2016 Cryptozoic Flash Season 1 Checklist

Cards per Pack: 5

Packs per Hobby Box: 24

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2016

Manufacturer Archive: Cryptozoic

Tag Archive: Flash

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists


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2016 Cryptozoic Flash trading cards collect the most pivotal moments from the first season of The Flash.

Several of the actors from the series signed autograph cards for this set including Tim Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, and Victor Garber, all of whom are well known for their extensive acting work beyond The Flash.

Like other Cryptozoic card products, this set also has a matching three-ring binder for collectors to store their cards. An exclusive prop card is included with the purchase of the binder.

This checklist is organized by subsets. Skip straight to a preferred subset by selecting it from the checklist key below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2016 Cryptozoic Flash Checklist

Base Set – 72 Cards
Rainbow Raider Foil, 1:3
Golden Glider Foil, 1:12

Character Bios (CB) – 7 Cards, 1:4
Rainbow Raider Foil, 1:3
Golden Glider Foil, 1:12

Rogues (G) – 9 Cards, 1:3
Rainbow Raider Foil, 1:3
Golden Glider Foil, 1:12

Locations (L) – 9 Cards, 1:3
Rainbow Raider Foil, 1:3
Golden Glider Foil, 1:12

Autographs – 36 Cards, 1:24

Wardrobe/Prop (M) – 30 Cards, 1:24

Dual Wardrobe (DM) – 7 Cards, 1:96

Printing Plates – 1:199

Base Set

1Title Card
2Tonight, The Future Begins
3An Innocent Man
4A Trial Run
5Eat, Barry, Eat
7Doubt is the Enemy
8An Unexpected Visitor
9I’m A Detective, Remember?
10Always Better Together
11Call Me Cold
12See You Around, Kid
13Old and New Friends
16You Were Born to Take a Beating
17Too Slow
18I Like You, Iris
19Who Could Have Done This?
20Time Is Of The Essence
22Nice Mask
24We Need the Arrow
25We Can Help You Remember
27Don’t Lose That Light
28Guess Who’s Back?
29Bring The Heat
30Crossing Fire and Ice
31Pied Piper
32I Have Failed This CIty
33A Dead End…For Now
34A Friendly Coffee Break
35Lights Out
36Front Page Story
37Impressive, Mr. Allen
38Back At the Allen Home
39The Firestorm Matrix
40I Love You, Ronnie
41We’re All Okay
42A Short-Lived Return
43Run, Barry, Run
44Some Friendly Competition
45Weather Wizard
46Hello, Joe
47Friendly Conversation
48Return of the Rogues
49Master of Manipulation
50A New Trickster
51Tricked You
52Your Real Super Power
53Bee Careful
54The Fifth Wheel
55THe Sting of Betrayal
57The Evidence Speaks For Itself
58The Real Harrison Wells
59What The Frack?
60The Trap
61You Really Are Clever, Cisco
62Eiling Bad
63I Am Grodd
64Two Thawnes
65Asking A Villain For Help
66Cold Goes Rogue
67Help From His Super Friends
68You Won’t Ever Lose Me
69Playing With Time
70May The Speed Force Be With You
71Goodbye, Eobard Thawne

Character Bios

CB1Barry Allen
CB2Iris West
CB3Joe West
CB4Eddie Thawne
CB5Cisco Ramon
CB6Caitlin Snow
CB7Harrison Wells


M01Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
M02Candice Patton as Iris West
M03Danielle Panabaker as Caitln Snow
M04Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon
M05Jesse L. Martin as Joe West
M06Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne
M07Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells
M08Victor Garber as Martin Stein
M09Patrick Sabongui as Captain David Singh
M10Iron Heights Prison
M11Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
M12Danielle Panabaker as Caitln Snow
M13Jesse L. Martin as Joe West
M14Patrick Sabongui as Captain David Singh
M15Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon
M16Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne
M17Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells
M18Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
M19Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne
M20Candice Patton as Iris West
M21Jesse L. Martin as Joe West
M22Patrick Sabongui as Captain David Singh
M23Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
M24Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne
M25CC Jitters Coffee Cup
M26Fire and Ice Painting
M27Missing Dr. Martin Stein Flyer
M28Picture News
M29The Trickster’s Parachute
M30Address Label (Binder Exclusive)

Dual Wardrobe

DM1Grant Gustin/Candice Patton
DM2Grant Gustin/John Wesley
DM3Danielle Panabaker/Carlos Valdes
DM4Rick Cosnett/Jesse L. Martin
DM5Tom Cavanagh
DM6Grant Gustin/Tom Cavanagh
DM7Victor Garber


G1Captain Cold
G2The Mist
G3Pied Piper
G4Reverse Flash
G7Bug-Eyed Bandit
G8Gorilla Grodd


L1Ferris Air Testing Facility
L2S.T.A.R. Labs
L3Central City Police Department
L5Particle Accelerator
L6Barry’s Lab
L7Time Vault
L8Iron Heights Prison
L9The West Home


AC1Anthony Carrigan
AC2Anthony Carrigan
AM1Andy Mientus
AM2Andy Mientus
APAmanda Pays
CR1Chad Rook
CR2Chad Rook
DG1Devon Graye
DG2Devon Graye
DJ1Doug Jones
DJ2Doug Jones
DPDanielle Panabaker
DSDavid Sobolov
EKEmily Kinney
GF1Greg Finley
GF2Greg Finley
JLMJesse L. Martin
KF1Kelly Frye
KF2Kelly Frye
LMLiam McIntyre
LWLogan Williams
MHRMichelle Harrison
MJMalese Jow
MR1Michael Reventar
MR2Michael Reventar
PAPaul Anthony
PL1Peyton List
PL2Peyton List
PSPatrick Sabongui
RKRobert Knepper
TC1Tom Cavanagh
TC2Tom Cavanagh
VGVictor Garber
WM1Wentworth Miller
WM2Wentworth Miller
WSWilliam Sadler