2016 Topps Now Preacher Season 1 Checklist

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2016 Topps Now Preacher cards highlight the biggest moments from season one of the hit AMC show in real time. Following each episode, five cards (sold as a pack) are available for purchase via the Topps website for 24 hours. Final print runs are determined by the total number of orders received so once sales are closed, the cards are gone forever.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in the series along with final print runs for each pack.

2016 Topps Now Preacher Season 1 Checklist
Episode 1 – Cards #1-5
Episode 2 – Cards #6-10
Episode 3 – Cards #11-15
Episode 4 – Cards #16-20
Episode 5 – Cards #21-25
Episode 6 – Cards #26-30
Episode 7 – Cards #31-35
Episode 8 – Cards #36-40
Episode 9 – Cards #41-45
Episode 10 – Cards #46-50
-#Card TitlePrint Run
1Time of the Preacher362
2Hey Guys362
3Showdown at the Frontier Bar362
4Meeting at Flavour Station362
6Have a Drink, Padre?232
7Watching from a Distance232
8Annville Cemetery232
9Sunday Service232
10Are You There?232
12It's Not a Superpower184
13That Was Close184
14You Don't Look Very On It184
16My Friend Needs a Doctor149
17The Prey149
18With a Chainsaw?149
19I'm Gonna Make It149
20Don't Worry About the Money149
21I Need Help, Preassher, What Elsh Ish New?162
22We Goin' Steady Now?162
23We're In Love162
24Why Worry at All?162
25This About Dallas?162
26This? This is Just the Beginning166
27What is That Crazy Woman Doing?166
29Wanna See Something Awesome?166
30It's Called Genesis166
31We're Just Getting Started170
33Sunday Best170
34Onward to Glory170
35Target Sighted170
36What'd You Say, Preacher?167
37Want Some Water?167
39Leave it to the Professionals167
40Guys, Come on!167
41Alright Your Honor, Let's Tuck You In151
42Just Open the Door a Crack, Toss in a Guinea Pig151
43Call 911151
44We Want to Go to Hell151
45I'm Going to Kill a Man in Albuquerque151
47What the Hell Are We Waiting For181
48Until the End of the World181
49Direct Dial181
50Tough Somebitch Ain't You?181