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If you’re looking for mid-80s trading cards based on a movie with a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes, 1985 Topps Baby may be the set for you.

The Disney film, Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, follows paleontologists who discover a family of living Brontosaurus in Africa and have to save them from a fearful government. The trading card set retells the story with a combination of film stills and a brief description on the card backs.

The base set contains 66 cards and there are 11 stickers which were distributed one per pack. The movie’s relative obscurity today and commercial failure in 1985 means that full boxes of this series are often available for very cheap on the secondary market.

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1985 Topps Baby Checklist

Base Set – 66 Cards

Stickers – 11

Base Set

1Great New Adventure Movie!
2Land of Mystery
4Death of a Scientist
5Susan’s Discovery
6George Isn’t Thrilled!
7Kiviat’s Plan
8Susan, Come Back Here!!
9Poisoned By … What?
10Treacherous Trek!
11Besieged by Natives!
12Don’t … It’s Their Soul!
13Guests of the Kaleri
14Stomping Ground!
15A Living Legend
16Where Time Stands Still
17Awesome Sight!
18A Family of Brontos
19Introducing … Baby!
20Chow Time!
21Curious Critter!
22Who Turned Out the Lights?
23Swimming Companions
24Making Friends!
25Three of a Kind
26Rage of the Creature!
27Papa Bronto Attacks!
28Kiviat, the Evil Scientist!
29Mama Bronto … Captured!
30Baby Needs a Friend!
31Stubborn as a Dino!
32Malombo Snack!
33The Perilous River
34Journey to Freedom!
35Unexpected Guest!
36… And Baby makes Three!
37Another Fine Mess!
38Three’s a Crowd
39A Familiar Face?
40Friends from Different Eras
41Sorry … Wrong Mama!
43Baby Is Sighted!
44The Great Escape
45Operation: Save Baby!
46Pursued by Kiviat
47The Cave of Bats
48Tending Baby’s Wounds
49Nursing the Bronto
50Wake Up, Sleepyheads!
51Quiet, Kiddo!
52Freeing Mama!
53Mama on the Rampage!
54Under Attack!
55A Dream in Flames!
56George Flies into Danger!
57Give It Up, Kiviat!
58Crashing the Gates!
59Hot Pursuit!
60Mama Gets Even!
61Fate of the Evil One
62Is Baby OK?
63Mama and Baby … Together Again!
64Mother Love, Monster-Style!
65A Final Farewell


11Completed Puzzle