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2017 Topps Twitster Checklist

Release Year Archive: 2017

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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2017 Topps Twitster took aim at President Trump and his famous use of social media in this collection of on-demand cards. Cards were available for 24 hours and print runs were based on the total number of orders received. This was a short lived and rarely updated set with nearly all mention of it having been removed from the Topps official website.

Our checklist includes all the cards released in this collection and can be sorted or searched by card number, title, or final print run.

2017 Topps Twitster Checklist
Base Set – 6 Cards
-#Card TitlePrint Run
1Watched protests yesterday...323
2Somebody with aptitude...216
3Who is this Putin...201
4Liberals are saying...191
5Congratulations! The Senate has confirmed...157