2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Network Spews Checklist

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2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Network Spews lampoon the biggest events of the year, beginning with the epic meltdown of Mariah Carey as the clock struck 12 to usher in 2017. Network Spews are released exclusively on the Topps website and are available for only 24 hour periods.

The final checklist ended after 94 cards were released with the highest print run going to card #10, “Ga-Ga Yo-Yo”, which sold 315 cards.

Our checklist includes all the cards and can be broken down by many parameters.

2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Network Spews Checklist
Base Set – 94 Cards
-#Card TitlePrint Run
1Mariah Meltdown306
2Emissions-Scandal Emmanuel270
3Wrecked Ringling257
4Hawaiian Punk238
5TV Snide - Hillary\'s One View243
6Riled Up Ryder198
7Human/Pig Hybrid165
8Gagging Guthrie194
9Lunatic Lady195
10Ga-Ga Yo-Yo315
12Bowen Arrow148
13Desperate Don147
14Orange Ali Gator179
16The Leggo Bootman Movie285
17Split Ice Shel164
18Careless Cullinan144
19The Charo Mister E.163
20Kid-Crashed Kelly213
21Texas Teeth Tacos226
22Bot Bezos153
23Trudeau Canadian Cardboard183
24Divided Banned Airplane Leggings204
25Metalized Chicken Fries203
26Homemade Slime Science Kit192
27Britney Brexit181
29Million Dollar Gold Coin181
30Turfs Movie Poster216
31Divided Airlines Ad229
33Fuma Ad168
34Fan Down Ticket168
35The Hate of the Furious188
36Grumpaldo Rivera - Damn! Album Cover176
37Ousted O'Reilly185
38Big Mess Hot Chocolate187
39Bazonga Gum189
41Puzzler Alphabet Soup227
43Teed Off Tater Tots211
44Boss Hacking Headphones166
45The X-Tremely Old Folks173
46Diet Mountain De-mentia210
47American Airfines Ad166
48ELOH's Strange Magic Kit185
49Smokin' Haute Wheels232
50Johnnys Deluxe Cotton Balls163
51Eager Eagles112
52Rapturous Rihanna118
53McDictators Ad102
54Delt Ya Airlines Ad97
55Seasick Mermaid Sloppuccino120
56Samstung Galixnay Won't 899
57TV Guile: Roeseanne Barf98
58Rampaging Ryan185
59Where's Richard?154
60Trendy Socks Trudeau76
6113 Reasons it Doesn't Make Sense102
62Hacked Jack113
63Poisoned Penny136
64View Martian200
65Fidget Skinner78
66Carted Out Cher & Celine98
67Back-Packed Perry117
68Fidgety Finn103
69Brody Watch89
70Joggin' Justin84
71Grumpy Gianforte96
73Wrinkling and Boring Bros.116
74Drone Malone94
75Mowin' Rowan137
76Nix Cereal176
77Tom Tomb89
78Lace Me, Yup! Shorts125
79Hep-A Tainted Tuna151
80Snubbing Seinfeld116
81Sein-X Sanitizer123
82Peacock Liquor114
83Putin Powder137
84Way-Out Packages 500th Anniversary219
85Past His Prime268
86Faux News114
87Kit E. Pool88
88The Wolf of Vine Street127
89McDelayed's Sloth Pounder99
90Nutsifya Coconut Cholesterol93
91Ceiling-Destroying Diana185
92Charkea Grape Griller Bowl101
93Underarm Unicorn Armpit Hair Dye100
94Lynch Lighter133