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1990 Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1990

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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The 1990 Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trading card set was released to coincide with the first of the franchise’s film releases. The base set of 132 cards feature stills from the movie with a simple white background. The bottom of each card has the card title on a yellow film reel and the card number on a blue movie camera.

Card-backs include a brief description of the action on the front of the card. There are also 11 stickers in this set which are simply character shots on a red background.

The packaging for this set was used as card #17 in the Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art series of cards.

1990 Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Checklist

Base Set – 132 Cards
Stickers – 11 Cards

#Card Title
1Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [title card]
6Master Splinter
7Reporter April O’Neil
8Crimefighter Casey Jones
9Danny Pennington
10The Shredder
12Chief Sterns
13Crime-Crazed City!
14Phantom Rescuers
15Underground Heroes!
16A Respectful Bow
17Master of the Sewer Den
18And Remember … No Anchovies!
20Hungry Mike
21Just Hangin’!
22Turtle Soul Food!
23Raphael Under Cover!
24The Masked Vigilante
25Casey in Action!
26Who’s the Champ, Pal?
27Tough Rocks, Raphael!
28April’s Boss in a Snit
29Watching from Below
30Fencing with O’Neil
31April in a Jam!
32Courage of April
33Subway Assault!
34Decked by the “Foot”!
35Raphael to the Rescue!
36One Dangerous Dude!
37Airborne Hero!
38Stepping on the “Foot”!
39April Gets Carried Away
40Pursued by the Enemy
41Back from Oblivion
42Furry Friend or Foe?
43Startled by Splinter
44Pow-Wow in the Sewer!
45Splinter’s Story
46Mutant Turtle Baby!
47Through a Sewer Darkly
48Up, Up and Away!
49Coming Up in the World
50April’s Pad
51Unusual Houseguest
52Distant Cousins?
53A Frozen Pizza Party!
54Their First Human Friend
55The Sewer Den … Trashed!
56Where’s Master Splinter?!
57The Rat Man Manacled!
58Tatsu and His Evil “Foot”
59Approach of the Evil One
60Master of Plunder!
61Danny Is Nabbed!
62Dejected Heroes
63April on the Air
64Watch Out Behind You …!
65Spotted By Casey!
66Against the “Foot” Army!
67Utterly Outnumbered!
68Check Out the Tube!
69Raphael Holds His Own!
70Fine Place for a Nap!
71April’s Guided Tour
72The O’Neil Junk Store
73Topsy-Turvey Turtle!
74Special Delivery!
75Creeps from On High!
76Crashing April’s Party
77Protecting Raphael
78Fighting for Their Lives!
79The Battle Rages On!
80The Apartment — Invaded!
81Let’s Split!
82Escape from New York
83Tatsu’s Failure
84An Evil Reprimand
85Reaching Out to Danny
86I Will Listen, My Son!
87Bathtub Vigil
88Casey — Mr. Fix-It!
89It’ll Never Work!
91Raphael Revives!
92Raph’s Gonna Be Okay!
93Brotherly Love, Turtle-Style!
94What To Do Next …?
95In Tune with the Infinite
96Message from Beyond
97The New Fighting Method!
98Tuning Up!
99Ready for a Rematch!
100It’s Time To Go Back!
101Danny … Ally or Spy?
102Kill Splinter!
103Surprise for the “Foot”!
104The Soprano Make Strikes!
105Shelling It Out!
106The Battle with Tatsu
108Armed and Anxious!
109A foot for the “Foot”!
110Turtle Power!
111Rooftop Assault!
112The Shredder Pours It On!
113We Got a Problem Here!
114The Face of Oroku
115Saki on the Rampage!
116Outwitted By splinter!
117The Final Confrontation
118The Shredder’s Great Fall
119Dying … without Honor!
120The Victor
121Thank You, My Children!
122Father and Son Reunited
123The Birth of Cowabunga
124April O’Neil … Signing Off!
125He Loves Being a Turtle!
126Until Next Crime …!
127Clowning with Leonardo
128The Comics Come to Life!
129Preparing for “Battle”
130Shooting Splinter
131Last Minute Costume Check
132The Gang’s All Here!
Sticker 1Splinter
Sticker 2Shredder
Sticker 3April
Sticker 4Raphael
Sticker 5Leonardo
Sticker 6April
Sticker 7Raphael
Sticker 8Tatsu
Sticker 9Michelangelo
Sticker 10Donatello
Sticker 11Casey Jones