1994 SkyBox Batman Saga of the Dark Knight trading card checklist

1994 SkyBox Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight Checklist

Cards per Pack: 8

Packs per Hobby Box: 36

Release Year Archive: 1994

Manufacturer Archive: SkyBox

Tag Archive: Batman, DC Comics

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists


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1994 SkyBox Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight trading cards retold the Batman mythology up to that point with some of the most striking original artwork of any comic based set before or since. In fact, this was billed as the first comic-based Batman card set since the series of 1966 Batman sets released by Topps.

The 100 card checklist is divided into 10 subcategories, each focusing on a different aspect of Batman’s history from the Year One story of 1986 all the way through the popular Knightfall/Knightquest series of the 1990s.

There are two small chase sets in this set. The Spectra-Etch series includes portraits of Batman enhanced with Spectra-Etch finishings and the SkyDisc card was the first of its kind full-dimensional hologram card released by SkyBox.

Some of the artwork from this set was recycled in 1995 for a Mexican card release sponsored by Pepsi.

1994 SkyBox Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight Checklist

Base Set – 100 Cards

Spectra-Etch (B) – 5 Cards

SkyDisc (SD) – 1 Card

Base Set

1Saga of the Dark Knight
2Year One, The Cave
3Year One, The Permanent Nightmare
4Year One, Training Abroad
5Year One, Shaman
6Year One, Crime Alley
7Year One, The Omen
8Year One, Two Sides of the Same Coin
9Year One, Face to Face
10Year One, Falsely Accused
11Year One, Feline Fatale
12Year One, Finding a Friend
13Year One, Birth of the Joker
14Year One, First Impressions
15Year One, Partners in Crime
16Year One, Not… Strong… Enough…
17Year One, The Power of Venom
18Year One, Withdrawal
19Robin, Dick Grayson
20Robin, Robin Retires
21Robin, Nightwing
22Robin, Jason Todd
23Robin, Out of Line
24Robin, A Death in the Family
25Robin, Tim Drake
26Robin, Uneasy Alliance
27Robin, Severed Ties
28Dynamic Duo, A Sacred Trust
29Dynamic Duo, Partners
30Dynamic Duo, Demon’s Head
31Dynamic Duo, My Father’s Killer
32Dynamic Duo, Equal Justice
33Dynamic Duo, The Cult
34Dynamic Duo, Proving Ground
35Dynamic Duo, Rite of Passage
36Dynamic Duo, Seduction of the Gun
37A Death In the Family, “That’s It!…”
38A Death In the Family, Freedom of Madness
39A Death In the Family, The Search
40A Death In the Family, Missile Deal
41A Death In the Family, Reunion
42A Death In the Family, Betrayal
43A Death In the Family, Mourning Time
44A Death In the Family, Ultimate Joke
45A Death In the Family, Two-Minute Warning
46Nemesis, The Joker
47Nemesis, Catwoman
48Nemesis, Two-Face
49Nemesis, The Penguin
50Nemesis, Ra’s al Ghul
51Nemesis, The Scarecrow
52Nemesis, The Mudpack
53Nemesis, The Riddler / Poison Ivy
54Nemesis, Killer Croc / Scarface
55A Lonely Place of Dying, Consumed by Guilt
56A Lonely Place of Dying, “Am I Mad?”
57A Lonely Place of Dying, Homecoming
58A Lonely Place of Dying, Confrontation
59A Lonely Place of Dying, Double Jeopardy
60A Lonely Place of Dying, Reunited
61A Lonely Place of Dying, Only a Boy
62A Lonely Place of Dying, Never Again
63A Lonely Place of Dying, Initiation
64Sword of Azrael, Inheritance
65Sword of Azrael, Lehah
66Sword of Azrael, Knight of St. Dumas
67Sword of Azrael, Hostage
68Sword of Azrael, Savior
69Sword of Azrael, Trial by Fire
70Vengeance of Bane, Birth
71Vengeance of Bane, Transfusion
72Vengeance of Bane, Hunt
73Knightfall, Arkham Breakout
74Knightfall, One Down…
75Knightfall, Behemoth
76Knightfall, Meet Mr. Zsasz
77Knightfall, Tipping the Scale
78Knightfall, Bloodlust
79Knightfall, Inferno
80Knightfall, The Vixen of Vines
81Knightfall, Clueless
82Knightfall, Fear Equals Rage
83Knightfall, Face Me!
84Knightfall, The Broken Bat
85Knightfall, Accept the Cowl
86Knightfall, Bad Blood
87Knightfall, Anarchy/Law
88Knightfall, Claws for Bane
89Knightfall, The Vision
90Knightfall, King of Gotham
91Knightquest, The Crusade
92Knightquest, Back Off!
93Knightquest, Charades
94Knightquest, Prince of Fools
95Knightquest, Corrosion
96Knightquest, No Deals!
97Knightquest, Off the Deep End
98Knightquest, Dehumanized
99Knightquest, Knightsend


B1Batman on the Edge
B2Jean-Paul Valley
B3Bruce Wayne
B4The Dark Knight
B5Batman Hits the Streets