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1996 Fleer Metal Basketball is the perfect set for fans of the game who also love metal puns and very shiny cards.

The series includes a 250 card base set and several inserts for collectors to track down. Highly graded cards from this set, particularly Kobe Bryant, have sold for a fair amount.

All but one insert set uses standard numbering without a prefix so this checklist distinguishes between base cards and the insert sets. The checklist is divided by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to your favorite team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

1996 Fleer Metal Basketball Checklist

Base Set – 250 Cards
Precious Metal – 98 Cards
Cyber Metal – 20 Cards
Decade of Excellence (M) – 10 Cards
Freshly Forged – 15 Cards
Maximum Metal – 20 Cards

Metal Edge – 15 Cards
Molten Metal – 30 Cards
Net-Rageous – 10 Cards
Platinum Portraits – 10 Cards
Power Tools – 10 Cards
Steel Slammin’ – 10 Cards


72Derrick ColemanBase
73Jerry StackhouseBase
74Clarence WeatherspoonBase
146Jerry Stackhouse Base
200Lucious HarrisBase
201Allen Iverson RCBase
233Jerry Stackhouse Base
236Allen Iverson Base
8Allen IversonFreshly Forged
13Jerry StackhouseFreshly Forged
17Jerry StackhouseMaximum Metal
9Jerry StackhouseMolten Metal
17Allen IversonMolten Metal
9Jerry StackhouseNet-Rageous
200Lucious HarrisPrecious Metal Parallel
201Allen IversonPrecious Metal Parallel
233Jerry Stackhouse Precious Metal Parallel
236Allen Iverson Precious Metal Parallel
10Jerry StackhouseSteel Slammin’


55Vin BakerBase
56Sherman DouglasBase
57Glenn RobinsonBase
136Ray AllenRCBase
186Ray AllenBase
187Armon GilliamBase
188Andrew LangBase
245Glenn RobinsonBase
2Ray AllenCyber Metal
3Vin BakerCyber Metal
2Ray AllenFreshly Forged
11Glenn RobinsonFreshly Forged
13Ray AllenMetal Edge
12Ray AllenMolten Metal
26Glenn RobinsonMolten Metal
1Vin BakerPower Tools
186Ray AllenPrecious Metal Parallel
187Armon GilliamPrecious Metal Parallel
188Andrew LangPrecious Metal Parallel
245Glenn RobinsonPrecious Metal Parallel
M9Ricky Pierce


106Juwan HowardBase
107Gheorghe MuresanBase
108Chris WebberBase
121Rod Strickland Base
222Tracy MurrayBase
223Rod StricklandBase
240Juwan Howard Base
248Chris Webber Base
20Chris WebberCyber Metal
11Juwan HowardMaximum Metal
20Chris WebbMaximum Metal
10Chris WebberMetal Edge
5Juwan HowardMolten Metal
30Chris WebberMolten Metal
4Juwan HowardNet-Rageous
4Juwan HowardPower Tools
222Tracy MurrayPrecious Metal Parallel
223Rod StricklandPrecious Metal Parallel
240Juwan Howard Precious Metal Parallel
248Chris Webber Precious Metal Parallel


11Michael JordanBase
12Toni KukocBase
13Luc LongleyBase
14Scottie PippenBase
15Dennis RodmanBase
128Michael Jordan Base
145Scottie Pippen Base
157Ron HarperBase
158Steve KerrBase
159Robert ParishBase
229Scottie Pippen Base
231Dennis Rodman Base
241Michael Jordan Base
14Scottie PippenCyber Metal
4Michael JordanMaximum Metal
15Dennis RodmanMaximum Metal
5Scottie PippenMetal Edge
18Michael JordanMolten Metal
24Scottie PippenMolten Metal
5Michael JordanNet-Rageous
8Dennis RodmanNet-Rageous
5Michael JordanPlatinum Portraits
9Dennis RodmanPower Tools
157Ron HarperPrecious Metal Parallel
158Steve KerrPrecious Metal Parallel
159Robert ParishPrecious Metal Parallel
229Scottie Pippen Precious Metal Parallel
231Dennis Rodman Precious Metal Parallel
241Michael Jordan Precious Metal Parallel
6Michael JordanSteel Slammin’
M4Michael Jordan
M7Charles Oakley


16Terrell BrandonBase
17Danny FerryBase
18Chris MillsBase
19Bobby PhillsBase
20Bob SuraBase
160Tyrone HillBase
161Vitaly PotapenkoRCBase
14Terrell BrandonMolten Metal
160Tyrone HillPrecious Metal Parallel
161Vitaly PotapenkoPrecious Metal Parallel


4Dana BarrosBase
5Rick FoxBase
6Dino RadjaBase
7Eric WilliamsBase
153Antoine Walker RCBase
154David WesleyBase
15Antoine WalkerFreshly Forged
19Antoine WalkerMaximum Metal
14Antoine WalkerMetal Edge
29Antoine WalkerMolten Metal
153Antoine WalkerPrecious Metal Parallel
154David WesleyPrecious Metal Parallel


44Brent BarryBase
45Malik SealyBase
46Loy VaughtBase
179Rodney RogersBase
180Lorenzen Wright RCBase
179Rodney RogersPrecious Metal Parallel
180Lorenzen WrightPrecious Metal Parallel
1Brent BarrySteel Slammin’


103Greg AnthonyBase
104Blue EdwardsBase
105Bryant ReevesBase
135Shareef Abdur-Rahim RCBase
220Shareef Abdur-RahimBase
221Roy Rogers RCBase
238Roy Rogers Base
1Shareef Abdur-RahimCyber Metal
1Shareef Abdur-RahimFreshly Forged
12Shareef Abdur-RahimMetal Edge
11Shareef Abdur-RahimMolten Metal
220Shareef Abdur-RahimPrecious Metal Parallel
221Roy RogersPrecious Metal Parallel
238Roy Rogers Precious Metal Parallel


1Mookie BlaylockBase
2Christian LaettnerBase
3Steve SmithBase
118Dikembe Mutombo Base
132Steve Smith Base
151Tyrone CorbinBase
152Dikembe MutomboBase
6Steve SmithMetal Edge
151Tyrone CorbinPrecious Metal Parallel
152Dikembe MutomboPrecious Metal Parallel


51Sasha DanilovicBase
52Tim HardawayBase
53Alonzo MourningBase
54Kurt ThomasBase
125Tim HardawayBase
184P.J. BrownBase
185Dan MajerleBase
226Alonzo Mourning Base
11Alonzo MourningCyber Metal
3Alonzo MourningMetal Edge
184P.J. BrownPrecious Metal Parallel
185Dan MajerlePrecious Metal Parallel
226Alonzo Mourning Precious Metal Parallel


8Dell CurryBase
9Matt GeigerBase
10Glen RiceBase
112Vlade Divac Base
117Anthony Mason Base
130Glen Rice Base
155Vlade DivacBase
156Anthony MasonBase
5Larry JohnsonPower Tools
155Vlade DivacPrecious Metal Parallel
156Anthony MasonPrecious Metal Parallel


100Jeff HornacekBase
101Karl MaloneBase
102John StocktonBase
133John Stockton Base
141Karl Malone Base
218Shandon Anderson RCBase
219Bryon RussellBase
225Karl Malone Base
246John Stockton Base
8Karl MaloneCyber Metal
19John StocktonCyber Metal
6Karl MaloneMaximum Metal
18John StocktonMaximum Metal
8John StocktonMetal Edge
20Karl MaloneMolten Metal
7Karl MalonePlatinum Portraits
7Karl MalonePower Tools
218Shandon AndersonPrecious Metal Parallel
219Bryon RussellPrecious Metal Parallel
225Karl Malone Precious Metal Parallel
246John StocktonPrecious Metal Parallel
M5Karl Malone


83Tyus EdneyBase
84Brian GrantBase
85Billy OwensBase
86Olden PolyniceBase
87Mitch RichmondBase
131Mitch Richmond Base
209Mahmoud Abdul-RaufBase
210Corliss WilliamsonBase
244Mitch Richmond Base
15Mitch RichmondCyber Metal
209Mahmoud Abdul-RaufPrecious Metal Parallel
210Corliss WilliamsonPrecious Metal Parallel
244Mitch Richmond Precious Metal Parallel


64Patrick EwingBase
65Charles OakleyBase
66John StarksBase
111Chris ChildsBase
113Allan Houston Base
115Larry Johnson Base
194Chris ChildsBase
195Allan HoustonBase
196Larry JohnsonBase
197John WallaceRCBase
6Patrick EwingCyber Metal
194Chris ChildsPrecious Metal Parallel
195Allan HoustonPrecious Metal Parallel
196Larry JohnsonPrecious Metal Parallel
197John WallacePrecious Metal Parallel


47Elden CampbellBase
48Cedric CeballosBase
49Eddie JonesBase
50Nick Van ExelBase
119Shaquille O’Neal Base
127Eddie Jones Base
137Kobe Bryant RCBase
181Kobe BryantBase
182Robert HorryBase
183Shaquille O’NealBase
5Kobe BryantCyber Metal
3Kobe BryantFreshly Forged
9Nick Van ExelMetal Edge
15Kobe BryantMetal Edge
22Shaquille O’NealMolten Metal
7Shaquille O’NealNet-Rageous
8Shaquille O’NealPlatinum Portraits
181Kobe BryantPrecious Metal Parallel
182Robert HorryPrecious Metal Parallel
183Shaquille O’NealPrecious Metal Parallel
5Eddie JonesSteel Slammin’


67Nick AndersonBase
68Horace GrantBase
69Anfernee HardawayBase
70Dennis ScottBase
71Brian ShawBase
124Anfernee Hardaway Base
143Shaquille O’Neal Base
198Rony SeikalyBase
199Gerald WilkinsBase
239Anfernee Hardaway Base
6Anfernee HardawayFreshly Forged
2Anfernee HardawayMaximum Metal
3Anfernee HardawayMolten Metal
2Anfernee HardawayNet-Rageous
3Anfernee HardawayPlatinum Portraits
3Horace GrantPower Tools
198Rony SeikalyPrecious Metal Parallel
199Gerald WilkinsPrecious Metal Parallel
239Anfernee Hardaway Precious Metal Parallel
8Shaquille O’NealSteel Slammin’


21Jim JacksonBase
22Jason KiddBase
23Jamal MashburnBase
24George McCloudBase
140Jason Kidd Base
162Sam CassellBase
163Chris GatlingBase
164Samaki WalkerRCBase
5Jason KiddMaximum Metal
2Jamal MashburnMetal Edge
6Jason KiddMolten Metal
162Sam CassellPrecious Metal Parallel
163Chris GatlingPrecious Metal Parallel
164Samaki WalkerPrecious Metal Parallel
M3Derek Harper


61Shawn BradleyBase
62Ed O’BannonBase
63Jayson WilliamsBase
191Kendall GillBase
192Kerry KittlesRCBase
193Robert PackBase
237Kerry KittlesBase
13Kerry KittlesMaximum Metal
19Kerry KittlesMolten Metal
191Kendall GillPrecious Metal Parallel
192Kerry KittlesPrecious Metal Parallel
193Robert PackPrecious Metal Parallel
237Kerry KittlesPrecious Metal Parallel
M10Buck Williams


25LaPhonso EllisBase
26Antonio McDyessBase
27Bryant StithBase
114Mark Jackson Base
165Dale EllisBase
166Mark JacksonBase
167Ervin JohnsonBase
7Antonio McDyessMolten Metal
8Antonio McDyessPower Tools
165Dale EllisPrecious Metal Parallel
166Mark JacksonPrecious Metal Parallel
167Ervin JohnsonPrecious Metal Parallel


39Antonio DavisBase
40Dale DavisBase
41Derrick McKeyBase
42Reggie MillerBase
43Rik SmitsBase
123Jalen Rose Base
129Reggie Miller Base
176Travis BestBase
177Erick Dampier RCBase
178Jalen RoseBase
10Reggie MillerCyber Metal
176Travis BestPrecious Metal Parallel
177Erick DampierPrecious Metal Parallel
178Jalen RosePrecious Metal Parallel


28Joe DumarsBase
29Grant HillBase
30Theo RatliffBase
31Otis ThorpeBase
110Stacey Augmon Base
116Grant Long Base
126Allan Houston Base
139Grant Hill Base
168Grant HillBase
169Lindsey HunterBase
7Grant HillFreshly Forged
3Grant HillMaximum Metal
4Grant HillMolten Metal
3Grant HillNet-Rageous
4Grant HillPlatinum Portraits
168Grant HillPrecious Metal Parallel
169Lindsey HunterPrecious Metal Parallel
M2Joe Dumars


97Doug ChristieBase
98Damon StoudamireBase
99Sharone WrightBase
147Damon Stoudamire Base
215Marcus CambyRCBase
216Hubert DavisBase
217Walt WilliamsBase
234Marcus CambyBase
247Damon StoudamireBase
4Marcus CambyFreshly Forged
14Damon StoudamireFreshly Forged
10Damon StoudamireMaximum Metal
10Damon StoudamireMolten Metal
15Marcus CambyMolten Metal
10Damon StoudamireNet-Rageous
10Damon StoudamirePlatinum Portraits
215Marcus CambyPrecious Metal Parallel
216Hubert DavisPrecious Metal Parallel
217Walt WilliamsPrecious Metal Parallel
234Marcus Camby Precious Metal Parallel
247Damon Stoudamire Precious Metal Parallel


36Clyde DrexlerBase
38Hakeem OlajuwonBase
75Charles BarkleyBase
142Hakeem Olajuwon Base
172Charles BarkleyBase
173Othella Harrington RCBase
174Matt Maloney RCBase
175Kevin WillisBase
227Hakeem Olajuwon Base
4Charles BarkleyCyber Metal
12Hakeem OlajuwonCyber Metal
7Hakeem OlajuwonMaximum Metal
13Charles BarkleyMolten Metal
21Hakeem OlajuwonMolten Metal
1Charles BarkleyPlatinum Portraits
9Hakeem OlajuwonPlatinum Portraits
172Charles BarkleyPrecious Metal Parallel
173Othella HarringtonPrecious Metal Parallel
174Matt MaloneyPrecious Metal Parallel
175Kevin WillisPrecious Metal Parallel
227Hakeem Olajuwon Precious Metal Parallel
2Clyde DrexlerSteel Slammin’


88Vinny Del NegroBase
89Sean ElliottBase
90Avery JohnsonBase
91David RobinsonBase
211Vernon MaxwellBase
212Dominique WilkinsBase
230David Robinson Base
16David RobinsonCyber Metal
9David RobinsonMaximum Metal
25David RobinsonMolten Metal
211Vernon MaxwellPrecious Metal Parallel
212Dominique WilkinsPrecious Metal Parallel
230David RobinsonPrecious Metal Parallel


35Sam CassellBase
37Robert HorryBase
76Michael FinleyBase
77Kevin JohnsonBase
78Wesley PersonBase
138Steve Nash RCBase
202Cedric CeballosBase
203Jason KiddBase
204Danny ManningBase
205Steve NashBase
7Jason KiddCyber Metal
9Jason KiddFreshly Forged
1Charles BarkleyMaximum Metal
1Charles BarkleyMetal Edge
1Michael FinleyMolten Metal
2Charles BarkleyPower Tools
202Cedric CeballosPrecious Metal Parallel
203Jason KiddPrecious Metal Parallel
204Danny ManningPrecious Metal Parallel
205Steve NashPrecious Metal Parallel
3Michael FinleySteel Slammin’


92Hersey HawkinsBase
93Shawn KempBase
94Gary PaytonBase
95Sam PerkinsBase
96Detlef SchrempfBase
144Gary PaytonBase
213Craig EhloBase
214Jim McIlvaineBase
228Gary Payton Base
242Shawn Kemp Base
243Gary Payton Base
13Gary PaytonCyber Metal
8Gary PaytonMaximum Metal
12Shawn KempMaximum Metal
4Gary PaytonMetal Edge
23Gary PaytonMolten Metal
6Shawn KempNet-Rageous
6Shawn KempPlatinum Portraits
6Shawn KempPower Tools
213Craig EhloPrecious Metal Parallel
214Jim McIlvainePrecious Metal Parallel
228Gary Payton Precious Metal Parallel
242Shawn Kemp Precious Metal Parallel
243Gary Payton Precious Metal Parallel
7Shawn KempSteel Slammin’
M8Sam Perkins


58Kevin GarnettBase
59Tom GugliottaBase
60Doug WestBase
134Stephon Marbury RCBase
189Stephon MarburyBase
190Stojko VrankovicBase
224Kevin Garnett Base
9Stephon MarburyCyber Metal
5Kevin GarnettFreshly Forged
10Stephon MarburyFreshly Forged
14Stephon MarburyMaximum Metal
11Stephon MarburyMetal Edge
2Kevin GarnettMolten Metal
16Tom GugliottaMolten Metal
1Kevin GarnettNet-Rageous
2Kevin GarnettPlatinum Portraits
189Stephon MarburyPrecious Metal Parallel
190Stojko VrankovicPrecious Metal Parallel
224Kevin Garnett Precious Metal Parallel
4Kevin GarnettSteel Slammin’

Trail Blazers

79Aaron McKieBase
80Clifford RobinsonBase
81Arvydas SabonisBase
82Gary TrentBase
109Kenny Anderson Base
120Isaiah Rider Base
122Rasheed Wallace Base
148Rod StricklandBase
206Kenny AndersonBase
207Isaiah RiderBase
208Rasheed WallaceBase
206Kenny AndersonPrecious Metal Parallel
207Isaiah RiderPrecious Metal Parallel
208Rasheed WallacePrecious Metal Parallel
M1Clyde Drexler


32Chris MullinBase
33Joe SmithBase
34Latrell SprewellBase
170Todd Fuller RCBase
171Mark PriceBase
232Latrell SprewellBase
235Todd Fuller Base
17Joe SmithCyber Metal
18Latrell SprewellCyber Metal
12Joe SmithFreshly Forged
16Joe SmithMaximum Metal
7Latrell SprewellMetal Edge
8Joe SmithMolten Metal
27Joe SmithMolten Metal
28Latrell SprewellMolten Metal
10Joe SmithPower Tools
170Todd FullerPrecious Metal Parallel
171Mark PricePrecious Metal Parallel
232Latrell SprewellPrecious Metal Parallel
235Todd Fuller Precious Metal Parallel
9Joe SmithSteel Slammin’
M6Chris Mullin



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