2002 Rittenhouse Muppet Show trading card checklist

2002 Rittenhouse Muppet Show Checklist

Release Date: 12/30/02

Release Year Archive: 2002

Manufacturer Archive: Rittenhouse

Tag Archive: Muppets

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2002 Rittenhouse Muppet Show trading cards celebrated the 25th anniversary of The Muppet Show. The limited release included a 25 card base set which highlighted the most popular characters and sketches from the show’s run.

The set was sold as a whole and was not available in individual packs or boxes and, to date, stands as the only Rittenhouse Muppets release though they have produced cards for other Henson productions.

Some fans noted that, inexplicably, Rittenhouse had replaced Miss Piggy’s face with a newer puppet design on some cards, specifically MS02 and MS20.

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2002 Rittenhouse Muppet Show Checklist

Base Set – 25 Cards

#Card Subject
MS01The Cast
MS02The Cast
MS03Kermit the Frog
MS04Kermit the Frog
MS05Kermit the Frog
MS06Miss Piggy
MS07Miss Piggy
MS08Miss Piggy
MS09Fozzie Bear
MS12Statler & Waldorf
MS13The Swedish Chef
MS14Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
MS17Sam The Eagle
MS20Pigs In Space
MS22Dr. Teeth
MS23Floyd Pepper