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1991 Topps Rocketeer trading card checklist

1991 Topps Rocketeer Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1991

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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1991 Topps Rocketeer trading cards tell the story of the classic Disney action movie both on screen and off.

The base set includes 99 cards and there’s also an insert set of 22 behind the scenes cards that highlight the technical side of the film. Each pack included one of 11 stickers with card backs that combined to create a single large image.

As is often the case with cards of this era, this set is fairly easy to piece together for an affordable price and is probably most valuable to fans of the movie. Art pieces made from the wrappers of this set can be found in our shop.

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1991 Topps Rocketeer Checklist

Base Set – 99 Cards

Behind the Scenes – 22 Cards

Stickers – 11 Stickers

Base Set

1Rocketing to the Screen
2Cliff Secord
3The Rocketeer
4Jenny Blake
5Ambrose “Peevy” Peabody
6Neville Sinclair
8Eddie Valentine
9At Chaplin Airfield
10Cliff’s Gee Bee
11A Hail of Bullets
12The Great Car Chase
14Occupational Hazard
15Fitch and the Feds
16Mayhem on the Runway
17The Big Bang
18Rescuing Cliff
19Retrieving the Prize
20Instant Enemies
21Keep This Guy Alive!
22Hughes’ Invention
23Mysterious Rocketpack
24A Turbulent Take-Off!
25Bigelow’s Big Deal
26Heartthrob…Or Heel?
27Lindy’s Test Flight
28Under Police Protection
29Creeping Assassin
30His Back…Broken!
31The Man She Loves…
32Nazis in the News!
33At the Bulldog Cafe
34Spoofing Sinclair
35Designing a Helmet
36Day of the Air Show
37Malcolm in a Jam!
38His First Flight
39Blast Off to Adventure!
40High-Flying Hero
41Spectacular Rescue!
42Dunked in the Duck Pond
43I Did It, Peevy!
44Bigelow’s Bonanza
45News Travels Fast
46Another Broken Back
47Pondering the Future
48Attacked by Lothar!
49In the Creature’s Clutches
50Feds to the Rescue!
51Romanced by Sinclair
52Where’s Cliff Secord?
53Pummeling Peevy
54Bulldog Brawl!
55Ready for Action!
56At the Chinese Theatre
57A Make-Shift Plan
58Up the Laundry Chute
59The Club-Invaded!
60No Way Out!
61Netted by Neville
62Emergency Escape!
63Blasting Off!
64The Seduction
65Jenny’s Ploy
66Nightmare Scenario
67I’ve Got to Save Jenny!
68The Rocketeer’s Plan
69At Griffith Observatory
70The Devils and the Damsel
71Sinclair Is a Nazi!
72Hitler’s Commandos
73The Feds Open Fire!
74Observatory Shootout!
75It’s the Rocketeer!
76A Hero Once Again
77Danger On All Sides!
78America’s Daredevil
79The Flying Fortress
80Slip-Sliding Away!
81Taking On the Enemy
82Atop the Zeppelin
83Oh No, It’s Lothar!
84Facing the Monster-Man
85Mid-Air Death Struggle!
86Down, But Far From Out!
87Fists of the Flying Man
89His Fury Unleashed
90Helmeted Hero
91Neville’s Last Stand
92He’s Got the Rocketpack!
93Him Again?!!
94Escape from Flaming Death
95A Gift from Howard
96All’s Well That Ends Well!
97The Future Looks Bright!
98Rocketing Role Model!
99The Knight of Flight

Behind the Scenes

ADave Stevens’ Creation
BDirecting The Rocketeer
CFilming The Gee Bee
DMake-Up Metamorphosis
EMonster And Maidens
FHow To Fight The Nazis
GPreparing The Rocketpack
HTailored For Adventure
IShooting The Fiery Finale
JAdjusting His Helmet
KThe Nazi Zeppelin Set
LDauntless Dalton
MThe Bulldog Cafe Set
NThe Bronze Gladiator
OAll Systems Are A-OK!
PEscape From Hughes’ Office
QCheck Out Those Bullet Holes!
RThe Perfect Pounce
SWelcome To California!
TSome Tips For “Peevy”
UFilming The Car Chase
VKeep ‘Em Flying!