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2017 Cryptozoic Arrow Season Four Checklist

Release Year Archive: 2017

Manufacturer Archive: Cryptozoic

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2017 Cryptozoic Arrow trading cards commemorate the fourth season of the popular CW drama, Arrow. With a base set of 72 cards, several insert sets, and a silver foil parallel, collectors will have a fairly easy but enjoyable time compiling this series. The list of autograph signers includes the biggest names from the show including the Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell.

Our checklist includes all base and insert cards and can be searched or sorted by several parameters.

2017 Cryptozoic Arrow Season Four Checklist
Base Set – 72 Cards
Silver Foil – 1:3
Characters (CB) – 9 Cards, 1:3
Silver Foil – 1:3
Locations (L) – 9 Cards, 1:3
Silver Foil – 1:3
Olicity (OF) – 9 Cards, 1:3
Silver Foil – 1:3
Stickers (S) – 9 Cards, 1:24
CZ STR PWR (S0) – 10 Cards
Red – 1:144
Silver – 1:288
Gold – #/25
Black – 1/1
Autographs – 30 Cards, 1:24
Dual Auto (CRFH) – 1 Card, 1:2880
Wardrobe and Prop (M & PR) – 30 Cards, 1:24
Dual Wardrobe (DM) – 7 Cards, 1:146
Triple Wardrobe (TM) – 1 Card, 1:5164
Sketch Cards – 1:288
Printing Plates – 1:180
Redemption – 1:6541
Promo Card (P) – 1 Card
-#Card Title
1Title Card
2A Ghost Town
3Green Arrow
4What Are You Going to Call Yourself?
5Danforth for Mayor
6Self-Defense Classes
7Can You Handle This, Speedy?
9Since When Have You Been a Badass?
10Where is H.I.V.E.?
11Do You Remember me?
12She's Not My Daughter
13Honoring Moira Queen
14She Tried to Kill Me
15I Want You to Do It
16Sara's Back
17Everyone Can Hear Us
18Shrink Ray
19Feeling Lonely?
21What Do They Want?
22Gauntlet Thrown
23Welcome to the New Normal
24He'll Be the Death of the World
25A Do-Over
26Everybody Get Down!
27We're at War
28We Hired Marines as Caterers
30He Has Hostages
31Where's My Family?
32We Need Felicity
33Damien Darhk Did This
34Felicity's Back
35A Shocking Return
36Run Like Hell
37You Were Amazing Out There
38The League of Assassins in Star City
39Think of Thea
40Why Are We Waiting?
41It's As If the Building Attacked
42We're the Next Target
43I Did It to Protect You
44A Walk to Remember
45Where's William?
46Time For Plan B
47Darhk Days
48You Are My Always
49Love Is A Bullet to the Brain
50The Bee's Inside Him
52If I Can't Walk, You Can't Live
53One Last Time
54Father-Daughter Face-Off
55She's Gonna Be Fine
56Too Late
57Laurel's Gone
58Blaming Ourselves
59The Black Canary
60I'm Not Playing Anymore
61Resist the Darhk-Ness
62Welcome to Tevat Noah
65Anarky Returns
67I Will Kill You
68There's No Time
70Green Arrow vs. Damien Darhk
71Mayor Queen of Star City
CB1Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk
CB2Jimmy Akingbola as Baron Reiter
CB3Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt
CB4Janet Kidder as Ruve Adams
CB5Nolan Funk as Cooper Seldon/Brother Eye
CB6Eugene Byrd as Andy Diggle
CB7Elysia Rotaru as Taiana Venediktov
CB8Parker Young as Alex Davis
CB9Alexander Calvert as Lonnie Machin/Anarky
L1Lian Yu
L2Ivy Town House
L3Nanda Parbat
L4Lazarus Pit
L5Star City Metro Police Station
L6Queen Campaign Headquarters
L7Arrow Bunker
L8Palmer Technologies
L9Tevat Noah
OF1No Title
OF2No Title
OF3No Title
OF4No Title
OF5No Title
OF6No Title
OF7No Title
OF8No Title
OF9No Title
S1Black Canary
S2Green Arrow
S3The Flash
S8Green Arrow and Felicity
S01Oliver Queen
S02Green Arrow
S03Thea Queen
S05John Diggle
S07Felicity Smoak
S09Laurel Lance
S10Black Canary
AGMAdrian Glynn McMorran as Michael Amar/Murmur
AC1Alexander Calvert as Lonnie Machin
AC2Alexander Calvert as Anarky
AGAmy Gumenick as Carrie Gutter/Cupid
AHAnna Hopkins as Samantha Clayton
AMAAudrey Marie Anderson as Lyla Michaels
CL1Caity Lotz as Sara Lance
CL2Caity Lotz as The Canary
CCCasper Crump as Vandal Savage
CHRCharlotte Ross as Donna Smoak
CR1Ciara Renee as Kendra Saunders
CR2Ciara Renee as Hawkgirl
EBREmily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak
EMKEmily Kinny as Brie Larvan/Bug-Eyed Bandit
FH1Falk Hentschel as Carter Hall
FH2Falk Hentschel as Hawkman
JKJanet Kidder as Ruve Adams
JRJeri Ryan as Jessica Danforth
JRBJR Bourne as Jeremy Tell/Double Down
KC1Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance
KLKatrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul
MRMatt Ryan as Constantine
NMNeal McDonough as Damien Darhk
NGFNolan Gerrard Funk as Cooper Seldon
PYParker Young as Alex Davis
RF1Rila Fukushima as Tatsu Yamashiro
RF2Rila Fukushima as Katana
SA1Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
SA2Stephen Amell as Green Arrow
TSTiera Skovbye as Madison Danforth
CRFHCiara Renee and Falk Hentschel
M01Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
M02Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance
M03David Ramsey as John Diggle
M04Willa Holland as Thea
M05Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk
M06Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
M07JR Bourne as Jeremy Tell
M08John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn
M09Colton Haynes as Roy Harper
M10Jimmy Akingbola as Baron Reiter
M11Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
M12Willa Holland as Speedy
M13Caity Lotz as The Canary
M14John Barrowman as Ra's al Ghul
M15Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul
M16Alexander Calvert as Lonnie Machin
M17Katie Cassidy as Black Canary
M18Stephen Amell as Green Arrow
M19Colton Haynes as Arsenal
M20Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt
M21Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
M22Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk
M23Amy Gumenick as Cupid
PR1Mayoral Campaign Flyer
PR2Double Down's Playing Card
PR3Oliver's Note
PR4Constantine's Scroll
PR5Queen Family Photo
PR6Andy Diggle Record
PR7Carrie Cutter Record
B1Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
DM1Damien Darhk
DM4The Atom
DM5The Canary and Black Canary
DM6Green Arrow and Speedy
DM7Nyssa al Ghul and Ra's Al Ghul
TM1Arsenal, Spartan, and Black Canary
P1NSU Magazine