2016 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Part 1 Checklist

Release Date: 6/15/16

Cards per Pack: 5

Packs per Hobby Box: 24

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2016

Manufacturer Archive: Cryptozoic

Tag Archive: Walking Dead

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists


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2016 Cryptozoic Walking Dead, part 1, is the first of two card sets to retell the events of the popular show’s fourth season. The base set contains 72 images from the series and a number of insert sets put the focus on the characters from the series.

Many of the biggest stars from The Walking Dead are featured on the autograph checklist with one auto being distributed in each hobby box. A wardrobe or prop card is also included in every box.

This checklist is organized by subset and you can jump to a specific subset by selecting it from the key below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2016 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 4, pt 1 Checklist

Base Set – 72 Cards
Black Foil Stamp – 1:5
Silver Foil Stamp – 1:52
Gold Foil Stamp – 1:204

Character Bios (C) – 9 Cards
Silver Foil Board – 1:169
Gold Foil Board – 1:668

Posters (D) – 4 Cards
Silver Foil Board – 1:169
Gold Foil Board – 1:668

Terminus (Z) – 9 Cards
Silver Foil Board – 1:169
Gold Foil Board – 1:668
Cryptomium – 1:108

Autographs – 1:24
Black Foil Stamp – #/125
Silver Foil Stamp – #/75
Gold Foil Stamp – #/25

Memorabilia (M) – 28 Cards

Dual Memorabilia (DM) – 5 Cards

Sketch Cards – 1:1006

Base Set

1Card Title
2Father, Son, and Pigs
3Rushing to Help
4Burnt Up
5Flaring Tempers
6Standing Guard
8Hammer Time
9Pills and Thrills
12Mowing Them Down
14Burning the Past
15I Don’t Want It!
16New Man in Charge
17Taking the Shot
19Quick Draw
20Last Looks
21Too Far Gone
22Mourning Daughters
23Sad Arrival
25Kill Them All
26Breaking Through
27Fists and Guns
28Defending the Prison
29Cut Down
31Don’t Look Back
32Walker Prison
33End of His Term
34On the Road
35Let’s Take a Walk
36Sneak Attack
37Saving Himself
38I Saved You
39Placing Blame
40Searching the Neighborhood
41Not Strong Enough
44On Their Own
45Campfire Talk
46Searching for Friends
47Breakfast Conversations
48Stocking Mission
49Crazy Cheese
50Questioning Her Past
52Respecting the Dead
53Moonshine Shack
54The Good Stuff
55First Drink
56I Never
57Preparing a Fire
58Light It Up
60Funeral Home
61Coffin Nap
63Mercy for a Walker
64Everything They Need
65Protecting the Girls
66Difficult Decision
67Final Moments
68Wildflower Graves
69Fun and Candy
71Running For It

Character Bios

C01Rick Grimes
C02Daryl Dixon
C03Carl Grimes
C05Carol Peletier
C06Hershel Greene
C07Beth Greene
C08Tyreese Williams
C09The Governor


D1Tyreese and Carol
D2Carol Peletier
D3Daryl Dixon
D4Beth Greene


M01Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
M02Walker Wardrobe
M03Authentic Wine Bottle Prop
M04David Morrissey as The Governor
M05Walker Wardrobe
M06Woodbury Resident Wardrobe
M07Chad L Coleman as Tyreese
M08Walker Wardrobe
M09Danai Gurira as Michonne
M10.1Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M10.2Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M10.3Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M10.4Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M10.5Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M10.6Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M10.7Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M10.8Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M11Authentic Barbed Wire Prop
M12Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M13Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
M14Walker Wardrobe
M15Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier
M16Authentic Ammo Box Prop
M17Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
M18Terminus Resident Wardrobe
M19Chad L Coleman as Tyreese
M20Walker Wardrobe
M21Authentic Wine Bottle Prop
M22Emily Kinney as Beth Greene
M23Walker Wardrobe
M24Authentic Ammo Box Prop
M25Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
M26Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
M27Authentic Ammo Box Prop
M28Authentic Ammo Box Prop

Dual Wardrobe

DM1David Marrisey
DM1Norman Reedus/Emily Kinney
DM2David Marrisey
DM2Andrew Lincoln/David Morrissey
DM3Danai Gurira/David Morrissey
DM4Andrew Lincoln/Chandler Riggs
DM5Chad L. Coleman/Melissa McBride


P1“Survive” Rick, metal
P1“Survive” Rick, standard
P2Rick, metal
P2Rick , standard
P3Terminus Map, metal
P3Terminus Map, standard


Z1Terminus Puzzle
Z2Terminus Puzzle
Z3Terminus Puzzle
Z4Terminus Puzzle
Z5Terminus Puzzle
Z6Terminus Puzzle
Z7Terminus Puzzle
Z8Terminus Puzzle
Z9Terminus Puzzle


AL1Andrew Lincoln
AL2Andrew Lincoln
BS1Brighton Sharbino
BS2Brighton Sharbino
CLC1Chad L. Coleman
CLC2Chad L. Coleman
EK1Emily Kinney
EK2Emily Kinney
GN1Greg Nicotero
GN2Greg Nicotero
GN3Greg Nicotero
GN4Greg Nicotero
JPC1Jose Pablo Cantillo
JPC2Jose Pablo Cantillo
KK1Kyla Kenedy
KK2Kyla Kenedy
MMB1Melissa McBride
MMB2Melissa McBride
NR1Norman Reedus
NR2Norman Reedus
SB1Sunkrish Bala
SB2Sunkrish Bala
SW1Scott Wilson
SW2Scott Wilson