2016/2017 Panini Eternal Checklist

Release Year Archive: 2016, 2017

Manufacturer Archive: Panini

Tag Archive: Eternal

Category Archive: Basketball Card Checklists, Football Card Checklists, Soccer Card Checklists


2016/2017 Panini Eternal trading cards are released, as an online exclusive, Monday through Friday and are available for sale for 48 hours. Covering baseball, football, basketball, these cards commemorate the greatest moments in each sport with high-quality relics and variants for serious collectors.

Our checklist includes all of the cards released in this series and can be sorted by several parameters.

-#PlayerCard TypeShort Print
PE-AI1Andre IguodalaBase Relic
PE-AI1Andre IguodalaPurple Relic99
PE-AI1Andre IguodalaGold Relic50
PE-AI1Andre IguodalaBlue Relic25
PE-AI1Andre IguodalaGreen Relic10
PE-AI1Andre IguodalaOrange Relic5
PE-AI1Andre IguodalaBlack Relic1
PE-BF1Brett FavreGreen Diamond20
PE-BF1Brett FavreOrange Diamond5
PE-BF1Brett FavreBlack Diamond1
PE-BF1Marvin HarrisonBlue Diamond20
PE-BF1Marvin HarrisonOrange Diamond5
PE-BF1Marvin HarrisonBlack Diamond1
PE-BS12Bruce SmithOrange Diamond5
PE-BS12Bruce SmithBlue Diamond20
PE-BS12Bruce SmithBlack Diamond1
PE-BS17Barry SandersBlue Diamond20
PE-BS17Barry SandersOrange Diamond5
PE-BS17Barry SandersBlack Diamond1
PE-C1Julio JonesBlue Relic25
PE-C1Julio JonesGreen Relic10
PE-C1Julio JonesBlack Relic1
PE-C2Eddie LacyBase Relic
PE-C2Eddie LacyBlue Relic25
PE-C2Eddie LacyGreen Relic10
PE-C2Eddie LacyBlack Relic1
PE-C3Amari CooperBase Relic
PE-C3Amari CooperBlue Relic25
PE-C3Amari CooperGreen Relic10
PE-C3Amari CooperBlack Relic1
PE-C4Kelvin BenjaminBase Relic
PE-C4Kelvin BenjaminBlue Relic25
PE-C4Kelvin BenjaminGreen Relic10
PE-C4Kelvin BenjaminBlack Relic1
PE-C5Jameis WinstonBase Relic
PE-C5Jameis WinstonBlue Relic25
PE-C5Jameis WinstonGreen Relic10
PE-C5Jameis WinstonBlack Relic1
PE-C6Devonta FreemanBase Relic
PE-C6Devonta FreemanBlue Relic25
PE-C6Devonta FreemanGreen Relic10
PE-C6Devonta FreemanBlack Relic1
PE-C7Ezekiel ElliottBase Relic
PE-C7Ezekiel ElliottBlue Relic25
PE-C7Ezekiel ElliottGreen Relic10
PE-C7Ezekiel ElliottBlack Relic1
PE-C8Cardale JonesBase Relic
PE-C8Cardale JonesBlue Relic25
PE-C8Cardale JonesGreen Relic10
PE-C8Cardale JonesBlack Relic1
PE-C9Joey BosaBase Relic
PE-C9Joey BosaBlue Relic25
PE-C9Joey BosaGreen Relic10
PE-C9Joey BosaBlack Relic1
PE-C10Derrick HenryBase Relic
PE-C10Derrick HenryBlue Relic25
PE-C10Derrick HenryGreen Relic10
PE-C10Derrick HenryBlack Relic1
PE-CA2Carmelo AnthonyBase Relic
PE-CA2Carmelo AnthonyBlue Relic25
PE-CA2Carmelo AnthonyGreen Relic10
PE-CA2Carmelo AnthonyOrange Relic5
PE-CA2Carmelo AnthonyBlack Relic1
PE-CC6Cris CarterPurple Diamond20
PE-CC6Cris CarterOrange Diamond5
PE-CC6Cris CarterBlack Diamond1
PE-CM6Curtis MartinGreen Diamond20
PE-CM6Curtis MartinOrange Diamond5
PE-CM6Curtis MartinBlack Diamond1
PE-CR1Cristiano RonaldoBase Jersey
PE-CR1Cristiano RonaldoYellow Relic40
PE-CR1Cristiano RonaldoBlue Relic25
PE-CR1Cristiano RonaldoGreen Relic10
PE-CR1Cristiano RonaldoGold Relic7
PE-CR1Cristiano RonaldoOrange Relic5
PE-CR1Cristiano RonaldoBlack Relic1
PE-DB1Patrick EwingGreen Variant5
PE-DB1Patrick EwingBlack Variant1
PE-DB2Kobe BryantGreen Variant5
PE-DB2Kobe BryantBlack Variant1
PE-DB3Russell WestbrookGreen Variant5
PE-DB3Russell WestbrookBlack Variant1
PE-DB4Carmelo AnthonyGreen Variant5
PE-DB4Carmelo AnthonyBlack Variant1
PE-DB5Dwayne WadeBlack Variant1
PE-DB6Tracy McGradyGreen Variant5
PE-DB6Tracy McGradyBlack Variant1
PE-DB7Scottie PippenGreen Variant5
PE-DB7Scottie PippenBlack Variant1
PE-DB8Dominique WilkinsGreen Variant5
PE-DB8Dominique WilkinsBlack Variant1
PE-DB9Nate ArchibaldGreen Variant5
PE-DB9Nate ArchibaldBlack Variant1
PE-DB10Bill RussellGreen Variant5
PE-DB10Bill RussellBlack Variant1
PE-DB12Bernard KingBlack Variant1
PE-DB12Bernard KingGreen Variant5
PE-DB13Wilt ChamberlainGreen Variant5
PE-DB13Wilt ChamberlainBlack Variant1
PE-DF1Gale SayersGreen Variant5
PE-DF1Gale SayersBlack Variant1
PE-DF2Brandon MarshallGreen Variant5
PE-DF2Brandon MarshallBlack Variant1
PE-DF3Dan MarinoGreen Variant5
PE-DF3Dan MarinoBlack Variant1
PE-DF4Marvin HarrisonGreen Variant5
PE-DF4Marvin HarrisonBlack Variant1
PE-DF5Warren MoonGreen Variant5
PE-DF5Warren MoonBlack Variant1
PE-DF6Peyton ManningGreen Variant5
PE-DF6Peyton ManningBlack Variant1
PE-DF7Jerry RiceGreen Variant5
PE-DF8DeSean JacksonGreen Variant5
PE-DF8DeSean JacksonBlack Variant1
PE-DF9Ben RoethlisbergerGreen Variant5
PE-DF9Ben RoethlisbergerBlack Variant1
PE-DF10Barry SandersGreen Variant5
PE-DF10Barry SandersBlack Variant1
PE-DF11Brett FavreGreen Variant5
PE-DF11Brett FavreBlack Variant1
PE-DF12Franco HarrisGreen Variant5
PE-DF12Franco HarrisBlack Variant1
PE-DF13Joe NamathGreen Variant5
PE-DF13Joe NamathBlack Variant1
PE-DG1Draymond GreenBase Relic
PE-DG1Draymond GreenPurple Relic99
PE-DG1Draymond GreenGold Relic50
PE-DG1Draymond GreenBlue Relic25
PE-DG1Draymond GreenGreen Relic10
PE-DG1Draymond GreenOrange Relic5
PE-DG1Draymond GreenBlack Relic1
PE-DM15Dan MarinoBlue Diamond20
PE-DM15Dan MarinoOrange Diamond5
PE-DM15Dan MarinoBlack Diamond1
PE-DZ1Dak Prescott/Ezekiel ElliottBase Relic
PE-DZ1Dak Prescott/Ezekiel ElliottGreen Relic10
PE-DZ1Dak Prescott/Ezekiel ElliottOrange Relic5
PE-DZ1Dak Prescott/Ezekiel ElliottBlack Relic1
PE-ES11Emmitt SmithBlue Diamond20
PE-ES11Emmitt SmithOrange Diamond5
PE-ES11Emmitt SmithBlack Diamond1
PE-HB1Harrison BarnesBase Relic
PE-HB1Harrison BarnesPurple Relic99
PE-HB1Harrison BarnesYellow Relic50
PE-HB1Harrison BarnesBlue Relic25
PE-HB1Harrison BarnesGreen Relic10
PE-HB1Harrison BarnesOrange Relic5
PE-HB1Harrison BarnesBlack Relic1
PE-JB3Jerome BettisGold Diamond20
PE-JB3Jerome BettisOrange Diamond5
PE-JB3Jerome BettisBlack Diamond1
PE-JE16John ElwayBlue Diamond20
PE-JE16John ElwayOrange Diamond5
PE-JE16John ElwayBlack Diamond1
PE-JN20Joe NamathBase
PE-JN20Joe NamathBase Diamond20
PE-JN20Joe NamathOrange Diamons5
PE-JN20Joe NamathBlack Diamond1
PE-JR1J.R. SmithBase Relic
PE-JR1J.R. SmithPurple Relic99
PE-JR1J.R. SmithGold Relic50
PE-JR1J.R. SmithBlue Relic25
PE-JR1J.R. SmithGreen Relic10
PE-JR1J.R. SmithOrange Relic5
PE-JR1J.R. SmithBlack Relic1
PE-JR10Jerry RiceRed Diamond20
PE-JR10Jerry RiceOrange Diamond5
PE-JR10Jerry RiceBlack Diamond1
PE-KB1Kobe BryantPurple Relic99
PE-KB1Kobe BryantYellow Relic50
PE-KB1Kobe BryantBlue Relic25
PE-KB1Kobe BryantGreen Relic10
PE-KB1Kobe BryantOrange Relic5
PE-KB1Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB2Kobe BryantPurple Relic99
PE-KB2Kobe BryantYellow Relic50
PE-KB2Kobe BryantBlue Relic25
PE-KB2Kobe BryantGreen Relic10
PE-KB2Kobe BryantOrange Relic5
PE-KB2Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB3Kobe BryantPurple Relic99
PE-KB3Kobe BryantYellow Relic50
PE-KB3Kobe BryantBlue Relic25
PE-KB3Kobe BryantGreen Relic10
PE-KB3Kobe BryantOrange Relic5
PE-KB3Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB4Kobe BryantPurple Relic24
PE-KB4Kobe BryantGold Relic8
PE-KB4Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB5Kobe BryantPurple Jewel24
PE-KB5Kobe BryantGold Jewel8
PE-KB5Kobe BryantBlack Jewel1
PE-KB6Kobe BryantPurple Jewel24
PE-KB6Kobe BryantGold Jewel8
PE-KB6Kobe BryantBlack Jewel1
PE-KB7Kobe BryantPurple Jewel24
PE-KB7Kobe BryantGold Jewel8
PE-KB7Kobe BryantBlack Jewel1
PE-KB8Kobe BryantPurple Relic99
PE-KB8Kobe BryantGold Relic50
PE-KB8Kobe BryantBlue Relic25
PE-KB8Kobe BryantGreen Relic10
PE-KB8Kobe BryantOrange Relic5
PE-KB8Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KP9Kobe BryantPurple Relic50
PE-KP9Kobe BryantBlue Relic24
PE-KP9Kobe BryantGold Relic8
PE-KP9Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB10Kobe BryantBase Relic99
PE-KB10Kobe BryantGold Relic50
PE-KB10Kobe BryantBlue Relic25
PE-KB10Kobe BryantGreen Relic10
PE-KB10Kobe BryantOrange Relic5
PE-KB10Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB11Kobe BryantBase Auto24
PE-KB11Kobe BryantGold Auto8
PE-KB11Kobe BryantBlack Auto1
PE-KB12Kobe BryantGreen Relic10
PE-KB12Kobe BryantBase Relic99
PE-KB12Kobe BryantGold Relic50
PE-KB12Kobe BryantBlue Relic25
PE-KB12Kobe BryantOrange Relic5
PE-KB12Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB13Kobe BryantBase Relic
PE-KB13Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB14Kobe BryantBase Jewel Card24
PE-KB14Kobe BryantGold Jewel Card8
PE-KB14Kobe BryantBlack Jewel Card1
PE-KB15Kobe BryantBase Jewel Card24
PE-KB15Kobe BryantGold Jewel Card8
PE-KB15Kobe BryantBlack Jewel Card1
PE-KB16Kobe BryantBase Relic
PE-KB17Kobe BryantBase
PE-KB17Kobe BryantBase Relic99
PE-KB17Kobe BryantGold Relic50
PE-KB17Kobe BryantBlue Relic25
PE-KB17Kobe BryantGreen Relic10
PE-KB17Kobe BryantOrange Relic5
PE-KB17Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB18Kobe BryantBase
PE-KB18Kobe BryantBase Relic25
PE-KB18Kobe BryantGold Relic8
PE-KB18Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB19Kobe BryantBase
PE-KB19Kobe BryantBase Relic50
PE-KB19Kobe BryantBlue Relic24
PE-KB19Kobe BryantGold Relic8
PE-KB19Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KB20Kobe BryantBase
PE-KB20Kobe BryantBase Relic50
PE-KB20Kobe BryantGold Relic24
PE-KB20Kobe BryantBlack Relic1
PE-KD1Kevin DurantBase Relic
PE-KD1Kevin DurantBlue Relic25
PE-KD1Kevin DurantGreen Relic10
PE-KD1Kevin DurantOrange Relic5
PE-KD1Kevin DurantBlack Relic1
PE-KI1Kyrie IrvingBase Relic
PE-KI1Kyrie IrvingPurple Relic99
PE-KI1Kyrie IrvingGold Relic50
PE-KI1Kyrie IrvingBlue Relic25
PE-KI1Kyrie IrvingGreen Relic10
PE-KI1Kyrie IrvingOrange Relic5
PE-KI1Kyrie IrvingBlack Relic1
PE-KL1Kevin LoveBase Relic
PE-KL1Kevin LovePurple Relic99
PE-KL1Kevin LoveGold Relic50
PE-KL1Kevin LoveBlue Relic25
PE-KL1Kevin LoveGreen Relic10
PE-KL1Kevin LoveOrange Relic5
PE-KL1Kevin LoveBlack Relic1
PE-KT1Klay ThompsonBase Relic
PE-KT1Klay ThompsonPurple Relic99
PE-KT1Klay ThompsonGold Relic50
PE-KT1Klay ThompsonBlue Relic25
PE-KT1Klay ThompsonGreen Relic10
PE-KT1Klay ThompsonOrange Relic5
PE-KT1Klay ThompsonBlack Relic1
PE-LJ1LeBron JamesBase Relic
PE-LJ1LeBron JamesPurple Relic99
PE-LJ1LeBron JamesGole Relic50
PE-LJ1LeBron JamesBlue Relic25
PE-LJ1LeBron JamesGreen Relic10
PE-LJ1LeBron JamesOrange Relic5
PE-LJ1LeBron JamesBlack Relic1
PE-LT18Lawrence TaylorBlue Diamond20
PE-LT18Lawrence TaylorOrange Diamond5
PE-LT18Lawrence TaylorBlack Diamond1
PE-MI13Michael IrvinBlue Diamond20
PE-MI13Michael IrvinOrange Diamond5
PE-MI13Michael IrvinBlack Diamond1
PE-MF7Marshall FaulkBlue Diamond20
PE-MF7Marshall FaulkOrange Diamond5
PE-MF7Marshall FaulkBlack Diamond1
PE-MS5Michael StrahanBlue Diamond20
PE-MS5Michael StrahanOrange Diamond5
PE-MS5Michael StrahanBlack Diamond1
PE-NE1Tom BradyBlue Variant5
PE-NE1Tom BradyBlack Variant1
PE-NE2Troy BrownBlue Variant5
PE-NE2Troy BrownBlack Variant1
PE-NE3Troy BrownBlue Variant5
PE-NE3Troy BrownBlack Variant1
PE-NE4Willie McGinestBlue Variant5
PE-NE4Willie McGinestBlack Variant1
PE-NE5Adam VinatieriBlue Variant5
PE-NE5Adam VinatieriBlack Variant1
PE-NE6Tom BradyBlue Variant5
PE-NE6Tom BradyBlack Variant1
PE-NE7Tom BradyBlue Variant5
PE-NE7Tom BradyBlack Variant1
PE-NE8Adam VinatieriBlue Variant5
PE-NE8Adam VinatieriBlack Variant1
PE-NE9Willie McGinestBlue Variant5
PE-NE9Willie McGinestBlack Variant1
PE-NE10Tom BradyBlue Variant5
PE-NE10Tom BradyBlack Variant1
PE-NE11Troy BrownBlue Jewel5
PE-NE11Troy BrownBlack Jewel1
PE-NE12Adam VinatieriBlue Jewel5
PE-NE12Adam VinatieriBlack Jewel1
PE-NE13Tom BradyBlue Jewel5
PE-NE13Tom BradyBlack Jewel1
PE-PM1Peyton ManningPurple Relic99
PE-PM1Peyton ManningGold Relic50
PE-PM1Peyton ManningBlue Relic25
PE-PM1Peyton ManningGreen Relic10
PE-PM1Peyton ManningOrange Relic5
PE-PM1Peyton ManningBlack Relic1
PE-SC1Stephen CurryBase Relic
PE-SC1Stephen CurryPurple Relic99
PE-SC1Stephen CurryGold Relic50
PE-SC1Stephen CurryBlue Relic25
PE-SC1Stephen CurryGreen Relic10
PE-SC1Stephen CurryOrange Relic5
PE-SC1Stephen CurryBlack Relic1
PE-SS8Shannon SharpeBlue Diamond20
PE-SS8Shannon SharpeOrange Diamond5
PE-SS8Shannon SharpeBlack Diamond1
PE-TA14Troy AikmanBase Diamond20
PE-TA14Troy AikmanOrange Diamond5
PE-TA14Troy AikmanBlack Diamond1
PE-TB4Tim BrownBlue Diamond20
PE-TB4Tim BrownOrange Diamond5
PE-TB4Tim BrownBlack Diamond1
PE-TB19Terry BradshawBase
PE-TB19Terry BradshawGold Diamond20
PE-TB19Terry BradshawOrange Diamond5
PE-TB19Terry BradshawBlack Diamond1
PE-TT1Tristan ThompsonBase Relic
PE-TT1Tristan ThompsonPurple Relic99
PE-TT1Tristan ThompsonYellow Relic50
PE-TT1Tristan ThompsonBlue Relic25
PE-TT1Tristan ThompsonGreen Relic10
PE-TT1Tristan ThompsonOrange Relic5
PE-TT1Tristan ThompsonBlack Relic1