1993 Cardz Flintstones NFL trading card checklist

1993 Cardz Flintstones NFL Checklist

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1993 Cardz Flintstones NFL football cards were one of two Flintstones sets released by Cards that year, the other focusing solely on the series.

This set contains 110 base cards which are divided into subsections: Draft Picks (#1-28), Schedule (#29-56), Team Stats (#57-84), game rules (#85-100), NFL Facts/Games (#101-110).

If you’re a fan of football and The Flintstones, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better set to collect.

1993 Cardz Flintstones NFL Checklist

Base Set – 110 Cards

Holograms (H) – 3 Cards

Tekchrome (T) – 1 Card

Base Set

1Atlanta – Draft PicksFalcons
2Buffalo – Draft PicksBills
3Chicago – Draft PicksBears
4Cincinnati – Draft PicksBengals
5Cleveland – Draft PicksBrowns
6Dallas – Draft PicksCowboys
7Denver – Draft PicksBroncos
8Detroit – Draft PicksLions
9Green Bay – Draft PicksPackers
10Houston – Draft PicksOilers
11Indianapolis – Draft PicksColts
12Kansas City – Draft PicksChiefs
13LA Raiders – Draft PicksRaiders
14LA Rams – Draft PicksRams
15Miami – Draft PicksDolphins
16Minnesota – Draft PicksVikings
17New England – Draft PicksPatriots
18New Orleans – Draft PicksSaints
19NY Giants – Draft PicksGiants
20NY Jets – Draft PicksJets
21Philadelphia – Draft PicksEagles
22Phoenix – Draft PicksCardinals
23Pittsburgh – Draft PicksSteelers
24San Diego – Draft PicksChargers
25San Francisco – Draft Picks49ers
26Seattle – Draft PicksSeahawks
27Tampa Bay – Draft PicksBuccaneers
28Washington – Draft PicksRedskins
29Atlanta – ScheduleFalcons
30Buffalo – ScheduleBills
31Chicago – ScheduleBears
32Cincinnati – ScheduleBengals
33Cleveland – ScheduleBrowns
34Dallas – ScheduleCowboys
35Denver – ScheduleBroncos
36Detroit – ScheduleLions
37Green Bay – SchedulePackers
38Houston – ScheduleOilers
39Indianapolis – ScheduleColts
40Kansas City – ScheduleChiefs
41LA Raiders – ScheduleRaiders
42LA Rams – ScheduleRams
43Miami – ScheduleDolphins
44Minnesota – ScheduleVikings
45New England – SchedulePatriots
46New Orleans – ScheduleSaints
47NY Giants – ScheduleGiants
48NY Jets – ScheduleJets
49Philadelphia – ScheduleEagles
50Phoenix – ScheduleCardinals
51Pittsburgh – ScheduleSteelers
52San Diego – ScheduleChargers
53San Francisco – Schedule49ers
54Seattle – ScheduleSeahawks
55Tampa Bay – ScheduleBuccaneers
56Washington – ScheduleRedskins
57Atlanta – Team StatsFalcons
58Buffalo – Team StatsBills
59Chicago – Team StatsBears
60Cincinnati – Team StatsBengals
61Cleveland – Team StatsBrowns
62Dallas – Team StatsCowboys
63Denver – Team StatsBroncos
64Detroit – Team StatsLions
65Green Bay – Team StatsPackers
66Houston – Team StatsOilers
67Indianapolis – Team StatsColts
68Kansas City – Team StatsChiefs
69LA Raiders – Team StatsRaiders
70LA Rams – Team StatsRams
71Miami – Team StatsDolphins
72Minnesota – Team StatsVikings
73New England – Team StatsPatriots
74New Orleans – Team StatsSaints
75NY Giants – Team StatsGiants
76NY Jets – Team StatsJets
77Philadelphia – Team StatsEagles
78Phoenix – Team StatsCardinals
79Pittsburgh – Team StatsSteelers
80San Diego – Team StatsChargers
81San Francisco – Team Stats49ers
82Seattle – Team StatsSeahawks
83Tampa Bay – Team StatsBuccaneers
84Washington – Team StatsRedskins
85Touchdown or Successful Field Goal
86Time Out
87First Down
88Personal Foul
89Delay of Game
90Offsides or Encroachment
92Illegal Motion
93Unsportsmanlike Conduct
94Blocking Below the Waist
95Intentional Grounding of a Pass
96Illegal Contact
97False Start
98Illegal Use of the Hands, Arms, or Body
100Incomplete Pass or Refused Penalty
101NFL Football Facts (I)
102NFL Football Facts (II)
103NFL Football Facts (III)
104A Team Scramble
105Lost in the Pocket
106The NFL Position Condition
107AFC Match Game
108NFC Match Game
110It’s a Mad Scramble


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