1968 Primrose Yellow Submarine trading card checklist

1968 Primrose Yellow Submarine Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1968

Manufacturer Archive: Primrose

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1968 Primrose Yellow Submarine trading cards are a tobacco style set released in packs of candy cigarettes. Each card in the 50 card set features a production still from the animated Beatles classic.

The cards are numbered but the numbering does not align with the chronology of the film. Raw cards from this collection are increasingly difficult to find in high quality and graded cards are often put up for auction at a pretty steep price point.

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1968 Primrose Yellow Submarine Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards

#Card Title
1John appears in a thunder clap.
2The dreadful Flying Glove pursues Old Fred in Pepperland.
3Boxing glove Monster in the sea of monsters.
4John and Ringo inside Submarine.
5Count-down Clown sounds the alarm to rouse Meanies.
6The kinky boot Beasts attack the Yellow Submarine.
7George in Sergeant Pepper uniform.
8John dressed as member of Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.
9Ringo speeds back to childhood in the sea of time.
10Dreadful flying Glove rampages through Pepperland.
11The Beatles as Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
12The Chief Blue Meanie in a violent rage.
13The Boob dances to the tune of ‘Nowhere Man’.
14Paul on the way to the sea of holes.
15Paul talks to the Boob as Ringo looks on.
16The Chief Blue Meanie explains the plan of attack on Pepperland.
17Chief Blue Meanie throws himself down in anger.
18Old Fred asks Ringo to help.
19Paul in Sergeant Pepper gear helps bring Pepperland back to life.
20The Beatles plan to repair the Yellow Submarine’s motor
21Ringo, rescued from the Sea of Monsters, pulls out arrows.
22Count-down Clown and Mini Meanie before the attack.
23Frankenstein awakes.
24The Chief Blue Meanie calls on his sinister army to charge the Pepper people.
25Ringo, Paul and John meet Jeremy Hilary Boob Ph.D.
26Monsters in the Sea of Monsters
27Pepper People being bonked by the Apple Bonker.
28Apple Bonkers on the march.
29Three Beatles dance through giant telephone.
30The Boob peers down the hatch of the Yellow Submarine.
31The Chief Blue Meanie advances with Apple Bonkers into Battle.
32Blue Max has annoyed the Chief Blue Meanie.
33Yellow Submarine smiles to deceive the monster whales.
34One of the fantastic colour scenes from Yellow Submarine.
35Attacked by exploding bloopers in Pepperland.
36Dwarf and Monster spin a top.
37Old Fred reverses the Yellow Submarine’s motor in an emergency.
38Singing ‘All You Need Is Love’ John builds a wall against the Dreadful Flying Glove.
39Dreadful Flying Glove laughs while smashing Pepperland.
40Ringo picks up Old Fred to go and look for other Beatles.
41George gets a shock when he tries to mend the motor.
42The Chief Blue Meanie screams in anger at The Beatles.
43The Meanies in full battle order follow their leader.
44Ringo and John ask George to go with them and Old Fred to rescue Pepperland from Blue Meanies.
45The Beatles, in Sergeant Pepper gear, bonk an Apple Bonker.
46A tropical garden in Pepperland.
47Old Fred rushes to warn the Lord Mayor of the Meanie attack.
48Pepper People after the Beatles have brought back colour and music to their land.
49George plays the bugle on top of Sergeant Pepper’s giant head.
50George agrees to help Old Fred fight the Meanies.