1998 Inkworks Godzilla trading card checklist

1998 Inkworks Godzilla Checklist

Cards per Pack: 5

Packs per Hobby Box: 36

Release Year Archive: 1998

Manufacturer Archive: Inkworks

Tag Archive: Godzilla

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists

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1998 Inkworks Godzilla trading cards were branded as “SuperVue” due to their extended dimensions of 2.5″ x 4.5″ which had grown in popularity by the 1990s.

The base set of this series consists of 72 cards which retell the story from the 1998 American remake of Godzilla staring Matthew Broderick. Within the base set there are subcategories that shift away from production stills and offer behind the scenes information as well as original Godzilla artwork.

There were three insert sets ranging from one to six cards each with the most rare, Godzilla Supreme, being distributed approximately once per every three boxes.

1998 Inkworks Godzilla Checklist

Base Set – 72 Cards

Godzilla Glow (G) – 6 Cards

Base Set

2Mysterious Assignment
3A Sailor’s Nightmare
4Giant Footprints
5The Terror Intensifies
6Big City Blues
7One That Got Away
8Footfalls Of Death
9The Last Campaign?
10A City Besieged!
11Rampage In The Rain
12Stomping The City
13My God … It’s Alive!!
14Canyons Of Chaos
15Biggest Story Of All!
16In Harm’s Way
17Lucky Photographer
18Bugged By An Agent
19The War Room
20Flatiron Showdown
21Dinner Is Served
22Awaiting His Return
23A Scientist’s Plan
24Confronting Godzilla
25Man And The Monster
26Fire At Will!!
27Blasted By Power Breath
28Blood Of A Mutant
29He’s … Pregnant!!
30The Betrayal
31Fired by The Military
32A New Alliance
33Tunnels Of Terror
34The Egg Chamber
35Makeshift Message
36The Hatchlings
37Baby Godzillas Attack!
38Elevator Escape
39Behemoth’s Revenge
40The Getaway Cab
41Mad Pursuit
42Godzilla’s Destiny
43Beginning of the End?
44First Sightings of Gojira
45Invading the Isle of Manhattan
46A Colossus in Our Midst
47The Terror of Godzilla
48Monster in the Metropolis
49Massive Mistake of Science
50Night of the Hatchlings
51Swallowing a Taxicab
52The Brooklyn Bridge Besieged
53Gaining on the Getaway Cab
54No Escape from his Fiury
55it began as a lizard
56terror beneath the waves!
57the beast burrows through!
58unholy hatchery!
59spawn of Godzilla!
60monsters on the prowl!
61The City Smasher
62No Place to Run
63Up from the Depths
64Battle Beneath the Sea
65Chrysler Building Assault
66The Next Generation
67They Live to Attack
68Searching for Prey
69Buzzing The Beast
70Heroes Against the Horror
71In Defense of New York City
72Godzilla Checklist


G1Born of the atom (and Hollywood)
G2Gojira becomes Godzilla
G3Camp, monster rallies and success
G4Restoring the king’s power
G5From dinosaur to super-lizard
G6Will Godzilla raid again?


S1Terror and the taxi
S2On the bridge
S3Roar of defiance

Supreme Skin

GS1Mother of all Monsters!