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2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection Checklist

Release Year Archive: 2016

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Museum Collection

Category Archive: UFC Card Checklists


Boxes of 2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection cards contain 8 cards including an auto, auto relic, and relic card.

Our checklist contains all of the cards in this series and can be searched or sorted by fighter, card number, or insert set.

2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection Checklist
Base Set – 45 Cards
Copper – #/135
Gold – #/75
Sapphire – #/50
Ruby – #/25
Emerald – 1/1
Archival Autographs (AA) – 55 Cards
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1
Dual Autographs (DA) – 4 Cards, #/10
Framed Autographs (MCC) – 25 Cards
Gold Frame – #/15
Silver Frame – #/5
Black Frame – 1/1
Canvas Collection (Canvas) – 1/1
Meaningful Memorabilia (MMR) – 24 Cards
Gold – #/35
Copper – #/10
Emerald – 1/1
Museum Memorabilia (MM) – 20 Cards, 1/1
Single Fighter Primary Pieces Quad Relic (PPQ) – 28 Cards
Copper – #/25
Gold – #/10
Emerald – 1/1
Single Fighter Primary Pieces Quad Relic Legends (PPQL) – 11 Cards
Gold – #/5
Emerald – 1/1
Four Fighter Primary Pieces Quad Relics (4PQR) – 6 Cards
Copper – #25
Gold – #/10
Emerald – 1/1
Single Fighter Signature Swatches Relic/Auto (SRA) – 19 Cards
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1
Single Fighter Signature Swatch Dual Relic Auto (SDRA) – 16 Cards
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1
Single Fighter Signature Swatch Triple Relic Auto (SDTA) – 20 Cards
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1
1Georges St-Pierre
2Miesha Tate
3Jessica Aguilar
4Stipe Miocic
5Matt Hughes
6Fabricio Werdum
7Joanna Jędrzejczyk
8Paige VanZant
9Rafael Dos Anjos
10Ronda Rousey
11Anderson Silva
12Michael Bisping
13Tecia Torres
14Conor McGregor
15Anthony Johnson
16Cris Justino
17Cat Zingano
18Ryan Hall
19Antonio Silva
20Glover Teixeira
21Rashad Evans
22Tyron Woodley
23Frankie Edgar
24Forrest Griffin
25Demian Maia
26Cain Velasquez
27Dominick Cruz
28Daniel Cormier
29Chuck Liddell
30José Aldo
31T.J. Dillashaw
32Demetrious Johnson
33Cub Swanson
34Frank Mir
35Rose Namajunas
36Henry Cejudo
37Chris Weidman
38Max Holloway
39Robbie Lawler
40Lyoto Machida
41Holly Holm
42Amanda Nunes
43Khabib Nurmagomedov
44Carla Esparza
45Leslie Smith
CanvasStipe Miocic
CanvasRonda Rousey
CanvasDaniel Cormier
CanvasConor McGregor
CanvasChris Justino
CanvasConor McGregor
CanvasCain Velasquez
CanvasTJ Dillashaw
CanvasRonda Rousey
CanvasDominick Cruz
CanvasJosé Aldo
CanvasMichael Bisping
CanvasHolly Holm
CanvasAnderson Silva
CanvasRobbie Lawler
CanvasMatt Hughes
CanvasForrest Griffin
CanvasAndrei Arlovski
CanvasPaige VanZant
CanvasGlover Teixeira
CanvasLyoto Machida
CanvasDemetrious Johnson
CanvasAnthony Johnson
CanvasChuck Liddell
CanvasConor McGregor
CanvasUriah Faber
CanvasJoanna Jędrzejczyk
CanvasChris Weidman
CanvasEddie Alvarez
PPQ-AJAnthony Johnson
PPQ-ASIAntonio Silva
PPQ-CCCarlos Condit
PPQ-CECarla Esparza
PPQ-CMChad Mendes
PPQ-CMCConor McGregor
PPQ-CSCub Swanson
PPQ-CVCain Velasquez
PPQ-CWChris Weidman
PPQ-CZCat Zingano
PPQ-DCDaniel Cormier
PPQ-DCRDominick Cruz
PPQ-DJDemetrious Johnson
PPQ-DMDemian Maia
PPQ-FEFrankie Edgar
PPQ-FWFabricio Werdum
PPQ-KNKhabib Nurmagomedov
PPQ-MBMichael Bisping
PPQ-MTMiesha Tate
PPQ-NDNick Diaz
PPQ-PVPaige VanZant
PPQ-RDRafael Dos Anjos
PPQ-RERashad Evans
PPQ-RLRobbie Lawler
PPQ-SMStipe Miocic
PPQ-TDTJ Dillashaw
PPQ-TWTyron Woodley
PPQ-UFUrijah Faber
PPQL-ASAnderson Silva
PPQL-CCCris Justino
PPQL-CLChuck Liddell
PPQL-DCDonald Cerrone
PPQL-FMFrank Mir
PPQL-FWFabricio Werdum
PPQL-GSGeorges St-Pierre
PPQL-LMLyoto Machida
PPQL-MHMatt Hughes
PPQL-MRMaurício Shogun Rua
PPQL-UFAUrijah Faber
4PQR-CDFCTJ Dillashaw
4PQR-CDFCUrijah Faber
4PQR-CDFCDominick Cruz
4PQR-CDFCBryan Caraway
4PQR-CDMETJ Dillashaw
4PQR-CDMEDominick Cruz
4PQR-CDMEFrankie Edgar
4PQR-CDMEConor McGregor
4PQR-JCMLConor McGregor
4PQR-JCMLDominick Cruz
4PQR-JCMLRobbie Lawler
4PQR-JCMLDemetrious Johnson
4PQR-MCBLRobbie Lawler
4PQR-MCBLStipe Miocic
4PQR-MCBLMichael Bisping
4PQR-MCBLDaniel Cormier
4PQR-MHEMChad Mendes
4PQR-MHEMMax Holloway
4PQR-MHEMConor McGregor
4PQR-MHEMFrankie Edgar
4PQR-MWVAFabricio Werdum
4PQR-MWVACain Velasquez
4PQR-MWVAAndrei Arlovski
4PQR-MWVAStipe Miocic
MM-ANSAnderson Silva
MM-CCCarlos Condit
MM-CLChuck Liddell
MM-CMConor McGregor
MM-DCDaniel Cormier
MM-DCRDominick Cruz
MM-DJDemetrious Johnson
MM-FWFabricio Werdum
MM-GSGeorges St-Pierre
MM-GTGlover Teixeira
MM-JAJosé Aldo
MM-LMLyoto Machida
MM-MHMatt Hughes
MM-NIDNick Diaz
MM-PVPaige VanZant
MM-RDRafael Dos Anjos
MM-RRRonda Rousey
MM-SMStipe Miocic
MM-TDTJ Dillashaw
MM-UFUrijah Faber
MMR-ASAntonio Silva
MMR-ASIAnderson Silva
MMR-CCOCarlos Condit
MMR-CCYCris Justino
MMR-CLChuck Liddell
MMR-CMConor McGregor
MMR-CWChris Weidman
MMR-DCDominick Cruz
MMR-DCODaniel Cormier
MMR-DJDemetrious Johnson
MMR-FEFrankie Edgar
MMR-FWFabricio Werdum
MMR-GSGeorges St-Pierre
MMR-KNKhabib Nurmagomedov
MMR-LMLyoto Machida
MMR-MHMatt Hughes
MMR-MTMiesha Tate
MMR-NIDNick Diaz
MMR-PVPaige VanZant
MMR-RDRafael Dos Anjos
MMR-RLRobbie Lawler
MMR-SMStipe Miocic
MMR-TDTJ Dillashaw
MMR-UFUrijah Faber
AA-AAAndrei Arlovski
AA-ACArianny Celeste
AA-ASAAndrew Sanchez
AA-ASIAnderson Silva
AA-ASLAntonio Silva
AA-CCOCarlos Condit
AA-CCYCris Justino
AA-CGCláudia Gadelha
AA-CGACody Garbrant
AA-CLChuck Liddell
AA-CMCConor McGregor
AA-CVCain Velasquez
AA-CWChris Weidman
AA-CZCat Zingano
AA-DCODaniel Cormier
AA-DJDemetrious Johnson
AA-DPDustin Poirier
AA-FEFrankie Edgar
AA-FGForrest Griffin
AA-FMIFrank Mir
AA-FWFabricio Werdum
AA-GSGeorges St-Pierre
AA-GTGlover Teixeira
AA-HCHenry Cejudo
AA-JAGJessica Aguilar
AA-JCJohnny Case
AA-JCAJoanne Calderwood
AA-JDOJunior Dos Santos
AA-JHJohny Hendricks
AA-JJJoanna Jędrzejczyk
AA-JJOJon Jones
AA-JMJim Miller
AA-JPJulianna Peña
AA-LMLyoto Machida
AA-MBMichael Bisping
AA-MCHMichael Chiesa
AA-MHUMatt Hughes
AA-MTMiesha Tate
AA-MWMichelle Waterson
AA-NADNate Diaz
AA-NIDNick Diaz
AA-OSOvince Saint Preux
AA-PVPaige VanZant
AA-RBDRyan Bader
AA-RDRafael Dos Anjos
AA-RERashad Evans
AA-RHRyan Hall
AA-RNRose Namajunas
AA-RRRonda Rousey
AA-SMStipe Miocic
AA-TDTJ Dillashaw
AA-TWTyron Woodley
AA-UFUrijah Faber
AA-YRYoel Romero
DA-GJCláudia Gadelha
DA-GJJoanna Jędrzejczyk
DA-HPMatt Hughes
DA-HSMatt Hughes
DA-HSGeorges St-Pierre
DA-VDCain Velasquez
DA-VDJunior Dos Santos
MCC-ASIAnderson Silva
MCC-CCCris Justino
MCC-CCOCarlos Condit
MCC-CGCláudia Gadelha
MCC-CLChuck Liddell
MCC-CMConor McGregor
MCC-CWChris Weidman
MCC-DCODaniel Cormier
MCC-DCRDominick Cruz
MCC-DJDemetrious Johnson
MCC-FGForrest Griffin
MCC-FWFabricio Werdum
MCC-GSPGeorges St-Pierre
MCC-JALJosé Aldo
MCC-JJEJoanna Jędrzejczyk
MCC-LMLyoto Machida
MCC-MHMatt Hughes
MCC-MTMiesha Tate
MCC-NIDNick Diaz
MCC-PVZPaige VanZant
MCC-RRRonda Rousey
MCC-TDTJ Dillashaw
MCC-UFAUrijah Faber
SRA-CJCris Justino
SRA-CWChris Weidman
SRA-CZCat Zingano
SRA-DCDominick Cruz
SRA-DJDemetrious Johnson
SRA-FEFrankie Edgar
SRA-FWFabricio Werdum
SRA-JPJulianna Peña
SRA-LMLyoto Machida
SRA-MBMichael Bisping
SRA-MHMatt Hughes
SRA-MTMiesha Tate
SRA-NIDNick Diaz
SRA-OSOvince Saint Preux
SRA-PVPaige VanZant
SRA-RDRafael Dos Anjos
SRA-SMStipe Miocic
SRA-TDTJ Dillashaw
SRA-UFUrijah Faber
SDRA-AJAnthony Johnson
SDRA-ASAntonio Silva
SDRA-CCOCarlos Condit
SDRA-CZCat Zingano
SDRA-DCEDonald Cerrone
SDRA-DCRDominick Cruz
SDRA-DJDemetrious Johnson
SDRA-JPJulianna Peña
SDRA-MTMiesha Tate
SDRA-NDNate Diaz
SDRA-OSOvince Saint Preux
SDRA-PVPaige VanZant
SDRA-RERashad Evans
SDRA-SMStipe Miocic
SDRA-TDTJ Dillashaw
SDTA-AJAnthony Johnson
SDTA-ASAntonio Silva
SDTA-CCOCarlos Condit
SDTA-CVCain Velasquez
SDTA-CZCat Zingano
SDTA-DCDonald Cerrone
SDTA-DCRDominick Cruz
SDTA-DJDemetrious Johnson
SDTA-FWFabricio Werdum
SDTA-JPJulianna Peña
SDTA-MBMichael Bisping
SDTA-MTMiesha Tate
SDTA-NDNate Diaz
SDTA-PVPaige VanZant
SDTA-RERashad Evans
SDTA-RLRobbie Lawler
SDTA-SMStipe Miocic
SDTA-TDTJ Dillashaw
SDTA-UFUrijah Faber