2016 Topps Santa Claus Checklist

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The 2016 Topps Santa Claus online exclusive set features many of the holiday characters on iconic baseball designs.

The special collection contains 10 cards in each pack including nine Santa variations, along with a randomly inserted autograph by either Santa Claus or Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus.

Our checklist includes all of the trading cards in the online-exclusive series and can be sorted or searched by many different parameters.

2016 Topps Santa Claus Checklist
Base Set – 9 Cards
Autograph Variations – 8 Cards
-#Card TitleDesign HomageAutograph
1St. Nick Cookie Break1977 ToppsAuto
2Mrs. Claus1957 ToppsAuto
3Santa Claus Seasons Greetings1985 ToppsAuto
4Saint Nicholas1971 ToppsAuto
5Elf1969 ToppsAuto
6Reindeer1964 Topps
7Kris Kringle1990 ToppsAuto
8Santa Claus2016 ToppsAuto
9Kris Kringle \'Til Next Year1980 ToppsAuto