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1989 Topps Back to the Future II Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1989

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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The 1989 Topps Back to the Future II trading card series included 88 cards and 11 stickers and highlighted the major plot points of the popular Michael J. Fox/Christopher Lloyd movie. Each card front included a production still from the film as well as the card number and title. The border of each card is a yellow to red gradient with the image bordered by a smaller blue border that matches the arrow title plate. The reverse of each card was a portion of the storyline which was always continued on the following card.

The stickers, which were all laid on a white background, were backed with a puzzle piece that combined to make a movie poster. The eleventh sticker was backed by an image of the completed puzzle. Packs were sold for $.50 and included nine cards, a sticker, and a stick of gum presumably brought back by Marty McFly from 1955.

The packaging for this set was featured as card #8 in the 2018 Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art series of trading cards.

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1989 Topps Back to the Future II Checklist

Base Set – 88 Cards
Stickers – 11 Stickers

#Card Title
1The Return of Marty McFly
2Onward, To the Future!
3The DeLorean Takes Off!
4Tomorrow’s Mission Today!
5Hill Valley, 2015
6The New, Improved Town Square
7A Peek Into the Future
8Wonders of Tomorrow
9Future Shocks
10Incredible, Isn’t It?
11A Must for Nostalgia Freaks
12Check This Place Out!
13Hello, Anybody Home?
14Griff Makes the Scene
15Griff’s Criminal Plan
16Makeshift Escape!
17The Pit Bull Brigade
18Hoverboarding Marty!
19Here Comes Trouble …
20Whew! That Was Close!
22Griff Is Fully Foiled
23A Timely Idea
24Purchasing the Past
25Returning to Town Square
26The Times They Are A’Changing
27Mission (Somehow) Accomplished!
28The Capture of Jennifer
29Biff’s Outlandish Scheme
30Follow That DeLorean!
31Jennifer Is … Home?!
32Marlene Comes To Call
33Future Family
34A Possible Paradox?!
35Stealing Some Time!
36I Want My F-TV!
37Marty McFly Junior
38Spotted By Jennifer
39Marty McFly, Age 47
40A Peekaboo from Guess Who?
41Doc Has His Hands Full!
42Back from the Past
43What Could Be Wrong?
44Mr. Strickland Takes Aim
45This Is Nuts …!
46Everything’s Different –!
47The Whole Town Has Changed!
48Tannen’s Henchmen
49A Family Squabble
50Mom … and Dad?!
51Where’s George McFly?
52Dear, Departed Dad
53Biff Hits the Jackpot!
54Doc Brown’s New Plan
55Mad, Murderous Biff
56Not This Time, Tannen!
57The Rescue
58Back in ’55
59Marty in Disguise!
60Biff Is Scorned!
61Biff’s Mysterious Benefactor
62Another Way To Travel!
63A Familiar Scene
64Retrieving the Almanac
65Their First Kiss
66Go, Marty, Go!
67Man In the Shadow
68Somethin’ Weird’s Going On …!
69Seeing Double!
70When Time Trippers Collide!
71Saved By Doc (Again!)
72Burning the Almanac
73Good News!
74More Good News!
75Western Union Delivers!
76Trapped In the Past!
77Marty’s Original Escape
78No .. Not Again!!
79Next Stop … 1885!
80The Once and Future Car
81The Spider Car
82Scat Hovercraft
83Taxi Cab
84Retrofitted Ford prototype
85Twin turbo-charged prototype
86Cafe ’80’s (Interior Set)
87Michael J. Fox Is Marty McFly
88Until Next Time …!
Sticker 1Puzzle 1st row left
Sticker 2Puzzle 3rd row left
Sticker 3Puzzle 2nd row right
Sticker 4Puzzle 1st row right
Sticker 5Puzzle 5th row left
Sticker 6Puzzle 4th row right
Sticker 7Puzzle 4th row left
Sticker 8Puzzle 2nd row left
Sticker 9Puzzle 3rd row right
Sticker 10Puzzle 5th row right
Sticker 11Completed puzzle