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1971 Topps Brady Bunch Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1971

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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1971 Topps Brady Bunch trading cards can be a bit of an adventure for collectors to track down.

For starters, there is a discrepancy between the release year so graded cards can be found listed as 1969 or 1971. These are the same sets. The copyright for this set is labeled as 1969 but they were not officially released for two more years.

To further add to the confusion, a test set of 55 cards was released in 1970. The only difference between these cards and the standard 88 card set is text on the reverse of each card referencing a specific sized set.

The front of each card is a still from the television series set inside a border designed to look like a television console. The reverse of the cards combines to make larger puzzle images.

The sustained popularity of this iconic television show has kept prices for this set fairly healthy and highly graded cards are common on the marketplace.

In 2018, Topps included the packaging for this set in their 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art trading cards.

The Brady Bunch released 117 episodes over the course of five seasons between 1969 and 1974. In the 1980s and ’90s several reunion specials and spin-offs were produced with varying degrees of success. 1981’s The Brady Brides, for example, lasted only 10 episodes and 1990’s The Bradys lasted only six.

1971 Topps Brady Bunch Checklist

Base Set – 88 Cards

#Card Title
1The Brady Bunch
2The Brady Girls
3The Brady Boys
4Ann B. Davis as Alice
5Eve Plumb as Jan
6Mike Lookinland as Bobby
7Christopher Knight as Peter
8Carol and Mike
9The Family Pet!
10Sweet Treat!
11Peter, Greg And Bobby
12Stuck In A Stockade!
13Reporting For Duty!
14Here Comes My Fastball!
15Big Prize For Little Bobby
16Break It Up! It’s Bedtime.
17What’s Cooking, Alice?
18Big Noise!
19Inferior Decorators!
20Guess Who?
21Make-up For Marcia!
22Big Brother’s Advice
23Long Distance Phone Call!
24The Music Man!
25Christmas Celebration!
26Musical Depreciation!
27Ain’t Love Wonderful!
28Sometimes I Hate Ice Cream!
29Homework Huddle!
30A Couple Of Hungry Kids!
31Backyard Playground!
32Lollipop Lovers!
33I’m Ready For Action, Coach!
34Running A Fever!
35King For A Day!
36Uh-oh, Here Come The Indians!
37Tired Ballplayers!
38Who Used My Toothbrush?
39I’m The Umpire!
40Kitchen Conference!
41Something Smells Good!
42Trying To Get A Date!
43Sorry For The Turkey!
45Say Something!
46Man To Man Talk!
47Sandlot Stars!
48Flipped Your Wig?
49Soothing Greg!
50A Boy’s Room Is His Castle!
51Alice, You Grew A Beard!
52Where’s My Greasy Kid Stuff?
54Someday Let’s Eat Alone!
55(kids in a group)
56You Did It Again!
57Sloppy But Fun!
58Come And Get It!
59Big Sister!
60Talking It Over!
61A Small Disagreement!
62A New Rock Star?
63What’s The Noise?
64Can I Keep The Bird?
65Meet Marcia Brady!
66Meet Bobby Brady!
67Meet Jan Brady!
68Meet Cindy Brady!
69Meet Peter Brady!
70Trimming The Tree!
71Meet Greg Brady!
72Marcia’s Pajama Party!
73Having A Ball!
75A Guitar Lesson!
76Alice’s Coffee Break!
77Man To Man Talk
78Trouble At Home?
79Greg’s Big Date!
80Practice Makes Perfect!
81What Was That?
82Bedtime Snack!
83What A Racket!
84Checking Homework
85Greg Listens In!
86A Tired Young Man!
87Feeling Better Yet?
88Say Cheese!