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The 2017 Panini Flawless Football series is a premium card set with actual gems embedded into the base set. In fact, the set is so premium that the short print base cards are numbered 1/1!

Beyond the diamonds, though, is a healthy autograph checklist and some truly stunning patch cards. Autos are exclusively on-card or cut, adding to the high-end value of these pieces.

Each box contains one pack of 10 cards and there are two boxes per case. Collectors should pull six autographs, two memorabilia, and two gem cards from per box so every hobby box is going to be a fun, but short, crack.

Our checklist includes all of the cards as they are listed officially on the Panini checklist. Actual numbers will appear different on the cards.

2017 Panini Flawless Football Checklist
Base Set – 190 Cards, #/15
Sapphire – #/15
Diamond – #/10
Emerald – #/5
Chocolate Diamond – #/4
Canary Yellow Diamond – #/3
Platinum – 1/1
Legends – #101-#130, #/15
Sapphire – #/15
Diamond – #/10
Emerald – #/5
Chocolate Diamond – #/4
Canary Yellow Diamond – #/3
Platinum – 1/1
Rookie Gems – #131-150, #/20
Sapphire – #/15
Diamond – #/10
Emerald – #/5
Chocolate Diamond – #/4
Canary Yellow Diamond – #/3
Platinum – 1/1
Red White and Blue – #151-#190, 1/1
1st Round Gems – 20 Cards, #/10 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
All Pro Ink Auto – 21 Cards, #/10 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Distinguished Patch Auto – 23 Cards, #/10 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2
Platinum – 1/1
Dual Patch Auto – 25 Cards, #/10 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Flawless Cuts – 20 Cards, 1/1
Flawless Penmanship – 22 Cards, #/10 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Flawless Rookie Signatures – 25 Cards, #/20 to 25
Silver – #/15 to 20
Ruby – #/10 to 15
Sapphire – #/5 to 10
Emerald – #/3 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Flawless Signatures – 25 Cards, #/10 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Greats – 41 Cards, #/5 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Hall of Fame Auto – 18 Card, #/5 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Patch Auto – 61 Cards, #/5 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Premium Ink – 30 Cards, #/5 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Retired Numbers Auto – 27 Cards, #/5 to 15
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 10
Sapphire – #/3 to 5
Emerald – #/2
Platinum – 1/1
Rookie Auto – 25 Cards, #/20 to 25
Silver – #/15 to 20
Ruby – #/10 to 15
Sapphire – #/5 to 10
Emerald – #/3 to 5
Platinum – 1/1
Rookie Patch Auto – 24 Cards, #/25
Silver – #/20
Ruby – #/15
Sapphire – #/10
Emerald – #/5
Platinum – 1/1
Shield Signatures – 57 Cards, 1/1
Signature Gloves – 20 Cards, #/25
Silver – #/20
Ruby – #/15
Saphire – #/10
Emerald – #/5
Platinum – 1/1
Star Swatch Signatures – 20 Cards, #/5 to 25
Silver – #/5 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/3 to 10
Emerald – #/2
Platinum – 1/1
Symbolic Signatures – 54 Cards, 1/1
Dual Diamond Memorabilia – 20 Cards, #/15 to 20
Silver – #/10 to 15
Ruby – #/5 to 10
Sapphire – #/5
Emerald – #/2 to 3
Platinum – 1/1
Flawless Shields – 70 Cards, 1/1
Flawless Symbols – 70 Cards, 1/1
NFL Shield Gems – 15 Cards, 1/1
Patches – 49 Cards, #/15 to 25
Silver – #/2 to 15
Ruby – #/5 to 15
Sapphire – #/5 to 10
Emerald – #/1 to 3
Platinum – 1/1
Rookie Patches – 30 Cards, #/25
Silver – #/20
Ruby – #/15
Sapphire – #/10
Emerald – #/5
Platinum – 1/1
Triple Patches – 30 Cards, #/15 to 20
Ruby – #/5 to 10
Silver – #/10
Sapphire – #/5
Emerald – #/3
Platinum – 1/1
-Card SetNumberPlayerTeam
1st Round Gems1Terry BradshawSteelers
1st Round Gems3Ed "Too Tall" JonesCowboys
1st Round Gems4Tony DorsettCowboys
1st Round Gems6Lawrence TaylorGiants
1st Round Gems7Marcus AllenRaiders
1st Round Gems8Dan MarinoDolphins
1st Round Gems9Jerry Rice49ers
1st Round Gems10Rod WoodsonSteelers
1st Round Gems11Tim BrownRaiders
1st Round Gems12Barry SandersLions
1st Round Gems13Emmitt SmithCowboys
1st Round Gems14Jerome BettisRams
1st Round Gems15Marshall FaulkColts
1st Round Gems16Ty LawPatriots
1st Round Gems19Brian UrlacherBears
1st Round Gems20LaDainian TomlinsonChargers
1st Round Gems21Ed ReedRavens
1st Round Gems22Marshawn LynchBills
1st Round Gems23Aaron RodgersPackers
1st Round Gems24Joe FlaccoRavens
2014 Flawless Hall of Fame Autographs7Lance AlworthChargers
2015 Flawless Patches Autographs28Matt ForteBears
2015 Flawless Patches Autographs32T.Y. HiltonColts
2015 Flawless Patches Autographs54LeSean McCoyBills
2015 Flawless Team Panini Autographs31Matt ForteBears
2016 Flawless Benchmarks1LaDainian TomlinsonChargers
2016 Flawless Benchmarks14Jim BrownBrowns
2016 Flawless Dual Patch Autographs14John ElwayBroncos
2016 Flawless Dual Patch Autographs20Eric BerryChiefs
2016 Flawless Dual Patch Autographs21Mike DitkaCowboys
2016 Flawless Dual Patch Autographs22Trevor SiemianBroncos
2016 Flawless Finishes7John ElwayBroncos
2016 Flawless Greats Dual Patches Autographs1Jim BrownBrowns
2016 Flawless Greats Dual Patches Autographs3LaDainian TomlinsonChargers
2016 Flawless Greats Dual Patches Autographs24Clinton PortisRedskins
2016 Flawless Hall of Fame Autographs1Jim BrownBrowns
2016 Flawless Hall of Fame Autographs12John ElwayBroncos
2016 Flawless Legendary Signatures30John ElwayBroncos
2016 Flawless Legendary Signatures37Clinton PortisBroncos
2016 Flawless Memorable Marks16Jim BrownBrowns
2016 Flawless Memorable Marks20LaDainian TomlinsonChargers
2016 Flawless Momentous Patch Autographs26Clay MatthewsPackers
2016 Flawless Now and Then Signatures10LaDainian TomlinsonChargers
2016 Flawless Patch Autographs14Clay MatthewsPackers
2016 Flawless Patch Autographs29Edgerrin JamesColts
2016 Flawless Patch Autographs31Eric BerryChiefs
2016 Flawless Patch Autographs33Giovani BernardBengals
2016 Flawless Shield Signatures13C.J. AndersonBroncos
2016 Flawless Shield Signatures25Matt RyanFalcons
2016 Flawless Star Swatch Signatures3C.J. AndersonBroncos
2016 Flawless Symbolic Signatures13C.J. AndersonBroncos
2016 Flawless Symbolic Signatures25Matt RyanFalcons
2016 Flawless Victors15John ElwayBroncos
All-Pro Ink1Jerry Rice49ers
All-Pro Ink4Lawrence TaylorGiants
All-Pro Ink7Bob LillyCowboys
All-Pro Ink8Peyton ManningColts
All-Pro Ink10Randy WhiteCowboys
All-Pro Ink12Jack HamSteelers
All-Pro Ink13Jack LambertSteelers
All-Pro Ink14James HarrisonSteelers
All-Pro Ink15Alan PageVikings
All-Pro Ink16Barry SandersLions
All-Pro Ink18Rod WoodsonSteelers
All-Pro Ink19Dick ButkusBears
All-Pro Ink20Eric DickersonRams
All-Pro Ink21Joe GreeneSteelers
All-Pro Ink22Larry AllenCowboys
All-Pro Ink23Ed ReedRavens
All-Pro Ink24Zach ThomasDolphins
All-Pro Ink25Brian DawkinsEagles
All-Pro Ink26Ted HendricksRaiders
All-Pro Ink28Adrian PetersonVikings
All-Pro Ink30Emmitt SmithCowboys
Base1Larry FitzgeraldCardinals
Base2David JohnsonCardinals
Base3Carson PalmerCardinals
Base4Matt RyanFalcons
Base5Julio JonesFalcons
Base6Devonta FreemanFalcons
Base7Joe FlaccoRavens
Base8Alex CollinsRavens
Base9Tyrod TaylorBills
Base10LeSean McCoyBills
Base11Nathan PetermanBills
Base12Cam NewtonPanthers
Base13Kelvin BenjaminBills
Base14Curtis SamuelPanthers
Base15Tarik CohenBears
Base16Jordan HowardBears
Base17Adam ShaheenBears
Base18Andy DaltonBengals
Base19A.J. GreenBengals
Base20David NjokuBrowns
Base21Jabrill PeppersBrowns
Base22Myles GarrettBrowns
Base23Dak PrescottCowboys
Base24Ezekiel ElliottCowboys
Base25Jason WittenCowboys
Base26Ryan SwitzerCowboys
Base27Brock OsweilerBroncos
Base28C.J. AndersonBroncos
Base29Von MillerBroncos
Base30Matthew StaffordLions
Base31Golden Tate IIILions
Base32Aaron RodgersPackers
Base33Jimmy Garoppolo49ers
Base34Davante AdamsPackers
Base35Jordy NelsonPackers
Base36D'Onta ForemanTexans
Base37DeAndre HopkinsTexans
Base38J.J. WattTexans
Base39Andrew LuckColts
Base40T.Y. HiltonColts
Base41Marlon MackColts
Base42Blake BortlesJaguars
Base43Dede WestbrookJaguars
Base44Jalen RamseyJaguars
Base45Alex SmithChiefs
Base46Tyreek HillChiefs
Base47Travis KelceChiefs
Base48Jared GoffRams
Base49Todd Gurley IIRams
Base50Cooper KuppRams
Base51Philip RiversChargers
Base52Melvin GordonChargers
Base53Keenan AllenChargers
Base54Jay AjayiEagles
Base55Jarvis LandryDolphins
Base56Case KeenumVikings
Base57Adam ThielenVikings
Base58Tom BradyPatriots
Base59Rob GronkowskiPatriots
Base60Brandin CooksPatriots
Base61Drew BreesSaints
Base62Adrian PetersonCardinals
Base63Michael ThomasSaints
Base64Eli ManningGiants
Base65Davis WebbGiants
Base66Sterling ShepardGiants
Base67Odell Beckham Jr.Giants
Base68Jermaine KearseJets
Base69ArDarius StewartJets
Base70Jamal AdamsJets
Base71Derek CarrRaiders
Base72Marshawn LynchRaiders
Base73Amari CooperRaiders
Base74Khalil MackRaiders
Base75Carson WentzEagles
Base76Alshon JefferyEagles
Base77Mack HollinsEagles
Base78Ben RoethlisbergerSteelers
Base79R. Joshua DobbsSteelers
Base80Le'Veon BellSteelers
Base81JuJu Smith-SchusterSteelers
Base82Antonio BrownSteelers
Base83T.J. WattSteelers
Base84Carlos Hyde49ers
Base85C.J. Beathard49ers
Base86Joe Williams49ers
Base87Russell WilsonSeahawks
Base88Chris CarsonSeahawks
Base89Doug BaldwinSeahawks
Base90Amara DarbohSeahawks
Base91Jameis WinstonBuccaneers
Base92Mike EvansBuccaneers
Base93Chris GodwinBuccaneers
Base94Marcus MariotaTitans
Base95DeMarco MurrayTitans
Base96Derrick HenryTitans
Base97Taywan TaylorTitans
Base98Kirk CousinsRedskins
Base99Aaron JonesPackers
Base100Josh NormanRedskins
Distinguished Patch Autographs1Joe Montana49ers
Distinguished Patch Autographs2Terry BradshawSteelers
Distinguished Patch Autographs3Len DawsonChiefs
Distinguished Patch Autographs4Troy AikmanCowboys
Distinguished Patch Autographs5Brett FavrePackers
Distinguished Patch Autographs6Dan MarinoDolphins
Distinguished Patch Autographs7Jim KellyBills
Distinguished Patch Autographs8Kurt WarnerRams
Distinguished Patch Autographs9Joe NamathJets
Distinguished Patch Autographs10Mike AlstottBuccaneers
Distinguished Patch Autographs11Roger Craig49ers
Distinguished Patch Autographs12Barry SandersLions
Distinguished Patch Autographs13Emmitt SmithCowboys
Distinguished Patch Autographs14Marcus AllenChiefs
Distinguished Patch Autographs15LaDainian TomlinsonChargers
Distinguished Patch Autographs16Earl CampbellOilers
Distinguished Patch Autographs17Joe TheismannRedskins
Distinguished Patch Autographs18Bo JacksonRaiders
Distinguished Patch Autographs19Jerome BettisSteelers
Distinguished Patch Autographs20John RigginsRedskins
Distinguished Patch Autographs22Jerry RiceRaiders
Distinguished Patch Autographs24Tony DorsettCowboys
Distinguished Patch Autographs25Andre ReedBills
Dual Diamond Memorabilia1Aaron RodgersPackers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia1Brett FavrePackers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia2Reggie WhitePackers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia2Walter PaytonBears
Dual Diamond Memorabilia3Mike AlstottBuccaneers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia3Warrick DunnBuccaneers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia4Hines WardSteelers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia4Jerome BettisSteelers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia5Joe MontanaChiefs
Dual Diamond Memorabilia5Joe Montana49er
Dual Diamond Memorabilia6D'Onta ForemanTexans
Dual Diamond Memorabilia6Deshaun WatsonTexans
Dual Diamond Memorabilia7Kareem HuntChiefs
Dual Diamond Memorabilia7Patrick Mahomes IIChiefs
Dual Diamond Memorabilia8Joe MixonBengals
Dual Diamond Memorabilia8John Ross IIIBengals
Dual Diamond Memorabilia9Alvin KamaraSaints
Dual Diamond Memorabilia9Michael ThomasSaints
Dual Diamond Memorabilia10Christian McCaffreyPanthers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia10Curtis SamuelPanthers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia11Corey DavisTitans
Dual Diamond Memorabilia11Derrick HenryTitans
Dual Diamond Memorabilia12Antonio BrownSteelers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia12JuJu Smith-SchusterSteelers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia13Blake BortlesJaguars
Dual Diamond Memorabilia13Leonard FournetteJaguars
Dual Diamond Memorabilia14Melvin GordonChargers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia14Mike WilliamsChargers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia15Jordan HowardBears
Dual Diamond Memorabilia15Mitchel TrubiskyBears
Dual Diamond Memorabilia16Devonta FreemanFalcons
Dual Diamond Memorabilia16Julio JonesFalcons
Dual Diamond Memorabilia17Andre ReedBills
Dual Diamond Memorabilia17Jim KellyBills
Dual Diamond Memorabilia18Dak PrescottCowboys
Dual Diamond Memorabilia18Ezekiel ElliottCowboys
Dual Diamond Memorabilia19Charles WoodsonPackers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia19Charles WoodsonRaiders
Dual Diamond Memorabilia20Franco HarrisSteelers
Dual Diamond Memorabilia20Terry BradshawSteelers
Dual Patch Autographs1Brett KeiselSteelers
Dual Patch Autographs2Edgerrin JamesColts
Dual Patch Autographs3Clinton PortisRedskins
Dual Patch Autographs4Steve LargentSeahawks
Dual Patch Autographs6Bob LillyCowboys
Dual Patch Autographs7Charles WoodsonRaiders
Dual Patch Autographs8Adam VinatieriColts
Dual Patch Autographs9Antonio GatesChargers
Dual Patch Autographs10Tedy BruschiPatriots
Dual Patch Autographs12Tevin ColemanFalcons
Dual Patch Autographs13Jameis WinstonBuccaneers
Dual Patch Autographs14Latavius MurrayVikings
Dual Patch Autographs15Melvin GordonChargers
Dual Patch Autographs16Roger Craig49ers
Dual Patch Autographs17Tony RomoCowboys
Dual Patch Autographs19Hines WardSteelers
Dual Patch Autographs20Tyler LockettSeahawks
Dual Patch Autographs21Greg OlsenPanthers
Dual Patch Autographs22Robert KelleyRedskins
Dual Patch Autographs23C.J. AndersonBroncos
Dual Patch Autographs24Priest HolmesChiefs
Dual Patch Autographs26Earl CampbellOilers
Dual Patch Autographs27Rob GronkowskiPatriots
Dual Patch Autographs29Dak PrescottCowboys
Dual Patch Autographs30Carson WentzEagles
Flawless Cuts1Otto GrahamBrowns
Flawless Cuts2Walter PaytonBears
Flawless Cuts3Bill Walsh49ers
Flawless Cuts4Bobby LayneLions
Flawless Cuts5Bronko NagurskiBears
Flawless Cuts6Chuck BednarikEagles
Flawless Cuts7Chuck NollSteelers
Flawless Cuts8Doc BlanchardSteelers
Flawless Cuts9Ernie NeversCardinals
Flawless Cuts10Johnny UnitasColts
Flawless Cuts11Ken StrongGiants
Flawless Cuts12Lamar HuntChiefs
Flawless Cuts13Ray NitschkePackers
Flawless Cuts14Red GrangeBears
Flawless Cuts15Tom LandryCowboys
Flawless Cuts16Earl "Dutch" ClarkLions
Flawless Cuts17Al DavisRaiders
Flawless Cuts18Deacon JonesRams
Flawless Cuts19Derrick ThomasChiefs
Flawless Cuts20Sean TaylorRedskins
Flawless Penmanship1Marcus MariotaTitans
Flawless Penmanship2Jerome BettisSteelers
Flawless Penmanship3Jerry Rice49ers
Flawless Penmanship4Emmitt SmithCowboys
Flawless Penmanship5Curtis MartinPatriots
Flawless Penmanship6Warren MoonSeahawks
Flawless Penmanship7Brett FavrePackers
Flawless Penmanship8Peyton ManningColts
Flawless Penmanship9Dan MarinoDolphins
Flawless Penmanship10Joe GreeneSteelers
Flawless Penmanship11Joe NamathJets
Flawless Penmanship12John ElwayBroncos
Flawless Penmanship13Joe MontanaChiefs
Flawless Penmanship15Barry SandersLions
Flawless Penmanship16Dick ButkusBears
Flawless Penmanship17Bob GrieseDolphins
Flawless Penmanship18Kurt WarnerRams
Flawless Penmanship19Dak PrescottCowboys
Flawless Penmanship20Matthew StaffordLions
Flawless Penmanship22Steve Young49ers
Flawless Penmanship23Thurman ThomasBills
Flawless Penmanship25Jim KellyBills
Flawless Rookie Signatures1Mitchell TrubiskyBears
Flawless Rookie Signatures2Deshaun WatsonTexans
Flawless Rookie Signatures3DeShone KizerBrowns
Flawless Rookie Signatures4Patrick Mahomes IIChiefs
Flawless Rookie Signatures5Nathan PetermanBills
Flawless Rookie Signatures6Dalvin CookVikings
Flawless Rookie Signatures7Leonard FournetteJaguars
Flawless Rookie Signatures8Christian McCaffreyPanthers
Flawless Rookie Signatures9Kareem HuntChiefs
Flawless Rookie Signatures10Joe MixonBengals
Flawless Rookie Signatures11Samaje PerineRedskins
Flawless Rookie Signatures12James ConnerSteelers
Flawless Rookie Signatures13Alvin KamaraSaints
Flawless Rookie Signatures14C.J. Beathard49ers
Flawless Rookie Signatures15O.J. HowardBuccaneers
Flawless Rookie Signatures16Evan EngramGiants
Flawless Rookie Signatures17Dede WestbrookJaguars
Flawless Rookie Signatures18Carlos HendersonBroncos
Flawless Rookie Signatures19Corey DavisTitans
Flawless Rookie Signatures20JuJu Smith-SchusterSteelers
Flawless Rookie Signatures21Curtis SamuelPanthers
Flawless Rookie Signatures22Taywan TaylorTitans
Flawless Rookie Signatures23Zay JonesBills
Flawless Rookie Signatures24Kenny GolladayLions
Flawless Rookie Signatures25T.J. WattSteelers
Flawless Shields1Alvin KamaraSaints
Flawless Shields2Christian McCaffreyPanthers
Flawless Shields3Cooper KuppRams
Flawless Shields4Corey DavisTitans
Flawless Shields5Dalvin CookVikings
Flawless Shields6Evan EngramGiants
Flawless Shields7Joe MixonBengals
Flawless Shields8Kareem HuntChiefs
Flawless Shields9Leonard FournetteJaguars
Flawless Shields10Mike WilliamsChargers
Flawless Shields11Mitchell TrubiskyBears
Flawless Shields12O.J. HowardBuccaneers
Flawless Shields13Patrick Mahomes IIChiefs
Flawless Shields14Zay JonesBills
Flawless Shields15T.J. WattSteelers
Flawless Shields16Jabrill PeppersBrowns
Flawless Shields17Deshaun WatsonTexans
Flawless Shields18C.J. Beathard49ers
Flawless Shields19D'Onta ForemanTexans
Flawless Shields20Kenny GolladayLions
Flawless Shields21Adam VinatieriColts
Flawless Shields22Von MillerBroncos
Flawless Shields23Tyreek HillChiefs
Flawless Shields24Solomon Thomas49ers
Flawless Shields25Todd Gurley IIRams
Flawless Shields26Alshon JefferyEagles
Flawless Shields27Stefon DiggsVikings
Flawless Shields28Aaron RodgersPackers
Flawless Shields29Earl Thomas IIISeahawks
Flawless Shields30Odell Beckham Jr.Giants
Flawless Shields31Zach ErtzEagles
Flawless Shields32Michael StrahanGiants
Flawless Shields33Melvin GordonChargers
Flawless Shields34Matthew StaffordLions
Flawless Shields35Jamal AdamsJets
Flawless Shields36LeSean McCoyBills
Flawless Shields37Kirk CousinsRedskins
Flawless Shields38Julio JonesFalcons
Flawless Shields39Jordan HowardBears
Flawless Shields40Joey BosaChargers
Flawless Shields41Marshawn LynchRaiders
Flawless Shields42Jarvis LandryDolphins
Flawless Shields43Jared GoffRams
Flawless Shields44Amari CooperRaiders
Flawless Shields45DeShone KizerBrowns
Flawless Shields46James HarrisonSteelers
Flawless Shields47Ed ReedRavens
Flawless Shields48Edgerrin JamesColts
Flawless Shields49Andrew LuckColts
Flawless Shields50Jordy NelsonPackers
Flawless Shields51Doug MartinBuccaneers
Flawless Shields52Doug BaldwinSeahawks
Flawless Shields53Dez BryantCowboys
Flawless Shields54Devonta FreemanFalcons
Flawless Shields55DeVante ParkerDolphins
Flawless Shields56Derek CarrRaiders
Flawless Shields57DeMarcus LawrenceCowboys
Flawless Shields58Adoree' JacksonTitans
Flawless Shields59Aqib TalibBroncos
Flawless Shields60DeAndre HopkinsTexans
Flawless Shields61David JohnsonCardinals
Flawless Shields62JuJu Smith-SchusterSteelers
Flawless Shields63Dan BaileyCowboys
Flawless Shields64Dak PrescottCowboys
Flawless Shields65Champ BaileyBroncos
Flawless Shields66Carson WentzEagles
Flawless Shields67Brett KeiselSteelers
Flawless Shields68Brett FavrePackers
Flawless Shields69Ezekiel ElliottCowboys
Flawless Shields70Cam NewtonPanthers
Flawless Signatures1Ricky WilliamsDolphins
Flawless Signatures2Brett KeiselSteelers
Flawless Signatures3Champ BaileyBroncos
Flawless Signatures4Stefon DiggsVikings
Flawless Signatures5Clinton PortisBroncos
Flawless Signatures6Priest HolmesChiefs
Flawless Signatures7Andy DaltonBengals
Flawless Signatures8Dan BaileyCowboys
Flawless Signatures9Ed McCaffreyBroncos
Flawless Signatures10Brian BosworthSeahawks
Flawless Signatures13Mike AlstottBuccaneers
Flawless Signatures15Jameis WinstonBuccaneers
Flawless Signatures16Carlos Hyde49ers
Flawless Signatures17Richard ShermanSeahawks
Flawless Signatures18LaVar ArringtonRedskins
Flawless Signatures20Carson WentzEagles
Flawless Signatures21Michael VickFalcons
Flawless Signatures23Marcus MariotaTitans
Flawless Signatures24Hines WardSteelers
Flawless Signatures25Tyler LockettSeahawks
Flawless Signatures26Sterling ShepardGiants
Flawless Signatures27Adam VinatieriColts
Flawless Signatures28Mark IngramSaints
Flawless Signatures29Derek CarrRaiders
Flawless Signatures30Andrew LuckColts
Flawless Symbols1Alvin KamaraSaints
Flawless Symbols2Christian McCaffreyPanthers
Flawless Symbols3Cooper KuppRams
Flawless Symbols4Corey DavisTitans
Flawless Symbols5Dalvin CookVikings
Flawless Symbols6Evan EngramGiants
Flawless Symbols7Joe MixonBengals
Flawless Symbols8Kareem HuntChiefs
Flawless Symbols9Leonard FournetteJaguars
Flawless Symbols10Mike WilliamsChargers
Flawless Symbols11Mitchell TrubiskyBears
Flawless Symbols12O.J. HowardBuccaneers
Flawless Symbols13Patrick Mahomes IIChiefs
Flawless Symbols14Zay JonesBills
Flawless Symbols15T.J. WattSteelers
Flawless Symbols16Jabrill PeppersBrowns
Flawless Symbols17Deshaun WatsonTexans
Flawless Symbols18C.J. Beathard49ers
Flawless Symbols19D'Onta ForemanTexans
Flawless Symbols20Kenny GolladayLions
Flawless Symbols21Adam VinatieriColts
Flawless Symbols22Von MillerBroncos
Flawless Symbols23Tyreek HillChiefs
Flawless Symbols24Solomon Thomas49ers
Flawless Symbols25Todd Gurley IIRams
Flawless Symbols26Alshon JefferyEagles
Flawless Symbols27Stefon DiggsVikings
Flawless Symbols28Aaron RodgersPackers
Flawless Symbols29Earl Thomas IIISeahawks
Flawless Symbols30Odell Beckham Jr.Giants
Flawless Symbols31Zach ErtzEagles
Flawless Symbols32Michael StrahanGiants
Flawless Symbols33Melvin GordonChargers
Flawless Symbols34Matthew StaffordLions
Flawless Symbols35Jamal AdamsJets
Flawless Symbols36LeSean McCoyBills
Flawless Symbols37Kirk CousinsRedskins
Flawless Symbols38Julio JonesFalcons
Flawless Symbols39Jordan HowardBears
Flawless Symbols40Joey BosaChargers
Flawless Symbols41Marshawn LynchRaiders
Flawless Symbols42Jarvis LandryDolphins
Flawless Symbols43Jared GoffRams
Flawless Symbols44Amari CooperRaiders
Flawless Symbols45DeShone KizerBrowns
Flawless Symbols46James HarrisonSteelers
Flawless Symbols47Ed ReedRavens
Flawless Symbols48Edgerrin JamesColts
Flawless Symbols49Andrew LuckColts
Flawless Symbols50Jordy NelsonPackers
Flawless Symbols51Doug MartinBuccaneers
Flawless Symbols52Doug BaldwinSeahawks
Flawless Symbols53Dez BryantCowboys
Flawless Symbols54Devonta FreemanFalcons
Flawless Symbols55DeVante ParkerDolphins
Flawless Symbols56Derek CarrRaiders
Flawless Symbols57DeMarcus LawrenceCowboys
Flawless Symbols58Adoree' JacksonTitans
Flawless Symbols59Aqib TalibBroncos
Flawless Symbols60DeAndre HopkinsTexans
Flawless Symbols61David JohnsonCardinals
Flawless Symbols62JuJu Smith-SchusterSteelers
Flawless Symbols63Dan BaileyCowboys
Flawless Symbols64Dak PrescottCowboys
Flawless Symbols65Champ BaileyBroncos
Flawless Symbols66Carson WentzEagles
Flawless Symbols67Brett KeiselSteelers
Flawless Symbols68Brett FavrePackers
Flawless Symbols69Ezekiel ElliottCowboys
Flawless Symbols70Cam NewtonPanthers
Greats2Brian DawkinsBroncos
Greats4Terry BradshawSteelers
Greats5Edgerrin JamesColts
Greats6Charles HaleyCowboys
Greats7Steve LargentSeahawks
Greats8Brian UrlacherBears
Greats9Ozzie NewsomeBrowns
Greats10LaVar ArringtonRedskins
Greats11Michael IrvinCowboys
Greats12Ty LawPatriots
Greats13Jason TaylorDolphins
Greats14Bill CowherSteelers
Greats15Warren MoonOilers
Greats16Howie LongRaiders
Greats17Emmitt SmithCowboys
Greats18John RigginsRedskins
Greats19Lawrence TaylorGiants
Greats21Chris SpielmanLions
Greats23Tony RomoCowboys
Greats25Alan PageVikings
Greats26Peyton ManningBroncos
Greats27Brett FavreVikings
Greats29Don MaynardJets
Greats30Randy WhiteCowboys
Greats32Jim PlunkettRaiders
Greats33Joe GreeneSteelers
Greats34Jack LambertSteelers
Greats35Rodney HarrisonPatriots
Greats36Jim McMahonBears
Greats37Archie ManningSaints
Greats38Drew PearsonCowboys
Greats39Ed "Too Tall" JonesCowboys
Greats40Zach ThomasDolphins
Greats41Steve Young49ers
Greats42Thurman ThomasBills
Greats43Bo JacksonRaiders
Greats44Earl CampbellOilers
Greats46Bob LillyCowboys
Greats47Eric DickersonColts
Greats49Dan FoutsChargers
Greats50Barry SandersLions
Hall of Fame Autographs1Morten AndersenFalcons
Hall of Fame Autographs3Jason TaylorDolphins
Hall of Fame Autographs4LaDainian TomlinsonChargers
Hall of Fame Autographs5Kurt WarnerRams
Hall of Fame Autographs6Brett FavrePackers
Hall of Fame Autographs7Tim BrownRaiders
Hall of Fame Autographs8Andre ReedBills
Hall of Fame Autographs9Cris CarterVikings
Hall of Fame Autographs10Curtis MartinJets
Hall of Fame Autographs12Jerry Rice49ers
Hall of Fame Autographs13Rod WoodsonSteelers
Hall of Fame Autographs14Thurman ThomasBills
Hall of Fame Autographs15Troy AikmanCowboys
Hall of Fame Autographs16Steve Young49ers
Hall of Fame Autographs17Barry SandersLions
Hall of Fame Autographs18Marcus AllenChiefs
Hall of Fame Autographs19Jim KellyBills
Hall of Fame Autographs20Joe Montana49ers
Legends101Otto GrahamBrowns
Legends102Walter PaytonBears
Legends103Jim TaylorPackers
Legends104Art ShellRaiders
Legends105Reggie WhitePackers
Legends106Johnny UnitasColts
Legends107Red GrangeBears
Legends108Jerry Rice49ers
Legends109Drew BledsoePatriots
Legends110Lawrence TaylorGiants
Legends111Joe Montana49ers
Legends112Peyton ManningColts
Legends113Barry SandersLions
Legends114Brett FavrePackers
Legends115John ElwayBroncos
Legends116Dan MarinoDolphins
Legends117Emmitt SmithCowboys
Legends118Brian DawkinsEagles
Legends119Lance AlworthChargers
Legends120Terry BradshawSteelers
Legends121Tony GonzalezChiefs
Legends122Randy MossPatriots
Legends123Bo JacksonRaiders
Legends124Jerome BettisSteelers
Legends125Zach ThomasDolphins
Legends126Charles WoodsonRaiders
Legends127Michael VickFalcons
Legends128Chris SpielmanLions
Legends129Jason TaylorDolphins
Legends130Ty LawPatriots
NFL Shield Gems1Walter PaytonBears
NFL Shield Gems2Emmitt SmithCowboys
NFL Shield Gems3Barry SandersLions
NFL Shield Gems4Leonard FournetteJaguars
NFL Shield Gems5Earl CampbellOilers
NFL Shield Gems6Marshall FaulkRams
NFL Shield Gems7LaDainian TomlinsonChargers
NFL Shield Gems8Marcus AllenRaiders
NFL Shield Gems9Kareem HuntChiefs
NFL Shield Gems10Eric DickersonRams
NFL Shield Gems11Jim TaylorPackers
NFL Shield Gems12Alvin KamaraSaints
NFL Shield Gems13Christian McCaffreyPanthers
NFL Shield Gems14Le'Veon BellSteelers
NFL Shield Gems15Ezekiel ElliottCowboys
Patch Autographs1Brett KeiselSteelers
Patch Autographs2Kirk CousinsRedskins
Patch Autographs4Terry BradshawSteelers
Patch Autographs5Edgerrin JamesColts
Patch Autographs6Clinton PortisRedskins
Patch Autographs7Steve LargentSeahawks
Patch Autographs8Len DawsonChiefs
Patch Autographs9Marshawn LynchRaiders
Patch Autographs10Joe FlaccoRavens
Patch Autographs12Bob LillyCowboys
Patch Autographs13Charles WoodsonPackers
Patch Autographs14Adam VinatieriColts
Patch Autographs15Antonio GatesChargers
Patch Autographs16Ty LawPatriots
Patch Autographs17Tedy BruschiPatriots
Patch Autographs18Jordy NelsonPackers
Patch Autographs20Jim KellyBills
Patch Autographs21Russell WilsonSeahawks
Patch Autographs22Howie LongRaiders
Patch Autographs23Joe NamathJets
Patch Autographs26John RigginsRedskins
Patch Autographs27Terrelle Pryor Sr.Redskins
Patch Autographs28Jameis WinstonBuccaneers
Patch Autographs29Latavius MurrayVikings
Patch Autographs30Carlos Hyde49ers
Patch Autographs31Richard ShermanSeahawks
Patch Autographs33Michael VickFalcons
Patch Autographs34Roger Craig49ers
Patch Autographs35Marcus MariotaTitans
Patch Autographs37Tony RomoCowboys
Patch Autographs39Hines WardSteelers
Patch Autographs40Tyler LockettSeahawks
Patch Autographs41Greg OlsenPanthers
Patch Autographs42Mike EvansBuccaneers
Patch Autographs43Derek CarrRaiders
Patch Autographs44Aaron RodgersPackers
Patch Autographs45James HarrisonSteelers
Patch Autographs46Jim PlunkettRaiders
Patch Autographs47Jerome BettisSteelers
Patch Autographs48Stefon DiggsVikings
Patch Autographs50Thurman ThomasBills
Patch Autographs51Priest HolmesChiefs
Patch Autographs52Kurt WarnerCardinals
Patch Autographs53Andre ReedBills
Patch Autographs54Joe TheismannRedskins
Patch Autographs56Troy AikmanCowboys
Patch Autographs57Earl CampbellOilers
Patch Autographs58Matthew StaffordLions
Patch Autographs60Joe Montana49ers
Patch Autographs61Tyreek HillChiefs
Patch Autographs62Dak PrescottCowboys
Patch Autographs65Andy DaltonBengals
Patch Autographs66Antonio BrownSteelers
Patch Autographs67Brett FavrePackers
Patch Autographs68Bo JacksonRaiders
Patch Autographs69Andrew LuckColts
Patch Autographs70Ricky WilliamsSaints
Patch Autographs72Sterling ShepardGiants
Patch Autographs73Jordan HowardBears
Patch Autographs74Carson WentzEagles
Patch Autographs75David JohnsonCardinals
Patches1Allen HurnsJaguars
Patches2Amari CooperRaiders
Patches3Andy DaltonBengals
Patches4Antonio BrownSteelers
Patches5Brett KeiselSteelers
Patches6Carson WentzEagles
Patches7Chris ThompsonRedskins
Patches8Curtis MartinPatriots
Patches9Dak PrescottCowboys
Patches10David JohnsonCardinals
Patches11DeAndre HopkinsTexans
Patches12Doug BaldwinSeahawks
Patches13Ed ReedRavens
Patches14Edgerrin JamesColts