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2019 Topps Luminaries baseball cards are the must-have product for autograph seekers. With a robust checklist of current and legendary players, every single card in this set includes autograph.

All base cards max out at 15 copies with some insert sets including lower numbered parallel cards.

The big hit of this series, though, comes in multi-auto book form. Hit Kings and Home Run Kings Ultra Books have 10 autographs, The Greatest booklet has 30 autographs, Hit Kings Ultimate Book has 40 autographs, and the Home Run Kings Ultimate Book has a whopping 50 autographs. These books are a mix of current and former players including some of the most sought after autos in the hobby today.

Each hobby box contains one box which contains one card. Every box is guaranteed an autograph.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this series and can be searched or sorted by player, team, card type, or rookie status. Use the key below to identify the numbering patterns for each subset as well as print runs and parallels.

Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2019 Topps Luminaries Checklist
Cut Signature Bat Knobs (CSB) – 3 Cards
Base – 1/1
Cut Signatures (CS) – 49 Cards
Base – 1/1
Cut Signatures Relics (CSR) – 25 Cards
Base – 1/1
Greatest Autograph Book (GREAT) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1
Hit Kings Autographs (HK) – 54 Cards
Base – #/15
Red – #/10
Blue – #/5
Black – 1/1
Hit Kings Auto Patch Dual (HKD) – 5 Cards
Base – 1/1
Hit Kings Auto Patchs (HKAP) – 30 Cards
Base – #/5
Black – 1/1
Hit Kings Auto Relics (HKAR) – 39 Cards
Base – #/15
Blue – #/10
Black – 1/1
Hit Kings Ultimate Book (HITB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1
Hit Kings Ultra Book (HK-UB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1
Home Run Kings Auto (HRK) – 61 Cards
Base – #/15
Red – #/10
Blue – #/5
Black – 1/1
Home Run Kings Auto Patch Dual (HRKD-TG) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1
Home Run Kings Auto Patch Triple (HRKT-ASH) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1
Home Run King Auto Patches (HRAKP) – 23 Cards
Base – #/5
Black – 1/1
Home Run King Auto Relics (HRKAR) – 29 Cards
Base – #/15
Blue – #/10
Black – 1/1
Home Run Kings Ultimate Book (HRK-ULTB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1
Home Run Kings Ultra Book (HRK-UB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1
Letters Book Cards (LBC) – 69 Cards
Base – 1/1
Lighting the Way Auto (LWA) – 10 Cards
Base – #/5 (or less)
Lighting the Way Auto Cut (LWCS) – 7 Cards
Base – 1/1
Lighting the Way Dual Auto Relics (LWAR) – 8 Cards
Base – #/5 (or less)
Masters of the Mound Auto (MOM) – 18 Cards
Base – #/15
Red – #/10
Blue – #/5
Black – 1/1
Masters of the Mound Auto Patches (MOMAP) – 10 Cards
Base – #/5
Black 1/1
Masters of the Mound Auto Relic (MOMAR) – 10 Cards
Base – #/15
Blue – #1/10
Black – 1/1
Masters of the Mound Dual Auto Patch (MOMD) – 4 Cards
Base – 1/1
Masters of the Mound Ultra Book (MOTM-UB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1
HRK-ABAdrian BeltreRangers
HRK-AJAaron JudgeYankees
HRK-AJUAaron JudgeYankees
HRK-AKAl KalineTigers
HRK-AMAndrew McCutchenPhillies
HRK-ARAlex RodriguezMariners
HRK-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
HRK-ARZAnthony RizzoCubs
HRK-BJB JacksonRoyals
HRK-BPBuster PoseyGiants
HRK-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
HRK-BWIBernie WilliamsYankees
HRK-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
HRK-CJChipper JonesBraves
HRK-CJOChipper JonesBraves
HRK-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
HRK-CYChristian YelichBrewers
HRK-DMDon MattinglyYankees
HRK-DMADon MattinglyYankees
HRK-DMUDale MurphyBraves
HRK-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
HRK-DORDavid OrtizTwins
HRK-EJEloy JimenezWhite SoxRC
HRK-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
HRK-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
HRK-FLIFrancisco LindorIndians
HRK-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
HRK-FTAFernando Tatis Jr.PadresRC
HRK-FTHFrank ThomasWhite Sox
HRK-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.PadresRC
HRK-HAHank AaronBraves
HRK-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
HRK-HMAHideki MatsuiAngels
HRK-IRIvan RodriguezRangers
HRK-JBJohnny BenchReds
HRK-JBAJeff BagwellAstros
HRK-JBGJeff BagwellAstros
HRK-JPJorge PosadaYankees
HRK-JPOJorge PosadaYankees
HRK-JSJuan SotoNationals
HRK-JSOJuan SotoNationals
HRK-JTJim ThomeIndians
HRK-JVJoey VottoReds
HRK-KBKris BryantCubs
HRK-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
HRK-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
HRK-MPMike PiazzaMets
HRK-MPIMike PiazzaDodgers
HRK-MTMike TroutAngels
HRK-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
HRK-RACRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
HRK-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
HRK-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
HRK-RJReggie JacksonYankees
HRK-RJAReggie JacksonAthletics
HRK-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
HRK-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HRK-VGRVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HRK-VGSVladimir GuerreroExpos
HRK-VLGVladimir GuerreroAngels
HRK-ULTBKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
HRK-ULTBJuan SotoNationals
HRK-ULTBKris BryantCubs
HRK-ULTBKyle SchwarberCubs
HRK-ULTBM MachadoPadres
HRK-ULTBJuan GonzalezRangers
HRK-ULTBJose RamirezIndians
HRK-ULTBIvan RodriguezRangers
HRK-ULTBJeff BagwellAstros
HRK-ULTBJim ThomeIndians
HRK-ULTBJohnny BenchReds
HRK-ULTBMark McGwireCardinals
HRK-ULTBMiguel CabreraTigers
HRK-ULTBShohei OhtaniAngels
HRK-ULTBRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
HRK-ULTBStan MusialCardinals
HRK-ULTBVladimir GuerreroExpos
HRK-ULTBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HRK-ULTBRhys HoskinsPhillies
HRK-ULTBReggie JacksonYankees
HRK-ULTBMike TroutAngels
HRK-ULTBMike PiazzaMets
HRK-ULTBNelson CruzTwins
HRK-ULTBPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
HRK-ULTBHideki MatsuiYankees
HRK-ULTBHank AaronBraves
HRK-ULTBAnthony RizzoCubs
HRK-ULTBAndres GalarragaExpos
HRK-ULTBB JacksonRoyals
HRK-ULTBDarryl StrawberryMets
HRK-ULTBCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
HRK-ULTBAndre DawsonCubs
HRK-ULTBAlex RodriguezYankees
HRK-ULTBAaron JudgeYankees
HRK-ULTBAdrian BeltreRangers
HRK-ULTBAl KalineTigers
HRK-ULTBAlbert PujolsAngels
HRK-ULTBCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
HRK-ULTBCarlton FiskRed Sox
HRK-ULTBFrank ThomasWhite Sox
HRK-ULTBFrancisco LindorIndians
HRK-ULTBFred McGriffBraves
HRK-ULTBGary SanchezYankees
HRK-ULTBGeorge SpringerAstros
HRK-ULTBEdgar MartinezMariners
HRK-ULTBEddie MurrayOrioles
HRK-ULTBChipper JonesBraves
HRK-ULTBDale MurphyBraves
HRK-ULTBDave WinfieldPadres
HRK-ULTBDavid OrtizRed Sox
HK-ABAdrian BeltreRangers
HK-ABEAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
HK-ADAndre DawsonCubs
HK-AJAaron JudgeYankees
HK-AKAl KalineTigers
HK-ARAlex RodriguezYankees
HK-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
HK-BJB JacksonRoyals
HK-BLBarry LarkinReds
HK-BPBuster PoseyGiants
HK-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
HK-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
HK-CJChipper JonesBraves
HK-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
HK-CYChristian YelichBrewers
HK-DJDerek JeterYankees
HK-DMDon MattinglyYankees
HK-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
HK-EJEloy JimenezWhite SoxRC
HK-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
HK-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
HK-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
HK-FTAFernando Tatis Jr.PadresRC
HK-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
HK-HAHank AaronBraves
HK-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
HK-IRIvan RodriguezRangers
HK-JAJose AltuveAstros
HK-JBJohnny BenchReds
HK-JBAJeff BagwellAstros
HK-JPJorge PosadaYankees
HK-JSJuan SotoNationals
HK-JTJim ThomeIndians
HK-JVJoey VottoReds
HK-KBKris BryantCubs
HK-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
HK-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
HK-MPMike PiazzaMets
HK-MTMike TroutAngels
HK-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
HK-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
HK-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
HK-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
HK-RCRod CarewTwins
HK-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
HK-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
HK-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
HK-RJReggie JacksonYankees
HK-RSRyne SandbergCubs
HK-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
HK-TRTim RainesExpos
HK-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HK-VGSVladimir GuerreroExpos
HRK-UBMark McGwireCardinals
HRK-UBMiguel CabreraTigers
HRK-UBMike TroutAngels
HRK-UBShohei OhtaniAngels
HRK-UBKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
HRK-UBHank AaronBraves
HRK-UBAaron JudgeYankees
HRK-UBAlbert PujolsAngels
HRK-UBAlex RodriguezYankees
HRK-UBDavid OrtizRed Sox
HK-UBMike TroutAngels
HK-UBRickey HendersonAthletics
HK-UBRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
HK-UBShohei OhtaniAngels
HK-UBKris BryantCubs
HK-UBKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
HK-UBDerek JeterYankees
HK-UBAlbert PujolsAngels
HK-UBHank AaronBraves
MOM-APAndy PettitteYankees
MOM-BGBob GibsonCardinals
MOM-CKClayton KershawDodgers
MOM-CSChris SaleRed Sox
MOM-CSAChris SaleRed Sox
MOM-JDJacob deGromMets
MOM-JMJuan MarichalGiants
MOM-JSJohn SmoltzBraves
MOM-LSLuis SeverinoYankees
MOM-MRMariano RiveraYankees
MOM-NRNolan RyanRangers
MOM-PMPedro MartinezExpos
MOM-PMAPedro MartinezRed Sox
MOM-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
MOM-RJRandy JohnsonMariners
MOM-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
MOM-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
MOM-YKYusei KikuchiMarinersRC
LWA-AAHank AaronBraves
LWA-AARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
LWA-BVJohnny BenchReds
LWA-BVJoey VottoReds
LWA-CSChris SaleRed Sox
LWA-CSRoger ClemensRed Sox
LWA-GGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
LWA-GGVladimir GuerreroExpos
LWA-GOVladimir GuerreroAngels
LWA-GOShohei OhtaniAngels
LWA-JJDerek JeterYankees
LWA-JJAaron JudgeYankees
LWA-NRShohei OhtaniAngels
LWA-NRNolan RyanAngels
LWA-RDNolan RyanMets
LWA-RDJacob deGromMets
LWA-SBKris BryantCubs
LWA-SBRyne SandbergCubs
LWA-SKClayton KershawDodgers
LWA-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
HITB-1Mark McGwireCardinals
HITB-1Miguel CabreraTigers
HITB-1Mike TroutAngels
HITB-1Mike PiazzaMets
HITB-1M MachadoPadres
HITB-1Kris BryantCubs
HITB-1Jorge PosadaYankees
HITB-1Juan SotoNationals
HITB-1Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners
HITB-1Nomar GarciaparraRed Sox
HITB-1Reggie JacksonYankees
HITB-1Torii HunterTwins
HITB-1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HITB-1Xander BogaertsRed Sox
HITB-1Tim RainesExpos
HITB-1Shohei OhtaniAngels
HITB-1Rickey HendersonAthletics
HITB-1Ronald Acuña Jr.Braves
HITB-1Ryne SandbergCubs
HITB-1Johnny BenchReds
HITB-1Ivan RodriguezRangers
HITB-1Cal Ripken Jr.Orioles
HITB-1Carl YastrzemskiRed Sox
HITB-1Christian YelichBrewers
HITB-1Buster PoseyGiants
HITB-1Rhys HoskinsPhillies
HITB-1Alex RodriguezYankees
HITB-1Andrew McCutchenPhillies
HITB-1Bernie WilliamsYankees
HITB-1Craig BiggioAstros
HITB-1David OrtizRed Sox
HITB-1Barry LarkinReds
HITB-1Hank AaronBraves
HITB-1Frank ThomasWhite Sox
HITB-1Francisco LindorIndians
HITB-1Derek JeterYankees
HITB-1Don MattinglyYankees
HITB-1Edgar MartinezMariners
HITB-1Aaron JudgeYankees
MOTM-UBRandy JohnsonMariners
MOTM-UBRoger ClemensRed Sox
MOTM-UBSandy KoufaxDodgers
MOTM-UBShohei OhtaniAngels
MOTM-UBPedro MartinezRed Sox
MOTM-UBNolan RyanRangers
MOTM-UBBob GibsonCardinals
MOTM-UBGreg MadduxBraves
MOTM-UBJacob deGromMets
MOTM-UBMariano RiveraYankees
GREAT-1Pedro MartinezRed Sox
GREAT-1Randy JohnsonMariners
GREAT-1Nolan RyanRangers
GREAT-1Mike PiazzaMets
GREAT-1Miguel CabreraTigers
GREAT-1Mike TroutAngels
GREAT-1Reggie JacksonYankees
GREAT-1Rickey HendersonAthletics
GREAT-1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
GREAT-1Vladimir GuerreroExpos
GREAT-1Shohei OhtaniAngels
GREAT-1Sandy KoufaxDodgers
GREAT-1Roger ClemensRed Sox
GREAT-1Ronald Acuña Jr.Braves
GREAT-1Mark McGwireCardinals
GREAT-1Mariano RiveraYankees
GREAT-1Carl YastrzemskiRed Sox
GREAT-1Chipper JonesBraves
GREAT-1Cal Ripken Jr.Orioles
GREAT-1Alex RodriguezYankees
GREAT-1Aaron JudgeYankees
GREAT-1Albert PujolsAngels
GREAT-1David OrtizRed Sox
GREAT-1Derek JeterYankees
GREAT-1Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners
GREAT-1Kris BryantCubs
GREAT-1Juan SotoNationals
GREAT-1Johnny BenchReds
GREAT-1Hank AaronBraves
HRKAR-ADAndre DawsonCubs
HRKAR-AKAl KalineTigers
HRKAR-ARAlex RodriguezMariners
HRKAR-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
HRKAR-AROAlex RodriguezYankees
HRKAR-BJB JacksonWhite Sox
HRKAR-CFCarlton FiskWhite Sox
HRKAR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
HRKAR-DMDon MattinglyYankees
HRKAR-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
HRKAR-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
HRKAR-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
HRKAR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.PadresRC
HRKAR-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
HRKAR-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
HRKAR-JBJohnny BenchReds
HRKAR-JPJorge PosadaYankees
HRKAR-JSJuan SotoNationals
HRKAR-KBKris BryantCubs
HRKAR-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
HRKAR-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
HRKAR-MTMike TroutAngels
HRKAR-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
HRKAR-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
HRKAR-RJReggie JacksonAthletics
HRKAR-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
HRKAR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HRKAR-VGSVladimir GuerreroAngels
HRAKP-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
HRKAP-ARAlex RodriguezMariners
HRKAP-AROAlex RodriguezYankees
HRKAP-BPBuster PoseyGiants
HRKAP-BPOBuster PoseyGiants
HRKAP-CFCarlton FiskWhite Sox
HRKAP-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
HRKAP-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
HRKAP-DORDavid OrtizRed Sox
HRKAP-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
HRKAP-FTAFernando Tatis Jr.PadresRC
HRKAP-JSJuan SotoNationals
HRKAP-KBKris BryantCubs
HRKAP-KBRKris BryantCubs
HRKAP-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
HRKAP-MPMike PiazzaMets
HRKAP-MPIMike PiazzaMets
HRKAP-MTMike TroutAngels
HRKAP-MTRMike TroutAngels
HRKAP-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
HRKAP-RJReggie JacksonAthletics
HRKAP-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HRKAP-VLGVladimir GuerreroAngels
HRKD-TGVladimir GuerreroAngels
HRKD-TGMike TroutAngels
HRKT-ASHRhys HoskinsPhillies
HRKT-ASHJuan SotoNationals
HRKT-ASHRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
HKAR-ADAndre DawsonCubs
HKAR-AKAl KalineTigers
HKAR-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
HKAR-BLBarry LarkinReds
HKAR-BPBuster PoseyGiants
HKAR-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
HKAR-CFCarlton FiskWhite Sox
HKAR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
HKAR-DJDerek JeterYankees
HKAR-DMDon MattinglyYankees
HKAR-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
HKAR-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
HKAR-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
HKAR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.PadresRC
HKAR-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
HKAR-HAHank AaronBrewers
HKAR-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
HKAR-IRIvan RodriguezRangers
HKAR-JAJose AltuveAstros
HKAR-JBJohnny BenchReds
HKAR-JBAJeff BagwellAstros
HKAR-JPJorge PosadaYankees
HKAR-JSJuan SotoNationals
HKAR-JVJoey VottoReds
HKAR-KBKris BryantCubs
HKAR-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
HKAR-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
HKAR-MPMike PiazzaMets
HKAR-MTMike TroutAngels
HKAR-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
HKAR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
HKAR-RCRod CarewAngels
HKAR-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
HKAR-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
HKAR-RJReggie JacksonAthletics
HKAR-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
HKAR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HKAR-VGSVladimir GuerreroAngels
HKAP-ARAlex RodriguezMariners
HKAP-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
HKAP-AROAlex RodriguezYankees
HKAP-BPBuster PoseyGiants
HKAP-CFCarlton FiskWhite Sox
HKAP-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
HKAP-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
HKAP-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
HKAP-GSPGeorge SpringerAstros
HKAP-IRIvan RodriguezTigers
HKAP-IROIvan RodriguezTigers
HKAP-JAJose AltuveAstros
HKAP-JALJose AltuveAstros
HKAP-JSJuan SotoNationals
HKAP-JSOJuan SotoNationals
HKAP-JVJoey VottoReds
HKAP-KBKris BryantCubs
HKAP-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
HKAP-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
HKAP-MPMike PiazzaMets
HKAP-MTMike TroutAngels
HKAP-MTRMike TroutAngels
HKAP-RCRod CarewAngels
HKAP-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
HKAP-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
HKAP-RHSRhys HoskinsPhillies
HKAP-RJReggie JacksonAthletics
HKAP-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HKAP-VGUVladimir GuerreroAngels
HKAP-VLGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC
HKD-ASJose AltuveAstros
HKD-ASGeorge SpringerAstros
HKD-BTKris BryantCubs
HKD-BTMike TroutAngels
HKD-GGVladimir GuerreroAngels
HKD-GGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
HKD-HJReggie JacksonAthletics
HKD-HJRickey HendersonAthletics
HKD-TCRod CarewAngels
HKD-TCMike TroutAngels
MOMAR-ANPAndy PettitteAstros
MOMAR-APAndy PettitteYankees
MOMAR-CKClayton KershawDodgers
MOMAR-JDJacob deGromMets
MOMAR-LSLuis SeverinoYankees
MOMAR-MRMariano RiveraYankees
MOMAR-PMPedro MartinezRed Sox
MOMAR-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
MOMAR-RJRandy JohnsonMariners
MOMAR-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
MOMAP-ANPAndy PettitteAstros
MOMAP-APAndy PettitteAstros
MOMAP-CKClayton KershawDodgers
MOMAP-JDJacob deGromMets
MOMAP-JDEJacob deGromMets
MOMAP-MRMariano RiveraYankees
MOMAP-MRIMariano RiveraYankees
MOMAP-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
MOMAP-NSYNoah SyndergaardMets
MOMAP-RJRandy JohnsonMariners
MOMD-CJSteve CarltonPhillies
MOMD-CJRandy JohnsonMariners
MOMD-DMPedro MartinezMets
MOMD-DMJacob deGromMets
MOMD-DSNoah SyndergaardMets
MOMD-DSJacob deGromMets
MOMD-RSLuis SeverinoYankees
MOMD-RSMariano RiveraYankees
LBC-ADBAdrian BeltreDodgers
LBC-APAlbert PujolsCardinals
LBC-ARAlex RodriguezMariners
LBC-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
LBC-BPBuster PoseyGiants
LBC-BSBlake SnellRays
LBC-CJChipper JonesBraves
LBC-CKCorey KluberIndians
LBC-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
LBC-CSChris SaleRed Sox
LBC-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
LBC-DPDavid PriceRed Sox
LBC-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
LBC-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
LBC-IRIvan RodriguezRangers
LBC-IRDIvan RodriguezTigers
LBC-IROIvan RodriguezNationals
LBC-JAJose AltuveAstros
LBC-JAGJesus AguilarBrewers
LBC-JDJacob deGromMets
LBC-JFJack FlahertyCardinals
LBC-JMJose MartinezCardinals
LBC-JRJose RamirezIndians
LBC-JS1Juan SotoNationals
LBC-JS2Juan SotoNationals
LBC-JS3Juan SotoNationals
LBC-JS4Juan SotoNationals
LBC-KBKris BryantCubs
LBC-LSLuis SeverinoYankees
LBC-MAMiguel AndujarYankees
LBC-MHMitch HanigerMariners
LBC-MKMichael KopechWhite SoxRC
LBC-MMMiles MikolasCardinals
LBC-MOMatt OlsonAthletics
LBC-MPMike PiazzaDodgers
LBC-MT1Mike TroutAngels
LBC-MT2Mike TroutAngels
LBC-MT3Mike TroutAngels
LBC-MT4Mike TroutAngels
LBC-MT5Mike TroutAngels
LBC-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
LBC-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
LBC-PDPaul DeJongCardinals
LBC-PGPaul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
LBC-PMPedro MartinezMets
LBC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
LBC-RCRod CarewAngels
LBC-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
LBC-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
LBC-RHERickey HendersonMariners
LBC-RHNRickey HendersonAthletics
LBC-RJRandy JohnsonMariners
LBC-SKScott KingeryPhillies
LBC-SO1Shohei OhtaniAngels
LBC-SO3Shohei OhtaniAngels
LBC-SO4Shohei OhtaniAngels
LBC-SO5Shohei OhtaniAngels
LBC-SO6Shohei OhtaniAngels
LBC-TGTom GlavineMets
LBC-THUTorii HunterTwins
LBC-TSHTravis ShawBrewers
LBC-VGSVladimir GuerreroAngels
LBC-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
LWAR-BVJohnny BenchReds
LWAR-BVJoey VottoReds
LWAR-CSRoger ClemensRed Sox
LWAR-CSChris SaleRed Sox
LWAR-GGVladimir GuerreroExpos
LWAR-GGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
LWAR-GOVladimir GuerreroAngels
LWAR-GOShohei OhtaniAngels
LWAR-JJDerek JeterYankees
LWAR-JJAaron JudgeYankees
LWAR-RDJacob deGromMets
LWAR-RDNolan RyanMets
LWAR-RONolan RyanAngels
LWAR-ROShohei OhtaniAngels
LWAR-SBKris BryantCubs
LWAR-SBRyne SandbergCubs
CS-BDBill DickeyYankees
CS-BDOBobby DoerrRed Sox
CS-BFBob FellerIndians
CS-BMBobby MurcerYankees
CS-BTBobby ThomsonGiants
CS-BVBill VeeckWhite Sox
CS-CGCharlie GehringerTigers
CS-CHCarl HubbellGiants
CS-CSCasey StengelYankees
CS-CYCy YoungRed Sox
CS-DDDizzy DeanCardinals
CS-DDRDon DrysdaleDodgers
CS-DSDuke SniderDodgers
CS-EAEarl AverillIndians
CS-EBErnie BanksCubs
CS-EWEarly WynnIndians
CS-FCFrank CrosettiYankees
CS-GHGil HodgesDodgers
CS-HCHappy ChandlerMajor League Baseball
CS-HGHank GreenbergTigers
CS-JBJim BunningTigers
CS-JDJoe DiMaggioYankees
CS-JFJimmie FoxxRed Sox
CS-JRJackie RobinsonDodgers
CS-KPKirby PuckettTwins
CS-LBLou BoudreauIndians
CS-LDULeo DurocherGiants
CS-LGLefty GroveRed Sox
CS-LGLou GehrigYankees
CS-MPMilt PappasCubs
CS-PWRPee Wee ReeseDodgers
CS-RARichie AshburnPhillies
CS-RBRed BarberDodgers
CS-RCRoberto ClementePirates
CS-RFRick FerrellBrowns
CS-RKRalph KinerPirates
CS-RMRoger MarisYankees
CS-RRRed RuffingYankees
CS-RSRon SantoCubs
CS-SMStan MusialCardinals
CS-SMJSmoky Joe WoodRed Sox
CS-SOSadaharu Oh
CS-SPSatchel PaigeIndians
CS-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
CS-WAWalter AlstonDodgers
CS-WGWarren GilesMajor League Baseball
CS-WHWaite HoytYankees
CS-WSWillie StargellPirates
CS-WSPWarren SpahnBraves
CSR-BFBob FellerIndians
CSR-CSCasey StengelYankees
CSR-DSDuke SniderDodgers
CSR-EBErnie BanksCubs
CSR-EMEddie MathewsBraves
CSR-ESEnos SlaughterCardinals
CSR-EWEarly WynnIndians
CSR-GCGary CarterMets
CSR-GHGil HodgesDodgers
CSR-HGHank GreenbergTigers
CSR-HWHoyt WilhelmGiants
CSR-JDJoe DiMaggioYankees
CSR-JMJohnny MizeCardinals
CSR-JRJackie RobinsonDodgers
CSR-KPKirby PuckettTwins
CSR-PRPhil RizzutoYankees
CSR-PWRPee Wee ReeseDodgers
CSR-RHRogers HornsbyCardinals
CSR-RKRalph KinerPirates
CSR-SMStan MusialCardinals
CSR-TGTony GwynnPadres
CSR-TSTris SpeakerIndians
CSR-TWTed WilliamsRed Sox
CSR-WSWarren SpahnBraves
CSR-WSTWillie StargellPirates
CSB-HGHank GreenbergTigers
CSB-PWRPee Wee ReeseDodgers
CSB-TMThurman MunsonYankees
LWCS-AMEddie MathewsBraves
LWCS-AMRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
LWCS-BSRon SantoCubs
LWCS-BSKris BryantCubs
LWCS-JGLou GehrigYankees
LWCS-JGAaron JudgeYankees
LWCS-JRDerek JeterYankees
LWCS-JRBabe RuthYankees
LWCS-OFDavid OrtizRed Sox
LWCS-OFJimmie FoxxRed Sox
LWCS-OOSadaharu Oh
LWCS-OOShohei OhtaniAngels
LWCS-PCMike PiazzaMets
LWCS-PCGary CarterMets