2019 Topps WWE Women's Division trading card checklist

2019 Topps WWE Women’s Division Checklist

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2019 Topps WWE Women’s Division trading cards focuses solely on the women of WWE including rookies and NXT talent.

Every hobby box is guaranteed two hits, one of which will be an autograph. Value boxes, sold via Topps.com, promise one hit and 10 insert cards.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in the series and can be sorted or searched by many different parameters.

Release date – 9/11/19
Cards per hobby pack – 7
Packs per hobby box – 24
Hobby boxes per case – 12

2019 Topps WWE Women's Division Checklist
Base – 100 Cards
Roster – #1 – #60
Memorable Matches & Moments – #61 – #100
Purple – #/99
Bronze – #/75
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Autographs (A) – 35 Cards
Base – #/199
Green – #/150
Purple – #/99
Bronze – #/75
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Gold – #/10
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1
Dual Autos (DA) – 3 Cards
Gold – #/10
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1
Triple Auto (TA) – 1 Cards
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1
Mixed Match Challenge (MMC) – 25 Cards
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Mat Relics (MR) – 40 Cards
Green – #/150
Purple – #/99
Bronze – #/75
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Gold – #/10
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1
Mat Relic Autos (MRA) – 11 Cards
Base – #/10
Red – 1/1
Championship Side Plate Commemorative Patch (PC) – 13 Cards
Purple – #/99
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Women’s Royal Rumble (RR) – 25 Cards
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Superstar Shirt Relics (SR) – 10 Cards
Purple – #/99
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Superstar Shirt Relic Autos (CC) – 8 Cards
Base – #/10
Red – 1/1
Team Bestie Tribute (TB) – 20 Cards
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Women’s Evolution (WE) – 10 Cards
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
1Alexa BlissRAW
2Alicia FoxRAW
4Dana BrookeRAW
5Ember MoonSmackDown
6Lacey EvansRAWRC
7Liv MorganSmackDown
8Mickie JamesSmackDown
10Nia JaxRAW
11Ronda RouseyRAW
12Ruby RiottRAW
13Sarah LoganRAW
14Sasha BanksRAW
16Renee YoungRAW
17Stephanie McMahonWWE
18Maria Kanellis205 Live
20Becky LynchSmackDown
21Billie KaySmackDown
23Mandy RoseSmackDown
26Nikki CrossRAWRC
27Peyton RoyceSmackDown
28Sonya DevilleSmackDown
29Zelina VegaSmackDown
32Bianca BelairNXT
33Candice LeRaeNXT
34Chelsea GreenNXT
35Dakota KaiNXT
36Deonna PurrazzoNXT
37Io ShiraiNXT
38Jessamyn DukeNXT
39Jessi KameaNXT
40Kacy CatanzaroNXT
41Kairi SaneSmackDownRC
42Lacey LaneNXT
43Marina ShafirNXT
44Mia YimNXT
45MJ JenkinsNXT
46Shayna BaszlerNXT
47Taynara ContiNXT
48Vanessa BorneNXT
49Xia LiNXT
50Toni StormNXT UK
51Nina SamuelsNXT UK
52Alundra BlayzeLegend
53Beth PhoenixLegend
54Eve TorresLegend
57Sherri MartelLegend
58Miss ElizabethLegend
59Trish StratusLegend
60Wendi RichterLegend
61Asuka def. Alexa BlissRaw
62NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon def. Shayna BaszlerNXT TakeOver: Philadelphia
63Asuka Wins the First-Ever Women's Royal Rumble MatchRoyal Rumble 2018
64Asuka def. Sasha BanksRaw
65Alexa Bliss Wins the First-Ever Women's Elimination Chamber MatchElimination Chamber 2018
66Shayna Baszler def. Ember Moon to Become the NXT Women's ChampionNXT TakeOver: New Orleans
67Naomi Wins the 20-Woman WrestleMania Battle RoyalWrestlemania 34
68Nia Jax def. Alexa Bliss to Become the Raw Women's ChampionWrestlemania 34
69Ronda Rousey's Debut MatchWrestlemania 34
70Candice LeRae def. Zelina VegaNXT
71Carmella Successfully Defends the SmackDown Women's ChampionshipBacklash 2018
72Asuka def. Mandy RoseSmackDown LIVE
73Shayna Baszler def. Dakota Kai to Retain the NXT Women's ChampionshipNXT
74Kairi Sane def. Lacey EvansNXT
75NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler def. Nikki CrossNXT TakeOver: Chicago II
76Bayley Obliterates Sasha BanksRaw
77Alexa Bliss Becomes Ms. Money in the BankMoney in the Bank 2018
78SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella def. AsukaMoney in the Bank 2018
79Alexa Bliss Cashes in On Nia JaxMoney in the Bank 2018
80Sasha Banks & Bayley Renew Their FriendshipRaw
81Kairi Sane def. Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's ChampionshipNXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV
82Ronda Rousey def. Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's ChampionshipSummerSlam 2018
83Asuka Saves Naomi From The IIconicsSmackDown LIVE
84Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey def. Alexa BlissHell in a Cell 2018
85The IIconics def. Asuka & NaomiSuper Show-Down
86Io Shirai def. Deonna PurrazzoMae Young Classic 2018
87Becky Lynch Leads a SmackDown Live Invasion of RawRaw
88Bianca Belair def. Mia YimNXT
89Shayna Baszler Becomes a Two-Time NXT Women's ChampionNXT TakeOver: War Games II
90Team Raw def. Team SmackDownSurvivor Series 2018
91Nikki Cross Angers Candice LeRaeNXT
92Mia Yim def. Vanessa BorneNXT
93Io Shirai Saves Dakota KaiNXT
94Natalya def. Ruby Riott in a Tables MatchTLC 2018
95Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey def. Nia JaxTLC 2018
96Asuka Wins the First-Ever Women's TLC MatchTLC 2018
97Natalya Becomes the #1 Contender for the Raw Women's ChampionshipRaw
98SmackDown Women's Champion Asuka def. NaomiSmackDown LIVE
99Bayley, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon def. Mickie James, Alicia Fox & Dana BrookeRaw
100Bianca Belair Becomes the #1 Contender for the NXT Women's ChampionshipNXT
A-ABAlexa BlissRAW
A-BKBillie KaySmackDown
A-BLBecky LynchSmackDown
A-BPBeth PhoenixLegend
A-BZShayna BaszlerNXT
A-CGChelsea GreenNXT
A-CLCandice LeRaeNXT
A-DBDana BrookeRAW
A-DKDakota KaiNXT
A-DPDeonna PurrazzoNXT
A-EMEmber MoonSmackDown
A-ESTBianca BelairNXT
A-ISIo ShiraiNXT
A-JDJessamyn DukeNXT
A-JEJessie KameaNXT
A-KCKacy CatanzaroNXT
A-LELacey EvansRAWRC
A-MRMandy RoseSmackDown
A-MSMarina ShafirNXT
A-NCNikki CrossRAWRC
A-PRPeyton RoyceSmackDown
A-RBRuby RiottRAW
A-RRRonda RouseyRAW
A-RYRenee YoungRAW
A-SDSonya DevilleSmackDown
A-SFTrish StratusLegend
A-SMStephanie McMahonWWE
A-TCTaynara ContiNXT
A-VBVanessa BorneNXT
DA-BCAlexa BlissWWE
DA-BCNikki CrossWWE
DA-DDBeth PhoenixWWE
DA-IIBillie KayWWE
DA-IIPeyton RoyceWWE
TA-4HMarina ShafirWWE
TA-4HJessamyn DukeWWE
TA-4HShayna BaszlerWWE
TB-1Trish Stratus Makes Her DebutLegend
TB-2Trish Stratus Wins Her First Women's ChampionshipLegend
TB-3Trish Stratus Wins the Hardcore ChampionshipLegend
TB-4Trish Stratus Wins the Women's Championship at WrestleMania XIXLegend
TB-5Team Bestie Shows The Guys They Can HangLegend
TB-6Trish Stratus Battles Mickie James at WrestleMania 22Legend
TB-7Trish Stratus Competes in Her Final Match on RawLegend
TB-8Trish Stratus Retires As a 7-Time Women's ChampionLegend
TB-9Trish Stratus Returns to Help John CenaLegend
TB-10Trish Stratus Is Inducted Into the Hall of FameLegend
TB-11Lita Helps The Hardy Boyz Against Trish StratusLegend
TB-12Lita & The Rock def. Trish Stratus & Triple HLegend
TB-13Lita def. Stephanie McMahon for Her First Women's ChampionshipLegend
TB-14Team Bestie Teams UpLegend
TB-15Lita Competes in the First Women's Cage MatchLegend
TB-16Lita Loses Her Cool and Unleashes an Attack on Trish StratusLegend
TB-17Lita Wins the Women's Championship in the Raw Main EventLegend
TB-18Lita def. Mickie James in a Lumberjill Match for the Women's ChampionshipLegend
TB-19Lita Competes in Her Retirement Match Against Mickie JamesLegend
TB-20Lita Is Inducted Into the Hall of FameLegend
MMC-1The Monster EclipseSeason 2
MMC-2Country DominanceSeason 2
MMC-3B'N'BSeason 2
MMC-4MahaliciaSeason 2
MMC-5Team PawzSeason 2
MMC-6Awe-skaSeason 2
MMC-7Day One GlowSeason 2
MMC-8Ravishing Rusev DaySeason 2
MMC-9The Fabulous TruthSeason 2
MMC-10The Monster Eclipse def. Team PawzSeason 2
MMC-11Country Dominance def. MahaliciaSeason 2
MMC-12Awe-ska def. The Fabulous TruthSeason 2
MMC-13B'N'B def. MahaliciaSeason 2
MMC-14Robert Roode Replaces Kevin Owens for Team PawzSeason 2
MMC-15Awe-ska def. Day One GlowSeason 2
MMC-16Monster Eclipse def. Country DominanceSeason 2
MMC-17The Fabulous Truth def. Ravishing Rusev DaySeason 2
MMC-18Curt Hawkins Replaces Braun Strowman for The Monster EclipseSeason 2
MMC-19Mahalicia def. Ember Moon & Curt HawkinsSeason 2
MMC-20B'N'B def. Country DominanceSeason 2
MMC-21Awe-ska def. Day One GlowSeason 2
MMC-22Apollo Crews Replaces Finn Bálor for B'N'BSeason 2
MMC-23Mahalicia def. Bayley & Apollo CrewsSeason 2
MMC-24The Fabulous Truth def. Awe-skaSeason 2
MMC-25The Fabulous Truth Win the Mixed Match Challenge Season 2Season 2
WE-1Lita Brings Back the LitasaultEvolution
WE-2Alundra Blayze Returns to a WWE Ring After 23 YearsEvolution
WE-3Nia Jax and Tamina Pay Tribute to Roman ReignsEvolution
WE-4Carmella Has a Dance Break in the Battle RoyalEvolution
WE-5Mandy Rose Eliminates Sonya Deville from the Battle RoyalEvolution
WE-6Toni Storm Wins the 2018 Mae Young ClassicEvolution
WE-7Sasha Banks, Bayley & Natalya def. The Riott SquadEvolution
WE-8Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir Attack Kairi SaneEvolution
WE-9Becky Lynch Performs a Leg Drop from the Top of a LadderEvolution
WE-10The Women's Division Celebrates the End of the First WWE All-Women's EventEvolution
RR-1Lacey EvansRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-2NatalyaRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-3Mandy RoseRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-4Mickie JamesRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-5Ember MoonRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-6Billie KayRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-7Nikki CrossRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-8Peyton RoyceRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-9TaminaRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-10Kairi SaneRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-11NaomiRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-12Candice LeRaeRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-13Alicia FoxRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-14Kacy CatanzaroRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-15Zelina VegaRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-16Ruby RiottRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-17Io ShiraiRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-18Sonya DevilleRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-19Alexa BlissRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-20BayleyRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-21Becky LynchRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-22Nia JaxRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-23CarmellaRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-24Maria KanellisRoyal Rumble 2019
RR-25Xia LiRoyal Rumble 2019
SR-ABAlexa BlissRAW
SR-AFAlicia FoxRAW
SR-LELacey EvansRAW
SR-QAShayna BaszlerNXT
SR-SBSasha BanksRAW
MR-ABAlexa BlissEvolution
MR-AFAlicia FoxEvolution
MR-ASAsukaTLC 2018
MR-BEBecky LynchTLC 2018
MR-BKBillie KayEvolution
MR-BLBecky LynchEvolution
MR-BPBeth PhoenixEvolution
MR-CACarmellaTLC 2018
MR-CHCharlotte FlairTLC 2018
MR-EMEmber MoonEvolution
MR-ISIo ShiraiEvolution
MR-KSKairi SaneEvolution
MR-LILiv MorganTLC 2018
MR-LMLiv MorganEvolution
MR-MDAlundra BlayzeEvolution
MR-MJMickie JamesEvolution
MR-NANatalyaTLC 2018
MR-NINia JaxTLC 2018
MR-NJNia JaxEvolution
MR-QAShayna BaszlerEvolution
MR-RBRuby RiottEvolution
MR-RORonda RouseyTLC 2018
MR-RRRonda RouseyEvolution
MR-RURuby RiottTLC 2018
MR-RYRenee YoungEvolution
MR-SASarah LoganTLC 2018
MR-SBSasha BanksEvolution
MR-SDSonya DevilleEvolution
MR-SFTrish StratusEvolution
MR-SLSarah LoganEvolution
MR-TATaminaTLC 2018
MR-TSToni StormEvolution
PC-ABAlexa BlissRAW
PC-BLBecky LynchSmackDown
PC-EMEmber MoonNXT
PC-KSKairi SaneNXT
PC-QAShayna BaszlerNXT
PC-RRRonda RouseyRAW
PC-SBSasha BanksRAW
SRA-ABAlexa BlissRAW
SRA-LELacey EvansRAW
SRA-QAShayna BaszlerNXT
SRA-RYRenee YoungRAW
MRA-ASAsukaTLC 2018
MRA-BLBecky LynchEvolution
MRA-CACarmellaTLC 2018
MRA-ISIo ShiraiEvolution
MRA-KSKairi SaneEvolution
MRA-NANatalyaTLC 2018
MRA-QAShayna BaszlerEvolution
MRA-SDSonya DevilleEvolution
MRA-TATaminaTLC 2018