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Looking for a Larry Bird or Magic Johnson rookie card? Enjoy sets with confusing checklists? 1980 Topps Basketball may be right up your alley.

Each card features three players, each with an individual card number, for a total of 246 players on 88 cards. Beyond the initial 88 cards, another 88 cards with the exact same 246 players fills up the back half of the set (#89-176).

For the purposes of our checklist, the whole card number is listed in one column with each individual player card number listed in another.

Notable in this set is a card that features Larry Bird, Julius Erving, and Magic Johnson because it is a rookie card for both Bird and Johnson. This set covers the 1980/81 season.

This checklist is organized by teams. You can scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting it from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

1980 Topps Basketball Checklist

Base Set – 176 Cards


Whole #Split #Player
1181Julius Erving
2185Steve Mix
6174Julius Erving
10177Henry Bibby
17184Caldwell Jones
231Julius Erving
30176Maurice Cheeks
32179Doug Collins
36182Lionel Hollins
51262Julius Erving
55180Darryl Dawkins
64175Caldwell Jones
66178Maurice Cheeks
67183Bobby Jones
74263Bobby Jones
109184Caldwell Jones
119182Lionel Hollins
1371Julius Erving
141175Caldwell Jones
142262Julius Erving
146174Julius Erving
147185Steve Mix
148179Doug Collins
150177Henry Bibby
154178Maurice Cheeks
155183Bobby Jones
159263Bobby Jones
160180Darryl Dawkins
171176Maurice Cheeks
176181Julius Erving


Whole #Split #Player
5152Brian Winters
11145Quinn Buckner
192Marques Johnson
45148George Johnson
4610Bob Lanier
48143Marques Johnson
49146Junior Bridgeman
50147Quinn Buckner
51149Marques Johnson
52151Sidney Moncrief
82150Bob Lanier
88144Marques Johnson
99144Marques Johnson
104150Bob Lanier
114148George Johnson
120152Brian Winters
12710Bob Lanier
136143Marques Johnson
137146Junior Bridgeman
1382Marques Johnson
138147Quinn Buckner
139149Marques Johnson
140151Sidney Moncrief
144145Quinn Buckner


Whole #Split #Player
12943Reggie Theus
4248Elvin Hayes
12247Kevin Grevey
31243Wes Unseld
60244Kevin Porter
69242Elvin Hayes
73249Mitch Kupchak
84245Greg Ballard
84252John Williamson
85246Bob Dandridge
86250Kevin Porter
87251Wes Unseld
88257Elvin Hayes
90247Kevin Grevey
124248Elvin Hayes
125249Mitch Kupchak
129252John Williamson
130244Kevin Porter
135242Elvin Hayes
143243Wes Unseld
172245Greg Ballard
173246Bob Dandridge
174250Kevin Porter
175251Wes Unseld
176257Elvin Hayes


Whole #Split #Player
1047Scott May
17259Artis Gilmore
2349Ricky Sobers
2545David Greenwood
2646Dwight Jones
2848John Mengelt
3150Reggie Theus
5944Artis Gilmore
62David Greenwood
8443Reggie Theus
8541Reggie Theus
8942David Greenwood
9245David Greenwood
9646Dwight Jones
9847Scott May
10148John Mengelt
109259Artis Gilmore
13444Artis Gilmore
13749Ricky Sobers
14350Reggie Theus
16841Reggie Theus


Whole #Split #Player
1155Don Ford
1258Campy Russell
1252Dave Robsich
1360Foots Walker
2457Dave Robisch
2953Foots Walker
3859Randy Smith
4356Mike Mitchell
4754Kenny Carr
5751Mike Mitchell
9052Dave Robisch
9559Randy Smith
9955Don Ford
10058Campy Russell
10160Foots Walker
10256Mike Mitchell
11654Kenny Carr
11851Mike Mitchell
13657Dave Robisch
16153Foots Walker


Whole #Split #Player
432Nate Archibald
634Larry Bird
736Dave Cowens
838Pete Maravich
940Rick Robey
24254Rick Robey
2697Robert Parish
2739Cedric Maxwell
4830Larry Bird
4931Larry Bird
6737Chris Ford
6935M.L. Carr
7833Nate Archibald
9434Larry Bird
9536Dave Cowens
9638Pete Maravich
9737Chris Ford
9740Rickey Robey
9830Larry Bird
11497Robert Parish
11739Cedric Maxwell
12432Nate Archibald
13535M.L. Carr
136254Rick Robey
16531Larry Bird
17233Nate Archibald


Whole #Split #Player
8264World B. Free
16215Swen Nater
29223Freeman Williams
44216Brian Taylor
46222Bill Walton
52220Paul Silas
59214World B. Free
6114World B. Free
62World B. Free
74217Joe Bryant
75219Swen Nater
76221Brian Taylor
89218World B. Free
108216Brian Taylor
112215Swen Nater
121264World B. Free
127222Bill Walton
134214World B. Free
15614World B. Free
161223Freeman Williams
162217Joe Bryant
163219Swen Nater
164221Brian Taylor
169220Paul Silas


Whole #Split #Player
13Dan Roundfield
35John Drew
424Steve Hawes
529Dan Roundfield
926Eddie Johnson
1522Charlie Criss
15256Robert Reid
2021Armond Hill
22126Tom Burleson
3213Eddie Johnson
3328Tree Rollins
4119John Drew
4223John Drew
6025Armond Hill
6327James McElroy
8020Dan Roundfield
893Dan Roundfield
9224Steve Hawes
9329Dan Roundfield
9423John Drew
10021Armond Hill
10628Tree Rollins
12826Eddie Johnson
13025Armond Hill
131126Tom Burleson
14813Eddie Johnson
16422Charlie Criss
17027James McElroy
17319John Drew
17420Dan Roundfield
1755John Drew


Whole #Split #Player
9234Adrian Dantley
18235Ben Poquette
1968Jeff Judkins
346Adrian Dantley
35239Allan Bristow
61240Adrian Dantley
66237Ron Boone
81236Allan Bristow
82238Tom Boswell
83241Ben Poquette
111237Ron Boone
128234Adrian Dantley
13868Jeff Judkins
152239Allan Bristow
155235Ben Poquette
156240Adrian Dantley
1576Adrian Dantley
169236Allan Bristow
170238Tom Boswell
171241Ben Poquette


Whole #Split #Player
13130Bill Robinzine
28122Otis Birdsong
40124Phil Ford
41127Phil Ford
42131Scott Wedman
47123Sam Lacey
6385Leon Douglas
64129Sam Lacey
85128Reggie King
86125Otis Birdsong
93130Bill Robinzine
101122Otis Birdsong
116123Sam Lacey
128124Phil Ford
129127Phil Ford
130131Scott Wedman
141129Sam Lacey
145125Otis Birdsong
17085Leon Douglas


Whole #Split #Player
20171Michael Ray
3315Michael Ray
42164Bill Cartwright
539Bill Cartwright
59165Michael Ray Richardson
60166Bill Cartwright
61168Toby Knight
62169Joe Meriweather
63170Earl Monroe
64172Marvin Webster
65173Ray Williams
68163Bill Cartwright
76167Larry Demic
94164Bill Cartwright
100171Michael Ray Richardson
10615Michael Ray Richardson
132167Larry Demic
147165Michael Ray Richardson
148166Bill Cartwright
149168Toby Knight
150169Joe Meriweather
151170Earl Monroe
152172Marvin Webster
153173Ray Williams
1589Bill Cartwright
166163Bill Cartwright
168128Reggie King


Whole #Split #Player
6139Magic Johnson
7142Jamaal Wilkes
11138Brad Holland
148Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
43132Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
44135Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
45137Mike Cooper
46140Mark Landsberger
47141Norm Nixon
50133Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
55134Norm Nixon
6618Magic Johnson
70136Jim Chones
11118Magic Johnson
123142Jamaal Wilkes
131132Kareem Abul-Jabbar
132135Kareem Abul-Jabbar
133137Mike Cooper
134140Mark Landsberger
135141Norm Nixon
140133Kareem Abul-Jabbar
144138Brad Holland
146139Magic Johnson
154136Jim Chones
160134Norm Nixon
1628Kareem Abul-Jabbar


Whole #Split #Player
367Geoff Huston
1461Austin Carr
1563Jim Cleamons
1669Tom LaGarde
1771Jerome Whitehead
3965Mike Bratz
5162Abdul Jeelani
6766Joe Hassett
7570Richard Washington
9766Joe Hassett
10261Austin Carr
10363Jim Cleamons
10469Tom LaGarde
10571Jerome Whitehead
10570Richard Washington
10764Winford Boynes
13965Mike Bratz
17567Geoff Huston
7164Winford Boynes
14262Abdul Jeelani


Whole #Split #Player
35155Eddie Jordan
36153Mike Newlin
37154George Johnson
54157Eddie Jordan
54158Maurice Lucas
55159Mike Newlin
56160Roger Phegley
57161Cliff Robinson
58162Jan Van Breda Kolff
103157Eddie Jordan
113154George Johnson
119153Mike Newlin
142158Maurice Lucas
143159Mike Newlin
144160Roger Phegley
145161Cliff Robinson
146162Jan Van Breda Kolff
152155Eddie Jordan


Whole #Split #Player
573Dan Issel
1874John Roche
1975Alex English
4479David Thompson
5780Bobby Wilkerson
6876Dan Issel
7372Dan Issel
8377Charlie Scott
8778John Roche
10674John Roche
10775Alex English
10879David Thompson
11078John Roche
11880Bobby Wilkerson
12073Dan Issel
12572Dan Issel
14977Charlie Scott
16676Dan Issel


Whole #Split #Player
13113Mickey Johnson
33112Mickey Johnson
34115Mike Bantom
35116Dudley Bradley
36118James Edwards
37119Mickey Johnson
38120Billy Knight
39121George McGinnis
58117Johnny Davis
86114Johnny Davis
93113Mickey Johnson
103261James Edwards
121112Mickey Johnson
122117Johnny Davis
122115Mike Banton
123116Dudley Bradley
124118James Edwards
125119Mickey Johnson
126120Billy Knight
127121George McGinnis
145114Johnny Davis


Whole #Split #Player
2082Terry Tyler
2184Kent Benson
2286Phil Hubbard
2388John Long
2490Eric Money
3087Greg Kelser
3983Eric Money
4381Terry Tyler
5691Terry Tyler
8889Bob McAdoo
9989Bob McAdoo
10281Terry Tyler
10882Terry Tyler
10984Kent Benson
11086Phil Hubbard
11188John Long
11290Eric Money
132253John Shumate
13983Eric Money
15191Terry Tyler
17187Greg Kelser


Whole #Split #Player
27Moses Malone
28105Rick Barry
29106Allen Leavell
30108Calvin Murphy
31110Robert Reid
32111Rudy Tomjanovich
45103Moses Malone
71102Moses Malone
74107Moses Malone
7517Calvin Murphy
79104Allen Leavell
82109Billy Paultz
907Moses Malone
104109Billy Paultz
10517Calvin Murphy
107102Moses Malone
114103Moses Malone
116105Rick Barry
117106Allen Leavell
118108Calvin Murphy
119110Robert Reid
120111Rudy Tomjanovich
126104Allen Leavell
159107Moses Malone
164256Robert Reid


Whole #Split #Player
16213James Silas
21212John Shumate
41209Larry Kenon
50207Mike Gale
53156George Johnson
56206James Silas
58204George Gervin
7011George Gervin
73208George Gervin
77205Larry Kenon
80211Kevin Restani
81210Mark Olberding
91210Mark Olberding
112213James Silas
122204George Gervin
133212John Shumate
140207Mike Gale
141156George Johnson
151206James Silas
15411George Gervin
161208George Gervin
167205Larry Kenon
173209Larry Kenon
174211Kevin Restani


Whole #Split #Player
7186Paul Westphal
8194Dennis Johnson
26187Leonard Robinson
37193Leonard Robinson
3816Paul Westphal
68189Alvan Adams
69190Don Buse
70191Walter Davis
71192Rich Kelley
784Walter Davis
83188Paul Westphal
9516Paul Westphal
96187Leonard Robinson
113193Leonard Robinson
121194Dennis Johnson
123186Paul Westphal
149188Paul Westphal
156189Alvan Adams
157190Don Buse
158191Walter Davis
159192Rich Kelley
1724Walter Davis

Super Sonics

Whole #Split #Player
312Gus Williams
34227James Bailey
40224Gus Williams
72225Jack Sikma
79231Lonnie Shelton
80233Gus Williams
9112Gus Williams
157227James Bailey
163224Gus Williams
166230John Johnson
21229Paul Westphal
25226John Johnson
48232Jack Sikma
52260Lonnie Shelton
77228Fred Brown
78230John Johnson
81255James Bailey
92226John Johnson
98232Jack Sikma
133229Paul Westphal
153225Jack Sikma
165228Fred Brown
167231Lonnie Shelton
168233Gus Williams
169260Lonnie Shelton

Trail Blazers

Whole #Split #Player
72201Tom Owens
110195Tom Owens
115202Dave Twardzik
158199Bob Gross
160201Tom Owens
162200Calvin Natt
1258Ron Brewer
10196Kermit Washington
14200Calvin Natt
27197Dave Twardzik
49198Ron Brewer
53199Bob Gross
65202Dave Twardzik
77203Kermit Washington
87195Tom Owens
117197Dave Twardzik
150196Kermit Washington
165198Ron Brewer
167203Kermit Washington
176258Ron Brewer


Whole #Split #Player
292Robert Parish
1899Clifford Ray
2293Robert Parish
2595Wayne Cooper
2798Sonny Parker
40101Phil Smith
6594John Lucas
72100Purvis Short
7996John Lucas
11395Wayne Cooper
11594John Lucas
11598Sonny Parker
12696John Lucas
13193Robert Parish
14792Robert Parish
153100Purvis Short
15599Clifford Ray
163101Phil Smith