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1999 DuoCards Yellow Submarine trading cards were released to coincide with the reissue of The Beatles animated classic.

The 72-card set of cards is devoted to the artwork of the Yellow Submarine film with each card featuring a still image from the movie with no borders or captions. The reverse of each card, set on a yellow backdrop and character watermarks, includes a small, round-cropped, image from the movie as well as extensive notes by famed Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn.

The base set of 72 cards is the primary focus of this series but DuoCards did include six chromium cards. The reverse of the chromium cards are set on a black backdrop and still include text by Mark Lewisohn. There are also two promo cards available with slightly different designs on the back side of the card and text promoting the, then, upcoming release of this card set.

In all there are 80 cards to be collected relating to this series with full base sets appearing frequently online and chromium cards being more difficult to acquire. Although the promo cards are not an official part of the set they are widely available on the trade market and are notable for having the thumbnail image on the reverse cropped square as opposed to round as it appeared on base set cards.

1999 DuoCards Yellow Submarine Checklist

Base Set – 72 Cards
Inserts – 6 Cards, 1:24

#Card Title
1Once Upon a time, or maybe twice
2The Beatles were asked to consider
3In an early meeting
4The aim of Yellow Submarine
5We met the main artists
6Here are a couple of trivia questions
7Yellow Submarine is brimming
8Yellow Submarine never had a finished script
9It took a year to make the Yellow Submarine
10There was a major difference
11One pop culture reference
12Paul remembers writing the song
13The song Yellow Submarine
14And the band begins to play
15The distinctive sound effects
16The 1999 reissue of the movie
17When the Beatles recorded the effects
18Not on the Yellow Submarine album
19All Together Now was written by Paul
20Written by George
21Only a Northern Song
22When I’m Sixty-Four
23Showcased in the movie
24Old Fred disappears alone
25Though not on the original
26As the Beatles declared in 1967
27All You Need is Love
28All You Need is Love, sung by the Beatles
29Not on the original Yellow Submarine album
30Hey Bulldog
31Hey Bulldog was recorded
32It’s All Too Much – or is it?
33George subsequently revealed
34Not on the original Yellow Submarine album
35Chief Blue Meanie
36The Kinky Boot Beasts
37The Apple Bonkers
38Apart from John, Paul, George, and Ringo
39Poor old Max
40The Flying Glove
41The Yellow Submarine creators
42The design of the Apple Bonkers
43Other weapons in the weird
44The Lord Mayor is the crusty old soul
45When Old Fred arrives at The Pier
46The Sea of Time
47Hold on lads!
48The Sea of Monsters
49Who’s the strange creature
50The Yellow Submarine goes off
51A sneeze blows John, Paul, George, Ringo
52Rescue – full speed ahead
53When Yellow Submarine was released
54Although Yellow Submarine is an animated movie
55Newer and bluer Meanies
56Yellow Submarine was just over 88 minutes
57Yellow Submarine was mostly assembled
58The Beatles’ voices in Yellow Submarine
59Remarkably, the identity of the man
60Jeremy Hilary Boob PhD was created
61Although Yellow Submarine was an all-new venture
62A theatrical trailer for Yellow Submarine
63The Beatles were deeply involved
64After the Yellow Submarine world premiere
65The U.S. opening of Yellow Submarine
66The Beatles were initially undecided
67The release of Yellow Submarine in 1968
68Time declared
69The dazzling pop art of Yellow Submarine
70When we heard that people were going
71I loved the film
72I think it’s a classic film
Insert 1How should the Beatles move?
Insert 2As an inside joke
Insert 3Such was the pressure
Insert 4The Blue Meanies
Insert 5Sequence for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Insert 6The 1999 upgrade of the Yellow Submarine