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2019 Topps 150 Years of Baseball Checklist

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2019 Topps 150 Years of Baseball cards are a weekly on-demand series commemorating the greatest moments in baseball’s history.

Three cards are released every Tuesday and available for sale for one week. Final print runs are determined by the total number of cards sold during the week long availability.

Cards are grouped with the following topics and typically each week’s releases are from three different groups.

  • Artist Renderings – Original artwork of the game’s most recognizable players.
  • Historic Moments – Highlights record setting games, seasons, and outings.
  • Records and Award Winners – MVPs, All Stars, and record holders are featured on these cards.
  • Rookie Campaigns – The best rookie seasons in the game’s history are the focus of this subset.

There are occasional autograph cards included in the set, all numbered. The autograph list includes some big names from different eras but the checklist is relatively small compared to other products.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this set and can be searched or sorted by several parameters including final print runs.

2019 Topps 150 Years of Baseball is the only set of its kind, although there is a similarly named insert set in the flagship set this year.

Click a link on this page to purchase the current week’s releases or click a link on our checklist to purchase previous releases on eBay.

2019 Topps 150 Years of Baseball Checklist
Base Set – 132 Cards
Top Teams Breakdown
Yankees – 21 Cards
Dodgers – 11 Cards
Red Sox – 9 Cards
Cardinals – 7 Cards
Cubs – 7 Cards
Athletics – 6 Cards
Braves – 6 Cards
-#PlayerTeamVariantPrint RunBuy
1Babe Ruth Yankees2611eBay
2Sandy KoufaxDodgers2415eBay
3Mike TroutAngels2741eBay
4Nolan RyanAstros1603eBay
5Ichiro SuzukiMariners1555eBay
6Mark McGwireAthletics1208eBay
7Carl YastrzemskiRed Sox920eBay
8Cal Ripken JrOrioles1030eBay
8aCal Ripken JrOriolesAutograph99eBay
8bCal Ripken JrOriolesGreen Auto49eBay
8cCal Ripken JrOriolesPurple Auto25eBay
8dCal Ripken JrOriolesRed Auto15eBay
8eCal Ripken JrOriolesOrange Auto5eBay
8fCal Ripken JrOriolesGold Auto1eBay
9Willie McCoveyGiants855eBay
10George BrettRoyals1265eBay
11Hank AaronBraves1306eBay
12Bryce HarperNationals1261eBay
13Dwight GoodenMets1064eBay
14Rickey HendersonAthletics1104eBay
15Johnny BenchReds1110eBay
16Roger MarisYankees1174eBay
17Jackie RobinsonDodgers1231eBay
18Albert PujolsCardinals1104eBay
19Bob GibsonCardinals1013eBay
20Carlton FiskRed Sox1042eBay
21Ty CobbTigers1549eBay
22Ken Griffey JrMariners1145eBay
22aKen Griffey JrMarinersAutograph99eBay
22bKen Griffey JrMarinersGreen Auto49eBay
22cKen Griffey JrMarinersPurple Auto25eBay
22dKen Griffey JrMarinersRed Auto10eBay
22eKen Griffey JrMarinersOrange Auto5eBay
22fKen Griffey JrMarinersGold Auto1eBay
23Bill MazeroskiPirates960
24Aaron JudgeYankees1342
25Stan MusialCardinals1019
26Miguel CabreraTigers1039
27Lou GehrigYankees1579
28Pedro MartinezRed Sox816
29Enos SlaughterCardinals793
30Tim RainesExpos809
31Steve CarltonPhillies925
32Chicago CubsCubs1058
33Roberto ClementePirates1541
34Don MattinglyYankees976
34aDon MattinglyYankeesAutograph99
34bDon MattinglyYankeesGreen Auto49
34cDon MattinglyYankeesPurple Auto25
34dDon MattinglyYankeesRed Auto10
34eDon MattinglyYankeesOrange Auto2
34fDon MattinglyYankeesGold Auto1
35Catfish HunterAthletics790
36Frank RobinsonReds821
37Ernie BanksCubs967
38Cecil FielderTigers883
39Ted WilliamsRed Sox1432
40Justin VerlanderTigers867
41Willie MaysGiants1015
42Mike PiazzaDodgers817
44Roger ClemensRed Sox788
45Duke SniderDodgers992
46Nolan RyanRangers973
46aNolan RyanRangersAutograph99
46bNolan RyanRangersGreen Auto49
46cNolan RyanRangersPurple Auto25
46dNolan RyanRangersRed Auto10
46eNolan RyanRangersOrange Auto5
46fNolan RyanRangersGold Auto1
47David FreeseCardinals783
48Darryl StrawberryMets799
49Sammy SosaCubs738
50Phil NiekroYankees730
51Harmon KillebrewTwins1012
52John SmoltzBraves811
53Lou GehrigYankees1005
54Shohei OhtaniAngels1128
55Eric GagneDodgers725
56Derek JeterYankees1156
57Bob FellerIndians1023
58Jose CansecoAthletics754
59Ryne SandbergCubs921
59aRyne SandbergCubsAutograph99
59bRyne SandbergCubsGreen Auto49
59cRyne SandbergCubsPurple Auto25
59dRyne SandbergCubsRed Auto10
59eRyne SandbergCubsOrange Auto5
59fRyne SandbergCubsGold Auto1
60Ralph KinerPirates735
61Whitey FordYankees748
62Ozzie SmithCardinals745
63Wade BoggsRed Sox708
64George BrettRoyals881
65Roy HalladayPhillies905
66Jackie RobinsonDodgers1333
67Randy JohnsonDiamondbacks685
68Bartolo ColonMets717
69Carlos CorreaAstros711
70Frank ThomasWhite Sox808
70aFrank ThomasWhite SoxAutograph99
70bFrank ThomasWhite SoxGreen Auto49
70cFrank ThomasWhite SoxPurple Auto25
70dFrank ThomasWhite SoxRed Auto10
70eFrank ThomasWhite SoxOrange Auto5
70fFrank ThomasWhite SoxGold Auto1
71Sandy KoufaxDodgers855
72Tom SeaverMets1179
73Rollie FingersBrewers752
74Trevor HoffmanBrewers743
75Babe RuthYankees1619
76Tom GlavineBraves677
77Don LarsenYankees759
78Nomar GarciaparraRed Sox672
79Brooks RobinsonOrioles756
80Derek JeterYankees942
81Roy CampanellaDodgers1181
82Johnny BenchReds871
82aJohnny BenchRedsAutograph99
82bJohnny BenchRedsGreen Auto49
82cJohnny BenchRedsPurple Auto25
82dJohnny BenchRedsRed Auto10
82eJohnny BenchRedsOrange Auto5
82fJohnny BenchRedsGold Auto1
83David OrtizRed Sox785
84Cody BellingerDodgers786
85Barry LarkinReds806
86Mariano RiveraYankees914
87Cal Ripken JrOrioles1161
88Tony GwynnPadres728
89Jackie RobinsonDodgers801
90Tony OlivaTwins712
91Dennis EckersleyAthletics664
92Kerry WoodCubs729
93Willie MaysGiants1159
94Rickey HendersonAthletics692
94aRickey HendersonAthleticsAutograph99
94bRickey HendersonAthleticsGreen Auto49
94cRickey HendersonAthleticsPurple Auto25
94dRickey HendersonAthleticsRed Auto10
94eRickey HendersonAthleticsOrange Auto5
94fRickey HendersonAthleticsGold Auto1
95Reggie JacksonYankees751
96Ryan BraunBrewers650
97Eddie MathewsBraves934
98Luis GonzalezDiamondbacks686
99Aaron JudgeYankees967
100Ivan RodriguezRangers677
101Deion SandersBraves668
102Kris BryantCubs732
103Willie StargellPirates757
104Juan SotoNationals973
105Ken Griffey JrMariners1190
105aKen Griffey JrMarinersAutograph99
105bKen Griffey JrMarinersGreen Auto49
105cKen Griffey JrMarinersPurple Auto25
105dKen Griffey JrMarinersRed Auto10
105eKen Griffey JrMarinersOrange Auto5
105fKen Griffey JrMarinersGold Auto1
106Craig BiggioAstros670
107Derek JeterYankees892
108Eddie MurrayOrioles702
109Vladimir GuerreroAngels640
110Sandy KoufaxDodgers714
111Larry DobyIndians876
112Pete AlonsoMetsRC1464
113Roberto ClementePirates893
114David JusticeBraves685
115Todd HeltonRockies661
116Hideki MatsuiYankees717
117Mike TroutAngels1400
117aMike TroutAngelsAutograph99
117bMike TroutAngelsGreen Auto49
117cMike TroutAngelsPurple Auto25
117dMike TroutAngelsRed Auto10
117eMike TroutAngelsOrange Auto5
117fMike TroutAngelsGold Auto1
118Mariano RiveraYankees817
118aMariano RiveraYankeesAutograph99
118bMariano RiveraYankeesGreen Auto49
118cMariano RiveraYankeesPurple Auto25
118dMariano RiveraYankeesRed Auto10
118eMariano RiveraYankeesOrange Auto5
118fMariano RiveraYankeesGold Auto1
119Jack MorrisTwins651
120Jose AbreuWhite Sox640
121Mo VaughnRed Sox637
122Roberto AlomarBlue Jays697
123Tony GwynnPadres1036
124Rod CarewTwins646
125Tino MartinezYankees686
126Billy WilliamsCubs681
127Mark TeixeiraYankees656
128Jim BunningPhillies676
129Mel OttGiants933
130Robin YountBrewers815
131Alex RodriguezYankees824
132Lou BrockCardinals1073