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2017 Panini Diamond Kings brings creative and exciting designs to a checklist that spans Babe Ruth to Trevor Story. With a long list of autograph and relic cards and a considerable amount of short prints, Diamond Kings will leave collectors hunting for quite a while.

Unlike most sets, 2017 Panini Diamond Kings parallel sets don’t necessarily include all the cards on the main checklist while some cards appear only as parallels. Further, subsets are not always uniformly printed with certain cards being numbered to 7 while others are numbered to 40.

Our checklist includes all the cards and can be broken down by many parameters.

2017 Panini Diamond Kings Checklist
Base Set – 175 Cards (#101-125, SP)
Variants – 2, 8, 10, 15, 18, 27, 30, 31, 33, 39, 54, 55, 56, 62, 66, 67, 69, 80, 87, 90, 126, 127, 129, 131, 145
Green Frame
Gray Frame
Red Frame – #/99
Brown Frame – #/49
Blue Frame – #/5
Black Masterpiece – 1/1
Artist’s Proof Gold – #/99
Artist’s Proof Blue – #/25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Aurora – 20 Cards
Blue Holo – #/25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Bat Kings – 30 Cards
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Bat King Signatures – 26 Base Cards
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Diamond Cuts – 16 Base Cards (#/Up to 99)
Gold Holo – 41 Cards #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Diamond Deco Quad Relic – 10 Cards
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
DK Materials – 99 Cards
Silver Holo – #/Up to 99
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
DK Originals – 25 Cards
Blue Holo – #/25
Masterpiece 1/1
DK Rookie Signatures Dual Relics – 37 Cards
Silver Holo – #/99
Gold Holo – #/49
Blue Holo – #/25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Moncada and Dahl have different stampings
DK Signatures Dual Relics – 49 Cards (#/10 to 299)
Silver Holo – #/7 to 99
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Black Masterpiece – 1/1

*Appears only as parallel card

Not all insert cards appear with the same #/# and some insert base cards do not include parallel cards.
Heritage – 28 Cards
Blue Holo – #/25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Heritage Material Signatures – 13 Base Cards (#/Up to 49)
Gold Holo – #/Up to 25
Blue Holo – #/Up to 15
Materpiece – 1/1
Jersey Kings – 29 Base Cards (#/Up to 99)
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Jersey Kings Signatures – 38 Base Cards (#/Up to 99)
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Limited Lithos Dual Relic Auto – 29 Base Cards (#/Up to 99)
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Memorable Moment – 18 Cards
Blue Holo – #/25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Recollection Collection Buybacks – 22 Cards
Sketches and Swatches Auto Relic – 34 Base Cards (#/Up to 99)
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Studio Portrait Materials – 26 Cards (#/Up to 99)
Gold Holo – #/Up to 49
Blue Holo – #/Up to 25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Ted Williams Collection – 3 Cards
Blue Holo – #/25
Masterpiece – 1/1
Ted Williams Collection Materials – 3 Cards (#/Up to 99)
Gold Holo – #/49
Blue Holo – #/25
Masterpiece – 1/1

-Card Set#PlayerTeamRC
AuroraA-1Brian DozierTwins
AuroraA-2Charlie BlackmonRockies
AuroraA-3Clayton KershawDodgers
AuroraA-4Corey SeagerDodgers
AuroraA-5Edwin EncarnacionBlue Jays
AuroraA-6Joey VottoReds
AuroraA-7Jon LesterCubs
AuroraA-8Jonathan VillarBrewers
AuroraA-9Jose AltuveAstros
AuroraA-10Josh DonaldsonBlue Jays
AuroraA-11Justin VerlanderTigers
AuroraA-12Kris BryantCubs
AuroraA-13Madison BumgarnerGiants
AuroraA-14Max ScherzerNationals
AuroraA-15Miguel CabreraTigers
AuroraA-16Mike TroutAngels
AuroraA-17Mookie BettsRed Sox
AuroraA-18Nolan ArenadoRockies
AuroraA-19Paul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
AuroraA-20Robinson CanoMariners
Base1Babe RuthYankees
Base2Bill DickeyYankees
Base3Billy HermanCubs
Base4Billy MartinYankees
Base5Harry BrecheenCardinals
Base6Carl ErskineDodgers
Base7Carl FurilloDodgers
Base8Don LarsenYankees
Base9Grover AlexanderPhillies
Base10Ernie BanksCubs
Base11George KellyGiants
Base12Harry HooperRed Sox
Base13Herb PennockYankees
Base14Honus WagnerPirates
Base15Jackie RobinsonDodgers
Base16Jim ThorpeGiants
Base17Joe CroninRed Sox
Base18Joe DiMaggioYankees
Base19Joe JacksonWhite Sox
Base20Kiki CuylerCubs
Base21Lefty GomezYankees
Base22Leo DurocherDodgers
Base23Lloyd WanerPirates
Base24Lou GehrigYankees
Base25Luke ApplingWhite Sox
Base26Max CareyPirates
Base27Kirby PuckettTwins
Base28Nellie FoxWhite Sox
Base29Paul WanerPirates
Base30Pee Wee ReeseDodgers
Base31Roberto ClementePirates
Base32Roger MarisYankees
Base33Stan MusialCardinals
Base34Ted LyonsWhite Sox
Base35Ted WilliamsRed Sox
Base36Tommy HenrichYankees
Base37Ty CobbTigers
Base38Tony LazzeriYankees
Base39Hack WilsonCubs
Base40Earl AverillIndians
Base41Nap LajoieNaps
Base42Goose GoslinSenators
Base43Jim BottomleyCardinals
Base44Harry WalkerCardinals
Base45Gabby HartnettCubs
Base46Heinie GrohReds
Base47Johnny PeskyRed Sox
Base48John McGrawGiants
Base49Moose SkowronYankees
Base50Chuck KleinPhillies
Base51Paul GoldschmidtDiamondbacks
Base52Freddie FreemanBraves
Base53Mark TrumboOrioles
Base54Mookie BettsRed Sox
Base55Kris BryantCubs
Base56Anthony RizzoCubs
Base57Jake ArrietaCubs
Base58Kyle SchwarberCubs
Base59Jose AbreuWhite Sox
Base60Joey VottoReds
Base61Francisco LindorIndians
Base62Corey KluberIndians
Base63Trevor StoryRockies
Base64Nolan ArenadoRockies
Base65Justin VerlanderTigers
Base66Jose AltuveAstros
Base67Mike TroutAngels
Base68Albert PujolsAngels
Base69Corey SeagerDodgers
Base70Clayton KershawDodgers
Base71Christian YelichMarlins
Base72Ryan BraunBrewers
Base73Brian DozierTwins
Base74Yoenis CespedesMets
Base75Didi GregoriusYankees
Base76Khris DavisAthletics
Base77Maikel FrancoPhillies
Base78Andrew McCutchenPirates
Base79Wil MyersPadres
Base80Madison BumgarnerGiants
Base81Robinson CanoMariners
Base82Stephen PiscottyCardinals
Base83Carlos MartinezCardinals
Base84Evan LongoriaRays
Base85Adrian BeltreRangers
Base86Cole HamelsRangers
Base87Josh DonaldsonBlue Jays
Base88Edwin EncarnacionBlue Jays
Base89Bryce HarperNationals
Base90Daniel MurphyNationals
Base91Don MattinglyYankees
Base92Al OliverPirates
Base93Andy PettitteYankees
Base94Chipper JonesBraves
Base95Curt SchillingRed Sox
Base96Fergie JenkinsCubs
Base97Craig BiggioAstros
Base98Brooks RobinsonOrioles
Base99Larry DobyIndians
Base100Billy WilliamsCubs
Bat KingsBK-RSRyne SandbergCubs
Bat KingsBK-WBWade BoggsRed Sox
Bat KingsBK-TGTony GwynnPadres
Bat KingsBK-RCRod CarewCalifornia Angels
Bat KingsBK-KGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
Bat KingsBK-THTodd HeltonRockies
Bat KingsBK-TSTrevor StoryRockies
Bat KingsBK-CSCorey SeagerDodgers
Bat KingsBK-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
Bat KingsBK-TTTrea TurnerNationals
Bat KingsBK-TCTy CobbTigers
Bat KingsBK-JCJoe CarterBlue Jays
Bat KingsBK-ISIchiroMariners
Bat KingsBK-JDJoe DiMaggioYankees
Bat KingsBK-CYChristian YelichMarlins
Bat KingsBK-MTMike TroutAngels
Bat KingsBK-JBJose BautistaBlue Jays
Bat KingsBK-SMStan MusialCardinals
Bat KingsBK-YTYasmany TomasDiamondbacks
Bat KingsBK-JIJim Rice*Red Sox
Bat KingsBK-IRIvan RodriguezRangers
Bat KingsBK-CCCarlos CorreaAstros
Bat KingsBK-BHBryce HarperNationals
Bat KingsBK-MMManny MachadoOrioles
Bat KingsBK-JBJohnny BenchReds
Bat KingsBK-CBCraig BiggioAstros
Bat KingsBK-BRBabe RuthYankees
Bat KingsBK-MNMike NapoliIndians
Bat KingsBK-DMDon MattinglyYankees
Bat KingsBK-APAlbert PujolsAngels
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-PMPaul MolitorBrewers
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-RHRickey Henderson*Athletics
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-JAJose AbreuWhite Sox
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-SMStan MusialCardinals
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-PAPedro AlvarezOrioles
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-JIJim RiceRed Sox
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-YSYangervis SolartePadres
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-DFDavid FreesePirates
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-APAlert Pujols*Cardinals
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-MNMike NapoliIndians
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-HRHanley RamirezRed Sox
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-RJReggie JacksonCalifornia Angels
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-RHRickey Henderson*Yankees
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-TTTrea TurnerNationals
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-MSMike SchmidtPhillies
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-CBCraig BiggioAstros
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-YTYasmany TomasDiamondbacks
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-DWDavid WrightMets
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-BPBuster PoseyGiants
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-GCGary CarterMontreal Expos
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-RPRafael PalmeiroRangers
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-MFMaikel FrancoPhillies
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-EBErnie BanksCubs
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-DSDarryl StrawberryMets
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-NCNelson Cruz*Mariners
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-GBGeorge BrettKansas City Royals
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-RCRod CarewTwins
Bat Kings SignaturesBKS-MMManny MachadoOrioles
Diamond CutsDC-TWTed Williams*Red Sox
Diamond CutsDC-JDJoe DiMaggio*Yankees
Diamond CutsDC-RKRalph KinerPirates
Diamond CutsDC-HKHarmon KillebrewTwins
Diamond CutsDC-SMStan MusialCardinals
Diamond CutsDC-GCGary CarterMets
Diamond CutsDC-CECarl Erskine*Dodgers
Diamond CutsDC-MHMel HarderIndians
Diamond CutsDC-WSWarren Spahn*Braves
Diamond CutsDC-CBClete BoyerYankees
Diamond CutsDC-EBEwell Blackwell*Reds
Diamond CutsDC-WBWally BergerBraves
Diamond CutsDC-SJSam Jethroe*Braves
Diamond CutsDC-CHCatfish Hunter*Kansas City Athletics
Diamond CutsDC-JBJoe Black*Dodgers
Diamond CutsDC-JBLou BoudreauIndians
Diamond CutsDC-PCPhil CavarrettaCubs
Diamond CutsDC-GEGeorge Earnshaw*Athletics
Diamond CutsDC-KPKirby Puckett*Twins
Diamond CutsDC-EBErnie Banks*Cubs
Diamond CutsDC-JAJimmy Austin*Browns
Diamond CutsDC-DHDon Hoak*Pirates
Diamond CutsDC-BTBob Turley*Yankees
Diamond CutsDC-MCMike CuellarOrioles
Diamond CutsDC-RARichie Ashburn*Phillies
Diamond CutsDC-WSWillie Stargell*Pirates
Diamond CutsDC-ALAl Lopez*Dodgers
Diamond CutsDC-HCHappy Chandler*Hall of Fame
Diamond CutsDC-ELErnie Lombardi*Reds
Diamond CutsDC-HKHarmon KillebrewTwins
Diamond CutsDC-SMStan MusialCardinals
Diamond CutsDC-RKRalph KinerPirates
Diamond CutsDC-HGHeinie Groh*Reds
Diamond CutsDC-BHBabe Herman*Robins
Diamond CutsDC-CMChief Meyers*Giants
Diamond CutsDC-JPJohnny Pesky*Red Sox
Diamond CutsDC-RBRube Bressler*Reds
Diamond CutsDC-SISam Rice*Senators
Diamond CutsDC-STSpecs Toporcer*Cardinals
Diamond CutsDC-DWDick Williams*Athletics
Diamond CutsDC-LDLarry Doby*Indians
Diamond CutsDC-GCGary CarterMontreal Expos
Diamond CutsDC-GKGeorge Kell*Tigers
Diamond CutsDC-JPJohnny PodresDodgers
Diamond CutsDC-ABAl Bridwell*Giants
Diamond CutsDC-HHHarry HooperRed Sox
Diamond CutsDC-DLDon Larsen*Yankees
Diamond DecoDD-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
Diamond DecoDD-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
Diamond DecoDD-RCRoberto ClementePirates
Diamond DecoDD-TTTrea TurnerNationals
Diamond DecoDD-CSCorey SeagerDodgers
Diamond DecoDD-KSKyle SchwarberCubs
Diamond DecoDD-TGTony GwynnPadres
Diamond DecoDD-KPKirby PuckettTwins
Diamond DecoDD-KGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
Diamond DecoDD-LGLou Gehrig*Yankees
DK MaterialsDKM-BRBabe RuthYankees
DK MaterialsDKM-LGLou GehrigYankees
DK MaterialsDKM-EBErnie BanksCubs
DK MaterialsDKM-JRJackie Robinson*Dodgers
DK MaterialsDKM-DMDon MattinglyYankees
DK MaterialsDKM-KCKiki CuylerPirates
DK MaterialsDKM-GHGabby HartnettCubs
DK MaterialsDKM-TLTony LazzeriYankees
DK MaterialsDKM-JCJoe CroninRed Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-MCMax CareyPirates
DK MaterialsDKM-RMRoger MarisYankees
DK MaterialsDKM-TLTed Lyons*White Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-BMBilly MartinYankees
DK MaterialsDKM-HGHeinie GrohReds
DK MaterialsDKM-JCJoe CarterBlue Jays
DK MaterialsDKM-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-JPJorge PosadaYankees
DK MaterialsDKM-HBHarold BainesWhite Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-BJBo JacksonKansas City Royals
DK MaterialsDKM-CJChipper JonesBraves
DK MaterialsDKM-KGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DK MaterialsDKM-CSCurt SchillingDiamondbacks
DK MaterialsDKM-JIJim Rice*Red Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-DWDave WinfieldYankees
DK MaterialsDKM-MTMike TroutAngels
DK MaterialsDKM-KBKris BryantCubs
DK MaterialsDKM-MSMax ScherzerNationals
DK MaterialsDKM-RPRick PorcelloRed Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-CSCorey SeagerDodgers
DK MaterialsDKM-MFMichael FulmerTigers
DK MaterialsDKM-AJAdam JonesOrioles
DK MaterialsDKM-ARAddison RussellCubs
DK MaterialsDKM-CKCorey KluberIndians
DK MaterialsDKM-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
DK MaterialsDKM-JBJavier BaezCubs
DK MaterialsDKM-JRJose RamirezIndians
DK MaterialsDKM-JAJake ArrietaCubs
DK MaterialsDKM-CBCharlie BlackmonRockies
DK MaterialsDKM-AGAdrian GonzalezDodgers
DK MaterialsDKM-MCMatt CarpenterCardinals
DK MaterialsDKM-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
DK MaterialsDKM-YDYu DarvishRangers
DK MaterialsDKM-AMAndrew McCutchenPirates
DK MaterialsDKM-DMDaniel MurphyNationals
DK MaterialsDKM-JAJose AltuveAstros
DK MaterialsDKM-JVJoey VottoReds
DK MaterialsDKM-JUJustin VerlanderTigers
DK MaterialsDKM-MBMookie BettsRed Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-NANolan ArenadoRockies
DK MaterialsDKM-BHBryce HarperNationals
DK MaterialsDKM-JDJosh DonaldsonBlue Jays
DK MaterialsDKM-CYChristian YelichMarlins
DK MaterialsDKM-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
DK MaterialsDKM-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-AWAdam WainwrightCardinals
DK MaterialsDKM-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
DK MaterialsDKM-MBMadison BumgarnerGiants
DK MaterialsDKM-CSChris SaleWhite Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-CHCole HamelsRangers
DK MaterialsDKM-JCJohnny CuetoGiants
DK MaterialsDKM-DPDavid PriceRed Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-MTMasahiro TanakaYankees
DK MaterialsDKM-CBCody BellingerDodgers
DK MaterialsDKM-EJEloy JimenezCubs
DK MaterialsDKM-IHIan HappCubs
DK MaterialsDKM-BZBradley ZimmerIndians
DK MaterialsDKM-FBFranklin BarretoAthletics
DK MaterialsDKM-AAAnthony AlfordBlue Jays
DK MaterialsDKM-BABrian AndersonMarlins
DK MaterialsDKM-TOTyler O'NeillMariners
DK MaterialsDKM-JMJ.D. MartinezTigers
DK MaterialsDKM-NGNick GordonTwins
DK MaterialsDKM-TTTim TebowMets
DK MaterialsDKM-BHBrent HoneywellRays
DK MaterialsDKM-AMAustin MeadowsPirates
DK MaterialsDKM-FMFrancis MartesAstros
DK MaterialsDKM-YMYadier MolinaCardinals
DK MaterialsDKM-JRJ.T. RealmutoMarlins
DK MaterialsDKM-ABAdrian BeltreRangers
DK MaterialsDKM-RCRobinson CanoMariners
DK MaterialsDKM-JKJason KipnisIndians
DK MaterialsDKM-RORougned OdorRangers
DK MaterialsDKM-CCCarlos CorreaAstros
DK MaterialsDKM-BPBuster PoseyGiants
DK MaterialsDKM-EAElvis AndrusRangers
DK MaterialsDKM-JBJackie Bradley Jr.Red Sox
DK MaterialsDKM-FHFelix HernandezMariners
DK MaterialsDKM-CAChris ArcherRays
DK MaterialsDKM-CKClayton KershawDodgers
DK MaterialsDKM-KMKenta MaedaDodgers
DK MaterialsDKM-MMManny MachadoOrioles
DK MaterialsDKM-GSGiancarlo StantonMarlins
DK MaterialsDKM-TTTrea TurnerNationals
DK MaterialsDKM-KSKyle SchwarberCubs
DK MaterialsDKM-TSTrevor StoryRockies
DK MaterialsDKM-JPJose PerazaReds
DK MaterialsDKM-MTMike TroutAngels
DK MaterialsDKM-KBKris BryantCubs
DK OriginalsDO-1Anthony RizzoCubs
DK OriginalsDO-2Corey KluberIndians
DK OriginalsDO-3Corey SeagerDodgers
DK OriginalsDO-4Daniel MurphyNationals
DK OriginalsDO-5Freddie FreemanBraves
DK OriginalsDO-6Jose AltuveAstros
DK OriginalsDO-7Josh DonaldsonBlue Jays
DK OriginalsDO-8Kris BryantCubs
DK OriginalsDO-9Manny MachadoOrioles
DK OriginalsDO-10Max ScherzerNationals
DK OriginalsDO-11Mike TroutAngels
DK OriginalsDO-12Mookie BettsRed Sox
DK OriginalsDO-13Rick PorcelloRed Sox
DK OriginalsDO-14Bill MazeroskiPirates
DK OriginalsDO-15Dave WinfieldPadres
DK OriginalsDO-16Jim PalmerOrioles
DK OriginalsDO-17Mike SchmidtPhillies
DK OriginalsDO-18Ozzie SmithCardinals
DK OriginalsDO-19Paul MolitorTwins
DK OriginalsDO-20Pedro MartinezRed Sox
DK OriginalsDO-21Reggie JacksonYankees
DK OriginalsDO-22Robin YountBrewers
DK OriginalsDO-23Ryne SandbergCubs
DK OriginalsDO-24Tony GwynnPadres
DK OriginalsDO-25Wade BoggsRed Sox
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-YMYoan MoncadaRed Sox
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-ARAlex ReyesCardinals
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-TGTyler GlasnowPirates
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-DSDansby SwansonBraves
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-ABAlex BregmanAstros
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-ABAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-DDDavid DahlRockies
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-JDJose De LeonDodgers
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-JMJoe MusgroveAstros
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-JBJosh BellPirates
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-MMManuel MargotPadres
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-AJAaron JudgeYankees
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-DPDavid PaulinoAstros
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-RLReynaldo LopezNationals
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-JHJeff HoffmanRockies
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-BSBraden ShipleyDiamondbacks
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-HRHunter RenfroePadres
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-JAJorge AlfaroPhillies
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-CFCarson FulmerWhite Sox
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-LWLuke WeaverCardinals
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-RTRaimel TapiaRockies
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-AMAdalberto MejiaTwins
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-GCGavin CecchiniMets
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-JJJacoby JonesTigers
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-YMYohander MendezRangers
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-CPChad PinderAthletics
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-CKCarson KellyCardinals
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-TMTrey ManciniOrioles
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-THTeoscar HernandezAstros
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-RHRyon HealyAthletics
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-EGErik GonzalezIndians
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-RQRoman QuinnPhillies
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-MOMatt OlsonAthletics
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-YMYoan MoncadaWhite Sox
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-DDDavid DahlRockies
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-JCJharel CottonAthletics
DK Rookie SignaturesRS-JTJake ThompsonPhillies
DK Signatures1Joe PanikGiants
DK Signatures2Yadier MolinaCardinals
DK Signatures3Manny MachadoOrioles
DK Signatures4Aledmys DiazCardinals
DK Signatures5Trevor Story*Rockies
DK Signatures6Julio UriasDodgers
DK Signatures7Trea TurnerNationals
DK Signatures8Noah SyndergaardMets
DK Signatures9John CusackCubs
DK Signatures10Buster PoseyGiants
DK Signatures11Sonny Gray*Athletics
DK Signatures13Eric HosmerKansas City Royals
DK Signatures14Brian Dozier*Twins
DK Signatures15Kyle SeagerMariners
DK Signatures16Eloy JimenezCubs
DK Signatures17Yasmany TomasDiamondbacks
DK Signatures18Charlie BlackmonRockies
DK Signatures19Michael BrantleyIndians
DK Signatures20Jake ArrietaCubs
DK Signatures22Bill BucknerCubs
DK Signatures23Todd Frazier*White Sox
DK Signatures24Evan LongoriaRays
DK Signatures25David WrightMets
DK Signatures26Joe MauerTwins
DK Signatures27Max ScherzerNationals
DK Signatures28Xander BogaertsRed Sox
DK Signatures30Corey KluberIndians
DK Signatures31Kyle SchwarberCubs
DK Signatures32Adrian BeltreRangers
DK Signatures33Nelson CruzMariners
DK Signatures34Corey SeagerDodgers
DK Signatures37Jason HeywardCubs
DK Signatures38Ozhaino AlbiesBraves
DK Signatures39Cody BellingerDodgers
DK Signatures40Nolan Ryan*Astros
DK Signatures41Gary Sanchez*Yankees
DK Signatures42Gary SanchezYankees
DK Signatures43Austin MeadowsPirates
DK Signatures44Luis SeverinoYankees
DK Signatures45Robert StephensonReds
DK Signatures46George SpringerAstros
DK Signatures47Aaron SanchezBlue Jays
DK Signatures48Cameron RuppPhillies
DK Signatures49Jose RamirezIndians
DK Signatures50Matt SzczurCubs
DK Signatures51Tanner RoarkNationals
DK Signatures52Wilin RosarioRockies
DK Signatures53Mike FoltynewiczBraves
DK Signatures54Jorge SolerCubs
DK Signatures55Kendall GravemanAthletics
DK Signatures56Cory SpangenbergPadres
DK Signatures57Richie ShafferRays
DK Signatures58Brandon NimmoMets
DK Signatures59Cole HamelsRangers
DK Signatures60Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners
Heritage Collection1Al KalineTigers
Heritage Collection2Bill MazeroskiPirates
Heritage Collection3Bob FellerIndians
Heritage Collection4Bruce SutterCubs
Heritage Collection5Cal RipkenOrioles
Heritage Collection6Carlton FiskWhite Sox
Heritage Collection7Catfish HunterAthletics
Heritage Collection8Frank ThomasWhite Sox
Heritage Collection9George BrettKansas City Royals
Heritage Collection10Jim BunningPhillies
Heritage Collection11Jim RiceRed Sox
Heritage Collection12Joe MorganReds
Heritage Collection13John SmoltzBraves
Heritage Collection14Juan MarichalGiants
Heritage Collection15Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners
Heritage Collection16Kirby PuckettTwins
Heritage Collection17Mike PiazzaMets
Heritage Collection18Nolan RyanAstros
Heritage Collection19Ozzie SmithCardinals
Heritage Collection20Phil NiekroBraves
Heritage Collection21Eddie MurrayOrioles
Heritage Collection22Rickey HendersonAthletics
Heritage Collection23Rod CarewCalifornia Angels
Heritage Collection24Rollie FingersAthletics
Heritage Collection25Tony GwynnPadres
Heritage Collection26Tony PerezReds
Heritage Collection27Wade BoggsRed Sox
Heritage Collection28Willie McCoveyGiants
Heritage Collection Material Signatures1Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners
Heritage Collection Material Signatures3Bob GibsonCardinals
Heritage Collection Material Signatures4Dave WinfieldYankees
Heritage Collection Material Signatures5Ozzie SmithPadres
Heritage Collection Material Signatures6Juan Gonzalez*Rangers
Heritage Collection Material Signatures7Gaylord PerryMariners
Heritage Collection Material Signatures8Rafael PalmeiroRangers
Heritage Collection Material Signatures9Bill BucknerCubs
Heritage Collection Material Signatures10Todd HeltonRockies
Heritage Collection Material Signatures11Wade BoggsRed Sox
Heritage Collection Material Signatures13Nomar GarciaparraRed Sox
Heritage Collection Material Signatures14Bernie WilliamsYankees
Heritage Collection Material Signatures15Carlos DelgadoFlorida Marlins
Jersey Kings1Brian Dozier*Twins
Jersey Kings2Nomar MazaraRangers
Jersey Kings3Brandon DruryDiamondbacks
Jersey Kings4Tim AndersonWhite Sox
Jersey Kings5Hyun Soo KimOrioles
Jersey Kings6Aledmys DiazCardinals
Jersey Kings7Gary SanchezYankees
Jersey Kings8Michael FulmerTigers
Jersey Kings9Seung-Hwan OhCardinals
Jersey Kings11Lou GehrigYankees
Jersey Kings12Kirby PuckettTwins
Jersey Kings13Tim RainesMontreal Expos
Jersey Kings14Kyle SchwarberCubs
Jersey Kings15Stephen PiscottyCardinals
Jersey Kings16Trea TurnerNationals
Jersey Kings17Daniel MurphyNationals
Jersey Kings18Charlie BlackmonRockies
Jersey Kings19Matt CarpenterCardinals
Jersey Kings20Adrian GonzalezDodgers
Jersey Kings21Giancarlo StantonMarlins
Jersey Kings22Manny MachadoOrioles
Jersey Kings23Ian DesmondRangers
Jersey Kings24Cole HamelsRangers
Jersey Kings25Roberto ClementePirates
Jersey Kings26Pee Wee ReeseDodgers
Jersey Kings27Joe DiMaggio*Yankees
Jersey Kings28Roger MarisYankees
Jersey Kings29Lefty Gomez*Yankees
Jersey Kings30Herb PennockRed Sox
Jersey Kings Signatures1Brian DozierTwins
Jersey Kings Signatures2Jose AbreuWhite Sox
Jersey Kings Signatures3Anthony Rizzo*Cubs
Jersey Kings Signatures4Joe PanikGiants
Jersey Kings Signatures5Jason KipnisIndians
Jersey Kings Signatures7Gary SanchezYankees
Jersey Kings Signatures8Paul Goldschmidt*Diamondbacks
Jersey Kings Signatures9Max ScherzerNationals
Jersey Kings Signatures10Ozzie SmithCardinals
Jersey Kings Signatures11Fernando ValenzuelaDodgers
Jersey Kings Signatures13Nick CastellanosTigers
Jersey Kings Signatures14Marcus SemienAthletics
Jersey Kings Signatures15J.T. RealmutoMarlins
Jersey Kings Signatures16Randal GrichukCardinals
Jersey Kings Signatures17Steven SouzaRays
Jersey Kings Signatures18Matt BarnesRed Sox
Jersey Kings Signatures19Brandon FinneganReds
Jersey Kings Signatures20Jake LambDiamondbacks
Jersey Kings Signatures21Matt CarpenterCardinals
Jersey Kings Signatures22David PriceRed Sox
Jersey Kings Signatures23Adam Jones*Orioles
Jersey Kings Signatures24Stephen StrasburgNationals
Jersey Kings Signatures25Maikel FrancoPhillies
Jersey Kings Signatures26Alex GordonKansas City Royals
Jersey Kings Signatures27Garrett RichardsAngels
Jersey Kings Signatures28Hisashi IwakumaMariners
Jersey Kings Signatures29Ryan BraunBrewers
Jersey Kings Signatures30Devon TravisBlue Jays
Jersey Kings Signatures31Jonathan SchoopOrioles
Jersey Kings Signatures32Albert Pujols*Angels
Jersey Kings Signatures33Steven MatzMets
Jersey Kings Signatures34Tom KoehlerMarlins
Jersey Kings Signatures35Brett GardnerYankees
Jersey Kings Signatures36Trea TurnerNationals
Jersey Kings Signatures37Wade BoggsYankees
Jersey Kings Signatures38Ozzie SmithPadres
Jersey Kings Signatures39Vladimir GuerreroMontreal Expos
Jersey Kings Signatures40Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners
Limited Lithos1Roger ClemensRed Sox
Limited Lithos2Pete RoseReds
Limited Lithos3Don MattinglyYankees
Limited Lithos4Noah SyndergaardMets
Limited Lithos5Bo JacksonKansas City Royals
Limited Lithos6Chipper JonesBraves
Limited Lithos7Nomar Mazara*Rangers
Limited Lithos8Todd HeltonRockies
Limited Lithos9Ryne SandbergCubs
Limited Lithos10Ken Griffey Jr.Reds
Limited Lithos11Bob GibsonCardinals
Limited Lithos12Jose AbreuWhite Sox
Limited Lithos14Ross StriplingDodgers
Limited Lithos15Edgar MartinezMariners
Limited Lithos16Aaron NolaPhillies
Limited Lithos17Trevor Story*Rockies
Limited Lithos18George SpringerAstros
Limited Lithos19Max ScherzerNationals
Limited Lithos20Mark GraceDiamondbacks
Limited Lithos21David WrightMets
Limited Lithos22Rickey HendersonAthletics
Limited Lithos23Matt SzczurCubs
Limited Lithos24Michael TaylorNationals
Limited Lithos25Matt CarpenterCardinals
Limited Lithos26Bill BucknerCubs
Limited Lithos27Willson ContrerasCubs
Limited Lithos28Darryl StrawberryDodgers
Limited Lithos29Jeff BagwellAstros
Limited Lithos30Steven MatzMets
Memorable Moment1Babe RuthYankees
Memorable Moment2Nolan RyanRangers
Memorable Moment3Grover AlexanderPhillies
Memorable Moment4Ernie BanksCubs
Memorable Moment5Honus WagnerPirates
Memorable Moment6Jackie RobinsonDodgers
Memorable Moment7Jim BottomleyCardinals
Memorable Moment8Joe DiMaggioYankees
Memorable Moment9Kirby PuckettTwins
Memorable Moment10Lefty GomezYankees
Memorable Moment11Lou GehrigYankees
Memorable Moment12Luke ApplingWhite Sox
Memorable Moment13Reggie JacksonYankees
Memorable Moment14Nellie FoxWhite Sox
Memorable Moment15Paul WanerPirates
Memorable Moment16Roberto ClementePirates
Memorable Moment17Ted WilliamsRed Sox
Memorable Moment18Ty CobbTigers
Recollection Collection Buybacks1Albert PujolsAngels
Recollection Collection Buybacks2Derek JeterYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks3Derek JeterYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks4Derek JeterYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks5Derek JeterYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks6George BrettKansas City Royals
Recollection Collection Buybacks7Josh DonaldsonBlue Jays
Recollection Collection Buybacks8Mariano RiveraYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks9Roger ClemensYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks10Roger ClemensYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks11Roger ClemensYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks12Roger ClemensRed Sox
Recollection Collection Buybacks13Roger ClemensRed Sox
Recollection Collection Buybacks14Roger ClemensYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks15Roger ClemensYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks16Roger ClemensYankees
Recollection Collection Buybacks17Michael BrantleyIndians
Recollection Collection Buybacks18George SpringerAstros
Recollection Collection Buybacks19Gerrit ColePirates
Recollection Collection Buybacks20IchiroMariners
Recollection Collection Buybacks21IchiroMariners
Recollection Collection Buybacks22IchiroMariners
Base126Yoan MoncadaWhite SoxRC
Base127Alex ReyesCardinalsRC
Base128Tyler GlasnowPiratesRC
Base129Dansby SwansonBravesRC
Base130Alex BregmanAstrosRC
Base131Andrew BenintendiRed SoxRC
Base132Orlando ArciaBrewersRC
Base133David DahlRockiesRC
Base134Jose De LeonDodgersRC
Base135Joe MusgroveAstrosRC
Base136Josh BellPirates