montero
BP-6Zack Thompson
BP-60Alvaro Seijas
BP-66Nolan Gorman
BTP-15Dylan Carlson
BTP-15Dylan CarlsonAuto
BTP-43Nolan Gorman
BTP-43Nolan GormanAuto
BTP-99Elehuris Montero
BTP-99Elehuris MonteroGary Vee Var.
BTP-99Elehuris MonteroAuto
CPA-ASAlvaro SeijasAuto
HF-PGPaul Goldschmidt
HF-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto
TP-STLDylan Carlson
TP-STLElehuris Montero
TP-STLNolan Gorman
UAC-1Dylan CarlsonAuto


19Adbert AlzolayRC
22Kris Bryant
36Robel GarciaRC
72Nico HoernerRC
99Javier Baez
90B-NHNico HoernerRC
90B-NHNico HoernerRCAuto
BCP-110Aramis Ademan
BCP-136Miguel Amaya
BCP-141Brennen Davis
BCP-49Brailyn Marquez
BP-110Aramis Ademan
BP-136Miguel Amaya
BP-141Brennen Davis
BP-49Brailyn Marquez
BTP-33Nico HoernerRC
BTP-33Nico HoernerRCAuto
BTP-97Brailyn Marquez
BTP-97Brailyn MarquezAuto
CPA-BDBrennen DavisAuto
ROYF-AAAdbert AlzolayRC
ROYF-NHNico HoernerRC
ROYFA-NHNico HoernerRCAuto
STG-AAAdbert AlzolayRC
STG-MAMiguel Amaya
TP-CHITrevor Clifton
TP-CHIKeegan Thompson
TP-CHICole Roederer
UAC-1Nico HoernerRCAuto


3Ketel Marte
29Eduardo Escobar
69Alex YoungRC
75Zac GallenRC
BCP-27Kristian Robinson
BCP-59Glenallen Hill Jr.
BCP-75Seth Beer
BCP-98Alek Thomas
BP-27Kristian Robinson
BP-59Glenallen Hill Jr.
BP-75Seth Beer
BP-98Alek Thomas
BTP-61Alek Thomas
BTP-61Alek ThomasAuto
BTP-63Kristian Robinson
BTP-63Kristian RobinsonGary Vee Var.
BTP-63Kristian RobinsonAuto
BTP-75Daulton Varsho
BTP-75Daulton VarshoAuto
BTP-90Corbin Carroll
BTP-90Corbin CarrollAuto
CPA-GHJGlenallen Hill Jr.Auto
PA-ASHAvery ShortAuto
PA-KRKristian RobinsonAuto
TP-ARIKristian Robinson
TP-ARITaylor Widener
TP-ARISeth Beer


9Max Muncy
38Dustin MayRC
63Tony GonsolinRC
71Gavin LuxRC
85Cody Bellinger
90B-CKClayton Kershaw
90B-GLGavin LuxRC
90B-GLGavin LuxRCAuto
BCP-131Miguel Vargas
BCP-143Keibert Ruiz
BCP-3Jacob Amaya
BCP-4Kody Hoese
BCP-48Josiah Gray
BP-131Miguel Vargas
BP-143Keibert Ruiz
BP-3Jacob Amaya
BP-4Kody Hoese
BP-48Josiah Gray
BTP-20Dustin MayRC
BTP-41Brusdar GraterolRCAuto
BTP-5Gavin LuxRC
BTP-5Gavin LuxRCAuto
BTP-60Jeter Downs
BTP-60Jeter DownsAuto
BTP-65Keibert Ruiz
BTP-65Keibert RuizAuto
BTP-78Josiah Gray
BTP-78Josiah GrayAuto
BTP-98Tony GonsolinRC
CPA-APAndy PagesAuto
CPA-JAJacob AmayaAuto
CPA-LVLeonel ValeraAuto
CPA-MVMiguel VargasAuto
CPA-OEOmar EstevezAuto
CRA-DMDustin MayRCAuto
CRA-GLGavin LuxRCAuto
DPA-VAJacob AmayaAuto
DPA-VAMiguel VargasAuto
HF-MMMax Muncy
HF-MMMax MuncyAuto
PA-KHKody HoeseAuto
TP-LADJeter Downs
TP-LADKody Hoese
UAC-1Gavin LuxRCAuto


76Mauricio DubonRC
86Buster Posey
92Mike Yastrzemski
90B-JBJoey Bart
90B-JBJoey BartAuto
BCP-103Marco Luciano
BCP-112Joey Bart
BCP-129Hunter Bishop
BCP-148Heliot Ramos
BP-103Marco Luciano
BP-112Joey Bart
BP-129Hunter Bishop
BP-148Heliot Ramos
BTP-57Marco Luciano
BTP-80Heliot Ramos
BTP-80Heliot RamosGary Vee Var.
BTP-80Heliot RamosAuto
BTP-87Hunter Bishop
BTP-9Joey Bart
BTP-9Joey BartAuto
CPA-CCConnor CannonAuto
PA-TFTyler FitzgeraldAuto
PA-TMTrevor McDonaldAuto
STG-HRHeliot Ramos
TP-SFGHunter Bishop
TP-SFGJoey Bart
TP-SFGJalen Miller
UAC-1Joey BartAuto


4Francisco Lindor
13Shane Bieber
20Bobby BradleyRC
35Logan AllenRC
40Aaron CivaleRC
66Yu ChangRC
BCP-109Oscar Gonzalez
BCP-40Tyler Freeman
BCP-44Ethan Hankins
BCP-95Nolan Jones
BP-109Oscar Gonzalez
BP-40Tyler Freeman
BP-44Ethan Hankins
BP-95Nolan Jones
BTP-50Nolan Jones
BTP-85Triston McKenzie
BTP-86George Valera
BTP-86George ValeraGary Vee Var.
BTP-91Tyler Freeman
BTP-91Tyler FreemanAuto
CPA-OGOscar GonzalezAuto
CRA-BBBobby BradleyRCAuto
CRA-LALogan AllenRCAuto
CRA-YCYu ChangRCAuto
HF-LALogan AllenRC
HF-LALogan AllenRCAuto
PA-LILogan IceAuto
PA-LJLiam JenkinsAuto
PA-SHESam HentgesAuto
ROYF-ACAaron CivaleRC
ROYFA-BBBobby BradleyRCAuto
TP-CLEDaniel Johnson
TP-CLENolan Jones
TP-CLEBo Naylor


15Justin DunnRC
46Austin NolaRC
51Dan Vogelbach
78Kyle LewisRC
80Yusei Kikuchi
90B-JKJarred Kelenic
90B-JKJarred KelenicAuto
90B-JRJulio Rodriguez
90B-JRJulio RodriguezAuto
90B-KLKyle LewisRC
90B-KLKyle LewisRCAuto
BCP-19Julio Rodriguez
BCP-58Logan Gilbert
BCP-77Evan White
BCP-94Jarred Kelenic
BP-19Julio Rodriguez
BP-58Logan Gilbert
BP-77Evan White
BP-94Jarred Kelenic
BTP-12Jarred Kelenic
BTP-12Jarred KelenicAuto
BTP-16Julio Rodriguez
BTP-16Julio RodriguezGary Vee Var.
BTP-16Julio RodriguezAuto
BTP-46Logan Gilbert
BTP-46Logan GilbertAuto
BTP-58Evan White
BTP-58Evan WhiteAuto
BTP-64Justin Dunn
BTP-72Justus Sheffield
BTP-72Justus SheffieldAuto
PA-IMIan McKinneyAuto
PA-SCSam CarlsonAuto
TP-SEAJarred Kelenic
TP-SEAJulio Rodriguez
TP-SEAAaron Knapp
UAC-1Julio RodriguezAuto
UAC-1Jarred KelenicAuto


5Isan DiazRC
6Jordan YamamotoRC
60Jose Urena
90B-JJBJJ Bleday
90B-SSSixto Sanchez
90B-SSSixto SanchezAuto
BCP-11Jesus Sanchez
BCP-116J.J. Bleday
BCP-72Jazz Chisholm
BCP-79Sixto Sanchez
BCP-96Jerar Encarnacion
BP-11Jesus Sanchez
BP-116J.J. Bleday
BP-72Jazz Chisholm
BP-79Sixto Sanchez
BP-96Jerar Encarnacion
BTP-23Sixto Sanchez
BTP-23Sixto SanchezAuto
BTP-48Jesus Sanchez
BTP-56JJ Bleday
BTP-56JJ BledayGary Vee Var.
BTP-94Edward Cabrera
CPA-JEJerar EncarnacionAuto
CPA-JJBJ.J. BledayAuto
CRA-IDIsan DiazRCAuto
CRA-JYJordan YamamotoRCAuto
DPA-BEJ.J. BledayAuto
DPA-BEJerar EncarnacionAuto
HF-JYJordan YamamotoRC
HF-JYJordan YamamotoRCAuto
PA-WSWill StewartAuto
ROYF-JYJordan YamamotoRC
ROYFA-JYJordan YamamotoRCAuto
STG-VVMVictor Victor Mesa
TP-MIAJazz Chisholm
TP-MIAJesus Sanchez
UAC-1Sixto SanchezAuto


77Jeff McNeil
98Pete Alonso
90B-PAPete Alonso
BCP-28Ronny Mauricio
BCP-37Wilfred Astudillo
BCP-7Briam Campusano
BP-28Ronny Mauricio
BP-37Wilfred Astudillo
BP-7Briam Campusano
BTP-67Ronny Mauricio
BTP-67Ronny MauricioAuto
BTP-73Andres Gimenez
BTP-77Francisco Alvarez
CPA-JGJoe GenordAuto
CPA-TDTony DibrellAuto
HF-JMJeff McNeil
HF-JMJeff McNeilAuto
PA-BCBriam CampusanoAuto
PA-WTWill ToffeyAuto
TP-NYMAli Sanchez
TP-NYMAndres Gimenez
TP-NYMBrett Baty


10Juan Soto
53Max Scherzer
84Starlin Castro
90B-JSJuan Soto
90B-MSMax Scherzer
90B-MSMax ScherzerAuto
BCP-114Luis Garcia
BCP-24Mason Denaburg
BCP-71Drew Mendoza
BCP-83Tim Cate
BCP-91Jackson Rutledge
BP-114Luis Garcia
BP-24Mason Denaburg
BP-71Drew Mendoza
BP-83Tim Cate
BP-91Jackson Rutledge
BTP-19Carter Kieboom
BTP-19Carter KieboomAuto
BTP-95Luis Garcia
BTP-95Luis GarciaGary Vee Var.
BTP-95Luis GarciaAuto
CPA-BBBen BraymerAuto
CPA-JRJackson RutledgeAuto
PA-JCBJacob Condra-BoganAuto
TP-WASWil Crowe
TP-WASLuis Garcia
TP-WASJackson Rutledge


34John Means
87Hanser Alberto
90B-ARAdley Rutschman
90B-ARAdley RutschmanAuto
90B-DHDL Hall
BCP-134Gunnar Henderson
BCP-22Grayson Rodriguez
BCP-36Ryan Mountcastle
BCP-50Adley Rutschman
BCP-90Adam Hall
BP-134Gunnar Henderson
BP-22Grayson Rodriguez
BP-36Ryan Mountcastle
BP-50Adley Rutschman
BP-90Adam Hall
BTP-32DL Hall
BTP-49Grayson Rodriguez
BTP-49Grayson RodriguezAuto
BTP-7Adley Rutschman
BTP-7Adley RutschmanGary Vee Var.
BTP-7Adley RutschmanAuto
BTP-84Yusniel Diaz
BTP-88Ryan Mountcastle
BTP-88Ryan MountcastleAuto
CPA-AHAdam HallAuto
CPA-ARAdley RutschmanAuto
DPA-RHAdam HallAuto
DPA-RHAdley RutschmanAuto
HF-CMCedric Mullins
PA-ARAdley RutschmanAuto
TP-BALRyan Mountcastle
TP-BALYusniel Diaz
TP-BALAdley Rutschman
UAC-1Adley RutschmanAuto


42Michel BaezRC
47Fernando Tatis Jr.
57Francisco Mejia
65Adrian MorejonRC
83Trent GrishamRC
90Andres MuñozRC
90B-CACJ Abrams
90B-CAC.J. AbramsAuto
90B-MGMacKenzie Gore
90B-MGMacKenzie GoreAuto
90B-TTTaylor Trammell
BCP-10Xavier Edwards
BCP-102Owen Miller
BCP-130Taylor Trammell
BCP-133Grant Little
BCP-62CJ Abrams
BCP-74MacKenzie Gore
BCP-76Joey Cantillo
BP-10Xavier Edwards
BP-102Owen Miller
BP-130Taylor Trammell
BP-133Grant Little
BP-62CJ Abrams
BP-74MacKenzie Gore
BP-76Joey Cantillo
BTP-26Luis Patino
BTP-34Taylor Trammell
BTP-4MacKenzie Gore
BTP-4MacKenzie GoreGary Vee Var.
BTP-4MacKenzie GoreAuto
BTP-40CJ Abrams
BTP-40C.J. AbramsAuto
BTP-54Adrian MorejonRC
BTP-96Luis Campusano
CPA-GLGrant LittleAuto
CPA-JCJoey CantilloAuto
CPA-LPLuis PatinoAuto
CPA-XEXavier EdwardsAuto
DPA-CPLuis PatinoAuto
DPA-CPJoey CantilloAuto
HF-CPChris Paddack
HF-CPChris PaddackAuto
HF-JCJoey Cantillo
HF-JCJoey CantilloAuto
PA-JCJoey CantilloAuto
STG-AMAndres Muñoz
STG-LPLuis Patino
TP-SDPMichael Gettys
TP-SDPTaylor Trammell
UAC-1CJ AbramsAuto
UAC-1MacKenzie GoreAuto


12Rhys Hoskins
54Bryce Harper
90B-ABAlec Bohm
90B-BHBryce Harper
90B-SHSpencer Howard
90B-SHSpencer HowardAuto
BCP-126Luis Garcia
BCP-29Alec Bohm
BCP-55Spencer Howard
BCP-65Damon Jones
BCP-68Bryson Stott
BP-126Luis Garcia
BP-29Alec Bohm
BP-55Spencer Howard
BP-65Damon Jones
BP-68Bryson Stott
BTP-29Alec Bohm
BTP-36Spencer Howard
BTP-36Spencer HowardAuto
CPA-DJDamon JonesAuto
HF-RHRhys Hoskins
HF-RHRhys HoskinsAuto
PA-CSCole StobbeAuto
PA-SHSpencer HowardAuto
TP-PHIDamon Jones
TP-PHIAlec Bohm
TP-PHILuis Garcia


31Bryan Reynolds
62Kevin Newman
BCP-111Oneil Cruz
BCP-146Travis Swaggerty
BCP-43Cal Mitchell
BCP-67Ke’Bryan Hayes
BCP-9Aaron Shortridge
BP-111Oneil Cruz
BP-146Travis Swaggerty
BP-43Cal Mitchell
BP-67Ke’Bryan Hayes
BP-9Aaron Shortridge
BTP-38Mitch Keller
BTP-38Mitch KellerAuto
BTP-44Ke’Bryan Hayes
BTP-69Oneil Cruz
CPA-ASHAaron ShortridgeAuto
PA-JJJoe JacquesAuto
TP-PITKe’Bryan Hayes
TP-PITOneil Cruz
TP-PITCal Mitchell


14Willie Calhoun
96Nick SolakRC
BCP-107Cole Winn
BCP-113Josh Jung
BCP-119Hans Crouse
BCP-127Leody Taveras
BCP-33Sam Huff
BCP-46Sherten Apostel
BCP-52Bayron Lora
BP-107Cole Winn
BP-113Josh Jung
BP-119Hans Crouse
BP-127Leody Taveras
BP-33Sam Huff
BP-46Sherten Apostel
BP-52Bayron Lora
BTP-92Hans Crouse
CPA-DADiosbel AriasAuto
CPA-SASherten ApostelAuto
CPA-SHSam HuffAuto
DPA-HADiosbel AriasAuto
DPA-HASam HuffAuto
HF-SHSam Huff
HF-SHSam HuffAuto
PA-EWEli WhiteAuto
TP-TEXSam Huff
TP-TEXLeody Taveras
TP-TEXAndy Ibanez


68Blake Snell
81Willy Adames
90B-MLMatthew LiberatoreAuto
90B-WFWander Franco
90B-WFWander FrancoAuto
BCP-1Wander Franco
BCP-117Joe Ryan
BCP-12Ronaldo Hernandez
BCP-17Niko Hulsizer
BCP-20Shane Baz
BCP-23Ruben Cardenas
BCP-30Jhon Diaz
BCP-89Matthew Liberatore
BP-1Wander Franco
BP-117Joe Ryan
BP-12Ronaldo Hernandez
BP-17Niko Hulsizer
BP-20Shane Baz
BP-23Ruben Cardenas
BP-30Jhon Diaz
BP-89Matthew Liberatore
BTP-1Wander Franco
BTP-1Wander FrancoGary Vee Var.
BTP-1Wander FrancoAuto
BTP-100Ronaldo Hernandez
BTP-100Ronaldo HernandezAuto
BTP-14Brendan McKayRC
BTP-14Brendan McKayRCAuto
BTP-37Matthew Liberatore
BTP-37Matthew LiberatoreAuto
BTP-82Vidal Brujan
BTP-83Shane Baz
BTP-93Shane McClanahan
BTP-93Shane McClanahanAuto
CPA-FPFord ProctorAuto
CPA-JDIJhon DiazAuto
CPA-JRYJoe RyanAuto
CPA-RCRuben CardenasAuto
CPA-VBVidal BrujanAuto
CRA-BMBrendan McKayRCAuto
PA-MIMMichael MercadoAuto
PA-WFWander FrancoAuto
ROYF-BMBrendan McKayRC
ROYFA-BMBrendan McKayRCAuto
STG-RHRonaldo Hernandez
STG-WFWander Franco
TP-TBRVidal Brujan
TP-TBRWander Franco
TP-TBRKevin Padlo
UAC-1Brendan McKayRCAuto
UAC-1Wander FrancoAuto

Red Sox

45Mookie Betts
95Xander Bogaerts
90B-XBXander Bogaerts
BCP-128Bryan Mata
BCP-144Jarren Duran
BCP-18Triston Casas
BCP-64Tanner Houck
BCP-86Bobby Dalbec
BP-128Bryan Mata
BP-144Jarren Duran
BP-18Triston Casas
BP-64Tanner Houck
BP-86Bobby Dalbec
BTP-52Triston Casas
BTP-52Triston CasasGary Vee Var.
BTP-52Triston CasasAuto
BTP-59Bobby Dalbec
BTP-59Bobby DalbecAuto
BTP-74Bryan Mata
CPA-BHBrandon HowlettAuto
CPA-JDJarren DuranAuto
HF-JDJarren Duran
HF-JDMJ.D. Martinez
HF-JDMJ.D. MartinezAuto
PA-PCPedro CastellanosAuto
STG-MLMatthew Lugo
TP-BOSBobby Dalbec
TP-BOSTriston Casas
TP-BOSJarren Duran


43Joey Votto
56Luis Castillo
79Aristides AquinoRC
90B-AAAristides AquinoRC
90B-AAAristides AquinoRCAuto
BCP-39Nick Lodolo
BCP-41Rece Hinds
BCP-47Hunter Greene
BCP-73Jonathan India
BP-39Nick Lodolo
BP-41Rece Hinds
BP-47Hunter Greene
BP-73Jonathan India
BTP-51Hunter Greene
BTP-51Hunter GreeneAuto
BTP-66Jonathan India
BTP-66Jonathan IndiaAuto
BTP-76Nick Lodolo
BTP-76Nick LodoloAuto
CPA-QCQuin CottonAuto
CRA-AAQAristides AquinoRCAuto
PA-RHRece HindsAuto
ROYF-AAQAristides AquinoRC
ROYFA-AAQAristides AquinoRCAuto
TP-CINJonathan India
TP-CINHunter Greene
TP-CINAlfredo Rodriguez
UAC-1Aristides AquinoRCAuto


33Nolan Arenado
82Trevor Story
BCP-121Grant Lavigne
BCP-137Ryan Rolison
BCP-87Colton Welker
BP-121Grant Lavigne
BP-137Ryan Rolison
BP-87Colton Welker
BTP-22Brendan Rodgers
BTP-22Brendan RodgersAuto
TP-COLRoberto Ramos
TP-COLGrant Lavigne
TP-COLColton Welker


37Whit Merrifield
91Hunter Dozier
90B-BWJBobby Witt Jr.
90B-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto
BCP-25Bobby Witt Jr.
BCP-42Brady Singer
BCP-54Brady McConnell
BCP-84Daniel Lynch
BP-25Bobby Witt Jr.
BP-42Brady Singer
BP-54Brady McConnell
BP-84Daniel Lynch
BTP-25Bobby Witt Jr.
BTP-25Bobby Witt Jr.Gary Vee Var.
BTP-25Bobby Witt Jr.Auto
BTP-45Daniel Lynch
BTP-62Brady Singer
BTP-62Brady SingerAuto
BTP-81Jackson Kowar
BTP-81Jackson KowarAuto
CPA-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto
PA-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto
PA-JRJohn RaveAuto
PA-KBKris BubicAuto
PA-MMEMJ MelendezAuto
PA-NPNick PrattoAuto
TP-KCRFoster Griffin
TP-KCRKhalil Lee
TP-KCRKris Bubic
UAC-1Bobby Witt Jr.Auto


16Travis DemeritteRC
30Matthew Boyd
93Miguel Cabrera
90B-CMCasey Mize
90B-CMCasey MizeAuto
90B-MMMatt Manning
90B-MMMatt ManningAuto
90B-RGRiley Greene
90B-RGRiley GreeneAuto
BCP-108Tarik Skubal
BCP-120Isaac Paredes
BCP-122Riley Greene
BCP-14Ulrich Bojarski
BCP-142Casey Mize
BCP-45Daz Cameron
BCP-63Franklin Perez
BCP-99Matt Manning
BP-108Tarik Skubal
BP-120Isaac Paredes
BP-122Riley Greene
BP-14Ulrich Bojarski
BP-142Casey Mize
BP-45Daz Cameron
BP-63Franklin Perez
BP-99Matt Manning
BTP-11Casey Mize
BTP-11Casey MizeAuto
BTP-17Matt Manning
BTP-17Matt ManningAuto
BTP-35Riley Greene
BTP-35Riley GreeneAuto
BTP-39Tarik Skubal
BTP-39Tarik SkubalAuto
CPA-CJCooper JohnsonAuto
CPA-TSTarik SkubalAuto
CPA-ZHZack HessAuto
PA-CMCasey MizeAuto
PA-MMMatt ManningAuto
PA-RKRyan KreidlerAuto
STG-CMCasey Mize
STG-IPIsaac Paredes
STG-UBUlrich Bojarski
TP-DETDaz Cameron
TP-DETRiley Greene
TP-DETCasey Mize
UAC-1Riley GreeneAuto
UAC-1Casey MizeAuto


32Jose Berrios
49Eddie Rosario
89Brusdar GraterolRC
90B-AKAlex Kirilloff
90B-RLRoyce Lewis
90B-RLRoyce LewisAuto
BCP-118Keoni Cavaco
BCP-123Jordan Balazovic
BCP-78Chris Vallimont
BCP-80Alex Kirilloff
BCP-93Royce Lewis
BP-118Keoni Cavaco
BP-123Jordan Balazovic
BP-78Chris Vallimont
BP-80Alex Kirilloff
BP-93Royce Lewis
BTP-18Alex Kirilloff
BTP-21Royce Lewis
BTP-21Royce LewisAuto
BTP-41Brusdar GraterolRC
BTP-89Trevor Larnach
BTP-89Trevor LarnachAuto
CPA-CVChris VallimontAuto
HF-JBJordan Balazovic
HF-JCAJake Cave
PA-ABAndrew BechtoldAuto
PA-JDJhoan DuranAuto
STG-JBJordan Balazovic
TP-MINBrent Rooker
TP-MINRoyce Lewis
TP-MINJordan Balazovic
UAC-1Brusdar GraterolRCAuto
UAC-1Royce LewisAuto

White Sox

18Luis RobertRC
48Zack CollinsRC
58Dylan CeaseRC
59Lucas Giolito
70Nomar Mazara
97Tim Anderson
90B-AVAndrew Vaughn
90B-AVAndrew VaughnAuto
90B-DCEDylan CeaseRC
90B-DCEDylan CeaseRCAuto
90B-LRLuis Robert
BCP-101Nick Madrigal
BCP-13Blake Rutherford
BCP-150Luis Robert
BCP-26Andrew Vaughn
BCP-92Dane Dunning
BP-101Nick Madrigal
BP-13Blake Rutherford
BP-150Luis Robert
BP-26Andrew Vaughn
BP-92Dane Dunning
BTP-2Luis Robert
BTP-2Luis RobertGary Vee Var.
BTP-28Andrew Vaughn
BTP-28Andrew VaughnAuto
BTP-31Michael Kopech
BTP-31Michael KopechGary Vee Var.
BTP-31Michael KopechAuto
BTP-42Nick Madrigal
BTP-42Nick MadrigalAuto
CPA-AVAAndrew VaughnAuto
CPA-JBEJames BeardAuto
CPA-LDLency DelgadoAuto
CRA-LRLuis RobertRCAuto
PA-KPKonnor PilkingtonAuto
ROYF-DCDylan CeaseRC
ROYFA-DCDylan CeaseRCAuto
ROYFA-ZCZack CollinsRCAuto
STG-LRLuis Robert
TP-CWSMicker Adolfo
TP-CWSLuis Robert
TP-CWSAndrew Vaughn
UAC-1Andrew VaughnAuto


2Aaron Judge
74Gleyber Torres
90B-GTGleyber Torres
90B-GTGleyber TorresAuto
BCP-125Deivi Garcia
BCP-132Luis Gil
BCP-139Anthony Volpe
BCP-31Estevan Florial
BCP-51Everson Pereira
BCP-53Clarke Schmidt
BCP-69Canaan Smith
BCP-8Jasson Dominguez
BCP-85Antonio Cabello
BP-125Deivi Garcia
BP-132Luis Gil
BP-139Anthony Volpe
BP-31Estevan Florial
BP-51Everson Pereira
BP-53Clarke Schmidt
BP-69Canaan Smith
BP-8Jasson Dominguez
BP-85Antonio Cabello
BTP-53Jasson Dominguez
BTP-53Jasson DominguezGary Vee Var.
BTP-53Jasson DominguezAuto
BTP-70Deivi Garcia
BTP-70Deivi GarciaGary Vee Var.
BTP-70Deivi GarciaAuto
CPA-AVAnthony VolpeAuto
CPA-CSCanaan SmithAuto
CPA-EDEzequiel DuranAuto
CPA-EPEverson PereiraAuto
CPA-JDOJasson DominguezAuto
DPA-VPEverson PereiraAuto
DPA-VPAnthony VolpeAuto
HF-IGIsiah Gilliam
HF-IGIsiah GilliamAuto
HF-MKMike King
PA-KWKen WaldichukAuto
STG-JDJasson Dominguez
TP-NYYDeivi Garcia
TP-NYYClarke Schmidt
TP-NYYEstevan Florial