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2017 Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary Checklist

Release Year Archive: 2017

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2017 Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary trading cards pay tribute to one of the most iconic franchises of movie history with a comprehensive look at every aspect of the franchise.

The 200 card base set spans all the movies, television shows, comic books, action figures, and novelizations of the series with color variations but no insert sets to track down. The base set is broken down into several categories but should be fairly easy for collectors to complete.

There are several relic and autograph cards including fabricated medallions, film cel relics, and a six-person autograph card that will surely be the holy grail for collectors.

Our checklist includes all the cards in this series but, since many of them have no numbers, is more easy to break down by “set”.

2017 Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary Checklist
Base Set – 200 Cards
All parallels except printing plates are limited to the first 100 cards.
Purple – #/100
Gold – #/40 (Hobby)
Red – 1/1 (Hobby)
Printing Plates – 1/1
Classic Stickers – 17 Cards
Film Cel Relic – 50 Cards
Medallion Relic – 23 Cards
Blue – #/199
Purple – #/99
Gold – #/25
Red – #/10
Patches – 20 Cards (Target Exclusive)
Autographs – 51 Cards
Purple – #/40
Gold – #/10 (Hobby)
Red – 1/1 (Hobby)
Dual Autograph – 5 Cards
Triple Autograph – 4 Cards
Quad Book Autograph – 1 Card
Six-Person Autograph – 1 Card
Medallion Autograph – 5 Cards
Base1Star Wars: A New Hope
Base2Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Base3Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Base4Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Base5Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
Base6Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Base7Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Base8Star Wars: Rogue One
Base9Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie
Base10Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 1
Base11Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 2
Base12Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 3
Base13Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 4
Base14Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 5
Base15Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 6
Base16Star Wars Rebels - Season 1
Base17Star Wars Rebels - Season 2
Base18Star Wars Rebels - Season 3
Base19Star Wars: Droids
Base20Star Wars: Ewoks
Base21The Opening of Star Wars
Base22Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi…
Base23The Mos Eisley Cantina
Base24The Trash Compactor
Base25Darth Vader Vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi
Base26Luke Skywalker Destroys the Death Star
Base27The Battle of Hoth
Base28Yoda is Revealed
Base29Failure in the Cave
Base30Han and Leia Kiss
Base31The Bounty Hunters Assemble
Base32Yoda and the X-wing
Base33Han Solo is Frozen in Carbonite
Base34Darth Vader's Revelation
Base35Meeting Jabba the Hutt
Base36Battle at the Sarlacc
Base37Ewok Village
Base38Brother and Sister
Base39The Battle of Endor
Base40Darth Vader's Redemption
Base41The Jedi's Introduction
Base42C-3PO Meets R2-D2
Base43The Podrace
Base44Duel of the Fates
Base45Obi-Wan Takes a Student
Base46The Arena Fight
Base47Yoda vs. Count Dooku
Base48The Clone Wars Begin
Base49The Death of Count Dooku
Base50Rise of Darth Vader
Base51Order 66
Base52Duel on Mustafar
Base53More Machine than man
Base54Birth of the Twins
Base55Meet Kylo Ren
Base56The Jakku Ship Graveyard
Base57Kylo Ren's Relic
Base58Duel on Starkiller Base
Base59Luke Skywalker Returns
Base60Rebels Face Threat of the Death Star
Base61Star Wars Opens on May 25th
Base62Kenner Action Figures are Introduced
Base63The First Star Wars Newspaper Strip
Base64The Empire Strikes Back is Released
Base65The Star Wars Radio Drama Airs
Base66Star Wars in Released on Home Video
Base67Return of the Jedi is Released
Base68Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure Airs
Base69Both the Droids and Ewoks Cartoons Begin
Base70Marvel Introduces Droids Comic series
Base71Star Tours Opens at Disneyland
Base72Star Wars 3-D Comic Released
Base73Star Wars Roleplaying Game Thrives
Base74Rebel Alliance Sourcebook is Released
Base75Heir to the Empire is Published
Base76The Glove of Darth Vader is Published
Base77Rebel Assault is Released
Base78Classic Star Wars Begins
Base79Kenner Introduces The Power of the Force Line
Base80Shadows of the Empire
Base81The Star Wars Special Editions are Released
Base82Rogue Squadron is Released
Base83The Phantom Menace is Released
Base84Star Wars Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook Released
Base85Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader Released
Base86Attack of the Clones is Released
Base87Knights of the Old Republic Released
Base88Original Trilogy Released on DVD
Base89Revenge of the Sith is Released
Base90Lego Star Wars II is Released
Base91The Making of Star Wars is Released
Base92The Clone Wars Begin
Base93Death Trooper is Published
Base94Star Wars Art: Visions Released
Base95Star Wars Saga is Released on Blu-Ray
Base96Angry Birds Star Wars is Released
Base97EA begins Developing Star Wars Video Games
Base98Star Wars Rebels Begins
Base99The Force Awakens is Released
Base100Rogue One is Released
Base101Spanish Star Wars Poster (Style C)
Base102Hong King Star Wars Poster (Style C)
Base103Finnish Star Wars Poster (Style C)
Base104Japanese Star Wars Collage Poster
Base105Domestic Star Wars Poster Concept
Base106United States Painted Star Wars Poster Concept
Base107United States Half-Sheet Theatrical Poster
Base108Swedish Star Wars Poster (Style A)
Base109Star Wars Poster Concept
Base110Italian Star Wars Poster
Base111Italian Star Wars Artwork
Base112Italian Star Wars Novelization Artwork
Base113Italian Star Wars Poster
Base114Star Wars Poster Concept
Base115Japanese Campaign Poster
Base116Star Wars Poster Concept
Base117Star Wars Poster Concept
Base118Star Wars Poster Concept
Base119Star Wars Poster Concept
Base120Retail Star Wars Poster
Base121Coca-Cola Star Wars Premium Poster
Base122Coca-Cola Star Wars Premium Poster
Base123Star Wars Poster Concept
Base124Star Wars Poster Concept
Base125Star Wars Poster Concept
Base126Star Wars Poster Concept
Base127Star Wars Poster Concept
Base128Star Wars Poster Concept
Base129Star Wars One Year Anniversary Poster
Base130Star Wars Teaser Poster
Base131Star Wars Theatrical Poster
Base132Star Wars "Circus" Poster
Base133Star Wars Heroes Poster
Base134Star Wars Villains Poster
Base135Star Wars "Excitement" Poster
Base136Japanese Star Wars Commemorative Poster
Base137Polish Star Wars Poster
Base138Romanian Star Wars Poster
Base139French Star Wars Poster
Base140Coca-Cola Star Wars Premium Poster
Base141Coca-Cola Star Wars Premium Poster
Base142Star Wars Teaser Poster
Base143Star Wars Poster Book Poster
Base144Star Wars Poster Book Poster
Base145Star Wars Promotional Poster
Base146Israeli Star Wars Poster
Base147Star Wars Special Edition Theatrical Poster
Base148Star Wars Poster
Base149Turkish Star Wars Theatrical Poster
Base150Star Wars Soundtrack Pack-In Poster
Base151Kenner Action Figure Case
Base152Kenner Action Figure Display
Base153Star Wars Lunch Box (Front)
Base154Star Wars Lunch Box (Back)
Base155Star Wars Licensing Art
Base156Marvel Special Edition #1
Base157Star Wars #1 (1977)
Base158Star Wars Licensing Art (Death Star Battle)
Base159Dangerous Dewbacks
Base160Star Wars Empire 34 Cover
Base161Portrait of the Governor
Base162Beggar's Canyon
Base163Across Tatooine
Base164Rogue Squadron Airshow
Base165Kessel Run
Base166Mos Eisley
Base167Portrait of a Wookiee
Base168Portrait of a Jedi Master
Base169Portrait of a Princess
Base170Portrait of a Farm Boy
Base171Portait of a Sith Lord
Base172Vader's Interrogation
Base173Ben Kenobi's Gift
Base174Portrait of a Smuggler
Base175Star Wars Poster
Base176Star Wars Poster
Base177Diagram of a Droid
Base179A Wretched Hive
Base180The Sandtrooper
Base181Two Simple Droids
Base182The Desert Dwellers
Base183The Sandcrawler
Base184Overlooking the Hive
Base185Den of Villainy
Base186Death Star Escape
Base187Y-Wing Assault
Base188The Tractor Beam
Base190Imperial Stormtroopers
Base191Duel in Space
Base192The Rebel Temple
Base193The Millennium Falcon
Base194Pilot Preparation
Base195Fueling up for the Assault
Base196The Rebel Freighter
Base197Pilots of the Empire
Base198Battle over the Death Star
Base199The Trench Run
Base200The Grand Celebration
Classic StickersNo #Artoo Detoo
Classic StickersNo #C-3PO and Luke Skywalker
Classic StickersNo #C-3PO and R2-D2
Classic StickersNo #Chewbacca
Classic StickersNo #Chewbacca and Han Solo
Classic StickersNo #Chewie
Classic StickersNo #Han Solo
Classic StickersNo #Jawas
Classic StickersNo #Jawas
Classic StickersNo #Luke Skywalker
Classic StickersNo #Luke Skywalker
Classic StickersNo #Princess Leia Organa
Classic StickersNo #See Threepio
Classic StickersNo #Star Wars Movie Poster
Classic StickersNo #Stormtroopers
Classic StickersNo #Tusken Raider
Classic StickersNo #X-Wing
Film Cel1Darth Vader Invades the Tantive IV
Film Cel2Princess Leia Hides the Plans in R2-D2
Film Cel3Darth Vader vs. Captain Antilles
Film Cel4Princess Leia and Darth Vader
Film Cel5Droids and the Escape Pod
Film Cel6Droids in the Desert
Film Cel7Captured by Jawas
Film Cel8The Jawa Sandcrawler
Film Cel9Purchase of the Droids
Film Cel10The Blue Droid
Film Cel11Tusken Raiders
Film Cel12Rescued by Kenobi
Film Cel13In Ben’s Hut
Film Cel14Luke Receives His Father’s Lightsaber
Film Cel15A Message from Princess Leia
Film Cel16The Lars Homestead Destroyed
Film Cel17Entering Mos Eisley
Film Cel18Luke in the Cantina
Film Cel19Ben Defends Luke
Film Cel20Introducing Han Solo and Chewbacca
Film Cel21Cantina Creatures
Film Cel22Greedo Confronts Han Solo
Film Cel23Escaping the Mos Eisley Spaceport
Film Cel24Tarkin and Princess Leia on the Death Star
Film Cel25The Dejarik Game
Film Cel26Luke Practicing with the Training Remote
Film Cel27The Millennium Falcon Emerging from Lightspeed
Film Cel28Caught in the Tractor Beam
Film Cel29Heroes in the Control Room
Film Cel30Transporting Chewie to Cell Block AA-23
Film Cel31Cell Block Rescue
Film Cel32Trash Compactor Escape
Film Cel33Bracing the Walls as They Close In
Film Cel34Droids to the Rescue
Film Cel35Ben Shuts Down the Tractor Beam
Film Cel36Death Star Shootout
Film Cel37Luke and Leia’s Daring Escape
Film Cel38Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi
Film Cel39Battling the TIE Fighters
Film Cel40Arriving on Yavin
Film Cel41Mission Briefing
Film Cel42Han and Luke in the Hangar
Film Cel43Luke and Princess Leia in the Hangar
Film Cel44Rebels Attack the Death Star
Film Cel45Dueling Starships
Film Cel46Rebel Leaders Monitor the Attack
Film Cel47Trench Run
Film Cel48Darth Vader Joins the Fray
Film Cel49Exploiting the Death Star’s Weakness
Film Cel50The Yavin Medal Ceremony
Medallion 1Luke Skywalker – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 2Chewbacca – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 3C-3PO – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 4Han Solo – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 5Chewbacca – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 6Obi-Wan Kenobi – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 7Nien Nunb – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 8Lando Calrissian – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 9R2-D2 – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 10Princess Leia Organa – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 11Boba Fett – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 12Jabba the Hutt – Millennium Falcon
Medallion 13Han Solo – Death Star
Medallion 14Princess Leia Organa – Death Star
Medallion 15The Emperor – Death Star
Medallion 16Luke Skywalker – Death Star
Medallion 17R2-D2 – Death Star
Medallion 18Lando Calrissian – Death Star
Medallion 19Darth Vader – Death Star
Medallion 20TIE Fighter Pilot – Death Star
Medallion 21Stormtrooper – Death Star
Medallion 22Grand Moff Tarkin – Death Star
Medallion 23Death Star Gunner – Death Star
Patch1Luke Skywalker
Patch2Han Solo
Patch3Princess Leia
Patch4Grand Moff Tarkin
Patch5Obi-Wan Kenobi
Patch9Darth Vader
Patch10Wedge Antilles
Patch11General Dodonna
Patch12General Tagge
Patch15Dr. Evazan
Patch16Ponda Baba
Patch17Tusken Raider
Patch18Captain Antilles
Patch19Admiral Motti
Patch20Biggs Darklighter
Single AutoNo #David Ankrum as Wedge Antilles
Single AutoNo #Glyn Baker as Lieutenant Endicott
Single AutoNo #Kenny Baker as R2-D2
Single AutoNo #Erik Bauersfeld as the voice of Bib Fortuna
Single AutoNo #Paul Blake as Greedo
Single AutoNo #Caroline Blakiston as Mon Mothma
Single AutoNo #Paul Brooke as Malakili
Single AutoNo #Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett
Single AutoNo #Silas Carson as Nute Gunray
Single AutoNo #Michael Carter as Bib Fortuna
Single AutoNo #Keisha Castle-Hughes as Queen Apailana
Single AutoNo #Kenneth Colley as Admiral Piett
Single AutoNo #Stephen Costantino as Gamorrean Guard
Single AutoNo #Sean Crawford as Saelt-Marae
Single AutoNo #Anthony Daniels as C-3PO
Single AutoNo #Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian
Single AutoNo #Corey Dee Williams as Klaatu
Single AutoNo #Mike Edmonds as Logray
Single AutoNo #Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa
Single AutoNo #Harrison Ford as Han Solo
Single AutoNo #Barbara Frankland as Sai’torr Kal Fas
Single AutoNo #Julian Glover as General Veers
Single AutoNo #Rusty Goffe as Jawa
Single AutoNo #Garrick Hagon as Biggs Darklighter
Single AutoNo #Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
Single AutoNo #Alan Harris as Bossk
Single AutoNo #Gerald Home as Tessek
Single AutoNo #Jack Klaff as John D. Branon
Single AutoNo #Al Lampert as Commander Jir
Single AutoNo #Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles
Single AutoNo #Bai Ling as Senator Bana Breemu
Single AutoNo #Ian Liston as Lieutenant Janson
Single AutoNo #Lewis MacLeod as Sebulba
Single AutoNo #Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine
Single AutoNo #Mercedes Ngoh as Rystáll Sant
Single AutoNo #Rohan Nichol as Captain Antilles
Single AutoNo #Richard Oldfield as Derek Klivian
Single AutoNo #Ray Park as Darth Maul
Single AutoNo #Toby Philpott as Jabba the Hutt
Single AutoNo #Wayne Pygram as Wilhuff Tarkin
Single AutoNo #Hugh Quarshie as Captain Panaka
Single AutoNo #Mike Quinn as Sy Snootles
Single AutoNo #Clive Revill as the voice of Emperor Palpatine
Single AutoNo #Pam Rose as Leesub Sirln
Single AutoNo #Tim Rose as Admiral Ackbar
Single AutoNo #Kipsang Rotich as the voice of Nien Nunb
Single AutoNo #George Roubicek as Commander Praji
Single AutoNo #Deep Roy as Droopy McCool
Single AutoNo #Paul Springer as Gamorrean Guard
Single AutoNo #Femi Taylor as Oola
Single AutoNo #Matthew Wood as General Grievous
Dual AutoNo #David Barclay as Jabba the Hutt/Michael Carter as Bib Fortuna
Dual AutoNo #Anthony Daniels as C-3PO/Kenny Baker as R2-D2
Dual AutoNo #Anthony Daniels as C-3PO/Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
Dual AutoNo #Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia/Warwick Davis as Wicket
Dual AutoNo #Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker/Kenny Baker as R2-D2
Triple AutoNo #Kenny Baker as R2-D2/Anthony Daniels as C-3PO/Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
Triple AutoNo #Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker/David Barclay as Jabba the Hutt/Erik Bauersfeld as the voice of Bib Fortuna
Triple AutoNo #Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker/Garrick Hago as Biggs Darklighter/Jack Klaff as John D. Branon
Triple AutoNo #Ray Park as Darth Maul/Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine/Matthew Wood as General Grievous
Quad AutoNo #Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker/Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia/Anthony Daniels as C-3PO/Kenny Baker as R2-D2 /2
Six-Person AutoNo #Harrison Ford as Han Solo/Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker/Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia/Anthony Daniels as C-3PO/Kenny Baker as R2-D2/Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
Medallion AutoADAnthony Daniels as C-3PO /10
Medallion AutoCFCarrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa /10
Medallion AutoHFHarrison Ford as Han Solo
Medallion AutoKBKenny Baker as R2-D2
Medallion AutoMHMark Hamill as Luke Skywalker