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2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 Checklist

Release Year Archive: 2017

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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2017 Topps Now Preacher season two trading cards are printed on demand following each new episode of the hit AMC program, Preacher.

Print runs are limited to the number ordered and are available exclusively online for 24 hours. Each episode is given five cards which are sold in a bundle for $19.99 (links available on this site). 2017 Topps Now Preacher cards include special inserts such as relic cards with extremely limited quantities for die-hard collectors of the show. Our checklist includes all of the cards released in this series.

2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 Checklist
Episode 1 – Cards #1-5
Episode 2 – Cards #6-10
Episode 3 – Cards #11-15
Episode 4 – Cards #16-20
Episode 5 – Cards #21-25
Episode 6 – Cards #26-30
Episode 7 – Cards #31-35
Episode 8 – Cards #36-40
-#TitleVariantPrint Run
1Open...Your Mouth80
2I'm Not Leaving My Car80
3I Just Want TO Grab My Sunscreen80
4Pretend We're Not Here80
4aPretend We're Not HereBlack Relic25
4bPretend We're Not HereRed Relic10
4cPretend We're Not HereGold Relic1
5It's Cozy, Isn't It?80
6Where Will You Go next71
7He Wore A Suite and Tie, For Me71
8He Came For The Jazz71
9Stop Him71
10Let's Talk71
11That's Different82
12These Folks Are Looking For God82
13I'm Not With Them82
14I Believe Tallahassee is the Capital of Florida82
17That's What Helps Me Sleep At Night75
18Where Is She?75
19Let Me Go75
20Open the Gate75
21You Can't Do This72
22You Were Hurt? What Are These Then?72
23Whatever You Decide, I'm With You Padre72
24You Found Him? You Found Carlos? Does Jesse Know?72
26Kill Me and the Deal's Off79
27You're Forgiven79
28Preacher's Not Here By 6, Medicine Won't Help79
29Time's Up79
30I Said Get On Your Knees79
31He's One of Mine65
32Alright Gentlemen65
33He's Gone, Right?65
35Do You Validate Parking?65
36Don't You Worry A Mhac70
37Best Way To Know Your Target is Through Concealed Intimacy70
39I'd Like That70
40I Just...I Don't Think That's What It's For70
42Who's First72
43I Think It's Just The Right Amount of Kill72
45The Missing Puzzle Piece72
46What's Up? You Alright?63
47Usually When Something Feels Wrong, It Is Wrong63
48Who is the Boy?63
49The Messiah Can Sometimes Be A Bit, Unforthcoming63
50So No One Knows Where God Is63
51What's Your Name?54
52Why Didn't You Send Him To Hell54
53Maybe It Is About The Dog54
54Did You Really Start World War II Because They Were out of Plum Cake?54
55They Are Your Prayers54
56I Love You58
57The Soul's Where Your Goodness Lies58
58I'm Here to Kill a Man58
59So Shall I Ask you to Beg, Or Should I Make You?58
60What Do You Need Us For?58
61Everything Has a Place. You Understand?66
62Okay, Kids, Who Wants to See a Miracle?66
65If I Say He's Free to Go, He's Free66
66I Never Did Tell You About Dallas, Did I?66
67Don't You Ever Touch Her66