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1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids sticker cards were the first of the popular franchise designed to mock the insanely popular Cabbage Patch Dolls of the era. Released in two series’, each character is featured on two sticker cards (a and b) so the final checklist is twice as long as the numbering would suggest.

Bringing the gross out and shock factor of Ugly Stickers into the 1980s, this set was an instant success and spawned over a dozen follow up sets. The backs of the cards alternate between glossy and matte with matte finished cards commanding a higher value due to their more limited release.

The packaging for this series was used as the subject of card #23 in the 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art series released by Topps in 2018.

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1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Checklist

Base Set – 166 Cards
Series 1 – Card #1a-41b
Series 2 – Card #42a-83b

#Card Title
1aNasty Nick
1bEvil Eddie
2aJunkfood John
2bRay Decay
3aUp Chuck
3bHeavin’ Steven
4aFryin’ Brian
4bElectric Bill
5aDead Ted VAR
5aDead Ted
5bJay Decay VAR
5bJay Decay
6aArt Apart
6bBusted Bob
7aStormy Heather
7bApril Showers
8aAdam Bomb VAR
8aAdam Bomb
8bBlasted Billy VAR
8bBlasted Billy
9aBoozin’ Bruce
9bDrunk Ken
10aTee-Vee Stevie
10bGeeky Gary
11aItchy Richie
11bBugged Bert
12aFurry Fran
12bHairy Mary
13aAshcan Andy
13bSpacey Stacy
14aPotty Scotty
14bJason Basin
15aAilin’ Al
15bMauled Paul
16aWeird Wendy
16bHaggy Maggie
17aWacky Jackie
17bLoony Lenny
18aCranky Frankie
18bBad Brad
19aCorroded Carl
19bCrater Chris
20aSwell Mel
20bDressy Jesse
21aVirus Iris
21bSicky Vicky
22aJunky Jeff
22bStinky Stan
23aDrippy Dan
23bLeaky Lou
24aNervous Rex
24bNerdy Norm
25aCreepy Carol
25bScary Carrie
26aSlobby Robbie
26bFat Matt
27aBrainy Janie
27bJenny Genius
28aOozy Suzie
28bMeltin’ Melissa
29aBony Joanie VAR
29aBony Joanie
29bThin Lynn VAR
29bThin Lynn
30aNew Wave Dave
30bGraffiti Petey
31aRun Down Rhoda
31bFlat Pat
32aFrigid Bridget
32bChilly Millie
33aMad Mike
33bSavage Stuart
34aKim Kong
34bAnna Banana
35aWrinkly Randy
35bRockin’ Robert
36aWrappin’ Ruth
36bTommy Tomb
37aGuillo Tina
37bCindy Lopper
38aSlimy Sam
38bLizard Liz
39aBuggy Betty
39bGreen Jean
40aUnstitched Mitch
40bDamaged Don
41aMean Gene
41bJoltin’ Joe
42aPatty Putty VAR
42aPatty Putty
42bMuggin’ Megan VAR
42bMuggin’ Megan
43aSmelly Kelly
43aSmelly Kelly VAR
43bDoug Plug
43bDoug Plug VAR
44aSy Clops
44aSy Clops VAR
44bOne-Eyed Jack
44bOne-Eyed Jack VAR
45aLeaky Lindsay
45bMessy Tessie
46aRappin’ Ron
46aRappin’ Ron VAR
46bRay Gun
46bRay Gun VAR
47aDisgustin’ Justin
47aDisgustin’ Justin VAR
47bVile Kyle
47bVile Kyle VAR
48aTongue Tied Tim
48bMarty Mouthful
49aDouble Heather
49bSchizo Fran
49bFran Fran VAR
50aMad Donna
50bNutty Nicole
51aRussell Muscle
51bBrett Sweat
52aDirty Harry
52bRob Slob
53aJolted Joel
53bLive Mike
54aFryin’ Ryan
54bCharred Chad
55aHairy Gary
55aHairy Gary VAR
55bBrutal Brad
55bBrutal Brad VAR
56aHairy Carrie
56aHairy Carrie VAR
56bBrutal Bridget
56bBrutal Bridget VAR
57aTommy Gun
57aTommy Gun VAR
57bDead Fred
57bDead Fred VAR
58aCracked Jack
58aCracked Jack VAR
58bSoft Boiled Sam
58bSoft Boiled Sam VAR
59aClogged Duane
59aClogged Duane VAR
59bBye Bye Bobby
59bBye Bye Bobby VAR
60aPrickly Rick
60aPrickly Rick VAR
60bCactus Carol
60bCactus Carol VAR
61aJolly Roger
61bPegleg Peter
62aGreaser Greg
62bChris Hiss
63aSpacey Stacy
63bJanet Planet
64aHot Scott
64bLuke Warm
65aShrunken Ed
65bCheeky Charles
66aMatt Ratt
66aMatt Ratt VAR
66bRachel Rodent
66bRachel Rodent VAR
67aPhony Lisa
67aPhony Lisa VAR
67bMona Loser
67bMona Loser VAR
68aOliver Twisted
68aOliver Twisted VAR
68bDizzy Dave
68bDizzy Dave VAR
69aJenny Jelly
69aJenny Jelly VAR
69bSara Slime
69bSara Slime VAR
70aBad Breath Seth
70aBad Breath Seth VAR
70bFoul Phil
70bFoul Phil VAR
71aOdd Todd
71aOdd Todd VAR
71bBent Ben
71bBent Ben VAR
72aMad Max
72bBrainy Brian
73aGorgeous George
73bDollar Bill
74aMark Bark
74bKennel Kenny
75aOff-The-Wall Paul
75aOff-The-Wall Paul VAR
75bZach Plaque
75bZach Plaque VAR
76aBonnie Bunny
76aBonnie Bunny VAR
76bPourin’ Lauren
76bPourin’ Lauren VAR
77aGhastly Ashley
77aGhastly Ashley VAR
77bAcne Amy
77bAcne Amy VAR
78aWrinkled Rita
78aWrinkled Rita VAR
78bAncient Annie
78bAncient Annie VAR
79aSewer Sue
79aSewer Sue VAR
79bMichelle Muck
79bMichelle Muck VAR
80aTattoo Lou VAR
80aTattoo Lou
80bArt Gallery
80bArt Gallery VAR
81aSplit Kit
81bMixed-Up Mitch
82aSlain Wayne
82bVentilated Vinnie
83aUgh Lee
83bSumo Sid