1994 Comic Images Bone Checklist

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Bone is one of the most beloved comics of its time and 1994 Comic Images Bone trading cards capture all the artwork that made the series so popular. The artwork for this set was drawn by series creator, Jeff Smith.

1994 Comic Images Bone Checklist

Base Set – 90 Cards
Promo Cards – 10 Cards

1Run Out of Boneville
2Fone Bone
3Phoney Bone
4Smiley Bone
8Is It the One We Seek?
9Who You Callin’ Boy?
10On the Dragon’s Stair
11The Valley
12The Bug Brothers
13Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures
14Winter Comes Quick in These Parts!
15Miz ‘Possum and Her Family
16Adventures in Babysitting
17They’re Baaack!
18The Chase
20Down at the Hot Springs
22Boneville? What’s Boneville?
23In Gran’ma Ben’s House
24Moby Dick
25I’ll Say It Again… Slower
26Can You Milk ‘Em?
27Off to a Good Start
28The Gitchy Feelin’
29Phoney Bone Slips Off
31The High Council
32The Hooded One
33Fone Bone Must Die
34Thorn’s Dream
35Gran’ma Has a Plan
36Okay, Kids… Run!
37Fleeing in the Dark
39A Stranger in Town
41Lucius Down
42The Rat Creatures Close In
44He Did It!
45A Wild Ride
47Gran’ma Ben Is Alive!
48An Uncomfortable Meeting
49The Dragon Takes His Leave
50Off to the Races!
51Unfinished Business
52Danger in the Trees
53Family Reunion
54The Spring Fair
55The Honey Seller
57Don’t Look Down!
58It Only Takes One!
60Phoney’s Bettin’ Booth
61A Hot Tip
62Cousin Against Cousin
63The Mystery Cow
64Thorn’s Secret
65Can’t Sleep
66High Noon
69Mad Cow
70Smiley Goes Wild
71The Great Cow Race
72Remember the Plan!
73The Set Up
75Change of Plans
76They’re Off!
77The Rat Race
78Oh, My!
79Gran’ma Ben Wants a Look
80Out of the Frying Pan
81A Late Entry
82Uh, Oh!
84The Crowd Panics!
85In the Straight-a-way
86Gran’ma Takes the Lead!
87And the Winner Is…
88Hot Diggity Dog!!
89The Gang’s All Here!
90Bone by Jeff Smith Checklist
Promo 1Lucius
Promo 2The Red Dragon
Promo 3Thorn
Promo 4Rat Creatures
Promo 5Gran’ma Ben
Promo 6The Hooded One
Promo 7Checklist
Promo No #Fone
Promo No #Phoney
Promo No #Smiley