2018 Topps GPK and Wacky Packs Checklist

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Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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2018 Topps GPK & Wacky Packs is a line of on-demand sticker cards which lampoon major events such as holidays and award shows. Each set is released for one week and is printed only based on consumer demand.

Sets vary in size and are a mix of Garbage Pail Kids stickers and Wacky Packages. Garbage Pail Kids stickers come in pairs and are numbered as such (1a and 1b) whereas Wacky Packages come solo.

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2018 Topps GPK & Wacky Packages Checklist

Golden Groan Awards – 12 Stickers
The Shammy Awards – 10 Stickers
Valentines Day – 9 Stickers

Not-Scars – 8 Stickers
Easter – 7 Stickers
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame – 10 Stickers

Series#Card TitlePrint Run
Easter1aLester Bunny195
Easter1bEaster Barney195
Easter2aSmashed Shelly195
Easter2bRaw Meg195
Easter3Blecch’s Smelly Beans195
Easter4Madbury Meanie Eggs195
Easter5Paws Decorating Kit195
Golden Groan Awards1aTwo Fisted Tommy147
Golden Groan Awards1bDisaster Artemis147
Golden Groan Awards2aShape of Walter147
Golden Groan Awards2bHelp Mia147
Golden Groan Awards3aConfused Kyle147
Golden Groan Awards3bDetached Dougie147
Golden Groan Awards4aDwight Walker147
Golden Groan Awards4bIcy Issac147
Golden Groan Awards5aTerrible Tonya147
Golden Groan Awards5bKnocked Out Nancy147
Golden Groan Awards6aGary Old Man147
Golden Groan Awards6bUnwrapped Winston147
Not-Scars1aAmphibian Manny172
Not-Scars1bThe Shane of Water172
Not-Scars2aPeriled Meryl172
Not-Scars2bStuck Streep172
Not-Scars3aWacky Winston172
Not-Scars3bGoofy Gary172
Not-Scars4No Man’s Own Caesar!172
Not-Scars5Tonya to Go172
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame1aCandy Oh No!171
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame1bCramped Carla171
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame2aDaryl Straits171
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame2bMoney for Nathan171
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame3aNifty Nina171
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame3bStyling Simone171
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame4aRudy Blues171
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame4bMoody Bluford171
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame5aJovial Jon171
Rock & Roll Hall of Lame5bBrad Medicine171
Shammy Awards1aLil Doozy Bert120
Shammy Awards1bPierced Ira120
Shammy Awards2aTyler Created120
Shammy Awards2bCrea-TOR120
Shammy Awards3aOverkill Kendrick120
Shammy Awards3bOverloaded Lamar120
Shammy Awards4aLady Shawl Shawl120
Shammy Awards4bVegatari Anne120
Shammy Awards5aBorn to Ron120
Shammy Awards5bE Street Rand120
Valentines Day1aADAM Bomb170
Valentines Day1bAda Bomb170
Valentines Day2aMeltin’ Melissa170
Valentines Day2bGlowing Amber170
Valentines Day3aDouble Heather170
Valentines Day3bFran Fran170
Valentines Day4Cheathearts170
Valentines Day5Wimp Man’s170
Valentines Day6Her or She170