1968 Primrose Laurel and Hardy Checklist

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1968 Primrose Laurel and Hardy trading cards were distributed in packs of Primrose Confectionery candy cigarettes because, yes, that was a think we sold to kids.

In the late 1960s, Laurel and Hardy were heavily merchandised by none other than Bozo the Clown, Larry Harmon. Along with candy cigarettes, there were cartoons and comic books. The design of these cards is similar in style to the comic books but with a more retro, even for the time, coloring.

The front of each card, sized like a vintage tobacco card, features a comic scene of Laurel and Hardy and the reverse displays a quick quote that adds a punchline to the front image.

Primrose Confectioneries were distributed in England so finding pristine examples of this set in the United States has been made much easier in the days of an online secondary market but graded versions will still cost you a few bucks. Card #1 of this 50 card set seems to be more difficult to track down.

This checklist utilizes the first line of dialog on the card back as a card title, as do most grading companies. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

1968 Primrose Laurel and Hardy Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards

1Stan: Ollie watch this! I’ve just lit a big rocket
2Ollie: Help – put me down
3Stan: Ollie we had better be careful the guide book says that the castle has booby traps
4Stan: Ollie! Ollie!
5Stan: What do you think our new pet eats Ollie?
6Ollie: Just one more step back, Stan, then I’ll get a good picture
7Ollie: Stanley throw him the sausages
8Stan: Oh Ollie, I’m scared
9Ollie: I always said Stanley was a slippery customer
10Ollie: Relax Stanley, I can see the rescue boat coming
11Stan: I always say that you should look before you (s)leep
12Ollie: Ok Stanley that’s me finished.
13Ollie: St-a-n-l-e-y
14Ollie: Stanley why are you eating so fast?
15Stan: Are you ready for some more Ollie?
16Stan: I got that one right in the middle
17Ollie: When you toss a pancake, Stanley I said catch it not catch me, stupid
18Stan: That’s a funny way to play the piano, Ollie
19Ollie: The next time I tell Stan to keep his hair on he will
20Stan: Oh Ollie you said the Arabs were friendly
21Stan: I wouldn’t come this way Ollie
22Stan: Quiet Ollie – if you shout somebody might drop a book
23Ollie: Stanley I have just made the most delicious soup.
24Stan: Does it work now Ollie?
25Stan: Oh! Ollie oh!
26Ollie: Stan, wake up Stan!
27Stan: You know some people think it is unlucky to walk under a ladder, Ollie
28Stan: Is that better Ollie?
29Stan: Oh Ollie I’m scared
30Ollie: I can’t breath Stan, let go!
31Stan: Oh, Ollie I’m sorry.
32Ollie: Quiet Stanley I don’t want to waken any of the gorillas round here
33Ollie: Oh Stan I’m going. I’m going. I’m gone.
34Ollie: I thought you said that there were only cows in this field Stan
35Ollie: Stanley you nearly killed me!
36Stan: Have you caught the end of the plank Ollie?
37Ollie: Gosh this is heavy rain.
38Stan: Come back Ollie
39Ollie: I thought you said it was safe to swim round here Stanley
40Ollie: These are beautiful flowers Stan.
41Stan: I’m glad you’re in a good mood Ollie it’s going to be a great night out
42Stan: Ollie is such a coward. This baby monkey wouldn’t hurt him
43Ollie: Now Stanley I don’t want you to spend your share all at once
44Ollie: Stanley – you’ve done it again
45Ollie: I told you to put the brake on before you got out
46Ollie: Stanley bring that ladder here at once!
47Stan: Oh Ollie Which of us do you think he will start with
48Stan: When is it your turn to row Ollie
49Stan: I’m nearly finished Ollie
50Ollie: Come on Stanley get your back into it