2019 Topps Stranger Things 2

2019 Topps Stranger Things 2 Checklist

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2019 Topps Stranger Things 2 chronicles the second season of the popular Netflix series. The design and cardstock of this set feels genuinely retro but unlike the cards that inspired this set, this checklist includes a number of autograph and relic cards

Every box contains an autograph or sketch card as well as one other hit. There are also several insert sets and parallels for collectors to track down.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in the series and can be sorted or searched by many different parameters. Clicking a link will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 4/3/2019
Cards per hobby pack – 7
Packs per hobby box – 24
Hobby boxes per case – 12

2019 Topps Stranger Things 2 Checklist
Base – 100 Cards
Upside Down – #/99
Waffle – #/11
Illustrated Art – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1
Character Cards (C) – 20 Cards
Base – #/
Parallel – #/
Character Stickers (CS) – 20 Cards
Base – #/
Parallel – #/
Scene Stickers (S) – 20 Cards
Base – #/
Parallel – #/
Autographs (A) – 19 Cards
Orange – #/99
Green – #/50
Purple – #/25
Blue – #/10
Gold – 1/1
Dual Autographs (DA) – 4 Cards
Base – #/10
Triple Autographs (TA) – 2 Cards
Base – #/10
Commemorative Patch Relics (CP) – 25 Cards
Orange – #/99
Green – #/50
Purple – #/25
Blue – #/10
Gold – 1/1
Commemorative Patch Relic Autos (ACP) – 9 Cards
Base – #/10
Commemorative Medallion Relics (CM) – 25 Cards
Orange – #/99
Green – #/50
Purple – #/25
Blue – #/10
Gold – 1/1/
Commemorative Medallion Relic Autos (ACM) – 8 Cards
Base – #/10
Costume Relics (CR) – 9 Cards
Orange – #/99
Green – #/50
Purple – #/25
Blue – #/10
Gold – 1/1
Costume Relic Autographs (AR) – 6 Cards
Base – #/10
Dual Costume Relics (DR) – 9 Cards
Purple – #/25
Blue – #/10
Gold – 1/1
Sketch Cards – 87 Artists
Base – Limited
Shaped – Limited
-#Card Title
1A New Leader
2Conspiracy Theories
3College Ready
4New Kids on the Block
5New Love
6Early Dismissal
9A New Doctor
12Breaking Out
14The Only Ones
15The Squirrel
16Dead Crops
17Close Call
18A Little Freedom
19Keg King
21Alone Again
22Shock and Fear
23The Guy Who Hates Parties
24Easy Peasy
25No Longer Gage
26Class Disrupted
27A New Home
28Cleaning it Up
29Morse Code
30A Kind Man
32A Mother
33Show and Tell
34Impatiently Waiting
35No Girls Allowed
36Dart on the Run
38Secret Pet
42Hidden Secrets
43Held for Questioning
44Calling a Meeting
45Mama and Papa
46Into the Void
47Underground Tunnels
49Let Me In
51Private Investigation
52Accepting the Risk
53Visions of Hopper
54Piecing it Together
55Bob the Brain
56Mapping it Out
58Open the Curtain
59Water it Down
60Hive Mind
62Forced into a Loop
63Searching for Hopper
70The Truth
71Memory Loss
72The Morning After
73Following Orders
74It's a Trap
75They're Coming
77Making Axel Dance
79Stocking Up
80Shirley Saves
82Going Back
83Not So Easy
84Running for their Lives
85Brotherly Love
86Calling for Help
88Bringing Will Back
89Line of Defense
90Storing the Demodog
91On the Bench
92Uninhabitable Host
93Taking Charge
94Burning the Monster Out
95Leading the Way
96Goodbye Buddy
97Stalker and the Zombie Boy
98My Favorite
99Giving Will Some Space
100A Night Out
C-1Joyce Byers
C-2Jim Hopper
C-3Mike Wheeler
C-5Dustin Henderson
C-6Lucas Sinclair
C-7Will Byers
C-8Max Mayfield
C-9Nancy Wheeler
C-10Jonathan Byers
C-11Steve Harrington
C-12Billy Hargrove
C-13Bob Newby
C-14Murray Bauman
C-15Sam Owens
C-16Erica Sinclair
C-18Martin Brenner
C-19Terry Ives
C-20Scott Clarke
CS-1Joyce Byers
CS-2Jim Hopper
CS-3Mike Wheeler
CS-5Dustin Henderson
CS-6Lucas Sinclair
CS-7Will Byers
CS-8Nancy Wheeler
CS-9Jonathan Byers
CS-10Steve Harrington
CS-11Martin Brenner
CS-12Billy Hargrove
CS-13Bob Newby
CS-14Murray Bauman
CS-15Sam Owens
CS-16Erica Sinclair
CS-18Martin Brenner
CS-19Terry Ives
CS-20Scott Clarke
S-1Everything is Upside Down
S-2Lab Results
S-3Opening the Portal
S-4Who You Gonna Call?
S-5Bonding Over Nougat
S-6Laying Ground Rules
S-7High School Reunion
S-8Monster Confrontation
S-9Contacting Through the Void
S-10Tunnel Descent
S-11Billy's Ride
S-12Searching for Jane
S-13Will's Map
S-16Remembering Mike
S-17Beware of Demodog
S-19Closing the Gate
S-20At the Snow Ball
ADavid Harbour as Jim Hopper
AMillie Bobby Brown as Eleven
AGaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson
ANoah Schnapp as Will Byers
ASadie Sink as Max Mayfield
AMatt Duffer, Series Co-Creator
ARoss Duffer, Series Co-Creator
AJoe Keery as Steve Harrington
ABrett Gelman as Murray Bauman
APriah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair
ACara Buono as Karen Wheeler
AJoe Chrest as Ted Wheeler
ACynthia Barrett as Marsha Holland
ACatherine Curtin as Claudia Henderson
ALinnea Berthelsen as Kali
AKaren Ceesay as Mrs. Sinclair
AChelsea Talmadge as Carol
APruitt Taylor Vince as Ray
ARob Morgan as Officer Powell
DADavid Harbour & Millie Bobby Brown
DADavid Harbour & Brett Gelman
DAJoe Keery & Gaten Matarazzo
DACara Buono & Joe Chrest
TAMillie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp & Gaten Matarazzo
TACara Buono, Catherine Curtin & Karen Ceesay
ARGaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson
ARNoah Schnapp as Will Byers
ARMillie Bobby Brown as Eleven
ARDavid Harbour as Jim Hopper 1
ARDavid Harbour as Jim Hopper 2
ARJoe Keery as Steve Harrington
ACMNoah Schnapp - Bicycle
ACMGaten Matarazzo - Bicycle
ACMNoah Schnapp - Walkie Talkie
ACMGaten Matarazzo - Walkie Talkie
ACMMillie Bobby Brown - TV Set
ACMDavid Harbour - TV Set
ACMBrett Gelman - TV Set
ACMPriah Ferguson- Walkie Talkie
ACPNoah Schnapp - Palace Arcade
ACPSadie Sink - Palace Arcade
ACPJoe Keery - Hawkins Phys. Ed
ACPChelsea Talmadge - Hawkins Phys. Ed
ACPDavid Harbour - Merrill's Farm
ACPNoah Schnapp - Hawkins Middle School AV Club
ACPMillie Bobby Brown - Snow Ball '84
ACPGaten Matarazzo - Snow Ball '84
ACPSadie Sink - Snow Ball '84
CPMike Wheeler - Palace Arcade
CPDustin Henderson - Palace Arcade
CPLucas Sinclair - Palace Arcade
CPWill Byers - Palace Arcade
CPMax Mayfield - Palace Arcade
CPKeith - Palace Arcade
CPSteve Harrington - Hawkins Phys. Ed
CPBilly Hargrove - Hawkins Phys. Ed
CPNancy Wheeler - Hawkins Phys. Ed
CPCarol - Hawkins Phys. Ed
CPJim Hopper - Merrill's Farm
CPMerrill - Merrill's Farm
CPEugene - Merrill's Farm
CPSam Owens - Merrill's Farm
CPMike Wheeler - Hawkins Middle School AV
CPDustin Henderson - Hawkins Middle School AV
CPLucas Sinclair - Hawkins Middle School AV
CPWill Byers - Hawkins Middle School AV
CPScott Clarke - Hawkins Middle School AV
CPMike Wheeler - Snow Ball '84
CPEleven - Snow Ball '84
CPLucas Sinclair - Snow Ball '84
CPMax Mayfield - Snow Ball '84
CPDustin Henderson - Snow Ball '84
CPNancy Wheeler - Snow Ball '84
CMMike Wheeler - Bicycle
CMWill Byers - Bicycle
CMLucas Sinclair - Bicycle
CMMax Mayfield - Bicycle
CMDustin Henderson - Bicycle
CMMike Wheeler - Walkie Talkie
CMWill Byers - Walkie Talkie
CMLucas Sinclair - Walkie Talkie
CMDustin Henderson - Walkie Talkie
CMErica Sinclair - Walkie Talkie
CMBob Newby - Walkie Talkie
CMEleven - TV Set
CMJim Hopper - TV Set
CMJoyce Byers - TV Set
CMTerry Ives - TV Set
CMMurray Bauman - TV Set
CMWill Byers - Cassette
CMJonathan Byers - Cassette
CMBilly Hargrove - Cassette
CMJoyce Byers - Cassette
CMMike Wheeler - D&D Dice
CMWill Byers - D&D Dice
CMLucas Sinclair - D&D Dice
CMDustin Henderson - D&D Dice
CMMax Mayfield - D&D Dice
CRDustin Henderson
CRSam Owens
CRMax Mayfield
CRLucas Sinclair
CRWill Byers
CRJim Hopper 1
CRJim Hopper 2
CRSteve Harrington
DRDustin Henderson & Lucas Sinclair
DREleven & Jim Hopper 1
DREleven & Jim Hopper 2
DRSteve Harrington & Dustin Henderson
DRWill Byers & Sam Owens
DRLucas Sinclair & Max Mayfield
DRDustin Henderson & Max Mayfield
DRJim Hopper & Will Byers
DREleven & Max Mayfield