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1990 Kenner Dark Knight Collection

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1990 Kenner Dark Knight Collection was the first in a long line of Batman action figures produced by Kenner throughout the 1990s.

The Dark Knight Collection was released on the heels of Tim Burton’s megahit film, Batman (1989), the first film to feature the Caped Crusader since the 1940s serials and 1966 film. The line included several vehicles for the Batman and Joker characters and several variations on costumes and accessories for the two characters.

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11990Batman (Crime Attack)
11990Bruce Wayne (Quick Change)
11990Batman (Shadow Wing)
11990Joker (Sky Escape)
11990Batman (Tec Shield)
11990Batman (Wall Scaler)
11990Batman (Blast Shield)Deluxe
11990Batman (Night Glider)Deluxe
11990Bola BulletVehicle
11990Joker CycleVehicle
11990Strike WingVehicle
21990Joker (Knockout)
21990Batman (Thunderwhip)
21990Turbojet BatwingVehicle
21990Sky Blade
Kenner Dark Knight Collection Checklist