2019 Rittenhouse Orville Season One Checklist

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2019 Rittenhouse Orville trading cards detail every episode of the first season of Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi comedy.

With several insert sets, many distributed one per box, rare relic cards, and an autograph checklist with some pretty heavy names on it, this set is going to be a fun and rewarding collectible for set-collectors and autograph seekers.

Autographs, which come two to a box, are a mix of full bleed and bordered and vary in scarcity. The most rare — Seth MacFarlane and Rob Lowe — are full bleed autographs and a bordered Lowe autograph is included as an Archive Box exclusive.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this set and can be searched or sorted as needed.

2019 Rittenhouse Orville Season One Checklist
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Base Set – 72 cards
Bridge Crew (CC) – 8 cards (1:24)
Mirror – 1:144
Quotable Cards (Q) – 14 cards (1:24)
Orville Ship (O) – 9 cards (1:24)
Tour the Orville (T) – 9 cards (1:24)
Off Duty (D) – 7 cards (1:24)
Autographs – 40 cards (1:12)
Relic Cards (RC) – 10 cards (1:96)
Case Topper (CT) – 1 card
6-Case Incentive (Auto) – Dual Auto
9-Case Incentive (Auto) – Dual Auto
Rittenhouse Rewards (T10) – 1 card
Archive Box Exclusive (Auto) – Rob Lowe Bordered Auto
Promo Cards (P) – 4 cards
-#Card Title
1Old Wounds
2Old Wounds
3Old Wounds
4Old Wounds
5Old Wounds
6Old Wounds
7Command Performance
8Command Performance
9Command Performance
10Command Performance
11Command Performance
12Command Performance
13About a Girl
14About a Girl
15About a Girl
16About a Girl
17About a Girl
18About a Girl
19If the Stars Should Appear
20If the Stars Should Appear
21If the Stars Should Appear
22If the Stars Should Appear
23If the Stars Should Appear
24If the Stars Should Appear
37Majority Rule
38Majority Rule
39Majority Rule
40Majority Rule
41Majority Rule
42Majority Rule
43Into the Fold
44Into the Fold
45Into the Fold
46Into the Fold
47Into the Fold
48Into the Fold
49Cupid's Dagger
50Cupid's Dagger
51Cupid's Dagger
52Cupid's Dagger
53Cupid's Dagger
54Cupid's Dagger
61New Dimensions
62New Dimensions
63New Dimensions
64New Dimensions
65New Dimensions
66New Dimensions
67Mad Idolatry
68Mad Idolatry
69Mad Idolatry
70Mad Idolatry
71Mad Idolatry
72Mad Idolatry
CC1Captain Ed Mercer
CC2Commander Kelly Grayson
CC3Doctor Claire Finn
CC4Lieutenant Gordon Malloy
CC5Lieutenant Commander Bortus
CC6Lieutenant Alara Kitan
CC7Lieutenant Commander John Lamarr
Q1Quotable Orville
Q2Quotable Orville
Q3Quotable Orville
Q4Quotable Orville
Q5Quotable Orville
Q6Quotable Orville
Q7Quotable Orville
Q8Quotable Orville
Q9Quotable Orville
Q10Quotable Orville
Q11Quotable Orville
Q12Quotable Orville
Q13Quotable Orville
Q14Quotable Orville
O1The Orville
O2The Orville
O3The Orville
O4The Orville
O5The Orville
O6The Orville
O7The Orville
O8The Orville
O9The Orville
T01The Bridge
T02Briefing Room
T03Captain's Office
T05Crew Quarters
T07Shuttle Bay
D1Captain Ed Mercer
D2Commander Kelly Grayson
D3Doctor Claire Finn
D4Lieutenant Gordon Malloy
D5Lieutenant Commander Bortus
D6Lieutenant Alara Kitan
D7Lieutenant Commander John Lamarr
AutographSeth MacFarlane
AutographRob Lowe
AutographPeter Macon
AutographMark Jackson
AutographPenny Johnson
AutographScott Grimes
AutographAdrianne Palicki
AutographKelly Hu
AutographGavin Lee
AutographLarry Joe Campbell
AutographPatrick Cox
AutographChristine Corpuz
AutographJD Cullum
AutographJeremy Guskin
AutographBrett Rickaby
AutographSean Cook
AutographRena Owen
AutographAntonio D Charity
AutographJames Morrison
AutographRobert Knepper
AutographMax Burkholder
AutographMichaela McManus
AutographJames Horan
AutographDylan Kenin
AutographMakabe Ganey
AutographGiorgia Whigham
AutographCatherine Shu
AutographBarry Livingston
AutographSteven Culp
AutographBrian Thompson
AutographRalph Garman
AutographJ. Paul Boehmer
AutographTim Mikulcecky
AutographSeth Austin
AutographRobert Picardo
AutographPaul Vogt
AutographPhilip Anthony-Rodriguez
AutographErica Tazel
AutographLenny Von Dohlen
AutographPhilip Anthony-Rodriguez & Eric Tazel
AutographRobert Picardo & Molly Hagen
AutographAdrianne Palicki & Rob Lowe
AutographRob Lowe (Bordered)
RC01Capt. Ed Mercer
RC02Cmdr. Kelly Grayson
RC03Dr. Claire Finn
RC04Lt. Gordon Malloy
RC05Lt. Cmdr. Bortus
RC06Lt. Alara Kitan
RC07Lt. John Lamarr
RC08Lt. Cmdr. Steve Newton
RC10Krill Captain Haros
CT1The Anhkana
T10Captain's Quarters
P1General Distribution
P2Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3Album Exclussive
P4Facebook Fan Exclusive