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1982 Topps E.T. Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1982

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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The 1982 Topps E.T. trading card set retells the story of the classic movie. Each card front features a production still from the movie bordered with a blue field of stars and the now-iconic silhouette of E.T., Elliott, and the bike in front of the moon.

Card backs help explain the imagery from the card fronts and advance the telling of the plot to the movie. There are also 12 stickers, distributed one per pack, in this set and nine of those stickers are backed with puzzle pieces.

The collection does include two production stills from a scene that did not make the final cut of the movie and Steven Spielberg, the film’s director, does appear in the background of an image.

The wrapper art for this collection was featured as card #10 of the 2018 Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art line of on-demand trading cards.

1982 Topps E.T. Checklist

Base Set – 87 Cards
Stickers – 12 Cards

#Card Title
1E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
2Alien Visitors!
4Mysterious Glow!
5Elliott’s Search
6Fright in the Woods!
7An Alarmed E.T.!
8The Vigil
9E.T. Approaches
10Fear of the Unknown
11A Trail of Candy
12The Friends Meet
13A Boy’s Best Friend?
14The E.T. and Me
15Among Elliott’s Toys
16Reading a Comic Strip!
17Where Do You Come From?
18E.T. and the Flower
19A Hungry E.T.!
20Gertie Says “Hi!”
21A Quick Disguise!
22Alone in the House
23Up to Mischief!
24A New Found Friend!
25What’s In the Fridge?
26Time for a Snack!
27Unearthly Thirst!
28Elliott in School
29E.T. Lives It Up!
30E.T. Watching T.V.!
31Frog Madness!
32The Tipsy Alien!
33Trouble for Elliott!
34What’s Wrong with Elliott?
35Uplifting Moment!
36Dressed Up By Gertie!
37Comic Strip Strategy!
38They’re Coming To Get Us!
39The Listeners
40A Present for “Mom”!
41It’s Halloween!
42Elliott’s Disguise!
43Off On Their Mission
44Trick or Treat!
45Night Ride
46In the Woods
47E.T. Phones Home!
48Testing the Communicator
49Message into Space!
50Did They Hear You?
51Their Home Besieged!
52Spaceman at the Door!
53The Investigators
54Sterilizing the House
55The Air Hose
56How Can We Save Him?
57You’re Killing Us Both!
58The Emergency Ends
59Don’t Die, E.T.!
60The Escape Plan
61All Bundled Up!
62Van to Freedom!
63They’re Gaining!
64To the Landing Site!
65Bicycle Chase!
66For the Love of E.T.!
67A Mother’s Concern!
68E.T.’s Glowing Heart
69Sighting the Aliens!
70The Spaceship Is Coming!
71Cosmic Landing
72Michael’s Farewell
73A Present for E.T.
74Gertie’s Goodbye Kiss
75The Friends Depart
76A Final Farewell
77Entering the Ship
78E.T. and His Gift
79Spaceship Interior
80Interstellar Garden
81Return To Outer Space
82Elliott’s Family
83E.T.’s Director
84Filming the Aliens
85An Amazing New Star!
86Friendly Face from Space!
Sticker 1E.T. dressed as woman
Sticker 2E.T. and Harvey
Sticker 3E.T. bundled up
Sticker 4E.T., the tipsy alien
Sticker 5An alarmed E.T.
Sticker 6E.T. and Elliot
Sticker 7four images each for E.T., Elliot, E.T., and Mary
Sticker 8four images each for E.T., Elliot, E.T., and Gertie
Sticker 9Gertie, Mary, and Elliot
Sticker 10E.T. image, bigger with just blue background
Sticker 11E.T., with just yellow background
Sticker 12E.T. image, bigger with just red background