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1989 Topps New Kids on the Block Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1989

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: New Kids on the Block

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists


1989 Topps New Kids on the Block trading cards brought the right stuff to the hobby by featuring one of the biggest teen heartthrob bands of the era on one of the most quintessentially 80s card designs of all time. Each card has at least two variants with backgrounds being seemingly random throughout the collection.

There was also a set of stickers included with this set, also with variants. The back of the sticker cards were the pieces of a larger photo puzzle.

Each sticker card had one of two backs, with either a yellow or a red border and a completely different puzzle piece. As with the main card set, the backgrounds on sticker fronts were also random and varied on the same card.

With all the variants on cards and stickers, it is pretty easy to collect this set three times and have three complete and completely different collections.

The design for this set was used in the 2018 Throwback Thursday set. The packaging for this set was used in the 2018 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art series.

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1989 Topps New Kids on the Block Checklist

Base Set – 88 Cards
Stickers – 11 Stickers

#Card Title
1New Kids Mania!!!
2Reluctant idols
3Setting Records!
6Joe McIntyre
7Donnie Wahlberg
8Jonathan Knight
9Danny Wood
10Looks Aren’t Everything
11NKOTB Quiz! Question #1
12NKOTB Quiz! Question #2
13NKOTB Quiz! Question #3
14NKOTB Quiz! Question #4
15NKOTB Quiz! Question #5
16NKOTB Quiz! Question #6
17NKOTB Quiz! Question #7
18NKOTB Quiz! Question #8
19NKOTB Quiz! Question #9
20NKOTB Quiz! Question #10
21Message to Fans!
22Bookin’ on Tour!
23Did You Know…
24New Kids Have This in Common…
25Sports Fans!
26Baseball Fan
27Jonathan Knight
28Jordan Knight
29Danny Wood
30The Birth of New Kids on the Block
31Donnie Is Discovered!
32Finding the Fab Five
33Three More New Kids!
34The Sixth New Kid?
35Joe Gets His Break!
36Newest New Kid
38Popular Boys
39Vital Statistics – Jonathan Knight
40Vital Statistics – Joseph McIntyre
41Vital Statistics – Jordan Knight
42Vital Statistics – Donnie Wahlberg
43Donnie Wahlberg
44Jonathan Knight
45Jordan Knight
46Joe McIntyre
47Hot Moves!
48Did You Know…
49On the Road
50Did You Know…
51Romancin’ New Kids
52Good Friends
53Smart Guys
54Workin’ Hard!
55Funny Guy
56Balancing Act
58Young Kid
59Social Issues
60Joe on TV?
61They’re So Popular!
62NKOTB Movie?
63Dress for Success
64Great Shape
66Love and Snacks!
67The Future
68Did You Know…
69Going Platinum!
70NKOTB Quiz! Question #11
71NKOTB Quiz! Question #12
72NKOTB Quiz! Question #13
73NKOTB Quiz! Question #14
74NKOTB Quiz! Question #15
75NKOTB Quiz! Question #16
76NKOTB Quiz! Question #17
77NKOTB Quiz! Question #18
78NKOTB Quiz! Question #19
79NKOTB Quiz! Question #20
80Home Cooking!
81Big Time
82School Days
83Cover Girl
85The Right Fans!
86New Kids Have Heart
Sticker 1Jonathan
Sticker 2Danny
Sticker 3Donnie
Sticker 4Hangin’ Tough
Sticker 5Joe
Sticker 6Jonathan
Sticker 7Jordan
Sticker 8Joe
Sticker 9Donnie
Sticker 10Hangin’ Tough Completed Puzzle
Sticker 11Jordan