1993 Topps Batman Animated Series Checklist

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1993 Topps Batman Animated Series trading cards pay homage to one of the most beloved and acclaimed animated programs of all time with a 190 card checklist.

The artwork utilized for this set comes directly from the television series. Each card front is a full bleed image with a thin line framing and the series logo in the corner.

The size of this set actually makes it one of the largest Batman related sets of all time. In fact, when counting inserts and promos, it is only about 30 cards larger than all of Topps’ 1966 Batman releases combined!

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1993 Topps Batman Animated Series Checklist

Base Set – 190 Cards
Vinyl Cells – 6 Cards (No Numbers)
Promos – 7 Cards (No Numbers)

1Cover Card
4Bruce Wayne
5Dick Grayson
6Alfred Pennyworth
7Commissioner Jim Gordon
9Harvey Dent
10Officer Renee Montoya
11Detective Harvey Bullock
12Summer Gleeson
13Mayor Hamilton Hill
14Selina Kyle
15Gotham City
16Wayne Manor
17The Batcave : Deep Below Wayne Manor
18The Batcave : A center of operations
19Arkham Asylum
20Crime Alley
26Poison Ivy
27Dr. Hugo Strange
29Ra’s al Ghul
32Mr. Freeze
34Killer Croc
35Mad Hatter
36Harley Quinn
37Rupert Thorne
38The Ninja
39Spider Conway
40Joey the Snail
45Gotham City Police Vehicles
46The Batarang
47Batman’s Grappling Gun
48Batman’s Utility Belt
49Batman’s Homing Locator
50Batman’s Spray gun & Goggles
51On Leather Wings
52On Leather Wings
53On Leather Wings
54On Leather Wings
55On Leather Wings
56On Leather Wings
57On Leather Wings
58On Leather Wings
59On Leather Wings
60On Leather Wings
61Nothing to Fear
62Nothing to Fear
63Nothing to Fear
64Nothing to Fear
65Nothing to Fear
66Nothing to Fear
67Nothing to Fear
68Nothing to Fear
69Nothing to Fear
70Nothing to Fear
71The Last Laugh
72The Last Laugh
73The Last Laugh
74The Last Laugh
75The Last Laugh
76The Last Laugh
77The Last Laugh
78The Last Laugh
79The Last Laugh
80The Last Laugh
81Pretty Poison
82Pretty Poison
83Pretty Poison
84Pretty Poison
85Pretty Poison
86Pretty Poison
87Pretty Poison
88Pretty Poison
89Pretty Poison
90Pretty Poison
101Two-Face Part II
102Two-Face Part II
103Two-Face Part II
104Two-Face Part II
105Two-Face Part II
106Two-Face Part II
107Two-Face Part II
108Two-Face Part II
109Two-Face Part II
110Two-Face Part II
111The Cat and the Claw
112The Cat and the Claw
113The Cat and the Claw
114The Cat and the Claw
115The Cat and the Claw
116The Cat and the Claw
117The Cat and the Claw
118The Cat and the Claw
119The Cat and the Claw
120The Cat and the Claw
121The Cat and the Claw
122The Cat and the Claw
123The Cat and the Claw
124The Cat and the Claw
125The Cat and the Claw
126The Cat and the Claw
127The Cat and the Claw
128The Cat and the Claw
129The Cat and the Claw
130The Cat and the Claw
131Heart of Ice
132Heart of Ice
133Heart of Ice
134Heart of Ice
135Heart of Ice
136Heart of Ice
137Heart of Ice
138Heart of Ice
139Heart of Ice
140Heart of Ice
141Feet of Clay
142Feet of Clay
143Feet of Clay
144Feet of Clay
145Feet of Clay
146Feet of Clay
147Feet of Clay
148Feet of Clay
149Feet of Clay
150Feet of Clay
151Feet of Clay
152Feet of Clay
153Feet of Clay
154Feet of Clay
155Feet of Clay
156Feet of Clay
157Feet of Clay
158Feet of Clay
159Feet of Clay
160Feet of Clay
161Mask of the Phantasm
162Mask of the Phantasm
163Mask of the Phantasm
164Mask of the Phantasm
165Mask of the Phantasm
166Mask of the Phantasm
167Mask of the Phantasm
168Mask of the Phantasm
169Mask of the Phantasm
170Mask of the Phantasm
171Mask of the Phantasm
172Mask of the Phantasm
173Mask of the Phantasm
174Mask of the Phantasm
175Mask of the Phantasm
176Mask of the Phantasm
177Mask of the Phantasm
178Mask of the Phantasm
179Mask of the Phantasm
180Mask of the Phantasm
181Mask of the Phantasm
182Mask of the Phantasm
183Mask of the Phantasm
184Mask of the Phantasm
185Mask of the Phantasm
186Mask of the Phantasm
187Mask of the Phantasm
188Mask of the Phantasm
189Mask of the Phantasm
190Mask of the Phantasm