1978 Topps Three’s Company Checklist

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The 1978 Topps Three’s Company set includes 44 sticker cards which are a mix of character headshots and production stills from the hit 70s television show.

There were also 16 cards, distributed one per pack, which are double-sided puzzle pieces. The puzzles take 15 cards to complete as the 16th card is an example of the final puzzle image. Because of the small size of the checklist, complete puzzle sets are a little tougher to find than complete base sets. It actually, conceivably, took fewer packs to complete a base set than there were puzzle pieces to collect.

The wrapper art for this set was featured on card #11 of the 2018 Topps 80th Anniversary series of on-demand trading cards.

Our checklist includes all of the sticker cards that were released in this set. Clicking a link will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

1978 Topps Three’s Company Checklist

Base Set – 44 Cards
Puzzle Pieces – 16 Cards (not numbered)

1Talented Stars of “Three’s Company”
2Dreamgirl Chrissy!
3Suzanne (Chrissy) Sommers
4Pert Chrissy!
5The Gang’s All Here!
6Portrait of Janet
7Trio For Fun!
8John Ritter as Jack
9John Ritter is Jack
10The “Three’s Company” Gang
11Three Smart Cookies!
12Suzanne Sommers is Chrissy
13Mr. and Mrs. Roper
14The Zany Threesome!
15Portrait of Chrissy
16The Terrific Trio!
17The Irresistible Chrissy
18Wacky Roomates!
19Adorable Chrissy!
20Having Her Ups and Downs!
21Janet, Jack and Chrissy
22Joyce DeWitt is Janet
23Gorgeous Roommate!
24Chrissy – One In A Million!
25Three For The Show!
26Zany Bachelor Jack!
27Norman Fell is Mr. Roper
28Executive Sweet!
29We’ve finally got our relationship ironed out!
30The Giggling Gourmet!
31I’ve got a big surprise for you, Mrs. Roper – the rent!
32And I Thought All You Could Serve Was an Eviction Notice!
33Mr. Roper is a man of few words – all of them nasty!
34I hate to say this, Jack, but there are easier ways to count!
35I’ve heard of putting your best foot forward, but this is ridiculous!
36Dear Abby, I have this weird tenant…
37So I’m a sight for sore eyes, eh?
38….Now let’s move the couch into the bathroom!
39Exercising is fine Jack – but can you stretch our budget?
40Golly, Jack, you make a great centerfold!
41All girls put me on a pedestal!
42Jack, you should go far in life – the farther the better!
43Sure I’ll fix your leaky faucet – after you move!
44Look dear – Jack can read without moving his lips!