2016 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Disg-Race to the White House Checklist

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The 2016 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Disg-race to the White House series of stickers give Donald and Hillary the full GPK treatment.

These sticker cards were available exclusively via the Topps website for a 24 hour period and print runs were limited to the total number of orders received making each card a short print.

Our checklist includes all of the sticker cards from this series including final print runs. Clicking a link within the set will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2016 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Disg-Race to the White House Checklist
Base Set – 152 Cards
-#Card TitlePrint Run
1Disg-race to the White House1196
2Drippy Donald399
3Desperado Donald391
4400 LB. Hack Earl345
5Chucklin\' Clinton410
6Dueling Donald291
7Hated Hillary287
82nd Aleppo Gaffe Gary286
9Dumpy Donald301
10Tax Dodgin\' Donald507
11Anti-Science Stein370
12Kaine Kong vs Pence Zilla445
13Tiring Tim/Monotonous Mike300
14Rushmore Dictators266
15Russ-ian Dolls255
16Eyebrow\'s Insane Kaine255
17Criminal Al-ian256
18Dirty Donald466
19Crooked Clinton412
20Tissue Trump379
21Human Fly Hillary382
22Locker Room Talk Trump535
23Undead Donald400
24Marionette Melee371
25Travel Trouble Trump357
26Hacked Hillary385
27Discount Donald344
28Rootin\' for Putin383
29Toupee Trump398
30Disastrous Donald259
31Human Hillary258
32Toddler Trump263
33Battlin\' Biden310
34Hackin\' Hillary307
35Dispensed Pence289
36Coaxed Comey407
37Combed Over Clinton407
38Treasurer Trump396
39Double-Dealing Donald349
40Hit Job Hillary310
41Taco Trump365
42Ill Hill354
43Downloaded Donald349
44Compu-Clinton & Taxes Trump310
45Assaultin\' Assange281
46Tardy Trump280
47Rehearsed Rodham Clinton285
48True Love Trump313
49White-Clothed Clinton294
50Colorless Clinton294
51Springer\'s Skirmish294
52Temperamental Trump337
53Contribution Clinton288
54Trump Takeoff307
55Nasty Hillary301
56Contradicted Conway286
57Misappropriating Melania286
58Election Day Donald and Hillary460
59Check Collectin\' Clinton391
60Threatening Trump382
61Cashed Clinton381
62Trump Television426
63Kellyanne Accomplice375
64Towering Trump729
65Refugee Rodham Clinton496
66Deplorable Donald566
67Begrudging Barack554
68What if Hillary Won - Hamstrung Hillary401
69What if Trump Lost - Tan Trump401
70Demonstration Donald622
71Divided Donald417
72Troll Trump389
73Bad Bannon403
74Priebus and Butt-Head488
75De-Fence Donald331
76Take Back Trump309
77Trump Tribe289
78Drain Swamp Trump361
79The Trouble With Trump372
80Rudolph Ghouliani349
81Kicked Out Christie358
82Jewelry You\'ll Wantka From Ivanka447
83Dueling Don363
84Trump\'s Tuition327
85Scorched Steve279
86Trumpbucks Coffee410
87Roped in Romney321
88Recount Rodham Clinton316
89Tantrum Trump341
90Jill Stein Recount Calculator375
91Double Chin Donald343
92Double Standard Donald351
93Disliked Donald367
94No Tweet Sleeping Pills467
95Two Faced Trump304
96Mad Dog Mattis300
97Hiking Hillary319
98Bigly Chew407
99Tag Sale Trump308
100Construction Carson277
101Donald Trump Thank Me Tour441
102Trump Time758
103Dealer Dole305
104Honey-Comb Over405
105Terminator Trump316
106Peon Puzder290
107Pollution Pruitt291
108GOP Pail Kids Wacky Packages581
109Voter Duping Donald292
110Evidence Muffling McConnell277
111A Very Bigly Thank You Greeting Card419
112Two Timer Trump276
113Cuckoo Kanye327
114Red Rex296
115Repealin\' Rick306
116Tangerine Dream Spray on Tan391
117Happy New Fears358
118Dangerous Donald287
119Tormented Trump298
120Cheapa Pet393
121Unprecedented Trump308
122Trumped Donald305
123Trivial Trump Tower309
124Throned Trump305
125Donald the Trump Talking Hand Puppet484
126Disapproving Donald277
127Hit Job Holder297
128Duped Donald303
129Presidency for Donalds441
130Thieving Trump286
131Terse Trump291
132Joker\'s Trump Card353
133Coronation Trump-et363
134Toil and Trouble Trump267
135Assange\'s Trump-et266
136Grow (Up) Joe281
137DNC Pail Kids446
138Deceiver Donald285
139Blubbering Barack316
140Truthiness Trump297
141Gifted Jared288
142Swamp Draino438
143Dogfight Donald248
144Detached Donald275
145Cross-Examined Comey257
146L.L. Green$291
147Dirty Dealing Donald269
148Steve Hardly262
149Hack\'em Blackmail\'em342
150Neopalpa Donaldtrumpi277
151Donald Grump339
152The Real Whitehousewives of Washington370