2019 Topps WWE NXT

2019 Topps WWE NXT Checklist

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2019 Topps WWE NXT trading cards showcase some of the most popular fighters in the NXT league

The base set for this collection is an approachable 100 cards but there are a number of inserts and parallels to keep collectors searching. There is also a healthy checklist of autograph and relic cards and each hobby box includes two autographs.

Our checklist includes all of the base figures released thus far as well as variants, chase figures, and retail exclusives. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to one of our affiliate partners or to eBay to purchase that card.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in the hobby-exclusive series and can be sorted or searched by many different parameters.

Release date – 12/4/19
Cards per hobby pack – 7
Packs per hobby box – 24
Hobby boxes per case – 8

2019 Topps WWE NXT Checklist
Base – 100 Cards
Bronze – 1:2 packs
Blue – #/50
Silver – #/25
Gold – 3/10
Red – 1/1
Roster (R) – 50 Cards
Base – #/
Parallel – #/
Autographs (A) – 32 Cards
Bronze – #/99
Blue – #/50
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1
Dual Autographs (DA) – 4 Cards
Base – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Triple Autographs (TA) – 3 Cards
Base – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Autograph Kiss Relic (AK) – 4 Cards
Base – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
Autograph Shirt Relic (AS) – 4 Cards
Base – #/99
Blue – #/50
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Red – 1/1
-#WrestlerEvent / Roster
1Velveteen Dream def. Kassius OhnoNXT TakeOver: Philadelphia
2NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed ERA def. AOPNXT TakeOver: Philadelphia
3Aleister Black def. Adam Cole in an Extreme Rules MatchNXT TakeOver: Philadelphia
4NXT Champion Andrade def. Johnny GarganoNXT TakeOver: Philadelphia
5Roderick Strong Becomes the #1 Contender for the United Kingdom ChampionshipNXT
6United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne def. Roderick StrongNXT
7Johnny Gargano Must Leave NXTNXT
8Pete Dunne & Roderick Strong def. Oney Lorcan & Danny BurchNXT
9Adam Cole def. Kassius OhnoNXT
10Johnny Gargano Unleashes a Surprise Attack on Tommaso CiampaNXT
11Pete Dunne & Roderick Strong def. SAnitYNXT
12EC3 Makes His DebutNXT
13Ricochet Makes His DebutNXT
14Roderick Strong Betrays Pete Dunne and Joins The Undisputed ERANXT TakeOver: New Orleans
15Adam Cole Wins the NXT North American ChampionshipNXT TakeOver: New Orleans
16Aleister Black def. Andrade for the NXT ChampionshipNXT TakeOver: New Orleans
17Johnny Gargano def. Tommaso Ciampa in an Unsanctioned MatchNXT TakeOver: New Orleans
18The Viking Raiders Make Their DebutNXT
19Ricochet def. Fabian AichnerNXT
20Lars Sullivan def. Killian Dain in a No Disqualification MatchNXT
21"The Finest" Kona Reeves ReturnsNXT
22Pete Dunne Looks to Exact Revenge on Roderick StrongNXT
23The Viking Raiders def. Heavy MachineryNXT
24Tommaso Ciampa def. Kassius OhnoNXT
25Kona Reeves def. Raul MendozaNXT
26Pete Dunne, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan def. The Undisputed ERANXT
27Lars Sullivan def. Ricochet & Velveteen DreamNXT
28EC3 def. Kassius OhnoNXT
29United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne def. Kyle O'ReillyNXT
30NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed ERA def. Danny Burch & Oney LorcanNXT TakeOver: Chicago II
31Ricochet def. Velveteen DreamNXT TakeOver: Chicago II
32NXT Champion Aleister Black def. Lars SullivanNXT TakeOver: Chicago II
33Tommaso Ciampa def. Johnny Gargano in a Chicago Street FightNXT TakeOver: Chicago II
34British Strong Style def. The Undisputed ERAUnited Kingdom Championship Tournament
35Aleister Black & Ricochet def. EC3 & Velveteen DreamUnited Kingdom Championship Tournament
36Moustache Mountain def. The Undisputed ERA for the NXT Tag Team ChampionshipUnited Kingdom Championship Tournament
37The Undisputed ERA def. Ricochet & Moustache MountainNXT
38Johnny Gargano def. EC3NXT
39The Undisputed ERA def. Moustache Mountain for the NXT Tag Team ChampionshipNXT
40Tommaso Ciampa def. Aleister Black for the NXT ChampionshipNXT
41EC3 def. Kona ReevesNXT
42Aleister Black Lays Out Johnny Gargano with Black MassNXT
43Keith Lee Makes His DebutNXT
44NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed ERA def. Moustache MountainNXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV
45Velveteen Dream def. EC3NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV
46Ricochet def. Adam Cole for the NXT North American ChampionshipNXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV
47NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa def. Johnny Gargano in a Last Man Standing MatchNXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV
48Lars Sullivan Destroys Raul MendozaNXT
49The Undisputed ERA def. Ricochet & Pete DunneNXT
50The Forgotten Sons Make Their DebutNXT
51Jaxson Ryker def. Humberto CarrilloNXT
52WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne vs. NXT North American Champion RicochetNXT
53Lars Sullivan def. EC3NXT
54Keith Lee def. Kona ReevesNXT
55NXT North American Champion Ricochet def. Adam Cole and Pete Dunne in a Triple Threat MatchNXT
56Bobby Fish Returns from InjuryNXT
57WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne def. Noam DarNXT UK
58EC3 def. Adam ColeNXT
59Johnny Gargano Reveals Himself as Aleister Black's AttackerNXT
60Matt Riddle Makes His DebutNXT
61Heavy Machinery def. The Forgotten SonsNXT
62WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne def. Danny BurchNXT UK
63Aleister Black def. Johnny GarganoNXT TakeOver: WarGames II
64NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa def. Velveteen DreamNXT TakeOver: WarGames II
65Pete Dunne, Ricochet & The Viking Raiders Survive The WarGamesNXT TakeOver: WarGames II
66The Forgotten Sons def. Raul Mendoza & Humberto CarrilloNXT
67EC3 def. Bobby FishNXT
68NXT North American Champion Ricochet def. Tyler BreezeNXT
69Dominik Dijakovic Makes His DebutNXT
70WALTER Makes His DebutNXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool
71NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa def. Aleister BlackNXT TakeOver: Phoenix
72The Viking Raiders def. The Undisputed ERA to Win the NXT Tag Team ChampionshipNXT TakeOver: Phoenix
73Johnny Gargano def. Ricochet to Win the NXT North American ChampionshipNXT TakeOver: Phoenix
74Matt Riddle def. Kassius OhnoNXT TakeOver: Phoenix
75Aleister Black, Ricochet & Velveteen Dream Pick Up the Win at HalftimeHalftime Heat
76Rik Bugez Gives an Encore PerformanceNXT
77Ricochet def. Adam ColeNXT
78Velveteen Dream def. Johnny Gargano to Become NXT North American ChampionNXT
79Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic Entertain the NXT UniverseNXT
80DIY def. The Undisputed ERANXT
81Aleister Black & Ricochet def. Marcel Barthel & Fabian AichnerNXT
82Aleister Black & Ricochet def. DIYNXT
83Johnny Gargano Fakes Out Tommaso CiampaNXT
84Adam Cole Becomes the #1 Contender for the NXT ChampionshipNXT
85Aleister Black & Ricochet Win the 2019 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team ClassicNXT
86NXT Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders def. Aleister Black & RicochetNXT TakeOver: New York
87NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream def. Matt RiddleNXT TakeOver: New York
88WALTER def. Pete Dunne to Win the WWE United Kingdom ChampionshipNXT TakeOver: New York
89Johnny Gargano def. Adam Cole to Win the NXT ChampionshipNXT TakeOver: New York
90NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream def. Buddy MurphyNXT
91Kushida Makes His DebutNXT
92Matt Riddle def. Adam ColeNXT
93The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits Ends in ChaosNXT
94Tyler Breeze Returns to NXTNXT
95WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER def. Pete DunneNXT
96Imperium Comes to Blows with British Strong StyleNXT UK
97Matt Riddle def. Roderick StrongNXT TakeOver: XXV
98The Street Profits Win the NXT Tag Team ChampionshipNXT TakeOver: XXV
99NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream def. Tyler BreezeNXT TakeOver: XXV
100Adam Cole def. Johnny Gargano to Become NXT ChampionNXT TakeOver: XXV
R1Adam ColeNXT
R2Jordan MylesNXT
R4Angelo DawkinsNXT
R5Bianca BelairNXT
R6Bobby FishNXT
R7Candice LeRaeNXT
R8Cathy KellyNXT
R9Chelsea GreenNXT
R10Dakota KaiNXT
R11Damian PriestNXT
R12Danny BurchNXT
R13Deonna PurrazzoNXT
R14Dominik DijakovicNXT
R15Fabian AichnerNXT UK
R16Humberto CarrilloNXT
R17Io ShiraiNXT
R18Jaxson RykerNXT
R19Jessamyn DukeNXT
R20Jessi KameaNXT
R21Johnny GarganoNXT
R22Kacy CatanzaroNXT
R23Kassius OhnoNXT UK
R24Keith LeeNXT
R25Kona ReevesNXT
R27Kyle O'ReillyNXT
R28Marcel BarthelNXT UK
R29Marina ShafirNXT
R30Matt RiddleNXT
R31Mauro RanalloNXT
R32Mia YimNXT
R33Montez FordNXT
R34Oney LorcanNXT
R35Pete DunneNXT UK
R36Raul MendozaNXT
R37Rik BugezNXT
R38Riddick MossNXT
R39Roderick StrongNXT
R40Shayna BaszlerNXT
R41Steve CutlerNXT
R42Toni StormNXT UK
R43Trent SevenNXT UK
R44Tyler BateNXT UK
R45Vanessa BorneNXT
R46Velveteen DreamNXT
R48Wesley BlakeNXT
R49William RegalNXT
R50Xia Li1st NXT
A-ACAdam ColeNXT
A-BBBianca BelairNXT
A-BFBobby FishNXT
A-BMBuddy MurphyNXT Called Up
A-BROMatt Riddle1st NXT
A-CGChelsea Green1st NXT
A-CLCandice LeRaeNXT
A-DDDominik Dijakovic1st NXT
A-DPDeonna Purrazzo1st NXT
A-EErikNXT Called Up
A-IIvarNXT Called Up
A-ISIo Shirai1st NXT
A-JDJessamyn Duke1st NXT
A-JGJohnny GarganoNXT
A-KLKeith Lee1st NXT
A-KYKyle O'ReillyNXT
A-LELacey EvansNXT Called Up
A-MSMarina Shafir1st NXT
A-MYMia Yim1st NXT
A-NCNikki CrossNXT Called Up
A-ODOtisNXT Called Up
A-OHKassius OhnoNXT UK
A-PDPete DunneNXT UK
A-PMDamian Priest1st NXT
A-RCRicochetNXT Called Up
A-RSRoderick StrongNXT
A-SBShayna BaszlerNXT
A-TKTuckerNXT Called Up
A-TMTommaso CiampaNXT Called Up
A-TSToni Storm1st NXT
A-VDVelveteen DreamNXT
DA-ABMarcel BarthelNXT UK
DA-ABFabian AichnerNXT UK
DA-GLCandice LeRaeNXT
DA-GLJohnny GarganoNXT
DA-MGVanessa BorneNXT
DA-SOKyle O'ReillyNXT
DA-SORoderick StrongNXT
TA-4HMarina ShafirNXT
TA-4HShayna BaszlerNXT
TA-4HJessamyn DukeNXT
TA-FSJaxson RykerNXT
TA-FSWesley BlakeNXT
TA-FSSteve CutlerNXT
TA-MYCDeonna PurrazzoNXT
AS-RSRoderick StrongNXT
AS-SBShayna BaszlerNXT
AS-VDVelveteen DreamNXT
AK-BBBianca BelairNXT
AK-CGChelsea GreenNXT