2017 Topps GPK Trumpocracy First 100 Days Checklist

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2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy cards poke fun of the first 100 days of the presidency in classic Garbage Pail Kids fashion. Available for 24 hours through the Topps website, Trumpocracy cards are all limited print runs based solely on individual card demand.

With the checklist stalled at 166 cards and most mention of the series removed from the Topps website, it is safe to assume that this product line is completed.

Our checklist contains all of the cards in this collection and can be sorted or searched by number, title, or final print run.

2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy First 100 Days Checklist
Base Set – 166 Cards
-#Card TitlePrint Run
1Deleted Donald371
2Mad Donna425
3Dissenting Donald349
4Storyteller Spicer281
5Tasteless Trump237
6Masked Melania226
7Treasury Trump193
8Pricey Tom193
9Defunding Donald216
10Discarding Donald214
11Devastating Devos196
12Take-A-Me & Go254
13Trump's Duplicake Mix272
14Denying Donald217
15Mis-Dial Donald226
16Dead Voter Ted231
17Doomsday Clark201
183 Dorks Down263
19Dystopian Donald204
20Oil Drilling Donald197
21Throttling Trump187
22Job Decreasing Donald192
23Dastardly Donald200
24New Brave Dave253
25Ballot Bernhard185
26Deserted Donald198
27Dissed Donald210
28Fracky Packages328
29Mental McConaughey179
30Dapper Donald164
31Down to Earth Donald172
32Thawing Trump174
33Reality Show Schwarzenegger232
34Down Under Donald225
35Conway Chainsaw197
36Trading Trump186
37Are We Unqualified? We Are Devos292
38Deserting Donald169
39Together Trump175
40Delete Donald168
41Deal Breakers262
43Disapproval Donald178
44Dunce Devos187
45Tramplin' Trump189
46My Way246
47Dashing Donald's Valentine283
48Reality TV Trump184
49Penny-Pinching Puzder183
50Ignored Ivanka219
51Fruit of the Loon302
52Trumpocracy Dominos298
54Dining Donald180
55Transcribing Trump175
56Extravagant Eric186
57Crime? Magazine302
58Colonel Bernie Sanders290
59Tee-Vee Trump203
60Thieving Trump156
62Al Franken Berry277
63Trump's Map of America251
64Double Donald175
65On Break Obama169
66Panicked Paul150
67Weird Wendy162
68Anti-Neutrality Ajit151
69Trudeau by Canada Cologne277
70Missing Hillary297
71Down Payment to Donald140
72Puzzled Pelosi141
73Billionaire Bunker Bob140
75White House Confidential210
76President Trump's Unwelcome Mat211
77Hardly Donaldson168
78Couch Potato Conway198
79Deregulation Donald158
80Second Vote Steve169
81Mads Liberals283
82GNN Toy Newsroom269
83Moore of Me215
84Theorizin Trump167
85In the Dark Donald158
86Bread Crumb Barack184
87Private Email Pence167
88Sad Sessions167
89Tom Thanks183
90Trump Bar-red221
91Spicey Bungle227
92Slick Right's Out231
93Hair-tonic Trump143
95Silly Rabbit143
96Trample Trump154
98Obama-Ear Spy Gear233
99Old Spicey Deodorant224
101Drowning Donald191
102Shanghaied Spicer179
104Bigly-Man Dinner264
105Tales from the Script278
106Tricky Dicky154
107Conspiracy Conway178
108Don't Care Donald108
110Kellyane's Microwave Camera240
111My Last Science Kit234
112Public Display Donald139
113Conflict of Interest Conway139
114Toiling Trump209
115Handshake Deal Donald150
116Third Degree205
117Dissenting Donald141
118GOP GPS190
120McHacked Donald331
121Decision Maker Trump181
1222017 Film Poster225
123Obliteration of Obamacare293
124Tillerson is Tired Caffeine Pills216
125Bill of Rights Dry Erase Board226
126Donald Truck161
127Dead Bill184
129Awkward Angela138
130Angry Alex141
131Kim/Don Duel224
132British Spyin' Spicer174
133Trampled Trump159
134Fire Me? Oh No!217
135The Art of the No Deal by Donald T. Rump235
136Trump Cards229
137Rat on Friends Flynn180
138Mr. Toupee Head277
139Climate Denier Donald214
140Seven Spies Russian Dressing237
141Bye-Bye Bannon156
142Down and Out Devin141
143Thank Donald Dump Ad194
144Nuclear Option Neil168
145Risky Board Game273
146Crushed Carson151
147Power-Hungry Rangers235
148Donald's Easter Surprise Basket213
149Deference Donald173
150Touring Trump182
151Dump Steaks182
152DNC Inter-Office Memo182
153Distracted Donald151
154Make the Depression Great Again Hat191
155Dinner For 4 Donald236
156Shutdown Donald204
157Corporate Tax Cut Trump255
158Cushy Bullet Proof Vest171
159EPA Press Release172
161Dinner Ditchin Donald171
162One Card Game225
163Alternative Ivanka Dump Clothing213
164Rot Pruitts Pesticide190
165Susan's Half Cooked Rice215
166Scribble Scrabble227