1987 Topps Roger Rabbit Checklist

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1987 Topps Roger Rabbit trading cards retell the entire plot of the popular film — including the short that precedes the movie.

The card design is simple with each card appearing to be a single frame from a film stock. The reverse of each card explains the image on the front but is written as if an excerpt from the movie’s script.

The base set for this checklist includes 132 cards and there are 22 sticker cards distributed one per pack. Packs included nine cards, one sticker, and a stick of gum and can frequently be found unopened on eBay.

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1987 Topps Roger Rabbit Checklist

Base Set – 132 Cards

Stickers Set – 22 Stickers

#Card Title
1Title Card
2Toon Superstars!
3Their Latest Cartoon!
4Now Be a Good Little Baby!’
5He’s In Your Hands, Roger!
6Never Fear, Roger’s Here!
7Baby Herman Is Loose!
9Baby on the Burners!
10The Rolling Pin Tumbles!
11Was This Trip Necessary?
12Roger Goes to Pot!
13A Step in the Wrong Direction!
14One Roasted Rabbit!
15When You’re Hot, You’re Hot!
16Socket to Roger!
18The Cookie Quest Continues!
19Look Out Below!
20Utensils Attack!
22Sharp Shooters!
25Saved By Roger!
26Roger Gets Clunked!
27Roger’s Tweeting Birds!
29I Said Stars, Not Birds!
30Gimme One Last Chance!
31Eddie Valiant, Private Eye!
32Walt Sent Me.
33Inside the Club
34This Way, Mr. Valiant!
35The Main Attraction
37Jessica Rabbit Swings Out!
38Can Jessica Be Trusted?
39Don’t Monkey with Me!!
40Pattycake Betrayal!
41I Don’t Believe It…!
42I Won’t Believe It…!
43I Can’t Believe It…!
44I Shan’t Believe It…!
45A Hasty Retreat
46Judge Doom’s Latest Victim
47Care for a Dip?!
48Death of a Toon!
50An Important Clue!
51Strange Bedfellows!
52Get Out, Ya Screwy Toon!
53Roger’s Love Letter
54Funny Meeting You Here!
55Handcuffed to a Toon!
56We’re In This Together, Eddie!
57Hide Me … Quick!
58A Panicked Rabbit!
59Oh No … It’s the Toon Squad!
60Those Wily Weasels!
61All Right, Where’s the Rabbit At?!
62Damp But Undaunted!
63Eddie and Roger, Uncuffed!
64Jessica Meets Valiant in His Office
65I’m Not That Kind of Toon!
66Jessica Blows a Kiss
67Those Luscious, Luminous Lips!
68Nabbed by the Toon Squad!
69The Judge Gets His Toon!
70Into the Dip, Rabbit!
71This Drink’s for Roger!
72Toons and Booze Don’t Mix!
74Talk About a Getaway Car!
75Benny to the Rescue!
76They’re Gaining on Us!
77Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!
78Look Oooooouuuuuuuttttttt!!!
79A Narrow Escape!
80Oh No … No … No!!!
81We Got ‘Em This Time!
82Benny’s Up For It!
83The Road to Unreality!
84Another World …
85One Heck of a Place to Visit!
86Toontown Pile-Up!
87In Pursuit of Jessica
88What Goes Up …
89Eddie’s Hard-Pressed!
90Jessica, Is That You?
91Look Out Below!
92Just Hanging Around!
93Above It All!
94The Fall of Eddie Valiant
95Perilous Plunge!
96Mysterious Back Streets!
97Someone’s Tailin’ Me …
98Jessica … Friend or Foe?
99Aided by a Car-Toon!
100A Dip-Slicked Road!
101Poor Benny Crashes!
102Snagged by the Toon Patrol!
103I’ve Got to Save Them!!
104Roger to the Rescue!
105Trapped By Judge Doom!
106What a Way to Go!
107Don’t Try Anything Fancy!
108A Valiant Effort!
109What a Crack-Up!
110Alas, Poor Weasel!
111The Deadly Dip!
112Say It, Don’t Spray It!
113What a Weird Weapon!
114Doom on a Roll!
115Stand Up and Sneer!
116The Judge Re-Inflated!
117He’s Back & Badder Than Ever!
119The Mad Toon’s Fury
120Eddie Sees the Saw!
121The Fatal Splash!
122Crack of Doom!
123Swing to Safety!
124Good Morning, Toontown!
125The Day Is Saved!
126Judge Doom’s Demise!
127Special Thanks from Jessica!
128A Grateful Roger Rabbit
129What a Pal!
130The Mystery Is Solved!
131Love with the Proper Rabbit
132Made for Each Other!