1967 Primrose Superman trading card checklist

1967 Primrose Superman Checklist

Release Year Archive: 1967

Manufacturer Archive: Primrose

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1967 Primrose Superman trading cards were styled like tobacco cards and sold in packs of Superman branded candy cigarettes in the UK and Canada.

There is some inconsistency with the dates for this set. The copyright date printed on the cards is 1967 but the boxes list 1966 as the copyright and grading companies often list the set as a 1968 release. Collectors seeking a complete collection should know that all three of these dates belong to the same set but any sets listed in the 1970s — 1972 specifically — are reprints on thin paper instead of card stock and should be considered a separate collectible.

The checklist includes 50 cards. Card fronts are textless illustrations with a simple border and card backs tell the story that inspired the card fronts.

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1967 Primrose Superman Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards

#Card Title
1Man V. Plane
2Superman Acts Fast
3Monster Of The Loch
4Secret Ray Peril?
5T.V. Trap
6Robot Terror
7Forearm Beats…
8Brainiac’s Gremlins
9Machine Smasher
10Saving The Village
11Arrested In Space
12Bank Robbers Foiled
13Dummy Superman
14Space Hitch-Hike
15Wrong Ray
16Devil Fish
17Useless Rockets
18Speed Boat Flight
19Atomic Pile-Up
20Time Shock
22Luther Beaten
23Supervision Power
24Buried Danger
25Moon Raiders
27Elephant Circus
28Bam Versus Pow!
29Astonish Astronaut
30Dictator’s Dilemma
31Shattered Shark
32Sky Dive?card Us
33Saving The Pit
34Rope-Trick Foiled
35Railroad Hi-Jack
36Landslide Lorry
37Sky-Light Jump
38Racing Scare
39His Own Medicine
40Gas Bag Explodes
41Peril In The Clouds
42Socking Sewer Rats
43Space Nightmare
44Luthor Shock
45Holding The Bridge
46Temple Fury
47Circus Shock
48Saucer Surprise
49Jewel Joke
50Crazy Bike