2016 Topps Throwback 1955 Bowman

2016 Topps Throwback 1955 Bowman

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With the growing popularity of digital cards and the success of the Topps Now daily card offerings, Topps has added another limited run set of baseball cards with their Throwback Thursday series. This internet exclusive collection is released in small batches each Thursday and each batch is only available for one week.

For the first week, Topps decided to throwback 1955 Bowman baseball cards which, for their time, were a clever new design concept. Each card is framed as if on a brand new color television set with the player’s last name appearing in the screen section of the card. This card set is a great collectible as it combines the nostalgia of the first color televisions with some of the greatest names in baseball history.

The players included in this contemporary re-imagining of the legendary Bowman set are Bryce Harper (Nationals), Mike Trout (Angels), Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers), Chris Bryant (Cubs), Trevor Story (Rockies rookie), and Corey Seager (Dodgers rookie).

Cards are numbered 1-6, with next week’s Throwback Thursday cards beginning at number seven, and no variations are available. Topps is selling the six card packs for $19.99 each or three packs for $49.99 and, of course, cards can be purchased online through various secondary retailers.