2016 Cryptozoic Gotham Checklist

Release Date: 8/31/16

Cards per Pack: 5

Packs per Hobby Box: 24

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2016

Manufacturer Archive: Cryptozoic

Tag Archive: Batman, Gotham

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists


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2016 Cryptozoic Gotham trading cards highlight the most memorable moments from the first season of the hit Fox television show.

The 72 card checklist is supplemented with several insert sets and a complete foil board parallel set. Autograph and Wardrobe cards are distributed one for every 24 packs so every hobby box should contain one of each.

Oversized Arkham Asylum patch redemption cards are distributed one for every 48,096 packs and printing plates are 1:174.

Gotham’s first season premiered on Fox September 2014. The show released 100 episodes over a five season run, ending in 2019.

This checklist is organized by subset. Jump to a preferred subset by selecting it from the checklist key below. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2016 Cryptozoic Gotham Checklist

Base Set – 72 Cards
Silver Foil Board – 1:3

Character Bios (C) – 15 Cards
Silver Foil Board – 1:3

Quotes (Q) – 9 Cards
Silver Foil Board – 1:3

Villains Puzzle (V) – 4 Cards
Silver Foil Board – 1:3
Printing Plates – 1:174

Base Set

1Title Card
2Double Homicide. Theater District
3A Childhood Lost
4Who’s Your Friend?
5There’s a War Coming
6That Snake Was Lying
8He’s a Wayne
10I Saw Who Killed the Wayes
11I Hear Jim Gordon Pulled the Trigger
12A Great Opportunity, Indeed
13Honey? Where’s Your Manners?
14This War is About Arkham
15You Want Us to Fight for It?
16Breathe Me
17Even A Fool May Bite the King
18Wayne… Bruce Wayne
19A Wolf, a Cabbage, and a Goat
20Half of What You Carry
21You Suppressed Evidence?
22Gordon Has to Die
23Alive is a Very Broad Category
24Only My Friends Can Call Me Fish
25I Do Admire a Brave Woman
26That is a Good Secret
27Hell of a Start to the Day
28Bloody Hell, What Happened to You?
29A Mask Frees the Soul
30She’s A Witness to a Murder
31You Call… Heads or Tails
33Back Up, Slim
34Cool Down, Cat
35Under Your Watch Again, Gordon
36Limping Little Chickenbutt Second Banana
37Saviano’s the Problem
38Commissioner Loeb Visits the Rank and File
39Don’t Forget Your Rubbers
40A Little Bird’s Been Making Mischief
41A Muder in Our Own House
42The Brass Demands a Culprit
43I Made a Mistake Not Killing You
44I Grow Bigger the More You Cut
45Sucks About Your Girlfirend
46Fresh Air, Oatmeal, Good Friends
47He’s Preying on Fear
48Fear is an Evolutionary Flaw
49I’ve Done This Hike Before
50I’m No Wild-Edyed Radical
51You Let the Snake Loose?
52Bribery, Corruption, Racketeering, and Unethical Research
53My God, How Long Has It Been?
54You’re the One Causing All the Fuss
55A Good Old-Fashioned Lineup
56Nothing for the Invalid?
57Ol’ Blue Eyes
58I Love Birds
59Escape the Island or Die Trying
60This Woman Deserves Justice
61We Could Have Had Something Special
62Anyone Know Ho to Fly a Helicopter?
63Hello, Bruce. I’m Barbara Kean
64Meet Constance van Groot
65Riddle Man? The Hell You Doing Here?
66Fun. That’s One Word for What Happened.
67I’m About to Violate Department Policy
68Don’t Forget Your Cookie
69Kinda Jammed Up
70Fish! Where are you?
71My Father Was a Stoic

Character Bios

C01James Gordon
C02Harvey Bullock
C03Bruce Wayne
C04Sarah Essen
C05Alfred Pennyworth
C06Oswald Cobblespot
C07Barbara Kean
C08Selina Kyle
C09Edward Nygma
C10Renee Montoya
C11Crispus Allen
C12Carmine Falcone
C13Fish Mooney
C14Ivy Pepper
C15Sal Maroni


M01Ben McKenzie
M02David Mazouz
M03Robin Lord Taylor
M04Erin Richards
M05David Zayas
M06Ben McKenzie
M07Zabryna Guevara
M08Jada Pinkett Smith
M09Camren Bicondova
M10David Mazouz
M11Robin Lord Taylor
M12Ben McKenzie
M13Cory Michael Smith
M14Jada Pinkett Smith
M15Cameron Monaghan
M16David Mazouz
M17Robin Lord Taylor
M18Sean Pertwee
M19Ben McKenzie
M20Morena Baccarin
M21Robin Lord Taylor
M22David Mazouz
M23Jada Pinkett Smith
M24Camren Bicondova
M25Ben McKenzie
M26Robin Lord Taylor
M27Erin Richards
M28Robin Lord Taylor
M29David Mazouz
M30Jada Pinkett Smith

Dual Wardrobe

DM1Jada Pinkett Smith
DM2David Zayas
DM3Zabryna Guevara
DM4John Doman
DM5Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz
DM6Andrew Stewart-Jones and Victoria Cartagena
DM7Daid Mazouz and Camren Bicondova
DM8Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin
DM9Robin Lord Taylor

Triple Wardrobe

TM1Camren Bicondova, John Doman, Ben McKenzie
TM2Camren Bicondova
TM3Robin Lord Taylor


Q1James Gordon
Q2Harvey Bullock
Q3Bruce Wayne
Q4Alfred Pennyworth
Q5Oswald Cobblepot
Q6Selina Kyle
Q7Edward Nygma
Q8Fish Mooney
Q9Carmine Falcone

Arkham Asylum Patch

R1Arkham Asylum Security
R2Security Rank Stripes

Villains Puzzle

V1Villains Puzzle
V2Villains Puzzle
V3Villains Puzzle
V4Villains Puzzle


ACAnthony Carrigan
CCChris Chalk
CFClare Foley
CHChristopher Heyerdahl
CKCarol Kane
CMOCameron Monaghan
CMSCory Michael Smith
CTCharlie Tahan
DMDavid Mazouz
DMIDash Mihok
DPDrew Powell
ERErin Richards
JSJulian Sands
LABLesley-Ann Brandt
MVMilo Ventimiglia
NDNicholas D’Agosto
NTNicholle Tom
PSPeter Scolari
RGRobert Gorrie
RLTRobin Lord Taylor
SPSean Pertwee
TS1Todd Stashwick
TS2Todd Stashwick


P1Philly Non-Sports Show
P2NSU Magazine, Aug/Sep 2016
P3San Diego Comic Con, 2016
P4Batman Day Dealers, Sep 2016
P5National Sports Collectors Convetion
P6National Sports Collectors Convetion GTS Exclusive