1980 Topps Empire Strikes Back trading card checklist

1980 Topps Empire Strikes Back Checklist

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1980 Topps Empire Strikes Back trading cards were the second major Star Wars release for the card company and chronicle the story and characters from the second film. This massive set included 352 cards and 88 stickers and was released over three series.

Series 1 included the cards from #1-132 and have a red border on a silver gradient background. Series 2 included the cards from #133-264 and have a blue border and continue the silver background from series 1. Series 3 included the cards from #265 to the end, feature a green border, and have a gold gradient background.

Each series of this release has its own wrapper color variant but all feature Darth Vader as the cover character. Series 1 is on a red background, Series 2 is on a blue background, and Series 3 is on a yellow background. Of the three original Star Wars releases, this set has the fewest wrapper variants and is the only set to have only one character on the wrappers. Shop Star Wars Wrapper Art.

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1980 Topps Empire Strikes Back Checklist

Base Set – 352 Cards

Stickers – 88 Cards

2Luke Skywalker
3Princess Leia
4Han Solo
8Lando Calrissian
10Darth Vader
11Boba Fett
12The Imperial Probot
13Planet of Ice
14Where’s Luke?
15Droids on Patrol
16The Hidden Rebel Base
17New Rebel Strategy
18General Rieekan
19Leia’s Plan
20Prey of the Wampa
21Examined: Luke’s Tauntaun
22But Sir, I MMh…Mffh…
23In Search of Luke
24Frozen Death
25Skywalker’s Rescue
26Luke’s Fight For Life
27Rejuvenation Chamber
28Surgeon Droid
29Artoo’s Icy Vigil
30Metal Monster
31Zeroing in on Chewie!
32Han Aims for Action!
33Destroying the Probot
34Death of Admiral Ozzel
35The Freedom Fighters
36Rebel Defenses
37Armed Against the Enemy
38Joined by Dack
39The Sound of Terror
41Rattled by the Enemy
42Might of the Imperial Forces
43The Snow Walkers
45Escape from Icy Peril
46Retreat! Retreat!
47Headquarters in Shambles
48Solo’s Makeshift Escape
50Vader and the Snowtroopers
51Snowtroopers of the Empire
52Millennium Falcon: Getaway Ship!
53Emergency Blast Off!
54Battle of the Star Destroyer
55Fix-It Man Han Solo!
56A Sudden Change of Plan
57Misty World of Dagobah
58The Creature Called Yoda
59Welcome, Young Luke!
60Journey Through the Swamp
61Yoda’s House
62Artoo Peeking Through
63The Secret of Yoda
64The Princess Lends a Hand
65Repairing Hyperdrive
66Star Lovers
67Pardon Me Sir, But…Ohhh!
68Mysterious and Deadly Chamber
69Attacked by Batlike Creatures!
70Use the Force, Luke!
71Raising Luke’s X-wing
72A Need Beyond Reason
73A Gathering of Evils
74The Bounty Hunters
75IG-88 and Boba Fett
76Enter Lando Calrissian
77Warm Welcome for an Old Buddy
78Conniving Pals
79Greetings, Sweet Lady
80Calrissian’s Main Man
81Pretty as a Princess!
82A Swarm of Ugnaughts
83Threepio…Blasted to Bits!
84A Pile of See-Threepio!
85Escorted by Lando
86Dinner Guests
87Host of Horror
88Deflecting Solo’s Blasts
89Alas, Poor Threepio!
90The Ordeal
91The Prize of Boba Fett
92His Day of Triumph
93The Carbon-Freezing Chamber
94End of the Star Warriors?
95Pawn of the Evil One
96No! This Can’t Be Happening!
97The Fate of Han Solo
98Boba’s Special Delivery
99Observed by Luke
100Luke Arrives
101Ready for Action!
102The Search for Vader
103Where Are You, Skywalker?
104Dark Lord of the Sith
105Weapon of Light
106The Confrontation
107Duel of the Lightsabers
108Escape From Their Captors
109Lando…Friend or Foe?
110Leia Takes Control!
111Blasting the Stormtroopers!
112Artoo to the Rescue!
113Spectacular Battle!
114Embrace the Dark Side!
115Hate Me, Luke! Destroy Me!
116Luke’s Last Stand
117Do You Have a Foot In My Size?
119Falcon on Hoth
120Snow Walkers
121The Pursued
122Darth Vader
123Swamps of Dagobah
124Cloud City
125Lando’s Greeting
126Threepio’s Destruction
127Luke Battling Darth
128The Final Stand
130Ion Cannon
131Checklist 1-66
132Checklist 67-132
133Series 2 Title Card
134Millennium Falcon
135The Executor
136Imperial Star Destroyer
137Twin-Pod Cloud Car
138Slave I
139Rebel Armored Snowspeeder
140The Avenger
141TIE Fighter
142Rebel Transport
143TIE Bomber
144Preparing for Battle
145Seeking the Missing Luke
146The Searcher
147Star Pilot Luke Skywalker
148Luke’s Patrol
149Shelter on Icy Hoth
150Imperial Spy
151Tracking the Probot
152Han Solo, Rescuer
153Medical Treatment
154Worried Droids on Hoth
155Imperial Assault
156Narrow Escape!
157Fighting Against the Empire
158Roar of the Wookiee
159Chewie’s Task
160Moments Before the Escape
161Last Stages of the Battle
162Gallant Warrior
163Raise Those Ships!
164The Awesome One
165Vader and His Snowtroopers
166Takeover of Rebel Base
167The Man Called Han Solo
168The Falcon in Repairs
169Skills of the Star Pilot
170Sir…Wait For Me!
171Han’s Desperate Plan
172An Overworked Wookiee?
173Oh, Hello There, Chewbacca!
174Artoo’s Bumpy Landing
175Mysterious Planet
176Luke…In Trouble?
177Working Against Time
178Han and the Princess
179Soldiers of the Empire
180The Wookiee at Work
181Vader and a Bounty Hunter
182World of Darkness
183Taking No Chances!
184Farewell to Yoda and Dagobah
185Racing to the Falcon
186The Ominous Vader
187The Dark Pursuer
188Young Senator from Alderaan
189Don’t Fool with Han Solo
190Kindred Spirits
191Lobot’s Task
192A Brave Princess
193Corridors of Bespin
194Lando’s Aide, Lobot
195Get Back Quick…It’s Vader!
196Held by the Stormtroopers
197Han’s Torment
198Lando’s Game
199Deadly Device
200In Vader’s Clutches
201A Tearful Farewell
202Han Faces His Fate
203Into the Carbon-Freezing Pit!
204An Ugnaught
205Tears of a Princess
206Suspended in Carbon Freeze
207Gruesome Fate!
208Evil Threatens!
209This Deal Is Getting Worse!
210The Captor, Boba Fett
211Fear on Cloud City
212A Warrior Driven
213Courage of Skywalker
214The Pursuer
215Stalked By Vader!
216A Droid Gone to Pieces
217Threepio’s Free Ride
218Stormtrooper Takeover!
219Princess Leia Under Guard!
220Bounty Hunter Boba Fett
221Lando Covers Their Escape!
222Tumbling to an Unknown Fate
223On the Verge of Defeat!
224Gifted Performer
225Actress Carrie Fisher
226Han Solo (Harrison Ford)
227Anthony Daniels as C-3PO
228Our Favorite Protocol Droid
229R2-D2 (Kenny Baker)
230Mynocks Outside? Oh My!
231Actor Billy Dee Williams
232Galaxy’s Most Loyal Droids
233Dashing Han Solo
234The Force and the Fury
235Yoda’s Squabble with R2-D2
236Blasted by Leia!
237The Art of Levitation
238Snowswept Chewbacca
239Dreamworld…Or Trap?
240Swampland Peril!
241Tried, Have You?
242Encounter on Dagobah
243Captain Solo Senses a Trap
244A Test for Luke
245R2-D2 on the Misty Bog
246Confronting the Dark Side
247Luke Battles…Himself?
248Blooming Romance
249Chewie Retaliates
250Stormtrooper Battle
251Director Irvin Kershner
252Spiffing Up a Wookiee
253Filming the Falcon
254Kershner Directs Mark Hamill
255Shooting the Exciting Climax
256Filming Vader in His Chamber
257Dagobah Comes to Life
258Building the Falcon
259Hoth Rebel Base Sequence
260Filming an Explosion
261Spectacular Swampland Set
262Acting Can Be a Dirty Job!
263Checklist 133-198
264Checklist 199-264
265Series 3 Title Card
266Han Solo
267Princess Leia
268Luke Skywalker
271Darth Vader
272Boba Fett
279Lando Calrissian
282Imperial Ships Approaching!
283The Courageous Trench Fighters!
285Rebel Protocol Droids
286Within the Hidden Base
287Calrissian of Bespin
288Testing the Carbon-Freezing Process
289Flight of the X-Wing
290Dodging Deadly Laserblasts!
291The Lovers Part
292Canyons of Death!
293Magnificent Rebel Starship
294Old Friends…Or Foes?
295Power of the Empire
296Threepio In a Jam!
297Swamp Planet
298A Hasty Retreat!
299Hostile World of Hoth
300Descent Into Danger!
301Luke…Long Overdue!
302Toward the Unknown
303In Search of Han
304Luke’s Desperate Decision
305Emerging from the Pit
306Busy as a Wookiee!
307Portrait of an Ugnaught
308The Wizard of Dagobah
309Emergency Repairs!
310Han on the Icy Wasteland
311The Walkers Close In!
312Toward Tomorrow…
313In the Path of Danger!
314The X-Wing Cockpit
315Hero of the Rebellion
316Vader’s Private Chamber
317Aboard the Executor
318The Ominous One
319Lord Vader’s Orders
320He’s Still Alive!
321Lando’s Warm Reception
322The Landing
323Their Last Kiss?
324Bounty Hunter IG-88
325The Icy Plains of Hoth
326Luke Astride His Tauntaun
327Rebel Snowspeeders Zero In!
328Champions of Freedom
329Inside the Falcon
330The Training of a Jedi
331Yoda’s Instruction
332The Warrior and the Jedi Master
333Imperial Snow Walker Attack!
334The Asteroid Chase
335Approaching Planet Dagobah
336Power Generators
337Beauty of Bespin
338Dreamlike City
339Luke’s Training
340Snow Walker Terror
342Cloud City Reactor Shaft
343Yoda’s Home
344Escape from Bespin
345Deadly Stompers
346Snow Walker Model
347Of Helmets and Costumes
348Filming the Star Destroyer
349Millennium Falcon Miniature
350Launching an X-Wing
351Model Star Destroyer
352Checklist 265-352


1F O
2R I
3A E
4B X
5U I
6W U
7M N
8C D
9O U
10H E
11E O
12Y U
13A K
14A V
15E S
16Q L
17A I
18I O
19Z T
20G J
21E I
22A P
23Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker
25Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Boba Fett
27Luke Skywalker
29Princess Leia
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
30Boba Fett
Lando Calrissian
33Darth Vader
34F O
35R I
36A E
37B X
38U I
39W U
40M N
41C D
42O U
43H E
44E O
45Y U
46A K
47A V
48E S
49Q L
50A I
51I O
52Z T
53G J
54E I
55A P
56Darth Vader
57Boba Fett
59Luke Skywalker
60Princess Leia
61Han Solo
62Lando Calrissian
67F O
68R I
69A E
70B X
71U I
72W U
73M N
74C D
75O U
76H E
77E O
78Y U
79A K
80A V
81E S
82Q L
83A I
84I O
85Z T
86G J
87E I
88A P